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A taxonomy of task-based parallel programming technologies for high-performance computing

-based systems exist today and are actively used for parallel and high-performance computing (HPC), no comprehensive overview or classification of task-based technologies for HPC exists. In this paper, we ... for consumer applications. Conversely, in high-performance computing (HPC), loopbased and message-passing paradigms are still dominant. In this work, we specifically aim to categorize task-based

Abundance, distribution and diversity of gelatinous predators along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A comparison of different sampling methodologies

sampling, as well as comparisons made between five different methodologies that were employed during the MAR-ECO survey. In total, 16 species of hydromedusae, 31 species of siphonophores and four species of ... compared between different sampling methodologies including: a macrozooplankton trawl; a Multinet; a ringnet attached to bottom trawl; and optical platforms (Underwater Video Profiler (UVP) & Remotely

Future direction for the CSCL field: Methodologies and eight controversies

history, status, and future of CSCL. The fourth paper presents the results of the review and exploration of the field. New methodologies/methods of analyzing collaborative learning In CSCL, different

DGCC: data-driven granular cognitive computing

intelligent computing models are inspired by various human/ natural/social intelligence mechanisms. Three main schools of artificial intelligence are formed, that is, symbolism, connectionism and behaviorism ... . Achievements of cognitive science could give much inspiration to AI. Cognitive computing is one of the core fields of artificial intelligence. It aims to develop a coherent, unified, universal mechanism inspired

Special issue on intelligent urban computing with big data

tasks, and evaluate the state-of-the-art methods, showcase innovative methodologies and ideas, introduce interesting real-world intelligent urban computing systems or applications, propose new real-world ... seriously deteriorate people's life quality in big cities. Nowadays, sensing technologies and large-scale computing infrastructures have produced a variety of big data in urban spaces, which provide rich

Hacking and convergence computing

continuous management of computer virology. In addition, in the field of security services, companies and research institutes have been continuously developing solutions using hacking and convergence computing ... [10-12]. This issue covers some of the hottest topics in hacking and convergence computing, including: hacking in convergence computing; electronics hacking, hardware hacking; communication protocol

Configurational comparative research methodologies

Blasco Iba ́n ̃ez, 55, 46021 Valencia , Spain 1 Editorial Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) is an analysis technique that uses both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to compare cases and ... comparative analysis’, by Kachroo, Krishen, and Agarwal, presents a method that combines the outcomes of different studies in a meta-analysis framework. This framework uses the results of mixed methodologies to

The core enabling technologies of big data analytics and context-aware computing for smart sustainable cities: a review and synthesis

challenges of sustainability and urbanization. This has been boosted by the new digital transition in ICT. Driving such transition predominantly are big data analytics and context-aware computing and their ... increasing amalgamation within a number of urban domains, especially as their functionality involve more or less the same core enabling technologies, namely sensing devices, cloud computing infrastructures

RF power harvesting: a review on designing methodologies and applications

doubler on patch antenna . In: 2015 8th international conference on Ubi‑Media computing (UMEDIA) , pp 335 - 338 59. Hemour S , Zhao Y , Lorenz CHP , Houssameddine D , Gui Y , Hu CM et al ( 2014 ) Towards

Collecting to the Core: Computing Instruction Manuals

to remain relevant to the undergraduate curriculum and library collection. Disciplinary trends may shift, but some classics never go out of style. — AD Cgraduate curriculum in computing (inollecting

Energy efficient temporal load aware resource allocation in cloud computing datacenters

Cloud computing datacenters consume huge amounts of energy, which has high cost and large environmental impact. There has been significant amount of research on dynamic power management, which shuts ... will be helpful to cloud service providers in achieving energy saving. Cloud computing; Virtual machine placement; Integer linear programming; Integer quadratic programming; Optimization; Resource

Preface: Special Issue on Advanced Methodologies for Bayesian Networks

Technology (AIST).The AMBN workshop had over 100 participants and many lively and interesting discussions over the course of its duration. This special issue of New Generation Computing (NGC) has come out from ... popular AI approach for treating uncertainty around random variables. The International Workshop on Advanced Methodologies for Bayesian Networks (AMBN 2010) was held on November 18-19, 2010, at the Campus

Fog computing security: a review of current applications and security solutions

Fog computing is a new paradigm that extends the Cloud platform model by providing computing resources on the edges of a network. It can be described as a cloud-like platform having similar data

SpecBit, DecayBit and PrecisionBit: GAMBIT modules for computing mass spectra, particle decay rates and precision observables

functions implemented in the three modules, as well as the conventions and assumptions used in interfacing them with external codes. We also present 3-BIT-HIT, a command-line utility for computing mass ... NMSSM. The framework consists of three packages: SpecBit, for handing renormalisation group running and calculation of mass spectra, DecayBit, for computing branching ratios and widths, and PrecisionBit

Empirical methods for computing phrasal and sentential semantics in Vietnamese

computational and inferential methods for analyzing the phrasal and sentential semantics in Vietnamese Question-Answering System Model (VietQASM), and implementation techniques for computing the semantics in Pham ... VietQASM [ 1,2 ]; (2) improving implementation techniques for computing the semantics [13]. That means that we will improve the DCG clauses to return semantic expressions which are similar to the results

Guest Editorial: Knowledge-Based Multimedia Computing

Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Haidian Qu, Beijing 100080 , China The rapid advances in multimedia technology have resulted in a proliferation of multimedia data on the Internet. This is ... model open an exciting new era of knowledge-based multimedia computing, which can provide a knowledge base of images and capture the complex content with domain-specific knowledge. Moreover, some works

Maximum walking speed in multiple sclerosis assessed with visual perceptive computing

the feasibility of visual perceptive computing (VPC) for gait assessment in PwMS using the Short Maximum Speed Walk (SMSW), which assesses gait on recording distances confined to less than 4 meters ... performance time or speed.[ 12 ] Visual perceptive computing (VPC) with Microsoft's Kinect has been proposed as a feasible and inexpensive method to quantify gait[13±15] and postural control.[15±17] In a

FlavBit: a GAMBIT module for computing flavour observables and likelihoods

packages exist for carrying out SM and BSM flavour fits in terms of Wilson coefficients [ 1–3 ], but so far no general package exists for both computing Wilson coefficients and carrying out a global fit ... from non-perturbative QCD. 3 Computational framework The GAMBIT framework defines two sorts of functions that can be used to calculate physical observables or other quantities required for computing

Approximation of nonlinear discrete-time system using FA-based neural network

. Neural network behaves as granular computing methodologies, which depends on some important parameters including initial weight matrix. FA is gradient-free optimization method used for balanced premature ... ½uðkÞyðkÞ y ðkÞ y ðkÞ E vji wkj I c b xi rij v2 JMAE JSSE JMSE JRMSE JNMSE JBFR BPN Neural network Nonlinear 1 Introduction In the past few decades, adaptive soft-computing techniques such as NN

Modeling maximum surface settlement due to EPBM tunneling by various soft computing techniques

, many parameters affect resultant surface settlement, it difficult to estimate the settlement by traditional methods. Soft computing, however, can be devised to cope with such engineering limitations. The ... condition, and operational parameters, making it difficult to predict the settlement using the classical method only [ 33 ]. To overcome these limitations, soft computing techniques can be used to develop