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Networking architectures and protocols for smart city systems

resources, and reduce operational costs. This model includes various heterogeneous technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cloud Computing ... systems. Such systems provide networks that connect the payloads on the unmanned vehicles like sensors, actuators, cameras, storage, communication devices, and microcontrollers [26]. Additional smart city

Management information systems professionals—The requirement to be true Renaissance people within the organization

Management Information Systems (MIS) is not simply data processing, nor computer science, nor computer services, nor computer information systems, nor computer information services, nor information ... systems theory at a lower priority. This is prob­ able as those charged with the responsibility for the total MIS operation within an organization fully realize that the in-depth technical knowledge and

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Components, Dimensions, and its Correlates

organizations, and many governments emphasized the importance of ICT and try to incorporate ICT into education systems. This study examined self-assessed computer competency in thirteen ICT areas from two samples ... include knowledge of computer systems, use of the operating system, search internet and communication and networking. The multimedia skills and attitudes towards ICT demonstrated the second highest scores

Computational Interpersonal Communication: Communication Studies and Spoken Dialogue Systems

With the advent of spoken dialogue systems (SDS), communication can no longer be considered a human-to-human transaction. It now involves machines. These mechanisms are not just a medium through ... Communication with Robots and Virtual Humans, ed. Ipke Wachsmuth and Guenther Knoblich (Berlin: Springer, 2012), 1-17. 3 Skantze, 11. communicative exchange—what is called “computer mediated communication” or

Impact of Health Information Systems on Organizational Health Communication and Behavior

communication changes in consumers, patients, providers, and organizations are being noticed at individual, community, and organizational levels due to innovations in electronic health information systems, such

The Effects of Computer Mediated Communication on Computer-Based Training

Student performance using computer-based training (CBT) may be related to the degree of interaction that occurs between students and the instructor, or between students and each other. This is ... following objectives: to explore the use of computer mediated communication (CMC) as a surrogate for faceto-face interaction with CBT students, and to provide research-based recommendations for human resource

Systems approach to modeling the Token Bucket algorithm in computer networks

In this paper, we construct a new dynamic model for the Token Bucket (TB) algorithm used in computer networks and use systems approach for its analysis. This model is then augmented by adding a ... Journal of - ns Research Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Journal of Algebra Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ bability and Hindawi Publishing

Maintaining computer-based information systems using text-based intelligent systems techniques

In order to incorporate up-to-date quantitative and qualitative information, Computer- Based Information Systems (CBIS) must be able to extract data from unstructured, textual formats such as ... extremely well-structured. This information may then be used either directly by personnel in the organization, or by other information systems (such as DSS, EIS, and ES). DPS and MIS handle routine

Developing Information and Communication Technologies for Education in Haiti

This research aims to aid in developing educational technologies for students and teachers in Haiti. The goal of the research project is to increase computer familiarity and literacy. To achieve this ... literacy and familiarity. The general assumption was that the skill levels of the participants would be wide and varied. Prior to the trip, there was uncertainty about which computer operating systems were

Computer Systems Fraud - Computer Systems Fraud in the Era of Big Data and EHRs

system and not fraudulent use by an authorized user.3 Universal American Corporation, a health insurance company, sought to indemnify itself from losses due to computer systems fraud by purchasing an ... Court of Appeals in Universal found that a rider indemnifying the insured for losses from computer systems fraud covered only unauthorized use of the computer system and precluded coverage for losses

Wordplay on Computer Networks

The Internet is a web of linked computer networks set up initially by the US government. Each computer network on the Internet shares certain data formats and commands, so that anyone on a member ... archaic and r words which lenever I see .ways stimula­ plore the use ies, while at s' acceptance WORDPLAY ON COMPUTER NETWORKS There exist many smaller (and cheaper) networks besides Internet which start


There has been a growing interest in "self help" mechanisms to counter Internet-mediated threats. Content providers such as record labels and movie studios have favored proposed federal legislation ... DEFENSE OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS CURTIS E. KARN OW Article 4 Follow this and additional works at: THINKPIECE LAUNCH ON WARNING: CURTIS E. A. KARNOW * AGGRESSIVE

The Vital Network: An Algorithmic Milieu of Communication and Control

cognition to govern communication and control, as in early cybernetics and computer science, to a decentred, nonhuman model of control by algorithm for communication and networks. To illustrate the rise of ... communication and control, first modeled in cybernetics and early computer science, to a decentred, nonhuman model of intellection and algorithmic control over digital systems and networks. It is not as though

Towards a framework for communication media implementation: Information richness and critical mass as complementary theories

support systems, and video conferencing are mature and readily available, a problem exists in determining how well such media will work within a particular organization. This review examines case examples ... media within a specific organization. Three communication media, electronic mail, video conferencing, and group decision sup­ port systems, are to be used to demonstrate how this combination of theories

Shopping for Computer Restaurant Management Systems

A myriad of computer management systems are available for the restaurant business. The author discusses all aspects of evaluating, purchasing, and using such systems for a restaurant operation.

Knowledge-based simulation model for performance analysis and reliability of computer networks

Modeling and analysis of performance of computer networks is essential for ensuring smooth operation of an organization's networks and preventing major failures. Mathematical analysis and simulation ... increasing use of e-mails, document-based groupware products, and client/server applications is dependenton efficient and reliable computer networks. The end-user satisfaction of client/server systems depends

The Cyber Intelligence Challenge of Asyngnotic Networks

The intelligence community is facing a new type of organization, one enabled by the world’s information and communications infrastructure. These asyngnotic networks operate without leadership and are ... selforganization and triggering of terrorist events. Applying Living Systems Theory (LST) to a terrorist attack provides a useful framework to identify hidden asyngnotic networks. There is some antecedent work in

Explain It: Cyber-physical Systems

Eugene Vasserman, associate professor of computer science, explains, in under 100 words, what cyber-physical systems are and how Kansas State University computer scientists are ensuring they can be ... can be used to improve health care without compromising safety. Cyber-physical systems — as small as light bulbs or as big as power plants — consist of components communicating over networks to

Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

remote locations, so that dependence on third-party infrastructures such as satellite communication or terrestrial communication systems must be expected. The reliability, performance, availability, and ... technology; Autonomous vehicles; Oceanographic techniques; Communication systems; Computer networks 1 Introduction Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, being closely tied with life on Earth and