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Calcific Aortic Valve Disease: a Developmental Biology Perspective

valve disease (CAVD) with a focus on the contribution of developmental programs. Recent Findings Calcification of the aortic valve is an active process characterized by calcific nodule formation on the ... , these valves, unlike the semilunar valves, receive WT1-positive cells derived from the adjacent epicardium [62]. While these developmental studies are informative, the field has yet to delineate the

The Confluence of Philosophy And Biology: An Excavation of Philosophical Issues in Molecular and Developmental Biology

Philosophical evaluations have played an influential role in the growth and development of molecular and developmental biology to ensure that every individual is born healthy, born wanted and has the ... solve them. This challenge gave birth to a philosophical excavation of molecular and developmental biology. This paper is an attempt to expose that philosophy is a major tool in proffering possible

The Renaissance of Developmental Biology

Since its heyday in the 1980s and 90s, the field of developmental biology has gone into decline; in part because it has been eclipsed by the rise of genomics and stem cell biology, and in part ... genome editing, have created the conditions for the renaissance of a new wave of developmental biology with greater translational relevance. This Essay is part of the "Where Next?" Series - It is a

Bioinformatics approaches to single-cell analysis in developmental biology

analysis is especially important in developmental biology as subtle spatial and temporal differences in cells have significant associations with cell fate decisions during differentiation and with the ... omics techniques on single cells. There have been improvements in computational single-cell image analysis in developmental biology regarding feature extraction, segmentation, image enhancement and

Evidence for Karyotype Polymorphism in the Free-Living Flatworm, Macrostomum lignano, a Model Organism for Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

Over the past decade, the free-living flatworm Macrostomum lignano has been successfully used in many areas of biology, including embryology, stem cells, sexual selection, bioadhesion and aging. The

Conceptualising metabolic disorder in Southern Africa: Biology, history and global health

the evolving science of metabolism points to complexity in the relationship between biology, environment and history, ‘metabolic syndrome’, or ‘metabolic disorder’ by contrast, is employed in a ... economic, environmental and social processes. The modern biology of metabolism is usually traced to the work of mid-nineteenth century French physiologist, Claude Bernard, who famously observed that a ‘dead

In focus in HCB: Hard Tissue Biology

, Shitsukawa, Toon, Ehime 791-0295 , Japan 1 Developmental Biology of Hard Tissue, Graduate School of Dental Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hokkaido University , Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8586 , Japan 2 ... Sohei Kitazawa Vol.:(011233456789) - Among the varieties of biological mineralization in nature, e.g., shell, coral, and bone, this special issue “Hard Tissue Biology” presented by Histochemistry and

ANISEED 2015: a digital framework for the comparative developmental biology of ascidians

information system in the field of ascidian developmental biology. This article reports the development of the system since its initial publication in 2010. Over the past five years, we refactored the system ... Developmental Biology Laboratory, Department of Biological Sciences, School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University , 1-1 Minamioosawa, Hachiooji, Tokyo 192-0397 , Japan 6 Department of

ANISEED 2015: a digital framework for the comparative developmental biology of ascidians

Developmental Biology Laboratory, Department of Biological Sciences, School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University , 1-1 Minamioosawa, Hachiooji, Tokyo 192-0397 , Japan 6 Department of ... l'Evolution de Montpellier (ISE-M), UMR 5554 CNRS-IRD-Universite ́ de Montpellier , F-34090 Montpellier , France 15 Center for Developmental Genetics, Department of Biology, New York University , New York, NY

How to Grow a Lung: Applying Principles of Developmental Biology to Generate Lung Lineages from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

48109 , USA 6 Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan Medical School , Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 , USA The number and severity of diseases affecting human lung development ... generating lung tissue in vitro [35•, 36•, 37•, 38•, 39•, 40•, 41•, 42•, 43•, 44•, 45•]. In this review article, we will introduce the developmental biology framework that forms the basis used by many groups

Rudolf Weber (1922–2015): a driving force in the transition of developmental biology into a molecular and cellular science

and Fritz Erich Lehmann, he became the third in a line of outstanding developmental biologists at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Throughout his career, he helped shape modern developmental biology ... (Entwicklungsphysiologie), the term used for the research field of developmental biology at the time. A native of Bern, Baltzer had studied with Theodor Boveri in Würzburg (Germany) and with Hans Spemann in Freiburg im

Biology, Art and Sustainability

How can the teaching of biology contribute to sustainability education? The authors of this article suggest that their approach has the potential to increase the students’ level of engagement with ... approach in which drawing and painting are integral parts of the biology lesson. The start occurred when a biology teacher asked an art teacher for assistance for an excursion in botany. The biology teacher

Crossing the Threshold to Deeper Developmental Biology

Developmental Biolog y Gregory K . Davis 0 1 0 Bryn Mawr College 1 Gregory K. Davis, Assistant Professor, Biology Department, Bryn Mawr College Follow this and additional works at: http ... :// - CROSSING THE THRESHOLD TO DEEPER DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY I sometimes encounter a peculiar mix in my undergraduate course in developmental biology. A student is able, flawlessly, to recite

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Developmental Biology 16–28 November 2015

'Developmental Biology' for graduate and postgraduate teachers will be held at the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai for a period of two weeks, from 16th to 28th November 2015. The ... objectives of this Refresher Course are to update the participants about the advances in the field of Developmental Biology; various small animal models used and give hands-on training on some modern

A tribute to Dr. Gordon Hisashi Sato (December 24, 1927–March 31, 2017)

Gordon H. Sato, an innovator in mammalian tissue culture and integrated cellular physiology, passed away in 2017. In tribute to Dr. Sato, In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology—Animal presents a ... Developmental Biology (1987-1991), and the recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the Society for In Vitro Biology (2002). He was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 1984. Tissue culture

Evolutionary crossroads in developmental biology

, molecular and genomic resources that have been generated over the years by large communities of scientists. However, the field of developmental biology has a long and colourful history of experimentation with ... stretches back through the entire history of developmental biology. The important evolutionary insight that they provide has long been recognised; Charles Darwin even devotes an entire chapter of The Origin

Positional information and reaction-diffusion: two big ideas in developmental biology combine

One of the most fundamental questions in biology is that of biological pattern: how do the structures and shapes of organisms arise? Undoubtedly, the two most influential ideas in this area are those ... distinct ways in which these two ideas work together to shape biological form. Reaction-diffusion; Biological pattern; Developmental biology; History of ideas - Introduction The problem of patterning the