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Sustainable environmental chemistry and technology with focus on the Mediterranean area

Chemistry D e p a r t m e n t o f A r i s t o t l e University, Thessaloniki, Greece. She is currently a director of Environmental Pollution Control Laboratory. Her research activities include as follows: (a ... . In 2014, he was an appointed lecturer at the laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology of the Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and since, 2016 he is an

The CompTox Chemistry Dashboard: a community data resource for environmental chemistry

sciences and computational toxicology communities. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) web-based CompTox Chemistry Dashboard is addressing these needs by integrating diverse types of relevant ... . Environmental chemistry; Computational toxicology; Compound database; Data curation; Open data; Physicochemical properties; Environmental fate and transport data; Bioassay data; Toxicity data; Non-targeted

Reminiscence of Forty Years of Environmental Chemistry

Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology was an excellent medium for sharing information. Unfortunately, environmental chemistry at the Biological Station attracted little attention in ‘A ... by juvenile Atlantic salmon . Chemosphere 9 : 73 - 78 Zitko V ( 1980c ) Chlorinated parains . In: Hutzinger O (ed) The handbook of environmental chemistry . Part A , vol 3 . Springer, Heidelberg, pp

Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology: in greater demand than ever

Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology have been losing support, resources, and recognition at universities for many years. What are the possible causes of this process? A first problem may be ... Switzerland include the following: after many years of successful and important work in the field of environmental organic trace analysis, the analytical chemistry group at EMPA has been reshaped and given a

Analytical chemistry for a sustainable society – trends and implications

a Bmethods science^ if you want. Without analytical chemistry we could not make any important decisions about soil remediation or limit values for environmental pollution, choose the correct medical ... fundamentals to applications—demonstrating the impact of analytical chemistry in society especially regarding environmental and health aspects. The conclusion is that the future of analytical chemistry can be

Recent sediments: environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and engineering

issue are grouped into three sections as described below. Full article titles are provided in the table of contents. Environmental chemistry and monitoring Eleven publications report on studies about the

Molecular evolution between chemistry and biology

to analysis and handling, molecular details must be reduced to a coarse-grained level. This article deals with a flexible model of evolution under defined environmental conditions. We present a concise ... see the more recent literature Plutynski 2006; Okasha 2008) . Evolution is intimately related to the environment in which it takes place and accordingly environment and environmental changes are major

Characterization of Phase Chemistry and Partitioning in a Family of High-Strength Nickel-Based Superalloys

tomography and electron microscopy. Phase chemistry, elemental partitioning, and γ′ character have been analyzed and compared with thermodynamic predictions created using Thermo-Calc. Phase compositions and γ ... .[ 1,2 ] Commercial and environmental drivers seek to increase turbine operating temperatures, requiring further alloy optimization in order to satisfy the increasing demands on strength and oxidation

Special Issue on Heterocyclic Chemistry

Waser Dear readers - This special issue of Chemical Monthly is dedicated to heterocyclic chemistry in all its variations. As (organic) chemists we are all aware of the uttermost importance of ... spectacular achievements and developments in this field. From August 30 until September 2, 2017 the three of us had the honor to organize the 17th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry at the Johannes

Progress in ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry and ecology

This Editorial introduces a series of papers on ‘Progress in ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry and ecology’ and was initiated in the context of the Joint SETAC GLB/GDCh Annual Meeting 2013 at ... series. Additional contributions with a focus on current developments in any field of ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry or ecology or which specifically address the importance of multiple stressors

Environmental and human health issues related to pesticides: from usage and environmental fate to impact

Toxico-Chemistry of the Environment) which is a research group of EPOC (UMR 5805 University of Bordeaux/ CNRS). She is co-director of LabEx COTE . She is an environmental chemist. Her research focuses on ... Environmental Science and Pollution Research highlights selected papers presented at the 46th congress of the French Group of Pesticide research (Groupe Français des Pesticides, GFP) that took place between the

Heterocyclic chemistry in a Blue Danube context

chemistry has played a dominant role at the chemistry-biology interface for more than a century. The identification, characterization, and synthesis of heteroatom containing cyclic structures had a tremendous ... impact in many fields, such as biochemistry, natural compound chemistry, or medicinal chemistry, just to name a few. Today's understanding of complex biological processes would not be possible without the

Application of multi-capillary column – ion mobility spectrometry (MCC-IMS) in rubber chemistry and technology

advantages of MCC-IMS technique in chemistry, technology and exploitation of polymer materials. ... showed possibility of authentication of polymeric materials and processes. The paper is a some kind of introduction to the use of analytical properties and advantages of MCC-IMS technique in chemistry

The 2015 Annual Meeting of SETAC German Language Branch in Zurich (7–10 September, 2015): Ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry—from research to application

This report provides a brief review of the 20th annual meeting of the German Language Branch of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC GLB) held from September 7th to 10th 2015 ... included aquatic, sediment, terrestrial and soil ecotoxicology, monitoring of surface waters, environmental chemistry, risk assessment of pesticides, endocrine disruption and wastewater treatment and

Environmental Forensic Chemistry and Sound Science in the Courtroom

is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2000 Article 1 * Principal of an environmental chemistry consulting practice at Gradient Corporation, 238 ... . Environmental chemistry techniques used by forensic investigators are used to highlight the discussion. I. ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS In recent years, environmental managers and their legal counsel have grown to

Effects of fire frequency on litter decomposition as mediated by changes to litter chemistry and soil environmental conditions

burned and fire suppression sites, but this was correlated with only a modest increase in decomposition rates. Soil environmental conditions had a larger impact on decomposition than litter chemistry

OPERA models for predicting physicochemical properties and environmental fate endpoints

). OPERA models were applied to more than 750,000 chemicals to produce freely available predicted data on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's CompTox Chemistry Dashboard. OPERA; QSAR/QSPR ... . Williams AJ , Grulke CM , Edwards J et al ( 2017 ) The CompTox Chemistry Dashboard: a community data resource for environmental chemistry . J Cheminform 9 : 61 . 85

Special topic on strategies for developing energy-related physical chemistry

challenges caused by energy resource shortage, massive energy consumption, high fossil energy consumption (particularly coal), increasing environmental pollution. The development of energy chemistry is ... Tian 0 Nanfeng Zheng 0 0 Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials, State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, and Department of Chemistry, College of

Bio- and chemocatalysis cascades as a bridge between biology and chemistry for green polymer synthesis

The development and integration of bio- and chemocatalytic processes to convert renewable or biomass feedstocks into polymers is a vibrant field of research with enormous potential for environmental ... for environmental protection and the mitigation of global warming. Here, we review the biotechnological and chemical synthetic strategies for producing platform monomers from bio-based sources and

Advances in metabolome information retrieval: turning chemistry into biology. Part I: analytical chemistry of the metabolome

allows the molecular characterization of a biological sample with regard to both internal (genetics) and environmental (exosome, microbiome) influences. Metabolomics workflows are based on whether the ... and molecular characterizations of the metabolome and the changes in metabolites related to genetic, environmental, drug, or dietary variables in addition to other factors (Fiehn 2002; Holmes et al