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CAD/CAM produces dentures with improved fit

manufacturers (AvaDent, Merz Dental, Whole You, Wieland/Ivoclar) were generated from ten different master casts. Ten conventional dentures (pack and press, long-term heat polymerisation) made from the same master ... deviation of 0.074 mm, SD = 0.011 and Baltic Denture System prostheses showed a mean deviation of 0.086 mm, SD = 0.012. Conclusions CAD/CAM produces dentures with better fit than conventional dentures

Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite/Sulphonated Poly Ether Ether Ketone Treated Layer for Orthopaedic and Dental Implant Application

The mechanical properties of coated layers are one of the important factors for the long-term success of orthopeadic and dental implants. In this study, the mechanical properties of the porous coated ... sulphonated poly ether ether ketone/hydroxyapatite coated layer, and the desired mechanical properties for orthopaedic and dental implant application can be achieved. 1. Introduction Success in orthopaedic and

Effects of Dental Occlusion on Body Sway, Upper Body Muscle Activity and Shooting Performance in Pistol Shooters

Occlusal splints, to some extent, have been related to reduced body sway in a static position and increased muscle activity in the upper limbs. However, how dental occlusion status affects sports ... shot dispersion in subjects using OS. Thus, changes in dental occlusion status induced by OS do not affect body posture, upper limb EMG muscle activity, or shot performance in healthy male pistol

Potential Roles of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in Neural Regeneration and Repair

This review summarizes current advances in dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) and their potential applications in the nervous diseases. Injured adult mammalian nervous system has a limited regenerative ... ). Stem cells, possessing the capacity of self-renewal and multicellular differentiation, promise new therapeutic strategies for overcoming these impediments to neural regeneration. Dental pulp stem cells

Mechanical properties of provisional dental materials: A systematic review and meta-analysis

and Dentistry, University of Valencia , Valencia , Spain , 4 Dental Pathology and Therapeutics Teaching Unit, Department of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Valencia ... crucial for gum health and to protect the pulp, for prosthetically-guided tissue healing to achieve an acceptable emergence profile, for minimizing the migration of dental abutments, and for assessing the

Dental careers: Good preparation

BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL | Paediatric dentistry North/south divide - Sir, in 2017, I was approached by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) to see if I could use the most recent FP17 ... Dental Check by 1 (DCby1) initiatives. A north/south divide was also coincidentally highlighted in a recent joint report by Appleby et al. in November 2017 produced by The Health Foundation and The

In vitro aging behavior of dental composites considering the influence of filler content, storage media and incubation time

Objective Over time dental composites age due to mechanical impacts such as chewing and chemical impacts such as saliva enzymes and food ingredients. For this research, the focus was placed on ... Engineering and Marine Technology, University of Rostock , Rostock , Germany 1 Editor: Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Institute of Materials Science , GERMANY Over time dental composites age due to mechanical impacts

Bone regeneration by human dental pulp stem cells using a helioxanthin derivative and cell-sheet technology

, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8655 , Japan Background: Human dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs), which have the ability to differentiate into multiple lineages, were recently identified. DPSCs can be collected readily ... from dental pulp of the wisdom teeth of five healthy patients (18-22 years old) and cultured in regular medium and osteogenic medium with or without TH. To evaluate osteogenesis of THinduced DPSCs in

Use of emergency intravenous injection in dental practice

Medical emergencies can occur in dental practice and dental surgeons have to be able to handle them effectively. The intravenous route has long been advocated for dental surgeon in emergency. Since ... from the British Resuscitation Council tend to discourage this route of administration for dental practitioners in emergency. In France there is no consensus on this subject and most French dental

Postgraduate education in dental implantology in the United Kingdom: a review

, periodontology and prosthodontics, is a training pathway for Dental Implantology and would certainly prepare graduate dentists as competent practitioners. However, the authors felt that this pathway does not fit ... Dental Department , Maidson Dieu Road, Dover CT16 1RH , UK 1 Southampton NHS Treatment Centre, Royal South Hants Hospital , Brinton Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 0YG , UK 2 Abbreviations CPD

Dental Shape Variation and Phylogenetic Signal in the Rattini Tribe Species of Mainland Southeast Asia

where biomolecular markers are absent in circumstances of poor preservation. Rattini tribe; geometric morphometrics; dental morphology; phylogenetic signal; identification; Southeast Asia Introduction ... behavior. As such, assessing the shape variability of skeletal and dental elements regularly found in fossil and sub-fossil deposits is important for tracking the evolution and rapid divergence of these

Knowledge on management of traumatic dental injuries among Saudi mothers

Knowledge on management of traumatic dental injuries among Saudi mothers Fares S Al-Sehaibany,1 Reem Alajlan,2 Danah Almubarak,2 Nassr Almaflehi,3 Aljazi Aljabaa,1 Sahar F AlBarakati1 1Department of ... . mothers; knowledge; traumatic dental injuries - open access to scientific and medical research of traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) in children. Introduction One of the most common dental problems seen

A new concept for implant-borne dental rehabilitation; how to overcome the biological weak-spot of conventional dental implants?

Every endosseous dental implant is dependent on an adequate amount and quality of peri-implant hard and soft tissues and their fully functional interaction. The dental implant could fail in cases of ... with a standard dental lab. The precision in digital planning and engineering add to a straight forward insertion with a clear one-fit-only approach, so that mistakes due to malpositioning of the implant

SiteChar – Methodology for a Fit-for-Purpose Assessment of CO2 Storage Sites in Europe

integrated in the final version of SiteChar workflow. They are presented here after. 2.2 Fit-for-Purpose Characterisation Process High-level objectives of site characterisation are common to all sites ... geological components of the storage site. Size and resolution of the model should fit the resolution of the available data; this influences the level of detail of the analysis that can be conducted in the

Dental Implants in the Third Millennium

). Nevertheless, interpretation of its clinical meaning might be problematic in the dental surgical field. In fact, despite a test technique can be compared to a control one in a randomized modality, to ensure that

One Size Does Not Fit All: Face Emotion Processing Impairments in Semantic Dementia, Behavioural-Variant Frontotemporal Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Are Mediated by Distinct Cognitive Deficits

Behavioural Neurology 0953-4180 One size does not fit all: Face emotion processing impairments in semantic dementia, behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease are mediated

Analytical Model for the Flow in Progressing Cavity Pump with the Metallic Stator and Rotor in Clearance Fit

As the metallic stator progressing cavity pump (PCP) operates with the stator and rotor in clearance fit, the slippage between cavities has a significant influence on the pump performance. In this ... , due to the characteristics of the elastomeric stator and the interference fit, the conventional PCP has some shortcomings in temperature resistance (<160°C) and abrasion resistance [7], which limits its

Hypoparathyroidism Causing Seizures: When Epilepsy Does Not Fit

A 24-year-old man presented to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital emergency department with recurrent seizures having previously been diagnosed with epilepsy from age 14. The biochemical investigations and brain imaging were suggestive of seizures secondary to hypocalcemia, and a diagnosis of idiopathic hypoparathyroidism was confirmed. After calcium and vitamin D...

Fit für die digitale Zukunft

und Projekten heraus wurden bereits vielversprechende Instrumente entwickelt, um die Unternehmen fit für‘s Digital Business zu machen. Nachfolgend möchte ich einige dieser Initiativen exemplarisch ... kürzester Zeit „Industrie 4.0-fit“ zu machen. Um im Wettbewerb weiter bestehen zu können, sind Advanced Manufacturing und die nachhaltige Produktionsoptimierung für jedes Unternehmen essentielle Bestandteile