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Calcific Aortic Valve Disease: a Developmental Biology Perspective

valve disease (CAVD) with a focus on the contribution of developmental programs. Recent Findings Calcification of the aortic valve is an active process characterized by calcific nodule formation on the ... , these valves, unlike the semilunar valves, receive WT1-positive cells derived from the adjacent epicardium [62]. While these developmental studies are informative, the field has yet to delineate the

Modeling Planarian Regeneration: A Primer for Reverse-Engineering the Worm

A mechanistic understanding of robust self-assembly and repair capabilities of complex systems would have enormous implications for basic evolutionary developmental biology as well as for ... the manuscript 1 Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology, and Department of Biology, Tufts University , Medford, Massachusetts , United States of America A mechanistic understanding of robust

Protein interference applications in cellular and developmental biology using DARPins that recognize GFP and mCherry

-immunoglobulin protein-binding scaffolds have been identified that also function intracellularly and are now being engineered for synthetic biology applications. Here we used the Designed Ankyrin Repeat Protein ... developmental systems in vivo directly at the protein level, thereby bypassing some limitations of approaches that function at the DNA or the RNA level. - INTRODUCTION Proteinprotein interactions are at the

Crossroads, Milestones, amd Landmarks in Insect Development and Evolution: Implications for Systematics

Our understanding of insect development and evolution has increased greatly due to recent advances in the comparative developmental approach. Modem developmental biology techniques such as in situ ... developmental biology can interact with systematic analyses we need to first show what kinds of morpho­ logical information this new technology can provide, and to place this new information in the context of

A Scientific Rationale for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

fundamental basis of human developmental biology. They might revolutionize areas of medicine such as transplantation medicine or gene therapy, and research on them will likely impact a wide variety of other ... advances in mammalian developmental biology (e.g., providing an understanding of how specialized cells grow and develop from embryo to adult). However, the early stages of mouse development markedly differ

Parallelism, It's Evolutionary Origin and Systematic Significance

Parallelism as one of the forms of biological similarity is investigated in the light of recent findings from developmental and molecular biology. From the organismic point of view, functional ... structure of the taxonomic hierarchy would not be perceptible. Increasing knowledge in the fields of molecular and developmental biology tends to blur the borderline between homology, homoiology, parallelism

Recommendations and Goals for Evo-Devo Research

The rapidly growing field of evolutionary-developmental biology (evo-devo) arises from the fusion of formerly disjunct scientific disciplines that traditionally generate very different scientific ... . INTRODUCTION The new field of evolutionary-developmental biology (evo-devo) is growing rapidly by attracting scientists from varied backgrounds (Dalton 2000; Cronk et al. 2002) . The excitement it generates

Cloning and Stem Cell Debates in the Context of Genetic Determinism

determinism. Or so it has seemed since DNA and genetics assumed a core place in biology in the 1960s and 1970s. What had been called embryology, or the study of embryos, became known instead as developmental ... plural potential). While some of these embryological scientists continued with their developmental studies, by the 1970s many researchers had followed the lure of genetics and molecular biology and set

A tribute to Dr. Gordon Hisashi Sato (December 24, 1927–March 31, 2017)

Gordon H. Sato, an innovator in mammalian tissue culture and integrated cellular physiology, passed away in 2017. In tribute to Dr. Sato, In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology—Animal presents a ... Developmental Biology (1987-1991), and the recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the Society for In Vitro Biology (2002). He was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 1984. Tissue culture

Developing Computational Biology

. Bourne is with the Department of Pharmacology, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California, United States of America. Steven E. Brenner is with the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology ... , University of California , Berkeley, California , United States of America - S international endeavor, and cientific research is an computational biology is no exception. Last year we were fortunate enough

Differential analysis of chromatin accessibility and histone modifications for predicting mouse developmental enhancers

summary, we compared nine peak callers and devised a superior method for predicting tissue-specific mouse developmental enhancers by reranking the called peaks. ... can guide the identification of enhancers in a cell or tissue type at a developmental stage, and the predicted enhancers can be experimentally tested (22) and can be used for studying the genetic basis

Review of “The Philosophy of Biology” and “Sex and Death: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology.”

philosophy of biology for the past couple of decades (such as adaptation, units of selection, function, species, altruism) to very recent concerns (developmental biology) to "extradisciplinary" issues (human ... " level (including genic selectionism, the developmental systems approach, advances in molecular biology, and reductionism in general) to the "macro" level (including the revival by David S. Wilson and

The hedgehog pathway and ocular developmental anomalies

unique molecular biology of this pathway in vertebrates, particularly ciliary signal transduction, will also be broached within this developmental cellular context. ... Mutations in effectors of the hedgehog signaling pathway are responsible for a wide variety of ocular developmental anomalies. These range from massive malformations of the brain and ocular primordia, not

Developmental Experiences and Critical Competencies of School Restructuring Leaders

site-based management. Specifically, the researchers sought to identify significant developmental experiences encountered by local restructuring leaders and the critical lessons they learned from those ... University 0 University of Central Florida Libraries , USA Recommended Citation - I I I Journal of Health Occupations Education Spring 1995, Volume 10, Number 1 Developmental Experiences and Critical

Developmental Ethics.

DEVELOPMENTAL ETHICS. BY ANTONIO LLANO. - HUMAN PERFECTION, or the perfecting of mankind, has often been proposed as the object as well as the criterion of ethics. Although absolute perfection, in ... practised because of its developmental value ; in other words, development is not their ethical criterion or standard. On the other hand, the doctrine now under consideration regards morality as having human

Fundamental Questions in Biology

The pace of our understanding of biology has engendered increasing specialization but there are still common fundamental challenges that unify biology and should form the core of future research. ... Editor of the Challenges Series and Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University , Princeton, New Jersey , United States - Nevery major university had ot so long

Trends in Pollination Biology

An effusion of books and articles on pollination biology has appeared recently, showing a renewed interest in this area of reproductive biology that has strong significance for the continuous ... biology? And what will develop? One thing that is immediately obvious is that there has been a vast increase in attention paid to the reproductive biology of seed plants in the last two decades. This has

Literary Digest: Cannibal Poetry and Biology

A humanities professor and a biology professor at Wilbur Wright College collaborated to create a lesson on human digestion and poetry, enriching the humanities course theme on cannibalism. This ... will begin a doctoral program in Higher Education Fall 2017, although cannibalism will always be something she is interested in. Sara Schupack, Director of Developmental Education, has worked at Wilbur

Butterfly Biology

Quadrivium: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship But erfl y Biolog y Joshua Feingold 0 1 0 Part of the Biology Commons , Entomology Commons, Evolution Commons, Photography 1 Nova Southeastern

Living Biology

Living Biolog y Stephanie Fuhr Augustana Digital Commons Citation - Five years ago I began teaching a one credit course for our biology majors entitled Becoming Biologists: Understanding our Place ... dispositions we would like to see in our graduating seniors, the question becomes: which conversations, lessons, and assignments are most relevant to have at the beginning of their development? As a biology