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Entrepreneurship after displacement

knowledge gap on the transition to entrepreneurship after a business closure. This paper studies which employees are most likely to start an entrepreneurial venture after being affected by a displacement ... entrepreneurship. In the second part of the analysis, the performance of the entrepreneurial ventures started by employees after displacement is explored as it relates to survival, employment, and profitability. The

Special aspects of technological entrepreneurship financing at the present stage

Technological entrepreneurship is a new trend of the world economy. The main sources of technological entrepreneurship financing are “business angels”, venture capital funds and innovative

Transnational entrepreneurship: opportunity identification and venture creation

the importance of service opportunities, a type often left out of studies and classifications. A prevalent characteristic of transnational entrepreneurship is opportunity recognition based on ... -favorable institutional environment facilitates and encourages entrepreneurship. Transnational entrepreneurship; Opportunity type; Institutional environment; Immigrants; Service; Relationship-middlemen

Varieties of entrepreneurship: exploring the institutional foundations of different entrepreneurship types through ‘Varieties-of-Capitalism’ arguments

While entrepreneurship researchers agree that institutions ‘matter’ for entrepreneurship, they also have a rather encompassing understanding of institutions as almost any external factor that

International entrepreneurship: The pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities across national borders

In this editorial for the Special Issue on International Entrepreneurship, we inter-relate key concepts about the pursuit of opportunities from the entrepreneurship and international business ... Business Studies (2018) 49, 395-406. born global; ecosystem; entrepreneurship; foreign market entry; international entrepreneurship; international new venture

International entrepreneurship research versus international business research: A false dichotomy?

College , London , UK INTRODUCTION: INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH AND ITS CRITIQUE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS THEORY International entrepreneurship (IE) research draws from work in both ... international business (IB) and general entrepreneurship. It examines, inter alia, entrepreneurial behaviour when crossing borders (first stream), and makes international comparisons of entrepreneurship as found

Entrepreneurship and failure: two sides of the same coin?

This paper attempts to shed light on the nexus of relationships existing between failure, bankruptcy, institutional context, and local characteristics on one hand and entrepreneurship, firm survival ... activities. A deeper understanding can in turn contribute to the implementation of better and more efficient policies by integrating bankruptcy as a natural component of firm and market life. Entrepreneurship

Guest editor’s introduction: so what is entrepreneurship research?

Entrepreneurship journals publish such a wide range of research that it sometimes may seem unclear as to how two or more particular articles relate to the study of entrepreneurship and therefore fit within the aims ... and scope of entrepreneurship journals. It may be difficult, for example, to see how studies of family business succession and new venture finance have anything in common. Compounding this problem is

Entrepreneurship and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a large-scale study involving the clinical condition of ADHD

A growing conversation has emerged linking ostensibly dark or pathological individual-level characteristics to entrepreneurship. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is among the most ... Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam , Rotterdam , The Netherlands 4 R. Thurik Erasmus University Rotterdam Institute for Behavior and Biology

Institutions, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in Europe

Institutions have a decisive impact on the prevalence and nature of entrepreneurship. To date, the impact of institutions on (productive) entrepreneurship and the effects of entrepreneurship on ... investigated in isolation. In this paper, we bring together institutions, entrepreneurship, and economic growth using a parsimonious growth model in a 3SLS specification. In our first stage, we regress multiple

An Overview of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sensemaking for Improving Decisions

. 2014) have reported that long-term economic growth and prosperity require participation from entrepreneurs. Both experts and government authorities seek to foster entrepreneurship as “an appropriate ... mechanism to face the impacts of the economic crisis” (GEM 2014, p. 100) . Entrepreneurship is increasingly considered a milestone on the road towards progress (Semrau et al. 2016) . It contributes to

Entrepreneurship, institutional economics, and economic growth: an ecosystem perspective

We analyze conceptually and in an empirical counterpart the relationship between economic growth, factor inputs, institutions, and entrepreneurship. In particular, we investigate whether ... Entrepreneurship (NSE) as resource allocation systems that combine institutions and human agency into an interdependent system of complementarities. We explore the empirical relevance of these ideas using data from

Destructive entrepreneurship in the small business sector: bankruptcy fraud in Sweden, 1830–2010

Entrepreneurship will not always productive: Baumol (1990, 1993) distinguishes between productive, unproductive, and destructive entrepreneurial activities, and in the last two cases, new values are ... the bankruptcy institute as framework for the empirical analysis, we use long aggregate series on bankruptcies and bankruptcy frauds in Sweden, 18302010. We operationalize destructive entrepreneurship

Productive entrepreneurship and the effectiveness of insolvency legislation: a cross-country study

This paper studies the association between the effectiveness of insolvency regulations and entrepreneurship using multilevel modeling of about 300,000 individuals in 27 countries over the 2005–2010 ... different measures of entrepreneurship from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, controlling for relevant individualand country-level facets. We find that opportunitydriven and innovation-oriented

Expeditionary energy economics (e3): the securitization of energy entrepreneurship during megacity counterinsurgencies (a NATO perspective)

energy economics (e3)—that addresses energy management in the military expeditionary environment (EMMEE), particularly through the promotion of (global/local) entrepreneurship. This study argues that ... implementation of e3 requires that COIN practitioners have a basic understanding of community-based entrepreneurship (CBE), high-risk/high-impact innovation (HRH2I), and the CEI that these individual communities

Challenges pf Entrepreneurship [od redaktora naukowego]

edycji międzynarodowej konferencji „Entrepreneurship for the XXI century”, gdzie dostał nagrodę dla najlepszego tekstu (Best Paper Award). Marta Postuła poświęciła swój tekst problematyce zewnętrznego ... przedsięwzięć dla gospodarki lokalnej, dostrzeganie szans i  strach przed porażką. Podstawą opracowania są dane Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Maria Isabel Barreiro Ribeiro, António José Gonçalves

The relation between coopetition and innovation/entrepreneurship

accepted for presentation at the conference. The topic of this special issue—the relation between coopetition and innovation/entrepreneurship—had an own track at the GIKA Conference, which served as a first ... entrepreneurship would be of interest. Accordingly, some studies have begun to link coopetition to innovation (Ritala 2012; Bouncken and Fredrich 2012; Ritala and Sainio 2014; West and Bogers 2014; Yami and Nemeh

Does farmer entrepreneurship alleviate rural poverty in China? Evidence from Guangxi Province

In recent years, entrepreneurship has been gaining more prominence as a potential tool for solving poverty in developing countries. This paper mainly examines the relationship between farmer

Knowledge, entrepreneurship and regional transformation: contributing to the Schumpeterian and evolutionary perspective on the relationships between them

2 0 M. McKelvey Department of Economy and Society, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg , Gothenburg , Sweden 1 M. Henning ( 2 ... Introduction What is the role of knowledge in stimulating entrepreneurship and regional transformation? This is an intriguing and fundamental question in social science. Answering it would enable us to

Tough on criminal wealth? Exploring the link between organized crime’s asset confiscation and regional entrepreneurship

This paper addresses the question “How does the fight against organized crime affect regional entrepreneurship?” We focus on asset confiscation in relation to alleged connections of their owners with ... Pontoise , France This paper addresses the question BHow does the fight against organized crime affect regional entrepreneurship?^ We focus on asset confiscation in relation to alleged connections of their