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Sailing: Cognition, action, communication

features of cognition, action, and communication, and suggest a range of promising future areas of research in this domain as a showcase of the fascinating flexibility of human spatial cognition.

The role of gender in social network organization

interactions among them expressed via person-to-person contacts, interactions on online social networks, and telecommunication. Thus, we are able to study the differences between male and female behavior ... -person network shows clear separation into study groups, while this structure is no longer visible in communication networks. attend together. Less structure is observed in the Facebook feed network, which

Complex spaces: global innovation networks & territorial innovation systems in information & communication technologies

perspective (GVC) that has now mutated into Global Production Networks (GPN) and, more recently, Global Innovation Networks (GIN). Examples of why this should be are exemplified (e.g. Scandinavia’s mobile ... Basque aerospatial cluster: A historical analysis, paper to conference on clusters in global value chains & production networks: What is the role of innovation systems ? San Sebastian, Deusto University

NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians

communication impacts all librarians, and as such, specific duties are often diffused through an organization. The leadership exemplified by the SCL also may occur at different levels of an organization, from ... (such as Open Access Week), online learning objects (such as LibGuides or course management systems), and instruction in areas of scholarly communication literacy for both faculty and students commonly

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... physical products with embedded systems and networking has its roots in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. The advantages of this combination have been discussed in the

Perspectives for resource sharing in 5G networks

The era of 5G networks is approaching fast and its commercialization is planned for 2020. However, there are still numerous aspects that need to be solved and standardized before an average end-user ... communication networks (e.g. virtualisation of core IP/MPLS networks by telecommunications operators), as well as, data centres (e.g. virtualisation of operating systems). In the area of wireless networks

Color Theory in Technical Communication

using color, technical communicators can help users respond to information in a positive manner and increase reading comprehension, usability, and organization. This paper will provide a framework and ... overlooked in technical communication. Most professionals may be more concerned with writing, editing, revising, and designing their documents than how color fits into their work. Despite its obscure role in

Nanomaterials: certain aspects of application, risk assessment and risk communication

Development and market introduction of new nanomaterials trigger the need for an adequate risk assessment of such products alongside suitable risk communication measures. Current application of ... International Organization for Standardization Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Low-density polyethylene Nanomaterial Registration:evaluation:authorization and restriction of chemicals

Designing the digital organization

transactions leave digital marks, and all actors, things, and places can be reached and affected digitally. As a result, we can design for self-organization rather than using hierarchical mechanisms for control ... collaborators to changes affecting their portion of the project (c.f. The infrastructure that allows the actors to connect with one another consists of communication networks and computer

The Influence of Communication- and Organization-Related Factors on Interest in Participation in Campus Dialogic Deliberation

Grounded in participatory democracy principles, deliberation is designed to foster collaborative and thoughtful decision-making communication. On college campuses, deliberation can lead to a number ... their connection to or concern for their organization. Second, even if administrators ask for others’ viewpoints, communication during the decisionmaking process tends to reflect a zero-sum, competitive

Generating realistic scaled complex networks

Research on generative models plays a central role in the emerging field of network science, studying how statistical patterns found in real networks could be generated by formal rules. Output from ... domain, the development of cybersecurity systems requires testing across diverse threat scenarios and validation across diverse network structures that are not yet known, in anticipation of the computer

Computer Systems Fraud - Computer Systems Fraud in the Era of Big Data and EHRs

computer fraud. The International Risk Management Institute, a major insurance educational organization, defines “Computer Systems Fraud” insurance as covering “loss resulting from fraudulent input or ... has been accepted for inclusion in Touro Law Review by an authorized editor of Digital Commons @ Touro Law Center. For more information , please contact - Article 11 COMPUTER SYSTEMS FRAUD - COMPUTER

Non-technical communication factors at the Vessel Traffic Services

-technical information processing and communication factors that play a role in decision-making and ultimately in safety. During protocol operations at the VTS, these factors influenced how VTSOs judged the ... systems (de Vries 2017) , work protocols, regulations and training programmes. 2 Theoretical background Communication establishes a relationship between two or more parties in the exchange of

Environment for integration of distributed heterogeneous computing systems

main contribution of this work. In order to provide interoperability with legacy systems, the IEEE 1516 standard (denoted HLA - High Level Architecture) is used. As proof of concept, Virtual Bus was used ... information. It often generated a certain rework and some communication problems during the previous experiments. Thus, this work aims at synchronizing communication of heterogeneous systems. Another key issue

Ensemble-based modeling and rigidity decomposition of allosteric interaction networks and communication pathways in cyclin-dependent kinases: Differentiating kinase clients of the Hsp90-Cdc37 chaperone

-based modeling of residue interaction networks and community analysis determined how differences in modularity of allosteric networks and topography of communication pathways can be linked with the client ... communication pathways explored organization of the residue interaction networks and determined functional role of allosteric hotspots in kinase regulation. Network analysis was also integrated with the

Three-stage method for intentional controlled islanding of power systems

of power systems. It enables to search out reasonable islanding cutsets, which have the minimum load-generation imbalance or the minimal power flow disruption, without low-voltage problems. In the ... system and the IEEE 118-bus system are utilized to demonstrate the proposed method. The simulation results show its validity and accuracy in large-scale power systems. Intentional controlled islanding

Social Media in Social Organization

, one of the most important tools of social organization in today’s world is social media which emerge as a result of new communication technologies. The aim of this study is to reveal the role of social ... terms of social organization. Characteristics of information and communication technologies in general and social action in particular include: [1] the foundation for community building, [2] the

Acquisition of computer literacy skills through self-organizing systems of learning among children in Bhutan and India

This article describes a study under the Reaching the Unreached component of the Chiphen Rigpel project between the governments of Bhutan and India. This initiative is an attempt to provide computer ... Sugata Mitra 0 1 0 MindChampion Learning Systems, Ltd. , 85, Sector-32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana 122 001 , India 1 School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle

Lay Theories Regarding Computer-Mediated Communication in Remote Collaboration

Computer-mediated communication and remote collaboration has become an unexceptional norm as an educational modality for distance and open education, therefore the need to research and analyze ... research and analyze students' online learning experience is necessary. This paper seeks to examine the assumptions and expectations held by students in regard to computer-mediated communication and how

Editorial: Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks

. To achieve the devicecentric communication envisaged for 5G networks, there is a need for a fundamental change in the design structure of current cellular networks. This is indeed at the core for ... bands. This special issue broadly covers various aspects of D2D communication in 5G networks. Out of 39 submitted papers, this special issue features 6 selected papers with high quality based on the