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Mechanics of Energy Materials

successful development and deployment of these materials rely critically on a fundamental understanding of strongly coupled multiphysics phenomena. Mechanics of energy materials has emerged as a rapidly ... under quasi-static and dynamic loading; and (4) mechanics of piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting from mechanical/ vibration sources. In the following, we provide a summary of the main

New trends in mechanics of masonry

of the computational tools, the last decades have witnessed a wide spread of the numerical modeling techniques, especially in the field of mechanics of heterogeneous materials like masonry. Therefore ... , a large variety of numerical models for masonry has been formulated and applied to reproduce experimental and real cases. Meccanica journal has always shown a great interest in the Mechanics of

Nonextensive statistical mechanics : implications to quantum information

foundation with a variational underpinning founded on an “entropy” maximization, which may be called Quantum Statistical Mechanics [ 1 ]. The specific form of the entropy as a functional of the density ... D. C. Recently the focus of his work has been in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Information. R. W. Rendell obtained a PhD in Physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. For the

Clustering and separation of hydrophobic nanoparticles in lipid bilayer explained by membrane mechanics

Small hydrophobic gold nanoparticles with diameter lower than the membrane thickness can form clusters or uniformly distribute within the hydrophobic core of the bilayer. The coexistence of two ... hypothesis by estimation of the energy of a biomembrane induced by redistribution of NPs. It was shown in the past that considering the membrane as continuum elastic medium may well explain interactions

A Non-Linear Model for Corrosion Fatigue Lifetime Based on Continuum Damage Mechanics

accumulation based on continuum damage mechanics. Fatigue endurance limit, load frequency and corrosion rate are included in the model as basic parameters which influence the interaction between fatigue and ... damage mechanics (CDM), which is suitable for making engineering predictions about the initiation, propagation, and fracture of materials without resorting to a microscopic description that would be too

From the Editorial Board of the Journal Mechanics of Composite Materials

Translated from Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov Editorial Board and staff of MCM We inform our readers contributors that the Editor-in-Chief of MCM professor V. P. Tamuzs a Full Member of Latvian ... Academy of Sciences a member of European Academy of Sciences Academia Europaea has lefl this post a Full Member of Latvian Academy of Sciences but V. P. Tamuzs as before employing his talent high scientific

Does boundary quantum mechanics imply quantum mechanics in the bulk?

. To conclude, in the language of quantum error correction we are asserting that (0) is a logical but non-associative operator. This means it cannot be interpreted in standard quantum mechanics. The bulk ... Hilbert space. It appears that bulk quantum mechanics only arises in perturbation theory around a semiclassical background. It would be interesting to explore the relevance of this for the rewall paradox

Mechanics of amorphous solids—identification and constitutive modelling

European Mechanics of Materials Conference in September 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, a session focussing on the mechanical properties of amorphous or partly amorphous solid materials was organised, attempting ... special issue on the mechanics of amorphous solids has been assembled, with all contributed papers from presenters at the 15th European Mechanics of Materials Conference. While being a European conference

Meeting the Contact-Mechanics Challenge

This paper summarizes the submissions to a recently announced contact-mechanics modeling challenge. The task was to solve a typical, albeit mathematically fully defined problem on the adhesion ... area is hard to define rigorously outside of continuum mechanics, so that reporting it is a purely academic exercise. In continuum mechanics, true contact can correspond to either zones of compressive

Special issue on “Recent Advances on the Mechanics of Materials

Special Issue provide a wide overview on recent advances on the Mechanics of Materials, including homogenization approaches for composites, non-local modeling, biomechanics and biomimetics. Delving into the ... . This Special Issue represents a timely collection inherent the very active research carried out by the Italian scientific community on the Mechanics of Materials. We hope it will be attractive to readers

