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Recent Trends in Behavioral Environmental Economics

decentralized spontaneous solutions”, which are optimal (Samuelson 1954: p. 388). The domain of environmental economics looks back on a long history of developing solutions to these market failures (Shogren and ... Taylor 2008). Externalities and environmental public goods provide typical examples for market failures in environmental economics (e.g. Fullerton and Stavins 1998). Instruments established through

Urban Economics by Design: Thinking from Down Under

Based on their experience in Australasia, Kobus Mentz and Susannah Goble discuss how, by considering urban economics, urban design, and local governance concurrently, greater efficiency, prosperity ... businesses and economies which vary from place to place. Yet good local economics are fundamental to all areas of local sustainability. Local revenue is required to fund vital environmental and social

Misbehavioral Law and Economics

limitations of the rising reliance on behavioral economics and psychology in legal scholarship and policy. This Article discusses how discerning tastes from circumstances could guide regulation of pressing ... am grateful to participants at the following conferences where the Article was presented: the American Law & Economics Association Annual Meeting, the Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial

Benefit–Cost Analysis and Distributional Weights: An Overview | Review of Environmental Economics and Policy | Oxford Academic

empirical basis, and a different assumption is adopted by much scholarship in environmental economics (Johansson-Stenman 2005; Fullerton 2009, p. xxi) . Moreover, the analysis does not consider the ... challenges . Annual Review of Resource and Environmental Economics 3 : 313 - 336 . Dasgupta , Ajit K. , and D. W. Pearce . 1972 . Costbenefit analysis: Theory and practice . New York: Harper and Row. Dasgupta

Quantum Economics, Newtonian Economics, and Law

, and environmental regulation—which I argue might be explained by a single, simple analytical framework: a quantum approach to behavioral law and economics. I then draw two lessons from this excursion ... QUANTUM ECONOMICS, NEWTONIAN ECONOMICS, AND LAW William H.J. Hubbard 0 0 Professor of Law and Ronald H. Coase Teaching Scholar, University of Chicago Law School. I presented an early version of

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... Manag 31 : 0466 - 0475 Mäler K-G ( 1974 ) Environmental economics: a theoretical inquiry. Johns Hopkins University for Resources for the Future , Baltimore Marbuah G , Gren I-M , McKie B ( 2014

Journals, Preferences, and Publishing in Agricultural and Environmental Economics

would have on career progression, and the impact beyond academia of papers in the journal. Among the sample of journals studied, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics is ranked at the top for ... environmental (ARE) Economics. This is achieved by directly eliciting preferences between journals in a stated-preference survey with a sample of over 900 researchers in the field. Analysis of choice data from

Constitutional Economics

, e.g., Jonathan Baert Wiener, Global Environmental Regulation: Instrument Choice in Legal Context, 108 YALE L. J. 677, 799 (1999) (noting that economics is "derived from the ancient Greek word 'oikos

Entrepreneurship, institutional economics, and economic growth: an ecosystem perspective

University , Birmingham , UK 1 Z. J. Acs George Mason University , Fairfax, VA , USA 2 London School of Economics , London , UK 3 L. Szerb University of Pecs , Pecs , Hungary We analyze conceptually and in an ... See two special issues of the Journal of Technology Transfer on National Systems of Innovation (Acs et al. 2017a, b) and Small Business Economics on National Systems of Entrepreneurship (Acs et al

Frontiers of Climate Change Economics

The economics of climate change is an active field of research. The contributions to a Special Issue are put in context of the literature, and it is suggested that second-best issues such as carbon ... JR (eds) Handbook of environmental economics , vol 1 . Elsevier , Amsterdam, pp 325 - 354 Pindyck RS ( 2013 ) Climate change policy: what do the models tell us ? J Econ Lit 51 : 860 - 872 Pindyck RS

Route optimization as an instrument to improve animal welfare and economics in pre-slaughter logistics

Each year, more than three million animals are transported from farms to abattoirs in Sweden. Animal transport is related to economic and environmental costs and a negative impact on animal welfare ... distances, leading to higher transportation costs for the transport and negative environmental impact. - Data Availability Statement: Data used in the analyses are owned by the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Behavioral Economics in Consumer Behavior Analysis

CF10 3EU , UK Since its inception, consumer behavior analysis has sought to meld behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and marketing science into a unified whole that comprehends consumer ... behavior in a unique way (Foxall, 1990/2004, 2011; Hantula, DiClemente, & Rajala, 2001). A special issue of the journal Managerial and Decision Economics was recently devoted to operant behavioral economics

The Economics of European Eel Management

. It has been accepted for inclusion in Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics by an authorized editor of Digital Commons @ Center for the Blue Economy. For more information , please contact 1 Luleå ... reviewers provided valuable comments on an earlier version of this paper. The us ual disclaimers apply. Thi s application notes is available in Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics:

The Inverse Poisson Functional for forecasting response time to environmental events and global climate change

data means and are designated the Inverse Poisson Functional. Climate and environmental data have been used to develop a cost-frequency population distribution and to estimate the expected time between ... the actual curbing of emissions as a result of measuring the mean response time of environmental impacts of similar costs. In other words, we propose that the delay of substantial mitigation to

Interactions of climate, socio-economics, and global mercury pollution in the North Water

contaminants, and are, therefore, not of particular interest in the present study (AMAP 1998, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2015; Dietz et al. 2013a, b; Letcher et al. 2010) . The awareness of the presence, environmental ... Stockholm Convention on POPs, which aims to eliminate or restrict the production and use of POPs and has, indeed, led to a decrease of the environmental impact of these contaminants in the Arctic (Dietz et

The trends of aquacultural nitrogen budget and its environmental implications in China

The rapid development of aquaculture has sustained aquatic food production but has also led to a host of environmental problems, ranging from eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems to global ... acidification. China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of aquaculture products. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient in aquaculture ecosystems, and the quantitative environmental fate and impact

Historicizing Environmental Security

Environmental security is a bountiful but seldom narrowly defined notion within current security studies (Barnett 2001, pp 25-49; 2007; Dyer 2001; Allison 2014; Deudney 1990; Weintraub 1995; Dyer 1996 ... ; Carrapatoso 2011; Lautensach and Lautensach 2014). The link between awareness of environmental problems and security is usually historically situated as a part of the emergence of post-World War II global

Ecological Economics and Sport Stadium Public Financing

Given the recent importance that sport organizations, academics, and the public have placed on environmental sustainability this Article introduces the study of ecological economics—founded upon ... evidenced by the proliferation of environmental- and ecology-based journals—a trend that has been mirrored in the fields of law, finance, and economics.15 Sportrelated disciplines, however, have been slower

Towards defining an environmental investment universe within planetary boundaries

environmental risks. In turn, investors provide vital leverage on companies. Here, we report on our transdisciplinary science/business experience in applying the planetary boundaries framework (sensu Rockström et ... Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne , 1015 Lausanne , Switzerland Science is increasingly able to identify precautionary boundaries for critical Earth

Exploring the link between environmental pollution and economic growth in EU-28 countries: Is there an environmental Kuznets curve?

This study examines the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis (EKC), considering the primary energy consumption among other country-specific variables, for a panel of the EU-28 countries during the ... Agri-Food and Environmental Economics, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies , Bucharest , Romania 1 Editor: Jacint Balaguer, Universitat Jaume I , SPAIN This study examines the Environmental