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Special issue on spatial and temporal database management

developments of spatial-temporal data management. One popular form of mobile data is trajectories each representing a sequence of sampled points of a moving object. The paper by Shuyao Qi et al. (Snapshot and ... Efentakis et al. (Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework) studies how to use hub labels for shortest-distance computation. Recently, privacy has attracted a lot of attention

Characteristics, Treatment Patterns, and Economic Outcomes of Patients Initiating Injectable Medications for Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Japan: Results from a Retrospective Claims Database Analysis

months before (baseline) and 12 months after index (follow-up) were selected from the Japan Medical Center Database. Patient characteristics and outcomes during the baseline and follow-up periods were

Evaluating cloud database migration options using workload models

A key challenge in porting enterprise software systems to the cloud is the migration of their database. Choosing a cloud provider and service option (e.g., a database-as-a-service or a manually ... ) Madeus: database live migration middleware under heavy workloads for cloud environment . In: Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data. ACM , New York. pp 315 - 329

University energy management improvement on basis of standards and digital technologies

Nowadays to implement the energy management system it is important to fulfill not only the legal requirements but also to follow the set of recommendations prepared by international and national

Museological Approaches to the Management of Digital Research and Engagement: The African Rock Art Image Project

, this led to several opportunities and challenges for documentation, dissemination, and digital humanities outputs, including a fully searchable database, social media, website, 3D modelling and printing ... settings to database management thousands of miles away. The use of new technologies has created several diametrically opposed challenges that require new and everchanging creative solutions. Digital

The Pancreatic Expression Database: 2018 update

The Pancreatic Expression Database (PED, continues to be a major resource for mining pancreatic –omics data a decade after its initial release. Here, we present ... improvements. The Pancreatic Expression Database (PED) ( 5–7 ) was developed as a data repository to provide researchers with a single-entry point from which to manipulate, mine and integrate these

Special issue on spatial and temporal database management

are representative of the state-of-the-art in the domain of spatio-temporal data management. They cover a wide range of problems and approaches. Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor queries are well known and

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... two thirds of the included studies have been applied to wildlife in the USA. A majority of the studies on the costs of wildlife management calculate losses from carnivore predation on livestock and

Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides a large suite of online resources for biological information and data, including the GenBank® nucleic acid sequence database and the ... many of the Web applications are custom implementations of the BLAST program optimized to search specialized data sets. New resources released in the past year include PubMed Data Management, RefSeq

Computerized database management system for breast cancer patients

enhanced computerized database management system. My Structural Query Language (MySQL) is selected as the application for database management system to store the patient data collected from hospitals in ... confirm these findings. Breast cancer patients; Computerized database; Hospital management system Introduction Computerized database management (CDM) system has been widely implemented in many hospitals

EudraVigilance Medicines Safety Database: Publicly Accessible Data for Research and Public Health Protection

practice. EudraVigilance is the pharmacovigilance database to manage the collection and analysis of suspected adverse reactions to medicines authorised in the European Economic Area. EudraVigilance first ... development, guideline updates, engagement with the stakeholders and an independent system audit, the EMA Management Board announced that the EV database has achieved full functionality [ 8 ]. This triggered

Past management affects success of current joint forestry management institutions in Tajikistan

development organisations have implemented joint forestry management institutions to help restore once-forested mountainous regions, but the success of these institutions has been highly variable. This study ... Helping to self-help? External interventions to stimulate local col- lective action in Joint Forest Management, Maharashtra, India. International Forestry Review Past management affects success of

SCPortalen: human and mouse single-cell centric database

context. To challenge this issue, we developed the single-cell centric database ‘SCPortalen’ ( The current version of the database covers human and mouse single-cell ... from ( 18 ). System architecture of SCPortalen SCPortalen is implemented using PHP (version 5.6.8). We used MySQL server (version 5.6.24) as a back-end database management system. The web server of

Update on the Therapeutic Management of Hepatic Encephalopathy

mortality [ 27 ]. However, the trial was small and the results should be verified before any clinical conclusions can be made. Flumazenil The role of flumazenil in the therapeutic management of HE is ... not established in the clinical management of HE but deserves further trials. Spherical Carbon (AST-120) This is an orally administered, engineered carbon microsphere that adsorbs ammonia and other

Trajectory based database management for intelligent surveillance system with heterogeneous sensors

In this paper, we present a database management scheme for an intelligent surveillance system utilizing multiple visual sensors and RFID readers. The objects are tracked and identified by multiple ... . Intelligent surveillance; Consistency management; Iterative decision process; Heterogeneous sensor network; Database 1 Introduction Recently, many researchers have much interest in an intelligent surveillance

Real-world management of heart failure in the Netherlands

. 2017 ACC/ AHA/HFSA focused update of the 2013 ACCF/AHA guideline for the management of heart failure . Circulation . 2017 ; CIR.0000000000000509. 5. Koudstaal S , Pujades ... database . Eur J Heart Fail . 2016 ; 18 : 402 - 10 . 7. Gerber Y , Weston SA , Redfield MM , et al. A contemporary appraisal of the heart failure epidemic in olmsted county

3DIV: A 3D-genome Interaction Viewer and database

the large size of raw sequencing data. In order to overcome these limitations, we constructed a database named 3DIV (a 3D-genome Interaction Viewer and database) that provides a list of long-range ... understand the identified long-range chromatin interactions. In this aspect, we constructed a new database named 3DIV, which provides a list of long-range chromatin interaction partners of any queried locus

HMDB 4.0: the human metabolome database for 2018

The Human Metabolome Database or HMDB ( is a web-enabled metabolomic database containing comprehensive information about human metabolites along with their biological roles, physiological

National patterns of physician management of sleep apnea and treatment among patients with hypertension

disorder.[ 11 ] Unfortunately, while others have called for increased attention to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea among hypertension patients,[ 12 ] we know little about physician management of ... utilizing the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey has examined characteristics of sleep-related medical visits in the general population (e.g., prevalence of sleep difficulty, and physician management

The difficult conversation: a qualitative evaluation of the ‘Eat Well Move More’ family weight management service

ObjectiveThe Eat Well Move More (EWMM) family and child weight management service is a 12-week intervention integrating healthy eating and physical activity education and activities for families and ... complex issues related to and sustaining that difficulty. In conclusion, referral into weight management services in the community may persistently lag if a larger and more complex tangle of barriers lie at