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When Rights Don't Talk: Abortion Law and the Politics of Compromise

, strict rights-based approach to legal abortion. As the issue of abortion remains extremely controversial in Amer­ican politics, it has been argued that the Supreme Court's rights-based rhetoric, coupled ... ACCOUNT OF ASSISTED CONCEPTION IN ISRAEL 3 (2000); JACQUELINE PORTUGESE, FERTILITY POLICY INISRAEL: THE POLITICS OF RELIGION, GENDER AND NATION 45-47 (1998). 66. The average income per capita among ultra

The role of teacher characteristics in an educational standards reform

The policy of performance standards aims for quality improvement in schools by stimulating teachers to plan and organize their teaching according to competence-based performance standards (competence ... reform policy may give us a fine-grained insight into the changes that are expected and the experiences with implementation known so far. 1.2 Educational standards policy Since the PISA shock in 2001

Assessing the Potential Toward Open Educational Practices in Kyrgyzstan

The study was undertaken to understand the propensity for increased engagement with open educational practices (OEP), to include methods prioritizing student-centered teaching & learning, and ... institutions struggle with self-determination and whether internationalization serves the mission of transformative education in and for Kyrgyzstan (Merrill, 2011) . Educational policy aside, we posit that a

Warriors and Weavers: The Poetics and Politics of Indigenous Appropriations of New Media Technologies in Latin America

technologies. This article explores the poetics and underlying politics of indigenous appropriations of new media technologies, with reference to aesthetics where relevant, by contrasting the online presence of

Prostitution and Public Policy. The Nordic Model Versus the Pimping of Prostitution

In this review of recent books on public policy and prostitution, Julie Bindel’s The Pimping of Prostitution is sympathetically reviewed. Her thesis, that the libertarian movement seeking to remove ... Punishment? Towards a 'Public Criminology' (pp 291 - 305 ). London: Palgrave-MacMillan. Matthews , R. ( 2008 ). Prostitution, Politics and Policy. London: Routledge. Raymond , Janice. ( 2013 ). Not a Choice

The Flint water crisis: how citizen scientists exposed poisonous politics

allegedly manipulated data to bring average lead levels below the regulatory limit of 15 parts per billion.Clark’s rich account intersperses policy and environmental science with vivid portraits of Flint and

The Curse of Knowledge? Education, Corruption, and Politics

data from 31 democracies the results show that corruption thwarts many of the positive effects of education with regard to politics: The results indicate that when corruption is high, educated and ... ‘Since the implementation of any large scale public educational policy entails lots of administrative discretion, the sector seems to be a textbook case for spurring favoritism and corruption.’ The years

Who speaks for nature? On the politics of science

reject any suggestion that natural science is or should be inherently ‘political.’ Rather, politics ‘interferes’ with, prevents, or otherwise ‘contaminates’ science, which is ‘above’ politics. Accordingly ... , good policy based on good science will be ‘non-political.’ Laura Ephraim contests the conventional view. Science, she argues, is, or must be viewed as, an inherently political enterprise. Acknowledging

Language diversity in mathematics education research: a move from language as representation to politics of representation

addressing the representation politics of language. Language as representation of mathematics has framed the discursive construction of language diversity over the years in published research in our field. We ... years in published research in our field. We argue that the representation politics of language as grounded in cultural and postcolonial studies enables us to see the meanings attributed to language

The politics of making and un-making (sustainable) futures

affect the future in different ways. Futures for the present are built for example by presenting pathways for climate policy making (Beck and Mahony 2017) or by envisioning utopian technological futures ... , Educational sciences, Economics, Environmental Humanities, History, Political Economy, Political science, Science and Technology Studies and Sociology, we aim to critically and explicitly analyse the pitfalls

The politics of the teaching of reading

researched and taught in areas related to literacy, educational policy, and the history of education. Her work in these areas has involved developing modules and research projects related to critical literacy ... . British Educational Research Journal , 34 ( 6 ), 691 - 710 . Wyse , D. , & Opfer , D. ( 2010 ). Globalization and the international context for literacy policy reform in England . In D. Wyse, R. Andrews

Imagining socioecological transformation: An analysis of the Welsh Government’s policy innovations and orientations to the future

This article explores how the Welsh Government’s recent policy innovations in climate change and environmental sustainability can be read in terms of their imaginative capacity for transformation ... critical analyses of how new politics and modes of governance of and for the (proposed) Anthropocene are taking shape. Knowledge Domain: Sustainability Transitions Keywords: Imagination,  Wales

Three paradoxes in the approach to educational technology in the education studies of the Spanish universities

approach to ICT in university education. ICT; Innovation; Higher education; Neuroscience; Educational technology; Spain; Media education; Storytelling; Entertainment; Emotions Introduction The objective ... of this article is to discuss from a critical perspective the instrumental approach that prevails in the academic field of educational technology in Spanish universities. The critical analysis is based

“Safe Spaces” and the Educational Benefits of Diversity

omitted). 160. Id. at 319–20. 161. Id. at 330. 162. Brief of American Educational Research Association et al. in Support of Respondents DUKE JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW & PUBLIC POLICY benefits of ... Legal Scholarship conference, and the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). I am grateful to Professors Katie Eyer, Stacy Hawkins, Shakira Pleasant, Destinee Andrews

Policy change and the narratives of Russia’s think tanks

Europe. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, London Mankoff J (2011) Russian foreign policy: the return of great power politics. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, MD Matthews O (2018 ... , N.J. Rich A (2004) Think tanks, public policy, and the politics of expertise. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Russia Today (2014) Justice Ministry drafts motion banning officials’ cooperation

Selectivity of Migration and the Educational Disadvantages of Second-Generation Immigrants in Ten Host Societies

inequalities among the children of migrants in Western societies. We present an empirical measure of educational selectivity of migrants from many different origin countries having migrated to ten different ... ethnic group in a particular destination country is related to the gap between their children's and native children's educational outcomes. We find that the disadvantage in educational outcomes between the

Intergenerational Mobility in Relative Educational Attainment and Health-Related Behaviours

Russia, we fit multilevel mixed-effects Poisson regressions with two measures of health-related behaviours: binge drinking and smoking. The main explanatory variable, intergenerational educational mobility ... European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine , London , UK 2 Department of Social Policy and Intervention and Nuffield College, University of Oxford

A critical review of mobile learning integration in formal educational contexts

The introduction of digital technologies in the teaching and learning process is a theme that spans the literature on Educational Technology since the 1980s. Highly associated with the emergence and ... and social media applications in today’s learning, confronting our optimism about this issue with other opinions which question the fit of mobile devices in some educational contexts. In the following

Small differences matter: how regional distinctions in educational and labour market policy account for heterogeneity in NEET rates

Labour market and education policy makers and researchers are increasingly focusing on the NEET indicator as a supplement to the youth unemployment rate. Analyses of factors influencing NEET have ... different financial resources and possibilities to shape the educational system, the economy and the labour market policy. Mätzke and Stöger (2015) assumed that regional governments in Austria commonly have