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Humanistic Criminology: Is It Possible?

reasons why humanistic criminology is desirable are suggested. Given that humanistic criminology is viable a critique of contemporary schools of criminology/criminal justice is offered and a number of ... to improving the criminal justice system (making it more effective, efficient, and/or fair, not to speak of "just"), contemporary criminology is still primarily concerned with explaining the causes of

Peacemaking Criminology

This article is focused on exploring the practical implications of applying Pepinsky and Quinney’s (1991) theory of ‘peacemaking criminology’ to criminal justice policies. Peacemaking criminology is ... approach to solving crime. The uniqueness of peacemaking criminology and its lack of use within the administration of justice leave many within the criminal justice field skeptical of its efficacy. This

Social Justice vs Criminal Justice: An Agenda for Critical Criminology

This paper presents an overview of the features of crime and the criminal justice system in the United States. It notes the great disparities in use of five systems of justice. It discusses the ... the criminal justice system as its natural world. I suggest that a proper criminology must examine all forms of crime, all systems of justice and all theories of crime before it may begin to get good

Race and Justice Outcomes: Contextualizing Racial Discrimination and Ferguson

While scores of literature may hint at the tumultuous relationship between the criminal justice system and Blacks, such literature, however, fail to assess, comprehensively, the intersectional ... intention behind much of the literature in criminology is couched in a belief that the criminal justice system works and that although there may be some glitches, the system can be perfected. Incidentally

Humanistic Perspectives in Criminology

In the past two decades, the field of criminology has changed dramatically. Mainstream criminology, which focused primarily on the etiology of behavior taken for granted as criminal, has been ... implementation of a truly humanistic criminology in the everyday operations of crime control agencies. The criminological enterprise he contends is becoming progressively more dehumanized as "justice" becomes

Criminal Justice

Sutherland wrote that the interest of the Government "in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done." We must ask ourselves today whether justice is being done in ... American courts and American society to the very large number of citizens who cannot afford to defend themselves against criminal chargesor against society. Criminal justice is a subject that ought to be of

Criminal Justice

is protected only if the seller's warranty of title under section 402.401 of the Commercial Code has not been modified or excluded. DAvW B. BILLING CRIMINAL JUSTICE I. PRE-TRIAL STAGE Since the ... consequence of the wide-ranging criminal activities that does not constitute a denial of speedy trial on any one of them."5 The court found, without any reference to the Hadley rule, that under these

Criminal Justice

. CENTER CRIMINAL JUSTICE An examination of the recent term of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in the criminal justice field, verifies an observation made in this publication a year ago, that the court's ... treatment of defendant's rights had approached a degree of stability, and that the criminal justice system would settle into a temporary period of applications of those decisions without significant change in

Exporting U.S. Criminal Justice

In the years leading up to and following the end of the Cold War, the U.S. government embarked on a new legal transplant project, carried out through the foreign promotion of U.S. criminal justice

International Criminal Justice 5.0

The project of securing international criminal justice for the worst atrocities is approaching its seventieth birthday. At this milepost, it is worth looking back both on what international criminal

Photographs and labels: Against a criminology of innocence

In 2000 the American photographer Taryn Simon began photographing people whose criminal convictions had been overturned through the work of the Innocence Project. Founded at Cardozo Law School, the ... initiates two new kinds of criminology; one that acknowledges the reliance of criminal justice upon visual imagery, enabling us to imagine the other one, which helps us to comprehend the citizen who has not

Children and International Criminal Justice

Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Let me begin by extending my deepest gratitude to the University of Georgia, School of Law for graciously hosting this important conference on children and international criminal ... justice, and for inviting me to address you here today. Thanks are also owed to the many sponsors that have made this event possible. I would like to thank, in particular, my Special Adviser on Children in

LGBT Identity and Crime

come into contact with the criminal justice system as offenders or as victims. Through an original intellectual history of the treatment of LGBT identity and crime, this Article provides insight into how ... about crime and criminal justice populations.41 Criminology is also a multidisciplinary field, and criminologists have advanced diverse conceptual and empirical models to study crime.42 Accordingly

Should Juveniles be Transferred to Adult Criminal Court in the Criminal Justice System?

Tennessee Journal of Race SHOULD JUVENILES BE TRANSFERRED TO ADULT CRIMINAL COURT IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM? BUKI BARUWA Collectively, the Supreme Court has held that juveniles are not as ... , and lacking in control and identity.3 Thus, juveniles should not be transferred to adult criminal court. INTRODUCTION 5 Id. enough to be treated as adults; however, the criminal justice system also

Seeking International Criminal Justice in Syria

. International criminal justice plays an important role in responding to the commission of international crimes. The investigation and prosecution of individuals serves a variety of purposes, from retribution to ... deterrence to establishment of the truth.5 Perhaps most importantly, the international criminal justice process has been understood to provide a foundation for future peace by breaking down assumptions of

Crime, Community, and Criminal Justice

governance. The 3% of the American public under the custody of the criminal-justice system is quite obviously governed through crime. Their criminal conviction makes them subject to detailed scrutiny and


especially criminal anthropologj', one of its branches, requires more e.xtensive preliminary training than most subjects, for it invf)lvcs the investigation of man both mentally and physically. Such training ... indeterminate sentence is the best method of affording the prisoner an opportunity to reform without exposing society to unnecessary dangers. "4. The ground for the imprisonment of the criminal is, first of all

Beyond Budget-Cut Criminal Justice: The Future of Penal Law

Beyond Budget-Cut Criminal Justice: The F of Penal Law uture Mary D. Fan Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation Mary D ... JUSTICE: THE FUTURE OF PENAL LAW* MARY D. FAN** American criminal justice is experiencing a perfect storm of budget-cut criminaljustice reform and the awakening of courts to the role of checking penal

Focused on Criminal Justice

Angeles. Stheir lives in sports or entertainment. Ronald ome kids grow up thinking about spending Chatters III grew up thinking about prisons and criminal justice. His father was one of several people ... Southern California address that question before returning to the School of Law for his third and final year in 2012-13. Prison reform and broader criminal justice reform have been unpopular crusades in

Criminology: The Treatment-Punishment Controversy

, 39 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY 605 (1949). WnAm AND MARY LAW REVIEW understatement. The fact is that the foregoing statements express what may be regarded as the polar opposites of the ... 7 THE TREATMENT PUNISHMENT CONTROVERSY DAviD J. GRAY* The key issue in modern criminology may be summarized in one brief question: is punishment or treatment of criminals the wiser social policy