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Bringing Darwin into the social sciences and the humanities: cultural evolution and its philosophical implications

Social Sciences, which is the result of a collaborative project between scholars and scientists from the universities of Lille and Ghent. Furthermore, we explain how they add to the discussions about the ... also justify immoral phenomena such as social inequality, racism, and colonialism. The scientific and moral failure of these projects resulted in a popular resentment in the social sciences and the

Earth at Rest

incorporated in students’ embodied knowledge. I ground the idea of Earth at rest in Husserl’s phenomenological philosophy and Heidegger’s notion of science’ deprivation of the world. A critique of the ... Education, Norwegian University of Life Sciences , P.O.Box 5003, N-1432 Ås , Norway 1 Edvin Østergaard Focus of this article is the current situation characterized by students' de-rootedness and possible

Out of Order: Function and Malfunction in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences

purpose, a conviction he applies just as much to organisms as to his buildings.1 This belief in an optimized organismal organization of the human body (and by extrapolation of living beings in general) has ... not only been a prevailing subject in literature for a long time, but has also reached broad significance in the natural sciences. For centuries, the consensus view of the human body in the biological

Publication patterns in the social sciences and humanities: evidence from eight European countries

This study investigates patterns in the language and type of social sciences and humanities (SSH) publications in non-English speaking European countries to demonstrate that such patterns are related ... Higher Education, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science , Bredgade 40, 1260 Copenhagen , Denmark 2 Centre for R&D Monitoring, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Antwerp , Middelheimlaan 1

Earth Aliens #6: Rebirth

general demands that Hugh arms the them with a bomb to take out the Charneki and surrounding humans. Hugh changes the blast radius, which effectively stops the war, but at a terrible cost. In honor of

Beyond funding: Acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciences

comparisons. Our analysis shows that technical support is more frequently acknowledged by scholars in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Earth and Space, Professional Fields, and Social Sciences are more ... , Physics, Professional Fields and Social Sciences, the first plane (formed by Axes 1 and 2) explains approximately 60% of the variance, while for Earth and Space and Psychology, Axes 1 and 2 explain less

Development of a Formal Lexicon for the Social Sciences

A formal lexicon would be useful in conducting theoretical work in the social sciences. Such a lexicon is described here. The author and his collaborator hope to adapt results from the field of ... which theories of the social sciences can be built. These terms are of two general sorts : The first are called primitives. These are not defined, but their meaning or content is clarified by example, by

4f chemistry towards rare earth materials science and engineering

Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Changchun 130022 , China - The big challenge in rare earth (RE) resource utilization is to effectively manage their balanced use and advanced applications ... elements (also more expensive). We should initially focus on the general character between the chemical bonding of light RE elements and that of heavy RE elements in RE materials. That is, the 4f electrons

An earth pressure coefficient based on the geomechanical and geometric parameters of backfill in a mine stope

accurately to avoid the failure of mine pillars. The analytical Marston method is often used for evaluating this stress as it takes into consideration an earth pressure coefficient (K) that is dependent on the ... d'études sur les Ressources Minérales, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi , Chicoutimi, QC G7H 2B1 , Canada 1 Département des Sciences Appliquées, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi , Chicoutimi, QC

Faith, Reason, and Earth History

Intelligent Design," authored by Leonard Brand of Loma Linda University and Arthur Chadwick of Southwestern Adventist University 1 Contact: PR 269-471-3322 Students, teachers and general readers anywhere in ... entities. - The worldwide free e-book release was formally announced at the spring meeting of the General Conference Faith and Science Council (Council), held in Loma Linda, California, April 19-20. The

Trends in Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences Information and Services Provision

Projects Librarian, Northwestern University, Galter Health Sciences Library - Article 7 MLA, SLA, BOOK EXPO ISSUE v OLUME 26, NUMBER 2 TM APRIL 2014 ISSN: 1043-2094 “Linking Publishers, Vendors and

Earth Aliens #2: Demons in the North

doesn't want to make it any worse than it already is. Zeneba, the mara of the Charneki, wants to meet with the humans and see if they can come to a peaceful understanding. The General of the humans doesn't

The Happiest Kids on Earth. Gender Equality and Adolescent Life Satisfaction in Europe and North America

ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender differences in child mental health, well-being and risk behaviors in the general as well as at-risk populations. Torbjorn Torsheim is Professor of Psychosocial Sciences ... College , W/247, Heslington YO10 5DD , UK 2 Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University , P.O. Box 80.140, 3508 TC Utrecht , The

Apathy and Concern Over the Future Habitability of Earth: An Introductory College Assignment of Forecasting CO2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere

. Burger 0 1 0 Part of the Adult and Continuing Education Commons, Analysis Commons, Atmospheric Sciences Commons, Climate Commons, Earth Sciences Commons, Educational Methods Commons, Environmental ... Education Commons, Higher Education and Teaching Commons, Online and Distance Education Commons, Other Physical Sciences and Mathematics Commons, Science and Mathematics Education Commons, and the

The Past Ubiquity and Environment of the Lost Earth Buildings of Scotland

This paper investigates the once ubiquitous vernacular earth-built structures of Scotland and how perceptions of such buildings were shaped and developed through periods of intense cultural and ... the resultant buildings. Historic earth-built structures are today deeply hidden within the landscapes of Scotland, although they were once a common feature of both urban and rural settlements. Whilst

Earth as a Tool for Astrobiology—A European Perspective

Scientists use the Earth as a tool for astrobiology by analyzing planetary field analogues (i.e. terrestrial samples and field sites that resemble planetary bodies in our Solar System). In addition ... , 45071 Orléans , France 14 VU University , Amsterdam , The Netherlands 15 Space Policy Institute, George Washington University , 20052 Washington, DC , USA 16 Department of Earth Sciences, Universiteit

L'intégration Des TIC Dans L’enseignement Des Sciences De La Vie Et De La Terre Au Maroc: Etat Des Lieux Et Défis À Relever

181 teachers of life and earth sciences in a large number of establishments (colleges and high schools). This paper focuses on presenting a diagnosis of the reality of the use of ICT in the teaching of ... in the teaching of the life sciences and earth in secondary school at the national level; identify teachers' perceptions of the real benefits offered - by the pedagogical integration of these means

Synthetic seismograms for finite sources in spherically symmetric Earth using normal-mode summation

Space Sciences, Peking University , Beijing 100871 , People's Republic of China Normal-mode summation is the most rapidly used method in calculating synthetic seismograms. However, normal-mode summation ... spherically symmetric Earth model. Normal-mode summation is one of the most widely used methods in simulating teleseismic waves. After the 1960 Chile earthquake, seismologists did a great amount of studies on

Biocultural Stewardship as an Idea in Urban Contexts: Language, Academic Disciplinarity, Positionality, Environmental/Sustainability Sciences, and Healing

lenses. Language barriers and exclusion of culture that stem from the Western need for scientific validity, and predominance of this framing within environmental sciences, surface as a main limitation to ... culture in general, and especially in the environmental sciences, represents a fairly exclusive venture that does not include many voices. Those excluded voices are marginalized in their ability to be

Cultivating hope for a better future: research contributions from young scholars in earth and environmental sciences

earth and environmental sciences under the age of 38 and showcases, in particular, the work of members of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (IAH-ECHN ... current and emerging problems in the earth and environmental sciences. Contributors to this special issue This special issue includes six research papers and one review paper. The authors of the papers