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Quantum theory and consciousness: an overview with selected examples

It is widely accepted that consciousness or, in other words, mental activity is in some way correlated to the behavior of the brain or, in other words, material brain activity. Since quantum theory ... candidate in this respect is the proposal by Penrose to relate elementary conscious acts to gravitation-induced reductions of quantum states. Ultimately, this requires the framework of a future theory of

Quantum phases for moving charges and dipoles in an electromagnetic field and fundamental equations of quantum mechanics

for charges composing this dipole. This way we disclose two novel quantum phases for charged particles, which we named as complementary electric Aharonov-Bohm (A-B) phase and complementary magnetic A-B ... Google Scholar18. Kholmetskii, A. L., Missevitch, O. V. & Yarman, T. Quantum phases for point-like charged particles and for electrically neutral dipoles in an electromagnetic field. Ann. Phys. 392, 49–62

Weak Adiabatic Limit in Quantum Field Theories with Massless Particles

each of them contains at least one massive field. Moreover, we prove that it is compatible with all the standard normalization conditions which are usually imposed on the time-ordered products. The ... Henri Poincar´e 1. Introduction Relativistically covariant perturbative quantum field theory (QFT) in the Minkowski space is one of the most successful modern physical theories. Its models, especially

Tunneling Glashow-Weinberg-Salam Model Particles from Black Hole Solutions in Rastall Theory

-theory of weak and electromagnetic interactions. We calculate the tunneling rate of the massive charged W-bosons in a background of electromagnetic field to investigate the Hawking temperature of black ... -Hawking radiation using the quantum field theory or the semiclassical methods. The quantum tunneling method is one of them [9–16]. Nozari and Mehdipour [17] have studied the Hawking radiation as tunneling

Superdensity operators for spacetime quantum mechanics

Abstract We introduce superdensity operators as a tool for analyzing quantum information in spacetime. Superdensity operators encode spacetime correlation functions in an operator framework, and ... protocols for measuring spacetime entropies. Keywords Space-Time Symmetries Lattice Quantum Field Theory  ArXiv ePrint: 1711.03119 Download to read the full article text Notes Open Access This

Ultraviolet phenomena in AdS self-interacting quantum field theory

[INSPIRE]. [25] S.J. Avis , C.J. Isham and D. Storey , Quantum Field Theory in anti-de Sitter Space-Time, Phys. Rev. D 18 ( 1978 ) 3565 [INSPIRE]. [26] C. Kent , Quantum scalar eld theory on anti-de Sitter ... Quantum A.3 Klein-Gordon elds A.4 Chronological propagators eld theory \bulks" and conformal eld theories on their boundaries [1{3]. The interest in spacetimes having positive curvature is older as they

6D fractional quantum Hall effect

energy physics is governed by a bulk 7D topological field theory of abelian three-form potentials with a single derivative Chern-Simons-like action coupled to a 6D anti-chiral theory of Euclidean effective ... physical footing. Chern-Simons Theories; M-Theory; Topological Field Theories; Topological - four-form 1 Introduction 2 7D bulk 3 Many body wavefunction 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 Landau wavefunction Zero slope

Quantum entanglement of a harmonic oscillator with an electromagnetic field

At present, there are many methods for obtaining quantum entanglement of particles with an electromagnetic field. Most methods have a low probability of quantum entanglement and not an exact ... conclusions are drawn about quantum entanglement. It is known that perturbation theory is applicable if there is a weak interaction of particles in the system, and therefore use of this theory is based on the

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory on Spacetimes with Timelike Boundary

main result is the following characterization theorem: Every quantum field theory on M that is additive from the interior (i.e., generated by observables localized in the interior) admits a presentation

Generalized -Attractor Models from Elementary Hyperbolic Surfaces

We consider generalized -attractor models whose scalar potentials are globally well-behaved and whose scalar manifolds are elementary hyperbolic surfaces. Beyond the Poincaré disk , such surfaces ... end by mentioning that it is a nontrivial task to embed cosmological models with a single real scalar field within fundamental quantum theories of gravity such as string theory in a manner which is

