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Ultraviolet phenomena in AdS self-interacting quantum field theory

[INSPIRE]. [25] S.J. Avis , C.J. Isham and D. Storey , Quantum Field Theory in anti-de Sitter Space-Time, Phys. Rev. D 18 ( 1978 ) 3565 [INSPIRE]. [26] C. Kent , Quantum scalar eld theory on anti-de Sitter ... Quantum A.3 Klein-Gordon elds A.4 Chronological propagators eld theory \bulks" and conformal eld theories on their boundaries [1{3]. The interest in spacetimes having positive curvature is older as they

Weak Adiabatic Limit in Quantum Field Theories with Massless Particles

each of them contains at least one massive field. Moreover, we prove that it is compatible with all the standard normalization conditions which are usually imposed on the time-ordered products. The ... Henri Poincar´e 1. Introduction Relativistically covariant perturbative quantum field theory (QFT) in the Minkowski space is one of the most successful modern physical theories. Its models, especially

Topological defects in open string field theory

I. Affleck, Tunneling in quantum wires: A Boundary conformal field theory [64] M. Oshikawa and I. Affleck, Boundary conformal field theory approach to the critical two-dimensional Ising model with a ... , Phys. Lett. B 220 (1989) 142 [INSPIRE]. [75] G.W. Moore and N. Seiberg, Classical and Quantum Conformal Field Theory, Commun. Math. Phys. 123 (1989) 177 [INSPIRE]. [76] G. Moore and N. Seiberg, Lectures

Dynamics of entanglement in expanding quantum fields

puzzle in elementary electron-positron collisions is that experimental results for particle in quantum eld theory and their entanglement properties. with a certain temperature T [31–35]. This is surprising ... in free quantum eld theory, J. Phys. A 42 (2009) 504007 [arXiv:0905.2562] [INSPIRE]. [22] J.F. Koksma, T. Prokopec and M.G. Schmidt, Entropy and Correlators in Quantum Field Theory, Annals Phys. 325

On the BV formalism of open superstring field theory in the large Hilbert space

AbstractWe construct several BV master actions for open superstring field theory in the large Hilbert space. First, we show that a naive use of the conventional BV approach breaks down at the third ... 193 (1987) 31 [INSPIRE]. [10] B. Zwiebach, Closed string field theory: quantum action and the B-V master equation, Nucl. Phys. B 390 (1993) 33 [hep-th/9206084] [INSPIRE]. [11] M.R. Gaberdiel and B

Renormalization in open quantum field theory. Part I. Scalar field theory

/path integral tools currently available to deal with open quantum field theories, we go on to apply these tools to an open version of ϕ 3 + ϕ 4 theory in four spacetime dimensions and demonstrate its one ... structure). E ective Field Theories; Renormalization Group - HJEP1(207)4 Scalar eld theory quantum 1 Introduction and motivation 2 Introduction to open e ective theory Lindblad condition from tree level

Quantum deformation of planar amplitudes

Grassmannian that are invariant with respect to the torus action. (This Grassmannian was constructed in the framework of quantum group theory.) We come to the idea that the theory of [1] can be quantized (more ... simultaneously; if this is the case the U(N ) gauge theory should interact with constant B-field. (Interaction with B-field can explain the violation of Lorentz invariance that should be present in U(N ) gauge

Worldline quantization of field theory, effective actions and L∞ structure

] [INSPIRE]. [19] M.G. Schmidt and C. Schubert, Worldline Green functions for multiloop diagrams, [20] C. Schubert, An introduction to the worldline technique for quantum field theory calculations, Acta Phys ... also for a massive scalar model. Higher Spin Gravity; Non-Commutative Geometry; Models of Quantum Grav- 1 Introduction 2 Worldline quantization of a fermion model 3 L∞ structure in higher spin theory

Hyperunified field theory and gravitational gauge–geometry duality

A hyperunified field theory is built in detail based on the postulates of gauge invariance and coordinate independence along with the conformal scaling symmetry. All elementary particles are merged ... elementary particles are correlated with the geometric properties of hyper-spacetime. To build a reliable unified field theory within the framework of gravitational quantum field theory [68], we shall work