Calculating the Malliavin derivative of some stochastic mechanics problems

to calculate the Malliavin derivative, the derivative of the expectation of a quantity of interest of a model with respect to its underlying stochastic parameters, for four problems found in mechanics ... No. 279578) entitled ªTowards real time multiscale simulation of cutting in non-linear materials with applications to surgical simulation and computer guided surgery.º Paul Hauseux is supported by the

SU(2|1) supersymmetric mechanics on curved spaces

Abstract We present SU(2|1) supersymmetric mechanics on n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds within the Hamiltonian approach. The structure functions including prepotentials entering the supercharges ... Hannover , Germany 1 141980 Dubna , Russia 2 Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics , JINR We present SU(2|1) supersymmetric mechanics on n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds within the Hamiltonian

Quantum phases for moving charges and dipoles in an electromagnetic field and fundamental equations of quantum mechanics

We analyze the quantum phase effects for point-like charges and electric (magnetic) dipoles under a natural assumption that the observed phase for a dipole represents the sum of corresponding phases ... motion via the special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Ann. Fond. de Broglie 29, 459–492 (2004). MathSciNetMATH Google Scholar23. Kholmetskii, A. L., Yarman, T. & Missevitch, O. V. Going from


MECHANICS' LIENS IN NORTH CAROLINA In this article the North Carolina statutes concerning what are commonly referred to as mechanics' liens will be summarized and an analysis attempted of the interpretive ... decisions of state and federal courts. The classification of these liens, including those of contractors, subcontractors, mechanics and other laborers, skilled or unskilled, materialmen, artisans, and loggers

Tosio Kato’s work on non-relativistic quantum mechanics: part 2

We review the work of Tosio Kato on the mathematics of non-relativistic quantum mechanics and some of the research that was motivated by this. Topics in this second part include absence of embedded ... can have eigenvalues embedded in negative continua without carefully tuned potentials due to either non-interacting clusters or due to an eigenvalue of one symmetry embedded in a continuum of another

Tosio Kato’s work on non-relativistic quantum mechanics: part 1

We review the work of Tosio Kato on the mathematics of non-relativistic quantum mechanics and some of the research that was motivated by this. Topics in this first part include analytic and ... appropriate to commemorate Kato with a comprehensive review of his work on nonrelativistic quantum mechanics (NRQM) that includes the context and later impact of this work. One might wonder why I date this

Deformation imaging and rotational mechanics in neonates: a guide to image acquisition, measurement, interpretation, and reference values

Advances in neonatal cardiac imaging permit a more comprehensive assessment of myocardial performance in neonates that could not be previously obtained with conventional imaging. Myocardial ... rate at which deformation occurs. Both are feasible and reproducible markers of global and regional performance that provide fundamental information on myocardial properties and mechanics that would

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Statistical Mechanics

, India , Allahabad 2 at Post Graduate and Research Department of Physics Bishop Moore College Mavelikara 690 110 02 3 College , Mavelikara-690110 A Refresher Course in 'Statistical Mechanics' for College ... of Statistical Mechanics, through lectures and tutorials. College/University teachers having at least a Master;s degree in Physics are particularly encouraged to apply. Topics to be covered include

Numerical analysis of compression mechanics of highly polydisperse granular mixtures with different PSD-s

The deformation of three-dimensional highly polydisperse packings of frictional spheres with continuous unimodal and discrete uniform particle size distributions (PSDs) under uniaxial compression was ... , knowledge of the grain size distribution is not a critical issue for modeling granular packings composed of non-uniformly sized spheres. Granular materials; Particle size distribution; Discrete element

Influence of respiratory mechanics and drive on genioglossus movement under ultrasound imaging

method to assess genioglossus movement in conditions in which ventilatory drive or respiratory mechanics were changed. Methods Twenty healthy subjects (10 males, age 28±5 years [mean ± SD]) lay supine ... in awake subjects is lacking. Therefore, to understand how altered respiratory mechanics and neural drive influence the physiological behaviour of genioglossus, the present study was designed to