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VGI in surveying engineering: Introducing collaborative cloud land surveying

Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) , Greece Volunteered geographic information (VGI) has enabled many innovative applications in various scientific fields. This paper ... professional surveyors who can in turn contribute their own data to further enhance the CCLS system. volunteered geographic information; engineering applications; spatial data and service sharing; collaborative

A spatial slotted-Aloha protocol in wireless networks for group communications

In a large-scale group communication networks, we propose a slotted-Aloha-based access control (SA-AC) scheme with the optimal transmission probability (TP) using the stochastic geometry. Since the ... Proc.of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) . Coverage and Area Spectral Efficiency of Clustered Device-to- Device Networks , (San Diego, 2015 ). http://

Editorial: Mobile Multimedia Communications

. D . d e g r e e i n C o m p u t e r Engineering from University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA, 2009 . His major research interests include wireless multimedia communications, wireless sensor networks ... , Espoo P.O. Box 15400 , Finland 2 The State Key Lab of Integrated Services Networks, School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University , No. 2 South Taibai Road, 710071 Xi'an , People's Republic of China 3

Experimental evaluation in wireless communications

This editorial sums up relevant topics on the assessment of wireless communication systems covered by the especial issue entitled “Experimental Evaluation in Wireless Communications.” The topics ... 4 Department of Communications Engineering, University of Cantabria , 39005 Santander , Spain 5 Institute of Telecommunications, TU Wien , Gusshausstrasse 25/389, A-1040 Vienna , Austria This

ENCP: a new Energy-efficient Nonlinear Coverage Control Protocol in mobile sensor networks

The node deployment in mobile sensor networks (MSNs) is mostly performed in a random method. However, a large number of redundant nodes may exist due to the randomness. As a result, severe data ... Xing 2 0 Department of Computer Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University , Xi'an , China 1 School of Computer Science and Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology , Luoyang

A two-stage flow-based intrusion detection model for next-generation networks

The next-generation network provides state-of-the-art access-independent services over converged mobile and fixed networks. Security in the converged network environment is a major challenge ... Science and Software Engineering, International Islamic University , Islamabad , Pakistan , 2 School of Computing, Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, Ulster University

A hybrid MAC protocol for optimal channel allocation in large-scale wireless powered communication networks

transmission reliability of different applications in large-scale networks. We consider a dual wireless energy transfer (WET) at the H-AP. The main WET is performed in TDMA and the other WET is performed at ... Wang , K Zhang , S Maharjan , S Gjessing , Y Zhang , Social-aware energy harvesting device-to-device communications in 5g networks . IEEE Wirel. Commun . 23 ( 4 ), 20 - 27 ( 2016 ) 22. D Zeng , J Zhang

Special focus on machine-type communications

∗ Special Focus on Machine-Type Communications Tao X F et al. Sci China Inf Sci Telecommunications China Ping ZHANG Beijing University of Posts Telecommunications Canada Songwu LU The University of ... human lives like never before. The fifth generation (5G) mobile networks now provide an opportunity to enable not only faster data access, but also incorporate MTC to support a wealth of new and diverse

Transition to reconstructibility in weakly coupled networks

correlation measures often fail to reflect the underlying physical interactions accurately. Here we systematically study the problem of reconstructing direct physical interaction networks from thresholding ... , Timme M , Battaglia D . Dynamic information routing in complex networks . Nature Communications . 2016 ; 7 ( 6 ): 11061 . PMID: 27067257 4. Yeung MKS , TegneÂr J

Recent Advances in M2M Communications and Internet of Things (IoT)

, there was a dedicated full-day workshop titled ‘‘From M2M Communications to Internet of Things’’. This special issue of the International Journal of Wireless Information Networks captures the academic and ... of the book titled Essentials of LTE and LTE-A and has published more than 45 papers. His current research interests are in the areas of 5G wireless networks and machine-to-machine communications.

