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Educational Choices and the Politics of Inclusion

another instance of the so-called neo-conservatives perpetuating the politics of exclusion. Instead, we suggest a voucher plan that would be awarded according to family income and benefit only those truly ... at Digital Commons at Loyola Marymount University and Loyola Law School. It has been accepted for publication in Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice by the journal's editorial board

The Politics And Policy Of Media Ownership

:// THE POLITICS AND POLICY OF MEDIA OWNERSHIP BEN SCOTT∗ TABLE OF CONTENTS Conclusion ...........................................................................................675 ... and accountability; (3) the political story in this contest is not exclusively the emergence of grassroots pressure which leveled the playing field in media policy-making, but also the politics of a

The Politics and Ironies of Educational Change: The Case of Vouchers

changing much, relatively impervious to outside forces. This is particularly true of major urban school systems which are generally agreed to be in serious trouble financially, organizationally and ... process, particu­ larly where complicated educational reforms were involved.62 The end result of the process, which is partly necessitated by politics and partly chosen by CSPP and OEO, has been to place

The Politics of Asylum: Salvadoran Women and U.S. Policy

U.S. Policy Jennifer Gerrard Chicago, Illinois Women in front of an FMLN mural in El Sal I felt the point of the knife onIitrcnodu me and then I felt the baby. At that point I could only think of the

Sex & Gender: The Politics, Policy, and Practice of Medical Research

While women generally live longer than men, they often do not live healthier. Historically, women have suffered from a lack of medical information specific to their needs and problems. This ... Ethics, Vol. 3 [2003], Iss. 2, Art. 2 POLICY, LAW, AND ETHICS 111:2 (2003) recommendations for improving the research process to allow for more equitable and scientifically sound research on the health

Felon Disenfranchisement: Law, History, Policy, and Politics

on the goal of extending suffrage to felons in hopes of increasing their traditional voter base, thus helping them win close elections. They face an uphill battle, however, as history, law, and policy ... Politics, 32 Fordham Urb. L.J. 851 (2005). Available at: Part of the Constitutional Law Commons Recommended Citation - Article 3 Follow this and additional

Policy Traditions in American State Politics

An examination of the states across a wide range of policy innovations during three historical periods reveals policy traditions having distinctive geographic limits roughly conforming to major ... Traditions in A m erican State Politics Robert L. Savage 0 0 Part of the American Politics Commons, Public Policy Commons, and the Social Work Follow this and additional works at: http

Western Politics and Wildlife Policy: The Case of the Gray Wolf

their natural resources, but it demonstrates the difficulty in drafting sound wildlife policy when traditions—ranching and hunting in this case—seem threatened. Idaho Governor Otter personi fied this

Ideology vs. Interest Group Politics in U.S. Energy Policy

groups standing in their stead. Some scholars argue that groundswells of public interest can and have overcome this interest group bias in the policy process. See, e.g., Daniel A. Farber, Politics and ... READINGS IN THE POLITICS AND ECONOMICS OF AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY 82 , 85 - 89 (Thomas Ferguson & Joel Rogers eds., 1984 ); see also THEODORE J. LOWI, THE END OF LIBERALISM: THE SECOND REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED

Federal Educational Policy as an Anti-Poverty Strategy

Center for Education Policy. A Ph.D in political science from the University of Chicago, the author has conducted extensive research in urban school reform, state finance and educational policies ... : Implementation Research and Policy Decisions, 94 POL. Sci. Q. 601-16 (1980); PAUL BERMAN & MILBREY WALLIN McLAUGHLIN, U.S. OFF. or EDUC., 8 FEDERAL PROGRAMS SUPPORTING EDUCATIONAL CHANGE (1978). Further, state

Nepal Himalaya: Women, Politics, and Administration

. Looking at women in Nepali politics, policy on women, and women in administration, the paper highlights some social and cultural issues that have “othered” women as the “second sex.” As the country is ... status of women and women in politics and administration in Nepal Himalaya. The paper reviews data on women in civil service and in administrative levels. Looking at women in Nepali politics, policy on

Book Review- Climate Leviathan A Political Theory of our Planetary Future

enormous problems, not least because of its incapacity to address issues of climate justice, equality and solidarity. Conversely, a non-capitalist form of global leviathan based on a change of policy in ... faced. Much of value has been written about the history and politics of climate change but Climate Leviathan, whilst broadly sympathetic to the approach of this work, is dissimilar and is best understood

Catholics and the U.S. Education Policy

Catholic educational policy in the United States has developed through court battles and attempts to influence the Congress and the White House to protect the interest of Catholic parents, students ... states and local school boards looked at this phenomenon with alarm and began to challenge their very existence. As a result. Catholics took legal action to redefine U.S. educational policy through

State and Regional Politics: Introduction

articles which has as its principal focus the circumstances and the processes of policy at the state level. With one exception, the articles which address regional concepts do so in the context of ... largely removed from federal politics. Savage's article is the most ambitious of the studies concerned with regional traditions in state policy in that it is national in scope and historical in perspective

Increasing Low-income Mothers’ Educational Attainment: Implications for Anti-poverty Programs and Policy

Context: Emerging research indicates parental educational attainment is not always stable over time, particularly among young adults with lower levels of income and educational attainment. Though ... ' education and employment . J Policy Anal Manage . 2015 ; 34 ( 1 ): 136 - 161 . 14. Crosnoe R , Kalil A . Educational progress and parenting among Mexican immigrant mothers of young children . J Marriage Fam

Studying Educational and Social Policy: Theoretical Concepts and Research Methods, by Ronald H. Heck

, researching the issue of publicly funded faith-based schools at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Studying Educational and Social Policy: theoretical Concepts and Research Methods Ronald H. Heck Lawrence

The Meaning of Place and Community in Contemporary Educational Discourse

examines the concepts of place and community in an attempt to bring more clarity to the role they may play in educational theory and, ultimately, educational policy. ... theory and, ultimately, educational policy. During the past two decades, the frequency with which the terms “place” and “community” have appeared in the literature related to education has increased

The Impoverished Politics of Poverty

Christopher Jencks, Rethinking Social Policy: Race, Poverty and the Underclass. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1992. Pp. vi, 280. $27.95. Lawrence M. Mead, The New Politics of Poverty: The ... Jo Bane, "Politics and Policies of the Feminization of Poverty," in Margaret Weir, Ann Shola Orloff, and Theda Skocpol, eds., The Politics of Social Policy in the United States (Princeton: Princeton

The Politics of Ahmadinejad and Chavez: A Misplaced Comparison

foreign policy discourse is an unwarranted analytical jump. To identify the essential difference between the two administrations, the article pays attention to the different domestic politics in each ... return to Earth together with Jesus and the perfect (Imam Mahdi)” [ 1 ]. The two men, Chavez and Ahmadinejad, who shared deep mutual affection for each other, are now both out of politics, with Chavez