Circuit complexity in quantum field theory

Motivated by recent studies of holographic complexity, we examine the question of circuit complexity in quantum field theory. We provide a quantum circuit model for the preparation of Gaussian states ... theory for general dimensions. Applying the geometric approach of Nielsen to this quantum circuit model, the complexity of the state becomes the length of the shortest geodesic in the space of circuits. We

Quantum gravity from conformal field theory

theory. In particular this yields much new information on the spectrum of double-trace operators which can then be used, in combination with superconformal symmetry and crossing symmetry, to obtain a ... dimensions. 1/N Expansion; AdS-CFT Correspondence; Conformal Field Theory; Inte- - Quantum 1 Introduction and summary 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Four-point functions of half-BPS multiplets The operator product

Open superstring field theory based on the supermoduli space

AbstractWe present a new approach to formulating open superstring field theory based on the covering of the supermoduli space of super-Riemann surfaces and explicitly construct a gauge-invariant ... , Quantization of Gauge Theories with Linearly Dependent Generators, Phys. Rev. D 28 (1983) 2567 [Erratum ibid. D 30 (1984) 508] [INSPIRE]. [12] B. Zwiebach, Closed string field theory: Quantum action and the B-V

A Cohomological Perspective on Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

Algebraic quantum field theory is considered from the perspective of the Hochschild cohomology bicomplex. This is a framework for studying deformations and symmetries. Deformation is a possible ... constructing interacting QFT models. Symmetry is the primary tool for understanding the structure and properties of a QFT model. This perspective leads to a generalization of the algebraic quantum field theory

The topology of Double Field Theory

North Carolina , USA We describe the doubled space of Double Field Theory as a group manifold G with an arbitrary generalized metric. Local information from the latter is not relevant to our discussion ... and so G only captures the topology of the doubled space. Strong Constraint solutions are maximal isotropic submanifold M in G. We construct them and their Generalized Geometry in Double Field Theory on

Segmented strings coupled to a B-field

AbstractIn this paper we study segmented strings in AdS3 coupled to a background two-form whose field strength is proportional to the volume form. By changing the coupling, the theory interpolates ... simplify if they are derived from the SL(2, R) Wess-Zumino-Witten action. In this theory, strings couple to the NSNS three-form field strength which supports the AdS3 geometry. (For the quantum theory see

Scalar radiation from a radially infalling source into a Schwarzschild black hole in the framework of quantum field theory

We investigate the radiation to infinity of a massless scalar field from a source falling radially towards a Schwarzschild black hole using the framework of the quantum field theory at tree level ... Field Theory (CFT) [2–17]. The investigation of this kind of problems from the viewpoint of the Quantum Field Theory (QFT) has not been carried out. The formalism of QFT applied to the problem of

Optical chromatography. A new tool for separation of particles

resolution in conventional chromatography are also calculated. It is possible, in theory, to distinguish particles whose diameters differ by less than 1% for particles with a diameter larger than 1 μm ... particles and for determination of the particle size, e.g., field-flow fractionation and flow cytometry. However, optical chromatography has several advantages over other separation methods with respect to

Effective Particles in Quantum Field Theory

The concept of effective particles is introduced in the Minkowski space-time Hamiltonians in quantum field theory using a new kind of the relativistic renormalization group procedure that does not ... 1 Introduction Effective particles can be introduced in the quantum field theory (QFT) in such a way that their size plays the role of a scale parameter in a renormalization group procedure for the

Geophysical field disturbances and quantum mechanics

consistent interpretation in the context of classical physics. We attempt to involve the recent achievements of quantum physics namely the quantum entanglement between elementary particles implicated in ... boundary of the Earth inner core where a phase change leading to a reverse of geomagnetic field polarity proceeds, etc. [ 20 ]. Let us note the role of quantum linked particles which accumulation in

Electroweak baryogenesis and the standard model effective field theory

electroweak baryogenesis within the framework of the Standard Model E ective Field Theory. The Standard Model Lagrangian is supplemented by dimension-six operators that facilitate a strong rst-order electroweak ... brie y discuss possible modi cations of the e ective eld theory framework. Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM; CP violation; E ective Field Theories - 4.1 4.2 5.1 5.2 5.3 5 The baryon asymmetry and