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Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

remote locations, so that dependence on third-party infrastructures such as satellite communication or terrestrial communication systems must be expected. The reliability, performance, availability, and ... technology; Autonomous vehicles; Oceanographic techniques; Communication systems; Computer networks 1 Introduction Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, being closely tied with life on Earth and

Volcano alert level systems: managing the challenges of effective volcanic crisis communication

Over the last four decades, volcano observatories have adopted a number of different communication strategies for the dissemination of information on changes in volcanic behaviour and potential ... involved. Editorial responsibility: R. Cioni Volcano alert level systems; Communication; Volcano observatories; Volcano monitoring; Decision-makers Introduction: communicating during volcanic crises Over

Sailing: Cognition, action, communication

features of cognition, action, and communication, and suggest a range of promising future areas of research in this domain as a showcase of the fascinating flexibility of human spatial cognition.

Improving public transportation systems with self-organization: A headway-based model and regulation of passenger alighting and boarding

theoretical optimum. In this work, we develop a computer simulation for metro systems fed with real data from the Mexico City Metro to test the current regulatory method with a novel self-organizing approach ... by 12 lines [ 2 ]. Public transportation systems (PTS) are conformed by an heterogeneous group of elements such as passengers, trains, tracks, stations and traffic lights. A computer model is useful

Software defined networking firewall for industry 4.0 manufacturing systems

ICS networks. A prototype implementation of the proposed SDN Firewall has been tested in laboratory conditions. The prototype implementation complements the security features of the OPC UA communication ... . Since lower networks, such as separate Control LANs, need to be interconnected, unidirectional communication is highly recommended (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité de Systems d’Information (ANSSI), 2014

Smart Urban Transit Systems: From Integrated Framework to Interdisciplinary Perspective

Urban transit system is an important part of city transportation, which is an interdisciplinary industry, including traffic engineering, operation research, and computer science. To provide smart ... . 7.1.2 Data-Driven Passenger Demand and Behavior Analysis With the development of the communication technology and computer science, the passenger travel data and operation data can be collected and

Predicting language diversity with complex networks

networks [43, 49±51], thus we believe the proposed dynamics is in a good correspondence with real-world systems. Parameters F and q reflect the diversity of language. One trait can stand for a vocabulary in ... context of language change [ 31, 32 ]. On the other hand, properties of written texts are being explored in great detail [33±35]. From the former examples we can see, that complex networks are also

Complex spaces: global innovation networks & territorial innovation systems in information & communication technologies

perspective (GVC) that has now mutated into Global Production Networks (GPN) and, more recently, Global Innovation Networks (GIN). Examples of why this should be are exemplified (e.g. Scandinavia’s mobile ... Basque aerospatial cluster: A historical analysis, paper to conference on clusters in global value chains & production networks: What is the role of innovation systems ? San Sebastian, Deusto University

Patients' perceptions of their experiences with nurse-patient communication in oncology settings: A focused ethnographic study

adequate support as a result of ineffective nurse-patient communication. A review of the literature on factors influencing the delivery of psychosocial care to cancer patients indicates that the delivery of ... . Data were collected through observations of the ward environment, the activities and instances of nurse-patient communication, semi-structured interviews with patients, and a review of nursing documents

Knowledge diffusion within a large conservation organization and beyond

–and then traced the flow of how this information was shared within the organization and externally, drawing on an exceptionally data-rich environment. We used surveys and tracking of individual internet ... systems (external or inter-organization diffusion). Individuals and organizations facing sustainability challenges often rely on collaboration across sectors, partnerships, and coalitions. Within this

Resilience analysis of service-oriented collaboration process management systems

Collaborative business process management allows for the automated coordination of processes involving human and computer actors. In modern economies, it is increasingly needed for this coordination ... , which support different sources of data from communication providers such as GPS, sensors. The design considers predictable dynamic resilience of open systems built from components that interact via a

Robust Exponential Memory in Hopfield Networks

Shannon’s noisy channel bound, these networks also efficiently solve a variant of the hidden clique problem in computer science, opening new avenues for real-world applications of computational models ... . 2. Edwards S , Anderson P . Theory of spin glasses . J Phys F, Met Phys . 1975 ; 5 ( 5 ): 965 . 3. Hopfield J . Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities

The role of gender in social network organization

interactions among them expressed via person-to-person contacts, interactions on online social networks, and telecommunication. Thus, we are able to study the differences between male and female behavior ... -person network shows clear separation into study groups, while this structure is no longer visible in communication networks. attend together. Less structure is observed in the Facebook feed network, which

Institutional multiplexity: social networks and community-based natural resource management

of institutional multiplexity. Institutional multiplexity describes the number of transactions between two households in a social network. The results reveal that almost all social networks are ... opens other means for governing nature through social control. Social networks; Social network analysis; Natural resource governance; CBNRM; Water; Africa Introduction In recent decades, the ways

Using arborescences to estimate hierarchicalness in directed complex networks

Complex networks are a useful tool for the understanding of complex systems. One of the emerging properties of such systems is their tendency to form hierarchies: networks can be organized in levels ... complex networks. Many complex systems tend to organize themselves in different levels, increasingly centralized [4, 5]. Previous works have identified three different types of hierarchy: order, nested and

Current challenges and visions in music recommender systems research

Music recommender systems (MRSs) have experienced a boom in recent years, thanks to the emergence and success of online streaming services, which nowadays make available almost all music in the world ... Deldjoo 2 Hamed Zamani 3 Free University of Bozen-Bolzano , Bolzano , Italy 4 Department of Computer Science, Politecnico di Milano , Milan , Italy 5 Spotify USA Inc. , New York , USA Music recommender

NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians

communication impacts all librarians, and as such, specific duties are often diffused through an organization. The leadership exemplified by the SCL also may occur at different levels of an organization, from ... (such as Open Access Week), online learning objects (such as LibGuides or course management systems), and instruction in areas of scholarly communication literacy for both faculty and students commonly

Cyber security and cyber defense for Venezuela: an approach from the Soft Systems Methodology

The use of the Internet by large sectors of society represents the interaction through information technology infrastructure, communication networks, information systems and telecommunications, as it ... Support Force of People's Republic of China Soft Systems Methodology University of California San Diego United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Venezuela Computer Emergency Readiness Team Mission of the

Designing the digital organization

transactions leave digital marks, and all actors, things, and places can be reached and affected digitally. As a result, we can design for self-organization rather than using hierarchical mechanisms for control ... collaborators to changes affecting their portion of the project (c.f. The infrastructure that allows the actors to connect with one another consists of communication networks and computer

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... physical products with embedded systems and networking has its roots in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. The advantages of this combination have been discussed in the