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Communications Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/ppr - Regarding Erich Schwandt's review of my New Essays in Performance Practice Review (Spring 1991) my


Various communications concerning previous topics covered in Performance Practice Review ... Communications George Houle Alexander Silbiger Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/ppr - Professor George Houle, Stanford University, conveys the following: I

Brief Announcement: Randomized Blind Radio Networks

Radio networks are a long-studied model for distributed system of devices which communicate wirelessly. When these devices are mobile or have limited capabilities, the system is best modeled by the ... for directed networks with collision detection. and phrases Broadcasting; Randomized Algorithms; Radio Networks - Model and problem In the ad-hoc multi-hop radio network model, a communications

The Cyber Intelligence Challenge of Asyngnotic Networks

The intelligence community is facing a new type of organization, one enabled by the world’s information and communications infrastructure. These asyngnotic networks operate without leadership and are ... communications infrastructure, and not having the traditional characteristics of any organization known before. These networks of persons operate without leadership. They communicate using both controlled and open

Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications

In November 2004, the Association’s Council adopted Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications, a report prepared by a subcommittee of Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure and approved by ... genuine concerns, and universities are well advised to devote resources to protecting their electronic-communications networks. However, every effort should also be made to balance the need for security


" East Texas Historical Journal: Vol. 41: Iss. 2 Communications Follow this and additional works at: Part of the United States History Commons Tell us how this

The Future of Communications Policymaking

Repository Citation - Article 2 VOLUME 3 SUMMER 1994 ISSUE 1 THE FUTURE OF COMMUNICATIONS POLICYMAKING Fred H. Cate* I. INTRODUCTION In 1934, Congress created the Federal Communications Commission ... of communications technology was virtually unlimited and largely unknown. However, nearly 600 radio stations were interfering with each others' signals, the broadcast spectrum was in chaos, and the

Women in Communications

" Th e Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare: Vol. 4 : Iss. 6 o m en in C o m m unications Janice L. Booker 0 0 Janice L. Booker, B.Sc. Lecturer School of Communications Temple University ... Incorporated, a national professional organization, lists the following professions as encompassing the field of communications: editorial personnel, mid-level editors and business management; upper level

Reverse Engineering IP

  entrenched   user   expectations   to   access,   reuse,   remix,   and   share   creative   output   instantly - mv­‐iaail , e  blogs,   and   social   networks   are   far   afield   from   what   Congress ... ‐eneration   creators   who   rely   on   copyright   limitationns    tihe   creative   process.A c c  ordingly,   this   Article   examines   the   role   th“arte v erse   engineering”  and   other   policies

Communications Regulation--Foreword

adoption of the Communications Act of 1934 exceed even the reach of what was science fiction imagination-and more advanced technologies are constantly being developed. We can now send a film of a

Reverse Engineering Informational Privacy Law

existing law. This article suggests that we read technology-related laws to uncover their hidden technological mindset so that we can better understand the law and prepare for the future. Reverse engineering ... courts roughly replicate it in the digital environment. The equivalent he suggests is content/non-content regarding communications networks. 40 Id. 41 See Robert A. Pikowsky, An Argument for a Technology

Systematic engineering design helps creating new soft machines

in the context of soft robotics. The design methodology consists of a combination of state-of-the-art engineering concepts that are arranged in such a way that the engineer is guided through the design ... consists of several basic engineering concepts that are structured to guide the engineer through the design process. The effectiveness of this methodology in creating new solutions in soft robotics is

Communications Regulation--Introduction

of Business Week magazine predicted that communications would become one of the "super-industries" of tomorrow.' Although some observers may disagree with this conclusion, even the skeptical must

A Comparative Study of Interspecies Communications

Interspecies Communications Margaret Altmann Department of Psychology University of Colorado Project Number 124 , USA Recommended Citation - Follow this and additional works at:

A Comparative Study of Interspecies Communications

Communications Margaret Altmann Department of Psychology University of Colorado Project Number 124 , USA Recommended Citation - Follow this and additional works at:

Protections for Electronic Communications: The Stored Communications Act and the Fourth Amendment

As e-mail and other forms of electronic communications began becoming widely used, Congress recognized the need to protect these new forms of communication from impermissible intrusion. Unsure ... recognized the potential problems that could flow from unlimited review of e-mails and other electronic communications in this and similar situations and grew concerned that existing Fourth Amendment