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Environment, Security and Global Affairs

interdependence of environment and security flourished and traversed the Atlantic, transforming into national, transatlantic and global cultures of environmental security. The environment and security developed a ... so-called ‘‘Environment Management Group’’ which was based at the Brussels General Directorate for Industrial, Technology and Scientific Affairs. In the course of the next few months, this group became

General Personnel Issues

whose home environment was not conducive to their educational needs. In responding to the petition, the facility objected on the basis that the jurisdiction should not be maintained because of the dual ... complying with the FLSA is not an onerous burden as a general rule. Likewise, paying equal pay for men and women to perform the same work without differentiation based upon sex should come as a matter of

Rheumatoid arthritis bone marrow environment supports Th17 response

observed in the course of RA. The optimal conditions for Th17 differentiation are still a highly debated issue. There is general agreement that IL-6 and IL-23 participate in the differentiation and survival

Terrorism and General Aviation

. America’s General Aviation community is a system at risk. From a tactical perspective, General Aviation provides relatively easy access to planes as a tool for terrorism. Likewise, the threat of terrorism ... has increased within the field of commercial aviation, the field of general aviation (GA) may become the next environment for terrorist activity. The Aviation Environment Since 1903, the U.S. has been

Gender and Participation in an Engineering Problem-Based Learning Environment

this work, we study the discourse interactions between 27 student teams and two instructors in an engineering PBL environment to analyze how participation is distributed among team members, paying ... the complex social and technical environment of PBL in the engineering classroom. In this article, we characterize the interactions between students and instructors in an engineering PBL environment

General mixture item response models with different item response structures: Exposition with an application to Likert scales

This article proposes a general mixture item response theory (IRT) framework that allows for classes of persons to differ with respect to the type of processes underlying the item responses. Through ... willingness to respond. The mixture model is studied using simulation studies and is applied to an empirical example. Item response theory; General mixture item response models; Mixture modeling; IRTree models

Effect of health literacy on the quality of life of older patients with long-term conditions: a large cohort study in UK general practice

variables, as confounders. Methods A prospective cohort study was conducted on older adults (n = 4278; aged 65 years and over) with at least one LTC, registered in general practices in Salford, UK ... , poor health literacy was associated with lower scores in all four QoL domains (physical, psychological, social relationships and environment), after adjusting for the effects of multi-morbidity

MIC-O-MAP: a technology-enhanced learning environment for developing micro-macro thinking skills

MIC-O-MAP (MICroscopic-Observations-Macroscopic-Predictions) is a technology-enhanced learning (TEL) environment designed for developing micro-macro thinking skills among science and engineering ... learn in interactive TEL environments. Micro-macro thinking; TEL environment; Design-based research Introduction Science and engineering graduates are expected to be able to apply knowledge of

Investigation of the Use of an Authentic Learning Environment for Development of Graduate Attributes in Third Year Chemistry Students

environment for development of graduate attributes in third year Chemistry students Aine M. Whelan and Vanessa Murphy School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dublin Institute of Technology. This work ... (2017 ), chemistry students identified practical environments and enquiry-based learning as being an important environment for the development of critical thinking. The use of authentic learning

Branching Processes in a Lévy Random Environment

In this paper, we introduce branching processes in a Lévy random environment. In order to define this class of processes, we study a particular class of non-negative stochastic differential equations ... diffusions in random environment. This conjecture was proved by Kurtz [25] and more recently by Bansaye and Simatos [4] in more general cases. There are new studies about the continuous state space setting

General theory of skin reinforcement

composite skin/sWAT as a bilayer system. In a general case, the composite skin/sWAT will be further described as a multilayered system with different layers i having the thicknesses di, Young's moduli Ei ... stiffer skin layer followed by production of cracks and wrinkles in the skin. From the general theory of cracking of layered materials, we appreciate that under stress, the mechanical stability of the

Emergence and establishment of KPC-2-producing ST11 Klebsiella pneumoniae in a general hospital in Shanghai, China

their survival in the antibiotics-inundated hospital environment. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that certain plasmid-bearing KPC-2-producing CRKP were predominant in particular wards. The ... through the geriatric ward compared to those strains found in the neonatology wards. In general, the epidemiological trend of CRKP in our hospital can be divided into three stages. From June 2009 to August

Management platform of threats information in IoT environment

, OSs, and open source software. In such an operating environment, there is a need for a technology that can rapidly check multiple devices to find known vulnerabilities. To prevent cyber-attacks, it is ... vulnerability information about IoT devices. In Sect. 5, the performance of the proposed technology is analyzed, and in Sect. 6 the results of this study are described. 2 Security threats in IoT environment

Integrated care reform in urban China: a qualitative study on design, supporting environment and implementation

investigating stakeholders’ perspectives on its design features and supporting environment, their acceptability of this pilot, and further identifying the enabling and constraining factors that may influence the ... deliver primary and specialty care together for patients with chronic diseases. An innovative learning-from-practice mentorship system between specialists and general practitioners was also introduced to

Environment-dependence of behavioural consistency in adult male European green lizards (Lacerta viridis)

result in stable between-individual differences in behaviour, but a large body of recent evidence proves that environment-dependent labile state variables (e.g. energy reserves, hormone levels) may create ... , handling and digesting prey [30±33]. Small-bodied reptiles control their body temperature almost entirely by means of behaviour, depending strongly on the thermal environment [31,34±37]. However, it is not

Invisible transportation infrastructure technology to mitigate energy and environment

, and moisture (vapor) from the surrounding environment to make it cool. Results The research revealed that the vehicle will not require any energy since it will run by superconducting electromagnetic ... earth surface (Fig. 6). The vehicle’s speed is to be adjusted by altering the timing of the polarity shift in the propulsion number and location of access points, and local environment importantly

A Survey of Precipitation-Induced Atmospheric Cold Pools over Oceans and Their Interactions with the Larger-Scale Environment

originating convection, its degree of organization and relationship to the large-scale environment (trade wind vs. equatorial). This is reflected in the structure of the survey, which begins with shallow ... begin to permit deeper convection. Early experiments studying the suppressed trade wind/tropical convective environment, namely the Atlantic Trade wind Experiment (ATEX; Augstein et al. 1973) and the

Correction: Interactive and Independent Associations between the Socioeconomic and Objective Built Environment on the Neighbourhood Level and Individual Health: A Systematic Review of Multilevel Studies

transport score teller machines), health (number of cars per 1,000 service score (pharmacies, population, number of opticians, general private cars per 1,000 practitioners, dental population, number of ... ), physical climate score (political party environment score (missed in power), crime score waste collections, public (sexual/indecent crimes, sector housing vacancy rate, violent offences, constables/ vacant

Systematic literature review of built environment effects on physical activity and active transport – an update and new findings on health equity

Evidence is mounting to suggest a causal relationship between the built environment and people’s physical activity behaviours, particularly active transport. The evidence base has been hindered to ... evidence base has been hindered to date by restricted consideration of cost and economic factors associated with built environment interventions, investigation of socioeconomic or ethnic differences in

Integrated Water Resources Management, Efficient and Sustainable Water Systems, Protection and Restoration of the Environment

; Protection and restoration of the coastal environment – Coastal zone management; Pollutant transport; Wastewater and solid waste management – Natural Treatment Systems – Constructed wetlands – Reuse; Potable ... water treatment technology; Environmental geotechnology; Water resources and environmental economics; Remote sensing – GIS; Mathematical modeling – Decision making methods; Monitoring of the environment