Joint resource optimization for secure transmission in cooperative CR networks

maps and institutional affiliations. 1. Y Zou , J Zhu , L Yang , CL Ying, YD Yao, Securing physical-layer communications for cognitive radio networks . IEEE Commun. Mag . 53 , 48 - 54 ( 2015 ) 2. AD ... . J. Commun. Networks 16 , 141 - 145 ( 2014 ) 10. S Hu , Z Liu , YL Guan, W Xiong , G Bi, S Li , Sequence design for cognitive CDMA communications under arbitrary spectrum hole constraint . IEEE J. Sel

Church Participation in Federal Communications Commission Licensing and Administration

provides an introduction to the basic elements of a broadcast licensee's statutory responsibilities. On a national level, the United States Catholic Conference ("USCC") works to shape federal communications ... policy to ensure that broadcast outlets are licensed to those who serve the public interest, the standard for broadcast activity set by the Communications Act of 1934. These efforts are aimed at

Protocol vulnerability detection based on network traffic analysis and binary reverse engineering

analyzing the general fuzzing method of network protocols, we propose a novel approach that combines network traffic analysis with the binary reverse engineering method. For network traffic analysis, the ... , CHINA 0 College of Electronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology , Changsha , China Network protocol vulnerability detection plays an important role in many domains

Engineering synthetic optogenetic networks for biomedical applications

applications. Results This article reviews current advances in optogenetic networks designed for the treatment of human diseases. We highlight the advantages of these optogenetic networks, as well as emerging ... dynamics. This LITE system provides a powerful tool for engineering and modifying mammalian genomes. OPTOGENETIC EDITING NETWORKS FOR GENE A follow-up study by other groups demonstrated how to use light

Correction to: Base Station Sleep and Spectrum Allocation in Heterogeneous Ultra-Dense Networks

Communications, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China , Chengdu , China 1 Key Laboratory of Optical Communication and Networks, School of Telecommunication and Information Engineering, Chongqing

A review of “Random graphs and complex networks” by Hofstad

Hofstad, R Random Graphs and Complex Networks. vol. 1. New York: Cambridge University Press; 2017. 321 pages; ISBN: 978-1-107-17287-6 ... networks, wireless communications and distributed systems. Competing interests The author declares no competing interests. Publisher’s Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional

Correction to: Artificial noise-assisted physical layer security in D2D-enabled cellular networks

Communications Research Laboratory, Southeast University , No.2, Southeast University Road, Nanjing 211189 , China 2 National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center , No.7, Jianxue Road

Advances and Challenges in Convergent Communication Networks

Automated Control Systems at Moscow State Mining University. Her main research interests are complex system modeling (communications networks and queuing systems) and artificial intelligence (fuzzy systems ... , 9220 Aalborg , Denmark 2 Department of Sciences and Engineering, University of Quintana Roo , Boulevard Bah ́ıa s/n Esq. Ignacio Comonfort, Col. del Bosque, 77019 Chetumal, Quintana Roo , Mexico 3 State

Resource allocation in two-way OFDM-based cognitive radio networks with QoE and power consumption guarantees

In this paper, a resource allocation algorithm in two-way orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) based cognitive radio networks with quality of experience (QoE) and power consumption ... networks . IEEE Trans. Veh. Tech . 65 ( 5 ), 3700 - 3714 ( 2016 ) 4. E Hossain , DI Kim, VK Bhargava, Cooperative cellular wireless communications . (Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge, 2011 ) 5. M Naeem , A

Deployment-based lifetime optimization for linear wireless sensor networks considering both retransmission and discrete power control

wireless sensor networks . IEEE Wireless Communications . 2004 ; 11 ( 6 ): 54 ± 61 . 2004 .1368897 3. Arampatzis T , Lygeros J , Manesis S. A survey of applications of wireless ... sensor networks . In: Proceedings of the IEEE Military Communications Conference . vol. 2 . Atlantic City , NJ, USA; 2005 . p. 1097 ± 1102 . 27. Ganesan D , Cristescu R , Beferull-Lozano B . Power