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Paramorphic multicarrier communications for interference mitigation

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic and State University , Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061 , USA 1 NorthWest Research Associates , Monterey, California 93940 , USA This paper ... solutions overcome traditional problems in wireless communications: communicating in noise limited environments and the affects of multipath channels. This paper focuses on the separate but related problem of

Successful transmission probability of cognitive device-to-device communications underlaying cellular networks in the presence of hardware impairments

This paper studies the cognitive wireless powered device-to-device (D2D) communication underlaying a cellular network, where there are two types of communications, including peer-to-peer (P2P ... Voznak , Two-way relaying networks in green communications for 5G: optimal throughput and tradeoff between relay distance on power splitting-based and time switching-based relaying SWIPT . AEUE. Int. J

Editorial: Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications

discoveries along with potential intelligent solutions for future mobile communications and networks. We welcome both theoretical and experimental papers. We expect the papers of the special issue to serve as ... and a guest editor of Special Issue on " Emerging Technologies in Wireless Communications" in ACM/ Springer Mobile Networks & Applications (MONET). His research interests include stochastic modeling and

Fuzzy logic-based integrity-oriented file transfer for highway vehicular communications

Effective file transfer is fundamental to many applications in highway Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs), e.g., social network applications, advertisement distributions, road traffic report, etc ... time prediction; Cluster 1 Introduction An important application of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) is to provide media-rich entertainment, such as video streaming, social communications and

Modeling convection-diffusion-reaction systems for microfluidic molecular communications with surface-based receivers in Internet of Bio-Nano Things

Internet of Everything (IoE) Group, Electrical Engineering Division, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge , Cambridge, CB3 0FA , United Kingdom , 2 Next-generation and Wireless Communications ... communication techniques at nanoscale and bio-cyber interfaces to connect bio-nano things with the macroscale networks. Bio-inspired molecular communications, where molecules are used to encode, transmit and

Editorial: Machine Learning and Intelligent Wireless Communications (MLICOM 2017)

communication systems, and satellite communications. Chunsheng Zhu received the Ph.D. Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of British Columbia, C a n a d a . H e i s c u r r e n t l ... environmental elements collection with underwater sensor networks” considers the data gathering underwater networks for monitoring oceanic environmental elements (e.g. temperature, salinity) under compressed

A spatial slotted-Aloha protocol in wireless networks for group communications

In a large-scale group communication networks, we propose a slotted-Aloha-based access control (SA-AC) scheme with the optimal transmission probability (TP) using the stochastic geometry. Since the ... Proc.of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) . Coverage and Area Spectral Efficiency of Clustered Device-to- Device Networks , (San Diego, 2015 ). http://

Editorial: Mobile Multimedia Communications

. D . d e g r e e i n C o m p u t e r Engineering from University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA, 2009 . His major research interests include wireless multimedia communications, wireless sensor networks ... , Espoo P.O. Box 15400 , Finland 2 The State Key Lab of Integrated Services Networks, School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University , No. 2 South Taibai Road, 710071 Xi'an , People's Republic of China 3

VGI in surveying engineering: Introducing collaborative cloud land surveying

Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) , Greece Volunteered geographic information (VGI) has enabled many innovative applications in various scientific fields. This paper ... professional surveyors who can in turn contribute their own data to further enhance the CCLS system. volunteered geographic information; engineering applications; spatial data and service sharing; collaborative

Improving cellular downlink throughput by multi-hop relay-assisted outband D2D communications

leverages multi-hop relay-assisted outband D2D communications. First of all, by extending two-hop connection to three-hop connection, our scheme can cut down receiving bit error ratio (BER) of cell edge nodes ... D2D communications. Besides this, 802.21 (see [ 9 ]), the standard of wireless interfaces, is going to integrate different heterogeneous networks (e.g., WiFi, LTE, and WiMAX), which brings a smooth

A parallel adaptive quantum genetic algorithm for the controllability of arbitrary networks

In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm—parallel adaptive quantum genetic algorithm—which can rapidly determine the minimum control nodes of arbitrary networks with both control nodes and state ... ( 7346 ): 167 ± 173 . PMID: 21562557 11. Yuan Z , Zhao C , Di Z , Wang WX , Lai YC . Exact controllability of complex networks . Nature Communications . 2013 ; 4 : 2447

Experimental evaluation in wireless communications

This editorial sums up relevant topics on the assessment of wireless communication systems covered by the especial issue entitled “Experimental Evaluation in Wireless Communications.” The topics ... 4 Department of Communications Engineering, University of Cantabria , 39005 Santander , Spain 5 Institute of Telecommunications, TU Wien , Gusshausstrasse 25/389, A-1040 Vienna , Austria This

A two-level graph partitioning problem arising in mobile wireless communications

mobile wireless communications. We show that an exact algorithm based on intelligent preprocessing, cutting planes and symmetry-breaking is capable of solving small- and medium-size instances to proven ... same subset. Various hierarchical variants of this problem have been studied in the context of data mining. We consider a 'two-level' variant that arises in mobile wireless communications. We show that

Perspectives for resource sharing in 5G networks

The era of 5G networks is approaching fast and its commercialization is planned for 2020. However, there are still numerous aspects that need to be solved and standardized before an average end-user ... University of Technology. His main research interests include topology control and routing in wireless networks. He gained network engineering and managerial experience at INEA. Author of four book chapters

The spatial configuration of innovation networks in China

technology. Little attention, however, has been paid to the great differences in China-specific context peculiarity. Hence, the paper assesses Chinese innovation networks using a comprehensive analytical model ... interference and firm attributes. The empirical analysis examines China's machinery manufacturing industry to test the determinants of the spatial character of Chinese innovation networks based on questionnaire

Maximizing throughput gain via resource allocation in D2D communications

communications can offer, efficient resource allocation strategy is required to guarantee the demands of quality of service (QoS) for both cellular and D2D users. This paper proposes a resource allocation scheme ... D2D matching strategy, based on which an energy-efficient iterative algorithm for D2D communications is proposed. For the future evolution of cellular networks, it is significant to maintain the

A cognitive control approach to interference mitigation in communications-based train control (CBTC) co-existing with passenger information systems (PISs)

As a key component of urban rail transit systems, communications-based train control (CBTC) is an automated train control system using train-ground communications to ensure efficient operation of ... adopted in urban rail transit systems to improve the quality of service (QoS) offered to customers. Based on computer technologies, multimedia networks and wireless communications, PISs can provide real

Multi-leader election in dynamic sensor networks

The leader election problem is one of the fundamental problems in distributed computing. Different from most of the existing results studying the multi-leader election in static networks or one ... Science and Engineering Qufu Normal University , 276826 Rizhao, Shandong , China 1 College of Computer Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology , 266000 Qingdao, Shandong

Recent Advances in M2M Communications and Internet of Things (IoT)

the International Journal of Wireless Information Networks captures the academic and industrial interests in the areas of M2M communications and IoT. It provides a set of seven selected papers among the ... networks and machine-to-machine communications.

Engineering synthetic optogenetic networks for biomedical applications

applications. Results This article reviews current advances in optogenetic networks designed for the treatment of human diseases. We highlight the advantages of these optogenetic networks, as well as emerging ... dynamics. This LITE system provides a powerful tool for engineering and modifying mammalian genomes. OPTOGENETIC EDITING NETWORKS FOR GENE A follow-up study by other groups demonstrated how to use light