Renormalization in open quantum field theory. Part I. Scalar field theory

/path integral tools currently available to deal with open quantum field theories, we go on to apply these tools to an open version of ϕ 3 + ϕ 4 theory in four spacetime dimensions and demonstrate its one ... structure). E ective Field Theories; Renormalization Group - HJEP1(207)4 Scalar eld theory quantum 1 Introduction and motivation 2 Introduction to open e ective theory Lindblad condition from tree level

A Probability Distribution for Quantum Tunneling Times

We propose a general expression for the probability distribution of real-valued tunneling times of a localized particle, as measured by the Salecker-Wigner-Peres quantum clock. This general ... for a proper definition of quantum tunneling times for massive particles, having well-behaved properties for a wide range of parameters, has remained an important and open theoretical problem since

Time Dilation in Relativistic Quantum Decay Laws of Moving Unstable Particles

The relativistic quantum decay laws of moving unstable particles are analyzed for a general class of mass distribution densities which behave as power laws near the (nonvanishing) lower bound of the ... invariant by changing reference frame. 1. Introduction The description of the decay laws of unstable particles via quantum theory has been a central topic of research for decades [1, 2]. Many unstable

Entangled Quantum Dynamics of Many-Body Systems using Bohmian Trajectories

Bohmian mechanics is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that describes the motion of quantum particles with an ensemble of deterministic trajectories. Several attempts have been made to utilize ... to utilize Bohmian trajectories as a computational tool to simulate quantum systems consisting of many particles, a very demanding computational task. In this paper, we present a novel ab-initio

Circuit complexity in quantum field theory

Motivated by recent studies of holographic complexity, we examine the question of circuit complexity in quantum field theory. We provide a quantum circuit model for the preparation of Gaussian states ... theory for general dimensions. Applying the geometric approach of Nielsen to this quantum circuit model, the complexity of the state becomes the length of the shortest geodesic in the space of circuits. We

Effective Particles in Quantum Field Theory

The concept of effective particles is introduced in the Minkowski space-time Hamiltonians in quantum field theory using a new kind of the relativistic renormalization group procedure that does not ... 1 Introduction Effective particles can be introduced in the quantum field theory (QFT) in such a way that their size plays the role of a scale parameter in a renormalization group procedure for the

Rational quantum secret sharing

The traditional quantum secret sharing does not succeed in the presence of rational participants. A rational participant’s motivation is to maximize his utility, and will try to get the secret alone ... of quantum. In QSS, the secret is split, distributed and reconstructed by quantum operations. QSS provides more perfect security based on the quantum theory such as uncertainty principle and no-cloning

Hyperunified field theory and gravitational gauge–geometry duality

A hyperunified field theory is built in detail based on the postulates of gauge invariance and coordinate independence along with the conformal scaling symmetry. All elementary particles are merged ... elementary particles are correlated with the geometric properties of hyper-spacetime. To build a reliable unified field theory within the framework of gravitational quantum field theory [68], we shall work

Topological defects in open string field theory

I. Affleck, Tunneling in quantum wires: A Boundary conformal field theory [64] M. Oshikawa and I. Affleck, Boundary conformal field theory approach to the critical two-dimensional Ising model with a ... , Phys. Lett. B 220 (1989) 142 [INSPIRE]. [75] G.W. Moore and N. Seiberg, Classical and Quantum Conformal Field Theory, Commun. Math. Phys. 123 (1989) 177 [INSPIRE]. [76] G. Moore and N. Seiberg, Lectures

Three-dimensional representation of the many-body quantum state

Using the trajectory conception of state, we give a simple demonstration that the quantum state of a many-body system may be expressed as a set of states in three-dimensional space, each associated ... Professor Pratim K. Chattaraj on his sixtieth birthday Motivation for the spatial trajectory conception of the quantum state A curious dichotomy between theory and practice pervades the history of