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Modeling cooperating micro-organisms in antibiotic environment

Escherichia coli (E. coli) were shown to cooperate in order to survive and grow in an antibiotic-rich environment. It is known that P. vortex is a highly effective swarmer that can move rapidly over surfaces ... density for the two bacterial species in an antibiotic environment. Our results are compared with experimental observations. In particular, we confirm the biological hypotheses on which the model is based

Environment, Security and Global Affairs

interdependence of environment and security flourished and traversed the Atlantic, transforming into national, transatlantic and global cultures of environmental security. The environment and security developed a ... so-called ‘‘Environment Management Group’’ which was based at the Brussels General Directorate for Industrial, Technology and Scientific Affairs. In the course of the next few months, this group became

Genotype-by-environment interactions affecting heterosis in maize

The environment can influence heterosis, the phenomena in which the offspring of two inbred parents exhibits phenotypic performance beyond the inbred parents for specific traits. In this study we ... productivity. By quantifying 25 vegetative and reproductive traits across the life cycle we were able to analyze interactions between the environment and multiple distinct instances of heterosis. The magnitude

Environment for integration of distributed heterogeneous computing systems

, which is not an easy task, needing a mechanism that manages and synchronizes the members’ messages. Building an environment to manage the exchange of data is even more difficult, because problems may ... heterogeneous systems, mainly simulations, and allows the division of tasks among members [ 3 ]. This standard is a general-purpose architecture defined by the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) and

General Personnel Issues

whose home environment was not conducive to their educational needs. In responding to the petition, the facility objected on the basis that the jurisdiction should not be maintained because of the dual ... complying with the FLSA is not an onerous burden as a general rule. Likewise, paying equal pay for men and women to perform the same work without differentiation based upon sex should come as a matter of

Design framework for reliable and environment aware management of smart environment devices

A smart environment is equipped with numerous devices (i.e., sensors, actuators) that are possibly distributed over different locations (e.g., rooms of a smart building). These devices are ... ., rooms of a smart building). These devices are automatically controlled to achieve different objectives related, for instance, to comfort, security and energy savings. Controlling smart environment devices

Terrorism and General Aviation

. America’s General Aviation community is a system at risk. From a tactical perspective, General Aviation provides relatively easy access to planes as a tool for terrorism. Likewise, the threat of terrorism ... has increased within the field of commercial aviation, the field of general aviation (GA) may become the next environment for terrorist activity. The Aviation Environment Since 1903, the U.S. has been

Is Trade in Permits Good for the Environment?

, ignoring pollution and any other market failure, trade can raise real income levels and increase the demand for normal goods; thus, if a clean environment is a normal good, trade will affect environmental ... strategic channels through which trade affects environmental outcomes that are not tied to changes in income. Since ∂(∂∂eu/∂z) = ∂(e∂uuψz ) = euu ψz , euu = 0 implies that the demand for cleaner environment

Rheumatoid arthritis bone marrow environment supports Th17 response

observed in the course of RA. The optimal conditions for Th17 differentiation are still a highly debated issue. There is general agreement that IL-6 and IL-23 participate in the differentiation and survival

Financing urban transportation infrastructure in a multi-actors environment: the role of value capture

, transport infrastructure as a social amenity should be financed by those who directly benefit from it. The 80’s introduced another concept as far as transport in general is concerned. The Thatcher ... volatile economic environment in Greece and the tax pressure exercised by the Economic Adjustment Programs (commonly called Bmemoranda^), the first being introduced as early as May 2010. The basic notion of

Early Consequences of Pectus Excavatum Surgery on Self-Esteem and General Quality of Life

version of the WHOQOL-100 [ 15 ]. It consists of questions assessing QoL in four domains being physical health, psychological health, social relationships, and environment and a general evaluative facet ... Prospective observational longitudinal multicenter cohort study. Self-esteem, emotional limitations and general health were assessed using the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) in patients under 18 and the World

Perceived class climate and school-aged children's life satisfaction: The role of the learning environment in classrooms

their expected effort from other classmates, their schoolrelated ambition and disengagement from school, shape the overall learning environment in class. In general, previous research work revealed that ... -aged children's perception of the general learning environment. These seven variables provide the individual-level indicators for perceived class climate. Further, for each of the seven individual-level

Social targets improve body-based and environment-based strategies during spatial navigation

person in the wider spatial environment. We asked two groups of participants to learn the location of a target (person or object) during active navigation, while optic flow information, a landmark, or both

Relationship among family environment, self-control, friendship quality, and adolescents’ smartphone addiction in South Korea: Findings from nationwide data

the association of adolescents’ smartphone addiction with family environment (specifically, domestic violence and parental addiction). We further investigated whether self-control and friendship quality ... , Seoul National University , Daehak-ro, Jongnogu, Seoul , Republic of Korea, 2 Institute of Health and Environment, Seoul National University , Seoul , Republic of Korea, 3 Graduate School of Public Health

16S rRNA analysis of diversity of manure microbial community in dairy farm environment

hypothesize that the microbial population of animal waste changes with manure handling used in a farm environment. Consequential microbial risk caused by animal manure may depend on manure handling. In this ... streams [ 1, 2, 3 ]. However, the impact of animal waste-borne microbiomes on environment including soil, water, and plant is not well-understood. The United State Department of Agriculture (USDA

Interior renovation of a general practitioner office leads to a perceptual bias on patient experience for over one year

Introduction Measuring patient experience is key when assessing quality of care but can be biased: A perceptual bias occurs when renovations of the interior design of a general practitioner (GP ... Spitalzentrum Biel , Biel, Switzerland, 2 General Practice Office, Grenchen , Switzerland , 3 Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM), University of Bern , Bern , Switzerland 1 Editor: Kimon Bekelis, Dartmouth

Gender and Participation in an Engineering Problem-Based Learning Environment

this work, we study the discourse interactions between 27 student teams and two instructors in an engineering PBL environment to analyze how participation is distributed among team members, paying ... the complex social and technical environment of PBL in the engineering classroom. In this article, we characterize the interactions between students and instructors in an engineering PBL environment

Branching Processes in a Lévy Random Environment

In this paper, we introduce branching processes in a Lévy random environment. In order to define this class of processes, we study a particular class of non-negative stochastic differential equations ... diffusions in random environment. This conjecture was proved by Kurtz [25] and more recently by Bansaye and Simatos [4] in more general cases. There are new studies about the continuous state space setting

General theory of skin reinforcement

composite skin/sWAT as a bilayer system. In a general case, the composite skin/sWAT will be further described as a multilayered system with different layers i having the thicknesses di, Young's moduli Ei ... stiffer skin layer followed by production of cracks and wrinkles in the skin. From the general theory of cracking of layered materials, we appreciate that under stress, the mechanical stability of the