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Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

remote locations, so that dependence on third-party infrastructures such as satellite communication or terrestrial communication systems must be expected. The reliability, performance, availability, and ... technology; Autonomous vehicles; Oceanographic techniques; Communication systems; Computer networks 1 Introduction Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, being closely tied with life on Earth and

CAEv–A program for computer aided evaluation

of a program that supports an evaluator in the definition of a study, the generation of data structures, communication with the instrument (analyser), online and offline data capture and in the ... evaluation of diagnostic systems [6-8] and have devised a concept for the development of a Computer Aided Evaluation program CAEv. The following are the targets that were set for the program: ( 1

Considering transgender and gender nonconforming people in health communication campaigns

communication is an important component of this effort. This article begins with an overview of the research evidence about the extent of TGNC disparities and contextualizes them socio-politically. Then, we ... contextualizes them socio-politically. Then, we review a sample of existing health communication campaigns relating to breast, cervical, and testicular cancers through a TGNC lens. Finally, we make a case for

Volcano alert level systems: managing the challenges of effective volcanic crisis communication

Over the last four decades, volcano observatories have adopted a number of different communication strategies for the dissemination of information on changes in volcanic behaviour and potential ... involved. Editorial responsibility: R. Cioni Volcano alert level systems; Communication; Volcano observatories; Volcano monitoring; Decision-makers Introduction: communicating during volcanic crises Over

Bioacoustic detection with wavelet-conditioned convolutional neural networks

always be available. This paper presents an application of deep learning for acoustic event detection in a challenging, data-scarce, real-world problem. We show that convolutional neural networks (CNNs ... . Krizhevsky A, Sutskever I, Hinton GE (2012) Imagenet classification with deep convolutional neural networks. In: Advances in neural information processing systems, pp 1097–1105Google Scholar 32. Lee H, Pham

Sailing: Cognition, action, communication

features of cognition, action, and communication, and suggest a range of promising future areas of research in this domain as a showcase of the fascinating flexibility of human spatial cognition.

Effect of Organization Culture on organization performance on Public Universities in Kenya

opportunities as well as of conflicts and of dynamics. Recent studies on organization culture have anchored organization culture on individualism, uncertainty avoidance power distance, masculinity and long term ... to communication, risk taking and innovation, customer service orientation and reward system as its attributes; (2016) study anchored organization culture on individualism, uncertainty

NDDN: A Cloud-Based Neuroinformation Database for Developing Neuronal Networks

Electrical activity of developing dissociated neuronal networks is of immense significance for understanding the general properties of neural information processing and storage. In addition, the ... computer science are also inspired by the dedicated organization of structures and functions of neuronal networks [12, 13, 17–20]. It is found that developing neuronal networks share similar and critical

Complex spaces: global innovation networks & territorial innovation systems in information & communication technologies

perspective (GVC) that has now mutated into Global Production Networks (GPN) and, more recently, Global Innovation Networks (GIN). Examples of why this should be are exemplified (e.g. Scandinavia’s mobile ... Basque aerospatial cluster: A historical analysis, paper to conference on clusters in global value chains & production networks: What is the role of innovation systems ? San Sebastian, Deusto University

A Community Related Influence Evaluation Model for Social Networks with a Dynamic Perspective

The nature of free information diffusion and sharing in social networks (SNs) has increasingly attracted users to gather in communities to facilitate communication, resulting in increased challenges ... , “Preference-based mining of top-K influential nodes in social networks,” Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 40–47, 2014. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at ScopusK. Lewis

Organizing Health Care Networks: Balancing Markets, Government and Civil Society

Much is changing in health care organization today. A perspective or paradigm that is gaining ever increasing momentum is that of translational, extramural and integrated care. Current research ... by Powell (1990) [27]. Governmental policy is a hierarchical way of organization where governmental agencies enact policies enforcing or promoting integration, collaboration and cooperation. ‘Networks

Improving public transportation systems with self-organization: A headway-based model and regulation of passenger alighting and boarding

theoretical optimum. In this work, we develop a computer simulation for metro systems fed with real data from the Mexico City Metro to test the current regulatory method with a novel self-organizing approach ... by 12 lines [ 2 ]. Public transportation systems (PTS) are conformed by an heterogeneous group of elements such as passengers, trains, tracks, stations and traffic lights. A computer model is useful

A New Computational Model for Astrocytes and Their Role in Biologically Realistic Neural Networks

performance of a neural network. To achieve this goal, we developed a computational model of astrocytes based on the Izhikevich simple model of neurons. Next, two neural networks were implemented. The first ... of astrocyte dynamics that meets these minimum requirements. 1.3. Organization of This Article This research aimed to study the role of astrocytes in the performance of neural networks. More

Survey on Complex Optimization and Simulation for the New Power Systems Paradigm

This survey provides a comprehensive analysis on recent research related to optimization and simulation in the new paradigm of power systems, which embraces the so-called smart grid. We start by ... applications of computer science, namely, evolutionary computation (EC), artificial neural networks (ANN), and fuzzy systems (FS). Despite its popularity nowadays, the term CI has had different definitions

Multi-domain SDN controller federation in hybrid FiWi-MANET networks

Traditionally, mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) and hybrid optical-wireless networks, also known as fiber-wireless (FiWi), have been considered disjointly and independently, with no synergic management ... freelancer computer programmer; he is an IEEE and ACM member and fellow of the Higher Education Academy in UK. Dr. Lagkas’ research interests are in the areas of wireless communication networks, QoS in medium

Information flow and organization of stingless bee foraging

organization is probably largely based on self-organization and individuals use rules of thumb based on information obtained from the nest structures and nest mates to make decisions. Although the nest ... obtained from nest mates. Finding unknown food patches is facilitated by recruitment communication by means of scent trails (reviewed by Nieh, 2004) . Choosing a flower within a patch may be based on scent

Designing the digital organization

transactions leave digital marks, and all actors, things, and places can be reached and affected digitally. As a result, we can design for self-organization rather than using hierarchical mechanisms for control ... collaborators to changes affecting their portion of the project (c.f. The infrastructure that allows the actors to connect with one another consists of communication networks and computer

An energy-efficient sleep scheduling mechanism with similarity measure for wireless sensor networks

In wireless sensor networks, the high density of node’s distribution will result in transmission collision and energy dissipation of redundant data. To resolve the above problems, an energy-efficient ... interest researches in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which involves the maturing techniques of integrated circuitry, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and digital signal processing [ 1 ]. WSNs

Software defined networking firewall for industry 4.0 manufacturing systems

ICS networks. A prototype implementation of the proposed SDN Firewall has been tested in laboratory conditions. The prototype implementation complements the security features of the OPC UA communication ... . Since lower networks, such as separate Control LANs, need to be interconnected, unidirectional communication is highly recommended (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité de Systems d’Information (ANSSI), 2014

The Intention to Use Mobile Student Portal: A Mobile Human Computer Interaction Study in a University Context in Egypt

information to complete the task, they will look at it elsewhere. 6.1.2. Personally Relevant Content and Notification Being on the top of personal communication devices, key values for mobile systems include ... students’ productivity and satisfaction, which is not always the case for reasons related mainly to portals design [2, 3]. A considerable body of Information Systems research is currently taking place to