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Framebuilder Entrepreneurship

The handmade bicycle industry has grown exponentially over the past decade. Although existing for decades in much smaller numbers, the popularity and credibility of framebuilder entrepreneurship ... establishment of 34 of Entrepreneurship greater quality standards, (3) surveys and interviews with builders of all three types of business

Entrepreneurship Education

Book review by Marguerite R. Faulk. Greene, Patricia G. and Mark P. Rice, eds. Entrepreneurship Education, Cheltenham, UK: Edgar Elgar Publishing, 2007. ISBN 9781845424220 ... pages, $225. E series entitled The International Library of ntrepreneurship Education is the ninth book in the Entrepreneurship. Edited by Patricia Green, provost of Babson College, and Mark Rice

Faith-Based Entrepreneurship

main conversation about faith-based entrepreneurship, I’d like to spend a little bit of time hearing about your background— about where you grew up and how you grew up. Mirza: Thank you. I appreciate the

Some Entrepreneurship Pitfalls

ENTREPRENEURSHIP PITFALLS 65 • Answering mail where the businessowner needs advice • Helping with inventory allocation and management • Assisting with credit decisions • In general, advising and being a business ... ENTREPRENEURSHIP uidity. Part of the problem is insufficient capital. Small businesses will find that owners’ capital has to be sufficient to carry accounts receivable, inventory, and capital assets. The larger the

The Status of Women's Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Future Entrepreneurship Development and Education

Future Entrep New England Journal of Entrepreneurship; Spring 2002; 5, 1; ABI/INFORM Complete Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner

Entrepreneurship as Social Change

Book review by Lori Wagner Snyder. Steyaert, Chris and Daniel Hjorth, eds. Entrepreneurship as Social Change. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006. ISBN 9781847206275 ... , Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006. 327 pages, $120. GSocial Change takes a part evolutionary, part revolurounded in the theme of “earth,” Entrepreneurship as tionary approach

Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge

Book review by James W. Bronson. Rob van der Horst, Sandra King-Kauanui, and Susan Duffy, ed., Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge, Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2005. ISBN 9781405139212

Entrepreneurship as Expectations Management

windfalls. In both cases, the seller fails to correctly anticipate the future value of a resource. In the case of information asymmetry, the buyer possesses ENTREPRENEURSHIP AS EXPECTATIONS MANAGEMENT 49 ... ENGLAND JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Consequently, as organizations grow, they become less dependent on strategic factor markets and more focused on managing internal resources. Paradoxically, this has the

Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Local Development

Book review by James W. Bronson. Luca Iandoli, Hans Landstrom, and Mario Raffa, eds. Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Local Development. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., 2007

The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship

Book review by William H. A. Johnson. Casson, Mark et al., eds. The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship, New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN 9780199288984

Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Do Values Matter?

instrumental in the decision to pursue entrepreneurship, and have implications for the entrepreneur’s approach to creating and managing the venture. The role of values would seem especially relevant in the


understanding the complexities of urban entrepreneurship devel­ opment. Grogan and Rusk are, perhaps, the most optimistic of the authors who write about the future of inner cities. It seems that the "rising tide

Internet Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

entrepreneurship. India is often held as an example of service exports, but economic statistics show that India might not be a good example for other nations because net service trade is negative and wages have been

A Gender Integrative Conceptualization of Entrepreneurship

Guided by feminist perspectives, we critique existing approaches to the study of women’s entrepreneurship on epistemological grounds and suggest that the entrepreneurship field needs to recognize ... entrepreneurship requires focus on institutional and structural barriers women entrepreneurs face. Existing studies of women entrepreneurs often compare women with men without considering how gender and gender

Collecting Oral Histories for Entrepreneurship Research

Oral history collections can offer a wealth of detailed information for entrepreneurship researchers. The stories that entrepreneurs tell provide researchers with insight into both perspective and

Applying Entrepreneurship to Health Care Organizations

This study examines entrepreneurship and assesses its relevance to health care organizations through a detailed description of the optimal environment, organizational factors, and managerial roles in ... :// Part of the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations Commons, and the Health and Medical Administration Commons Recommended Citation - Article 8 Applying Entrepreneurship to Health Care

New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Spring 2016

. Zimmerman, West Chester University 6 Denise Dunlap, Northeastern University 7 Sangcheol Song, St. Joseph's University 8 New England Journal of Entrepreneurship is a semi-annual publication (Fall and Spring ... , USA 14 Qin Yang, Robert Morris University Follow this and additional works at: - Article 1 New England Journal of Entrepreneurship Vishal K. Gupta

New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Fall 2016

and Small Business Operations Commons Recommended Citation - Article 6 New England Journal of Entrepreneurship SPECIAL ISSUE 2016 VOLUME 19 NUMBER 2 EDITORIAL NOTE REFEREED ARTICLES Inquiring ... ........................................................................................................................................................53 Alka Gupta, Lynchburg College; Jerry Chen, Citizens Bank in Boston, Massachusetts; Vishal K. Gupta, University of Mississippi New England Journal of Entrepreneurship EDITOR Grace Guo Sacred Heart

New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Spring 2014

Framebuilder Entrepreneurship by Joshua Shuart, Sacred Heart University New England Journal of Entrepreneurship Editor Joshua Shuart Sacred Heart University Associate Editors Khawaja Mamun Sacred Heart ... for the accuracy or validity of any of the information contained herein. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship Joshua Shuart…………………………………………………………………………………………5 The Influence of Social Identity on

Sustainability: A Paradigmatic Shift in Entrepreneurship Education

This article proposes that sustainability represents a paradigmatic shift from traditional perspectives in entrepreneurship education. This “call to action” argues that it is imperative for ... Business Law; Public Responsibility; and Ethics Commons; Curriculum and Social - T paradigmatic shift from traditional perspectives in his article proposes that sustainability represents a entrepreneurship