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Special issue on spatial and temporal database management

developments of spatial-temporal data management. One popular form of mobile data is trajectories each representing a sequence of sampled points of a moving object. The paper by Shuyao Qi et al. (Snapshot and ... Efentakis et al. (Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework) studies how to use hub labels for shortest-distance computation. Recently, privacy has attracted a lot of attention

Painful Neuropathic Disorders: An Analysis of the RéGie De L’Assurance Maladie du QuéBec Database

Lachaine, A Gordon, M Choinière, JP Collet, D Dion, J-E Tarride. Painful neuropathic disorders: An analysis of the Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec database. Pain Res Manage 2007;12(1):31-37 ... of Pharmacy, University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec; 2Wasser Pain Management Center, Mount Sinai Hospital and Division of Neurology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario; 3Department of

Creating an operational database for Ecosystems Services Mapping and Assessment Methods

Identifying and applying the appropriate method for ecosystem services mapping and assessment is not trivial. To provide guidance in this task, this paper describes the creation of a database for ... creation of a database for existing studies on mapping and assessing ecosystems and their services, which records relevant information to the ecosystem studies (e.g. methods used, the scale, ecosystem type

NDDN: A Cloud-Based Neuroinformation Database for Developing Neuronal Networks

changing network dynamics during development. Here, we describe the design and implementation of Neuroinformation Database for Developing Networks (NDDN), a repository for electrophysiological data collected ... used the MySQL relational database management system to store and perform data queries. Eleven tables were created to provide indexed and structured data organization, as well as secured data access. The

Can the Presence of Endoscopic High-Risk Stigmata be Bredicted before Endoscopy? A Multivariable Analysis Using the RUGBE Database

BACKGROUND: Many aspects in the management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding rely on pre-esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) stratification of patients likely to exhibit high-risk stigmata (HRS ... Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol Can the presence of endoscopic high-risk stigmata be predicted before endoscopy? a multivariable analysis using the RUgBe database Yen-I Chen 0 Jonathan Wyse 0 Alan

Physician Asthma Management Practices in Canada

OBJECTIVES: To establish national baseline information on asthma management practices of physicians, to compare the reported practices with the Canadian Consensus recommendations and to identify ... Studies , Toronto, Ontario, formerly of Price Waterhouse 4 R Jin, BCK Choi, BTB Chan, et al. Physician asthma management practices in Canada. Can Respir J 2000;7(6):456-465 5 Bureau of Cardio-Respiratory

I. A bibliographic database for quantitative analysisof phosphorus flow in ruminants

metabolism in ruminants. The database compiles 100 sources either published (95) or unpublished (5) involving studies on true or apparent phosphorus balances carried out before 1999. The database reports 652 ... ). The reliability of the database was tested using some general relationships. 1. INTRODUCTION Phosphorus is currently one of the most polluting nutrients because of high animal husbandry concentrations

Investigating the Association between Chronic Kidney Disease and Ischaemic Stroke from a Health Examination Database

and ischaemic stroke. This study used a health examination database from a medical centre in Taiwan. A generalized linear regression analysis was used to determine the association between CKD and ... examination database. Table 1 Risk factors of CKD and ischaemic stroke. Full size table Methods Study population This study used a health examination database from WHS Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. Data in

The ePANDDA project: linking the Paleobiology Database, iDigBio, and iDigPaleo for biological and paleontological research, collections management, and outreach

There are several online paleontological resources that serve a diversity of needs: the Paleobiology Database (PaleoBioDB), a database of fossil occurrences built largely from the primary scientific ... presentation will also include examples and plans for how ePANDDA can collaborate with other existing geological and biological resources. iDigBio; iDigPaleo; Paleobiology Database; PBDB; epandda Presenting

The Caucasian and North African French Faces (CaNAFF): A Face Database

literature, none of them contains Caucasian and North African faces similar to faces we can find in a usual French environment. To overcome this problem, we propose a new database: the Caucasian and North ... emotional expression and photos were taken under three eye gaze directions (right, frontal, and left), resulting in a total of 441 photos. Subsequently, in order to validate our database, 25 participants

Special issue on spatial and temporal database management

are representative of the state-of-the-art in the domain of spatio-temporal data management. They cover a wide range of problems and approaches. Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor queries are well known and

Optimal management of resected gastric cancer

Optimal management of resected gastric cancer Riccardo Giampieri, Michela Del Prete, Luca Cantini, Maria Giuditta Baleani, Alessandro Bittoni, Elena Maccaroni, Rossana Berardi Oncology Clinic, AOU ... treatment (chemoradiotherapy Cancer Management and Research 2018:10 1605–1618 1605 © 2018 Giampieri et al. This work is published and licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited. The ful terms of this license are

Management of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: Conventions and Controversies

, pathogenesis and management of PSC. Despite its rarity, there is an urgent need for collaborative research efforts to advance therapeutic options for PSC beyond liver transplantation. ... endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography . Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2010 ; (10):CD007345. 31. Abu-Hamda EM , Baron TH . Endoscopic management of cholangiocarcinoma . Semin Liv Dis 2004 ; 24 : 165 - 75

Characteristics, Treatment Patterns, and Economic Outcomes of Patients Initiating Injectable Medications for Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Japan: Results from a Retrospective Claims Database Analysis

months before (baseline) and 12 months after index (follow-up) were selected from the Japan Medical Center Database. Patient characteristics and outcomes during the baseline and follow-up periods were

Computerized database management system for breast cancer patients

enhanced computerized database management system. My Structural Query Language (MySQL) is selected as the application for database management system to store the patient data collected from hospitals in ... confirm these findings. Breast cancer patients; Computerized database; Hospital management system Introduction Computerized database management (CDM) system has been widely implemented in many hospitals

Evaluating cloud database migration options using workload models

A key challenge in porting enterprise software systems to the cloud is the migration of their database. Choosing a cloud provider and service option (e.g., a database-as-a-service or a manually ... ) Madeus: database live migration middleware under heavy workloads for cloud environment . In: Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data. ACM , New York. pp 315 - 329

Trajectory based database management for intelligent surveillance system with heterogeneous sensors

In this paper, we present a database management scheme for an intelligent surveillance system utilizing multiple visual sensors and RFID readers. The objects are tracked and identified by multiple ... . Intelligent surveillance; Consistency management; Iterative decision process; Heterogeneous sensor network; Database 1 Introduction Recently, many researchers have much interest in an intelligent surveillance

The Pancreatic Expression Database: 2018 update

The Pancreatic Expression Database (PED, continues to be a major resource for mining pancreatic –omics data a decade after its initial release. Here, we present ... improvements. The Pancreatic Expression Database (PED) ( 5–7 ) was developed as a data repository to provide researchers with a single-entry point from which to manipulate, mine and integrate these

Management of refractory cirrhotic ascites: challenges and solutions

Management of refractory cirrhotic ascites: challenges and solutions Hiroshi Fukui, Hideto Kawaratani, Kosuke Kaji, Hiroaki Takaya, Hitoshi Yoshiji Department of Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and ... therapeutic approach to gut dysbiosis provides a better solution for the management of cirrhotic ascites. - Video abstract Point your SmartPhone at the code above. If you have a QR code reader the video

The UMIST database for astrochemistry 1999

We report a new version of the UMIST database for astrochemistry. The previous (1995) version has been updated and its format has been revised. The database contains the rate coefficients ... been updated and its format has been revised. this is a useful approach in determining whether or not The database contains the rate coe cients, tempera- large molecules may form, it is not based