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Ecotoxicology and toxicology: problems and decisions

Foundation (http://www. is to increase and to circulate scientific knowledge i n such areas as environmental health, toxicology, and ecotoxicology by setting up requests for research

The Swiss Ecotox Centre: bridging the gap between research and application

The Swiss Centre for Applied Ecotoxicology (Ecotox Centre) was created in recognition of the urgent societal need to provide expertise, education and tools for assessing the risks and effects of ... ) ecotoxicology, and provides further education and consulting services to its stakeholders. To date, its most important activities focus on (1) the validation and standardization of bioassays for use in monitoring

The Chronic Effects of Copper and Cadmium on Life History Traits Across Cladocera Species: A Meta-analysis

The effect of sublethal concentrations of heavy metals on cladoceran growth and reproduction is a cornerstone of modern ecotoxicology. However, the literature contains assays across numerous ... ecosystems may respond (Cairns 1983; Rahbek 2005). This is crucial in the context of ecotoxicology where very few species or even taxa are used to make inference about the environmental impacts of contaminants

Genetic Adaptability of Sarotherodon Melanotheron to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Some Senegal Hydrosystems

) sites in Sénégal and genetic ecotoxicology of Sarotherodon melanotheron specimens from these sites.The genes of the specimens were studied by the enzymatic electrophoresis technique. Seven enzymatic

Special Issue: Emerging advances and challenges in pesticide ecotoxicology

possible linkages to ecological consequences. Within the discipline of ecotoxicology, considerable attention is directed towards the adverse impact of exposure to tailored chemicals (in particular pesticides

Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology: in greater demand than ever

Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology have been losing support, resources, and recognition at universities for many years. What are the possible causes of this process? A first problem may be ... causes of this process? A first problem may be that the need for research and teaching in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology is no longer seen because chemical pollution problems are considered as

Institute of hydraulic engineering and water resources management (RWTH Aachen University): an overview of research focus and training

of ecotoxicology, process engineering, geography, sociology, economy and hydraulic engineering are focussed to allow for an interdisciplinary, holistic assessment of flooding events and their impacts. ... fields of ecotoxicology, wastewater management and georesources management. The range of courses includes not only basic subjects such as hydromechanics, hydrology and hydropower, but also allows

Solvent Transfer—Efficiency of Risk Management Measures

Centre For Ecotoxicology and toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) model.

Advancing Ecotoxicology in the US Southern States

Contamination and Toxicology (BECT) hosts a set of papers representing ecotoxicology research in the Mid South area of the United States. Originally, the issue started as a follow up to the Society of

Recent sediments: environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and engineering

hormones, plasticizers, fluorinated surfactants, alkylphenols, pyrethroid insecticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and trace metals. Ecotoxicology and risk assessment Nine articles deal with the

ToxId: an efficient algorithm to solve occlusions when tracking multiple animals

Video analysis of animal behaviour is widely used in fields such as ecology, ecotoxicology, and evolutionary research. However, when tracking multiple animals, occlusion and crossing are problematic ... requirements, and operates without accessing future or past frames. - Animal behaviour is important in many research fields such as ecology, medicine, neurology, ecotoxicology or evolutionary research1. In

Avoidance, biomass and survival response of soil dwelling (endogeic) earthworms to OECD artificial soil: potential implications for earthworm ecotoxicology

Soil dwelling earthworms are now adopted more widely in ecotoxicology, so it is vital to establish if standardised test parameters remain applicable. The main aim of this study was to determine the ... substrates are required for ecotoxicology tests with soil dwelling earthworms. Artificial soil ● Avoidance test ● Ecotoxicology ●; Soil dwelling earthworms Introduction The potential for earthworms as bio

ECOdrug: a database connecting drugs and conservation of their targets across species

, ecotoxicology and comparative evolutionary biology. ECOdrug can be used to identify species with drug targets and identify drugs that interact with those targets. As such, it can be applied to support intelligent ... species. It harmonizes ortholog predictions from multiple sources via a simple user interface underpinning critical applications for a wide range of studies in pharmacology, ecotoxicology and comparative

Nanoparticles in the environment: where do we come from, where do we go to?

nanoparticles, repeatedly an elevated effect on the test species induced by the co-contaminants has been reported. In this paper, we highlight recent achievements in the field of nano-ecotoxicology in both ... 4 Gabriele E. Schaumann 4 Ralf Schulz 5 Stephan Wagner 3 0 Functional Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau , Fortstrasse 7, 76829 Landau , Germany

Coastal and marine pollution and ecotoxicology

research field of ecotoxicology can be best advanced by more in-depth research and fundamental investigations of environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and environmental/pollution toxicology, applied biology ... world, which is community and ecosystem based. Here an integration of studies focused on coastal and marine ecosystem and ecotoxicology has been collected from selective papers of talks presented at the

The existence of fertile hybrids of closely related model earthworm species, Eisenia andrei and E. fetida

used as convenient models in biomedicine and ecotoxicology, may also serve in studies on molecular basis of interspecific barriers and mechanisms of introgression and speciation. Hypothetically, their ... required by the international Guidelines [ 1, 2, 3 ] as test species in ecotoxicology (e.g. [4±7]), and are widely used as models for basic studies in vermicomposting (e.g. [ 8, 9 ]), and biomedicine [10

The German postgraduate degree program in ecotoxicology (SETAC GLB and GDCh): a success story

This article gives a comprehensive overview on the strategy, the development and the progress of the German postgraduate degree program in ecotoxicology (SETAC GLB and GDCh). The program soon ... , Fortstrasse 7, 76829 Landau , Germany 5 ToxRat Solutions GmbH , Naheweg 15, 52477 Alsdorf , Germany 6 Department Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main , Max-von-Laue-Str. 13

Microbial ecotoxicology: an emerging discipline facing contemporary environmental threats

microbial biosphere in ecotoxicology? - It is a branch of science that studies both (i) the ecological impacts of chemical (synthetic or natural origin) or biological (toxic species) pollution at the ... politics and society because of the threat on environmental and human health caused by intense anthropogenic activities. In the context of the Anthropocene, microbial ecotoxicology seeks not only to conduct

Natural Nutrient Sources in the Cache River Watershed, Arkansas

Ecotoxicology Research Facility, Arkansas State University, State University, Arkansas, U.S.A 2 Department of Biology, Arkansas State University, State University, Arkansas, U.S.A Running Title: Natural Sources ... analyzer (DA 3500, OI Analytical) or a flow-through analyzer (Skalar San++). For year two, an additional 40 mL of unfiltered water was collected and transported to the Arkansas State University Ecotoxicology

Assessment of two persistent bioaccumulative toxicants in the UNESCO protected river of Osun-Osogbo, Nigeria

Introduction Osun River dissecting the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, though inscribed on the World Heritage List, has been rarely assessed for biodiversity values or ecotoxicology. In this study, we ... . Accumulation; Benthic sediments; Contamination; Ecotoxicology; Heavy metals; Freshwater gastropods Introduction Persistent bioaccumulative toxicants (PBTs) are ubiquitous despite bans or regulated use and are