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Wordplay on Computer Networks

The Internet is a web of linked computer networks set up initially by the US government. Each computer network on the Internet shares certain data formats and commands, so that anyone on a member ... archaic and r words which lenever I see .ways stimula­ plore the use ies, while at s' acceptance WORDPLAY ON COMPUTER NETWORKS There exist many smaller (and cheaper) networks besides Internet which start

The Effects of Computer Mediated Communication on Computer-Based Training

basis, this study employed empirical research methods on undergraduate participants to achieve the following objectives: to explore the use of computer mediated communication (CMC) as a surrogate for face

Knowledge-based simulation model for performance analysis and reliability of computer networks

Modeling and analysis of performance of computer networks is essential for ensuring smooth operation of an organization's networks and preventing major failures. Mathematical analysis and simulation ... . Proceedings of the IEEE, S7(8) , 1179 - 1190 . Kubat , P. ( 1989 ). Estimation of Reliability for communication/computer networks - simulation/ analytic approach . IEEE Transactions on Communications , 57 ( 9

Communication, Technology, Temporality

communication theories and certain key features of modernity. Finally, the computer is the motor of “New Media” which is at once a set of technologies, a historical epoch, and a field of knowledge. As such the

Developing Information and Communication Technologies for Education in Haiti

This research aims to aid in developing educational technologies for students and teachers in Haiti. The goal of the research project is to increase computer familiarity and literacy. To achieve this

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Components, Dimensions, and its Correlates

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been identified as one of the crucial factors that affect teaching effectiveness and student learning worldwide. UNESCO, many international ... include knowledge of computer systems, use of the operating system, search internet and communication and networking. The multimedia skills and attitudes towards ICT demonstrated the second highest scores

The Vital Network: An Algorithmic Milieu of Communication and Control

cognition to govern communication and control, as in early cybernetics and computer science, to a decentred, nonhuman model of control by algorithm for communication and networks. To illustrate the rise of ... communication and control, first modeled in cybernetics and early computer science, to a decentred, nonhuman model of intellection and algorithmic control over digital systems and networks. It is not as though

Communication, Machines & Human Augmentics

This essay reformulates the question of human augmentation as a problem of advanced human-machine communication, theorizing that such communication implies robust artificial intelligence and ... discussions of human-machine communication is an increase in sense of agency, extending the traditional human-computer interface dictum to provide an internal locus of control. eol>Human Augmentics; Human

Computer crimes: Taxonomy and prevention strategies

Computer and communications networks have greatly enhanced the effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations. They have, however, also created an opportunity for computer criminals. Computer crimes ... proliferation of computers and computer net­ works in many countries. Computer networks are very accessible to hackers because of the many potential entry points. Computer crimes involving hackers rangefrom the

Insertion-Deletion Networks

Word Ways has recently published articles based on my computer analysis of Carrollian word ladders and networks. The editor subsequently suggested that I might use the computer to extend his study of ... suggested that 1 might use the computer to extend his study of insertion-deletion (ID) networks in the August 1987 Word Ways, to dictionaries larger than the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary. In this pair of

Communication in Cyberspace

, Cyberstalking: Can Communication via the Internet Constitute a Credible Threat and Should an Internet Service Provider Be Liable if It Does?, 17 SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGH TECH. L.J. 115, 118 (2000) (noting that ... , a telephone, cellular phone, computer, or pager, which communication includes, but is not limited to, e-mail, instant message, text message, or voice mail.” “[U]ses a computer network

Systems approach to modeling the Token Bucket algorithm in computer networks

In this paper, we construct a new dynamic model for the Token Bucket (TB) algorithm used in computer networks and use systems approach for its analysis. This model is then augmented by adding a

Networking architectures and protocols for smart city systems

resources, and reduce operational costs. This model includes various heterogeneous technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cloud Computing ... . The first is using multi-hop mesh networks with short-range communication in the unlicensed spectrum among the network nodes. The second is using long-range cellular technologies in the licensed

Perceptions and Use of Anonymous Communication across Cultures

We use social networks to communicate, keep in touch and express our opinions in a manner that has become completely ubiquitous. However, this very ubiquity and ease of expression have exposed ... communication? How do cultural differences impact these relationships? We attempt to address these questions by studying the perceptions of anonymity among users of social networks across different cultures. In

Computer-supported collaborative learning performance and satisfaction: A muiti-stage study

Research in computer-supported cooperative learning provides evidence that collaborative technology can enhance learning performance and increase affective experiences in the context of cooperative ... asynchronous learning networks . Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 4 ( 3 ), Bordia , P. ( 1997 ). Face-to-face versus computer-mediated

A Mobility and Traffic Generation Framework for Modeling and Simulating Ad Hoc Communication Networks

packet activity simulator (PAS) which simulates the movement and interaction of packets among the transceivers, the framework allows the modeling and simulation of ad hoc communication networks. The design ... communication networks being built as a part of SUO-SAS project at DARPA [ 8 ] and the Urban Infrastructure Suite of analytical tools being developed as a part of the National Infrastructure Simulation and

Reliable Flying IoT Networks for UAV Disaster Rescue Operations

sensors and are claimed to be the future of IoT (Internet of Things). UAVs’ mission fulfillment is relying on the efficiency and performance of communication in a FANET (Flying Ad hoc NETwork) environment ... infrastructure. To support reliable communication, reliable FANETs play important roles. Inspired by this observation, this paper develops a new technology for reliable UAV networks. Main features of the proposed

Comparison of computer use among managerial levels in large organizations

activities including analysis, planning, decision making, and communication. With respect to the computer benefits, the lower level managers generally perceived greater benefits of using the computer than ... development of hardware and software. Numerous applications have been developed to assist managers in corpo­ rate-wide decision-making. Electronic mail and computer networks linking managers and em­ ployees in

Computer ethics and type of computer used

The widespread use of microcomputers has introduced the issue of computer ethics to a larger and more diverse population than was the case with traditional mainframe computing. An ever-increasing

Impact of Health Information Systems on Organizational Health Communication and Behavior

Information is critical in making health-related decisions. New communication technologies show great promise in providing ways to develop and deliver changes in health behaviors. The behavioral and ... innovations are adopted and diffused in various cultures. In recent years, new developments have resulted in the rapid growth of communication technologies such as computer software, the Internet, email, mobile