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The Teaching/Research Nexus And Internationalisation: An Action Research Project In Radiation Physics

of Wollongong (UOW) implemented an action research project teaching scientific computing methodologies used in radiation physics to a combined laboratory class of postgraduates and undergraduates. The ... research tools for radiation physics and scientific computing methodologies to a combined class of undergraduate and postgraduate students (Guatelli et al., 2010) . In brief, Geant4 is a widely used (Monte

Decolonization, Interculturalism, and Critical Indigenous Methodologies: Three Contributions


Choice of Agile Methodologies in Software Development: A Vendor Perspective

The purpose of this research was to develop understanding about how vendor firms make choice about agile methodologies in software projects and their fit. Two analytical frameworks were developed

The Significant of Statutory Interpretive Methodologies

inclusion in Notre Dame Law Review by an authorized administrator of NDLScholarship. For more information , please contact - THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STATUTORY INTERPRETIVE METHODOLOGIES Frank B. Cross ... methodologies, I embark on a study of their use in recent years by the current natural Court. Each statutory interpretation decision was coded for various cues to different interpretive methodologies. Then these

Patent Claim Interpretation Methodologies and Their Claim Scope Paradigms

patent scope, an aspect of methodologies that the Article identifies as their "claim scope paradigm. ... discussions on proper interpretation methodology developed problematically into two distinct methodologies. 3 Recognizing this fact, the Federal Circuit recently issued an en banc opinion in Phillips v. AWH

Effects of Varying Methodologies on Grain Particle Size Analysis

names appearing in this publication are for product identification purposes only. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Effects of Varying Methodologies on Grain

Introduction to the special issue on “High performance analog circuits and design methodologies

methodologies” AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Toshihiko HamasakiKatsu Nakamura Guest Editorial First Online: 28 September 2018 188 Downloads 1 Editorial This special issue of the Analog

Computing History: Andrews original computing system at Living Computer Museum

studied several computing options in detail and recommended the acquisition of the Sigma 6 with 256 KB of main memory, 100 MB of disk storage, and 16 communication lines. It also recommended hiring a full ... market, which included NASA, power companies, high-energy physics and airline flight simulators. Their Sigma line was well suited for general business computing, including time-sharing, and was making

Green computing: Environmental and ergonomical issues

Green computing has become more of a concern among computer users in recent years as the environmental awareness increases. As with most environmental movements, green computing encourages people to ... achieve green computing. INTRODUCTION Computer applications are on the rise. The microcomputer revolution made computers available for use by individuals everywhere. As the use of computers grows, the

Is Security Realistic in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as an attractive IT option for businesses. As a concept cloud computing is well received because of the benefits it offers but many users are not clear about the

Advanced Computing Systems for Scientific Research

An advanced computing system was constructed at Bridgewater State University to provide students access to computing machines tailored to the purpose of computational scientific research. This paper ... technology resource for scientific computing under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Hellström (Geography). Jared (’14) majored in Physics at BSU and is continuing his interest in using computing systems to study

The Region and the Smaller Enterprise: A Discussion of Appropriate Investigative Methodologies

Methodologies Ian Pownall egional policy instruments are typically driven by ecoRspective. Yet too often, these rationales are taken as ex nomic rationales, from either a firm or industrial perante to the ... posits that regional knowledge used by small organizations is viewed as socially constructed and highly localized. A key focus for this research is, therefore, reviewing current methodologies that seek to

Biomedical Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

companies, pharmaceutical companies, and computational labs are considering cloud computing as a cost-effective alternative to process and store this vast amount of data. Efforts in next-generation sequencing ... the flexibility of cloud computing to conduct these and other analyses. The purpose of this overview is three-fold: 1) introduce biomedical cloud computing, 2) provide a concrete methodology detailing

A method for computing quadratic Brunovsky forms  0   A =      A METHOD FOR COMPUTING QUADRATIC BRUNOVSKY FORMS∗ WEN-LONG JIN† AMS subject classifications. 93B10, 15A04, 93B40. 1. Introduction. Linear control systems can be ... Brunovsky forms defined in [ 3 ]. In contrast, our approach, constructive in 42 W.-L. Jin nature, is capable of computing the Brunovsky forms and the transformation matrices simultaneously. We further

Comparison of Pixel-based versus Object-based Land Use/Land Cover Classification Methodologies

procedures when applied to high resolution imagery (Chen et al. 2005, Whiteside and Ahmad 2005, Yang Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, Vol. 63, 2009 145 and Lo 2002). The pixel-based methodologies ... -based classification (Syed et al. 2005) . The purpose of this project is to compare these methodologies and determine if an object-based analysis of merged medium-resolution, multi-temporal satellite

Fast computing of the Moore-Penrose inverse matrix

order law for the Moore-Penrose inverse ([1, 4, 5]) is satisfied. There are several methods for computing the Moore-Penrose inverse matrix (cf. [2]). One of the most commonly used methods is the Singular ... , for each i, j = 1, ..., n. Fast Computing of the Moore-Penrose Inverse Matrix 641 The ginvtest function allows us to compare the accuracy of the proposed method (ginv function) to that of the SVD

State Taxation of Cloud Computing

As the digital environment in which we live continues to change at speeds that were unfathomable two decades ago, archaic state tax systems have struggled to keep pace. Cloud computing is the latest