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NoSQL Database Technologies

adopting the technology. The paper concludes with suggestions for future research of NoSQL technologies and a content analysis of current articles in database management is provided in the appendix. ... significant feature variability both across and within categories. This variance generally occurs with respect to each vendor’s implementation of database consistency and transaction management guarantees

Database As A Tool For Hospitality Management

In his discussion - Database As A Tool For Hospitality Management - William O'Brien, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Management at Florida International University, O’Brien offers at the

Digital Rights Management and the Traditional Knowledge Database

Patenting traditional knowledge (TK) without the consent of right-holders is a contentious issue. There are a number of proposals that seek to defeat Western patents of TK by using a database to ... these databases, particularly in the USA, appears to be a concern of many potential TK right-holders. There are provisions in international and US law that can protect a TK database from infringers

Database System for Alumni Tracking

In their discussion - Database System for Alumni Tracking - by Steven Moll, Associate Professor and William O'Brien, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Management at Florida International ... Florida International University, Hospitality database as a template for their example. by Steven Moll Associate Professor and William O'Brien Assistant Professor School of Hospitality Management

Special issue on spatial and temporal database management

developments of spatial-temporal data management. One popular form of mobile data is trajectories each representing a sequence of sampled points of a moving object. The paper by Shuyao Qi et al. (Snapshot and ... Efentakis et al. (Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework) studies how to use hub labels for shortest-distance computation. Recently, privacy has attracted a lot of attention

The etiology, evaluation, and management of plantar fibromatosis

The etiology, evaluation, and management of plantar fibromatosis Joseph R Young, Sarah Sternbach, Max Willinger, Ian D Hutchinson, Andrew J Rosenbaum Albany Medical College Division of Orthopaedic ... . Given the benign nature of this condition, treatment has historically involved symptomatic management. A multitude of conservative treatment strategies supported by varying levels of evidence have been

Use of expert systems in harmonizing international accounting reports

be the impediment to the development of the expert system and suggest a solution from database management to alleviate the harmonization dilemma. ... an obstacle to make translations from one country standard to another feasible. This paper also proposes a database management solution to the identified problem. Database management, while avoiding

Collection Management Matters: The DataBase Dance: Waltzing with a Big Budget Cut

, Assistant Director for Collection Management and Administration, Head, Acquisitions and Serials, Brown-Daniel Library, Tennessee State University , 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd., Nashville, TN 37209; Phone: 615 ... Collection Management Librarian because it involves a lot fancy footwork with vendors, faculty, and students. Faculty have to be given clear explanations as to why the library can no longer purchase the

Strategic Planning and Information Management in Angola

national mine-action partners and with the help of the Survey Action Center, CNIDAH has begun to review and update its database of cleared suspected hazardous areas and those still in need of demining ... resolved by other operators. Lapses in Information Management System for Mine Action data entry left some records in the database as “active” when, in fact, CNIDAH had processed the completion report. CNIDAH

Information Management System for Mine Action in Sudan

The Information Management System for Mine Action is a globally used and internationally accepted database and software system that allows mine-action programmes to efficiently correlate and evaluate

The GICHD Tool for Management of Mechanical Demining Operations

In response to a need for an operational management tool for the mechanical demining community, the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining developed a system called the Management Tool ... , Microsoft Excel© database. This tool tracks the performance and downtime of mechanical, manual and animal detection demining assets. It was developed primarily for field/site management and is intended to

The NASA Astrophysics Data System: Architecture

itself. This ancillary information is used by the database management software to compile field-specific index files used by the ADS search engine to resolve user queries into lists of relevant documents ... property. 4.2. Implementation of the property database management software To provide the capability of merging properties and values generated from separate sources and in di erent formats, we devised a

The Constitutional Assembly Database Project - Resurrecting a Database Ten Years On

In 1995 the Constitutional Assembly Database Project (the Project) began to publish the proceedings of South Africa’s Constitutional Assembly on the Internet. The Project finished this work, the

The Extreme Climate Event Database (EXCEED): Development of a picture database composed of drought and flood stimuli

The present study introduces the Extreme Climate Event Database (EXCEED), a picture database intended to induce emotionally salient stimuli reactions in the context of natural hazards associated with ... the context of natural hazards associated with global climate change and related extreme events. The creation of the database was motivated by the need to better understand the impact that the increase

Electronic Database Support Systems for Strategic Planning Activities in the Hospitality Industry

An electronic database support system for strategic planning activities can be built by providing conceptual and system specific information. The design and development of this type of system center ... sources, prudent management, specialized analytical methodologies, effective decision-makers, and communication that elicits change. Like high risk systems, database support systems for strategic planning

Use of Imagery and GIS for Humanitarian Demining Management

-the-shelf computer software packages for the management of geographical information. The result was a design for the kinds of data and the kinds of systems necessary to establish and maintain a database ... technical backup, the use of computers and other modern tools, and some form of database. A well-structured spatial database is essential for successful demining management. The database is basically used to

Geneva Call Launches First ANSA Database

In November 2012 Geneva Call launched "Their Words,” an information database. The database provides published commitments and internal rules and regulations of armed non-state actors.

New Database Provides Resource for Mine-action Community

Launched in July 2011, the World Bank’s Landmine Contamination, Casualties and Clearance database is a valuable resource for those working in mine action. The database allows users to create ... information becomes more comprehensive, the database will become an important resource for the mine-action community. See endnotes page 83 ~Jeremiah Smith, CISR Staff The Information Management & Mine Action

Exploration of Kani Tribal Botanical Knowledge in Agasthiayamalai Biosphere Reserve - South India

belonging to 43 families have been reported. The information was collected and documented in database management systems using Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and M.S Access 7.0 as back end. The practical ... resources. Tribes are mostly mingled with the forest ecosystem assisting the native societies to “live in harmony with nature” (Prasana, 2006). The objective is to establish a database of the plants used by