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Development and characterization of various osteoarthritis models for tissue engineering

Graduate School of Converging Science and Technology, Korea University , Seoul , Korea 3 Editor: Mikko Juhani Lammi, University of Umeå , SWEDEN 4 Department of Biomedical Engineering, Korea University of ... characterization using various OA animal models which can be used for tissue engineering. Although various OA disease models have been widely Fig 8. Evaluation of the modified Mankin score according to the cartilage

Copula–entropy theory for multivariate stochastic modeling in water engineering

applied to multivariate modeling in water engineering. This study evaluates the copula–entropy theory using a sample dataset with known population information and a flood dataset from the experimental ... , Texas A&M University, College Station , TX 77843-2117 , USA 1 Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station , TX 77843-2117 , USA The copula-entropy theory combines the

Introduction to the Special Edition on Engineering and Animal Ethics

animal agriculture. The second essay, by Adam Shriver and Emilie McConnachie, provides a general argument for pursuing genetic engineering approaches to improving welfare when (as Croney et al. note ... special edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics explores various effects that human engineering has, or could have, on the lives of non-human animals. The papers are the fruit of the

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... care and closely related to the steadily growing workload of general practitioners (GPs) [ 1 ]. In England, patient consultations with GPs increased by 16% in the period 2007±14 [ 2 ] whereas in

Tissue engineering of skin and regenerative medicine for wound care

, Cincinnati, Ohio , USA 1 Department of Surgery, University of Cincinnati , P.O. Box 670558, Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0558 , USA Engineering of biologic skin substitutes has progressed over time from individual ... skin cell thrapies and discusses the future prospects in cutaneous regeneration. Burns; Cell therapy; Skin substitute; Tissue engineering; Wound closure; Scar; Regenerative medicine Background

Robot-aided electrospinning toward intelligent biomedical engineering

engineering. This paper reviews the state of the art of robotics in a widely used biomaterial fabrication process, i.e., electrospinning, including its working principle, main applications, challenges, and ... applications of electrospinning in biomedical engineering are introduced briefly from the aspects of drug delivery, tissue engineering, and wound dressing. After that, we conclude the existing problems in

Resources for sports engineering education

This paper serves as a resource guide for Sports Engineering educators. The paper covers key topics in Sports Engineering, including ball impact, friction, safety and materials. A variety of resource ... . The field could benefit from more resources specifically designated for teaching Sports Engineering, particularly textbooks. Physics; Impact; Friction; Safety; Materials; Biomechanics 1 Introduction

Arbitrarily tight $$\alpha $$BB underestimators of general non-linear functions over sub-optimal domains

In this paper we explore the construction of arbitrarily tight \(\alpha \)BB relaxations of \(C^2\) general non-linear non-convex functions. We illustrate the theoretical challenges of building such ... ; Eigenvalue 1 Introduction In this paper we discuss the problem of locating a global minimum of a general C 2 non-linear function f : X → F ⊂ R, X = {x : x ∈ [x L , xU ]} ⊂ RN , denoted as problem P : This

VGI in surveying engineering: Introducing collaborative cloud land surveying

Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) , Greece Volunteered geographic information (VGI) has enabled many innovative applications in various scientific fields. This paper ... professional surveyors who can in turn contribute their own data to further enhance the CCLS system. volunteered geographic information; engineering applications; spatial data and service sharing; collaborative

Autologous Cell Seeding in Tracheal Tissue Engineering

Purpose of Review There is no consensus on the best technology to be employed for tracheal replacement. One particularly promising approach is based upon tissue engineering and involves applying ... using objective outcome measures, including those for functionality and host immune response. Trachea; Tissue engineering; Autologous cell seeding; Pre-clinical models; Clinical translation Introduction

Application of Kansei engineering and data mining in the Thai ceramic manufacturing

needs is the target of designers and to develop a product that must satisfy customers. This research is applied Kansei Engineering (KE) and Data Mining (DM) into the customer driven product design process ... be applied to a variety of design cases. Kansei engineering Data mining WEKA Ceramic Introduction Nowadays, the product design and development has become more complexity and fast changes (Yang

Special Issue on Issues and Challenges in Geoenvironmental Engineering

Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago , 842 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607 , USA 1 Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore 560012 , India 2 & G. L. Sivakumar ... Babu The special issue on Issues and challenges in geoenvironmental engineering covers a number of technical papers that address several emerging issues such as landfill design, remediation of waste

Glass Structures & Engineering

-carrying glass components. Research in methods to create more ductile glass components such as beams and fins are necessary to utilize the many other great properties of glass. In general, our knowledge ... reinforce glass beams. This shows the diversity of research issues required for future and innovative engineering with glass.

Gender and Participation in an Engineering Problem-Based Learning Environment

The use of problem-based learning (PBL) is gaining attention in the engineering classroom as a way to help students synthesize foundational knowledge and to better prepare students for practice. In ... student teams and two instructors in an engineering PBL environment to analyze how participation is distributed among team members, paying particular attention to the differences between male and female

A biofilm model of microbial fuel cells for engineering applications

A generalized low-order model of the biofilm in a microbial fuel cell (MFC), suitable for use in real-time engineering applications, is presented. It is based on the description of the charge ... electrons to the anode. These electrons travel through the external load to the cathode, where the terminal electron acceptor is reduced [ 1 ]. Modeling MFCs is necessary for engineering applications like

Glass Structures & Engineering

many other great properties of glass. In general, our knowledge about how to utilize glass in load-carrying structures is relatively small compared to other more conventional building materials such as ... loading, investigating novel connections and optimizing ways to reinforce glass beams. This shows the diversity of research issues required for future and innovative engineering with glass.

Staphylococcus carnosus: from starter culture to protein engineering platform

surface display; Combinatorial protein engineering; Epitope mapping; Food fermentation; Starter culture; Virulence factors Introduction This review article is unique in its nature in that it describes the ... vector engineering effort, the vector system was further improved in terms of both plasmid size and genetic stability (Wernerus and Ståhl 2002) . In addition, the vector system was later modified with a

From engineering to editing the rat genome

cell biology and genetic engineering have again brought the rat to the forefront of biomedical studies and enabled researchers to exploit the increasingly accessible wealth of genome sequence information ... facilitated the application of genome engineering technologies to create precise genetic modifications within the mouse genome in  vitro and have provided a route to the generation of custom-made mouse models

Goal-oriented requirements engineering: an extended systematic mapping study

Over the last two decades, much attention has been paid to the area of goal-oriented requirements engineering (GORE), where goals are used as a useful conceptualization to elicit, model, and analyze ... requirements, capturing alternatives and conflicts. Goal modeling has been adapted and applied to many sub-topics within requirements engineering (RE) and beyond, such as agent orientation, aspect orientation

Student learning outcomes from a pilot medical innovations course with nursing, engineering, and biology undergraduate students

Background Preparing today’s undergraduate students from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and related health professions to solve wide-sweeping healthcare challenges is critical ... , 820 Madison Drive MSC 4305, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 , USA 2 Department of Engineering, James Madison University , 801 Carrier Drive MSC 4113, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 , USA Background: Preparing today's