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The Minamata Convention On Mercury: Past, Present, And Future Environmental Health

Environmental Health." Sustainable Development Law & Policy 14 , no. 3 (2014): 12-13, 46 1 American University Washington College of Law , USA 2 History of Biotechnology and Regulatory Services , ausd 3 Begins ... these difficulties, the creation of a global risk assessment for mercury, if properly implemented, will be invaluable in protecting environmental health worldwide. o rIgIns The negative human health

State of Children Environmental Health Research in Latin America

health in Latin America. However, there is little information on the current state of childhood environmental health research, which might help identify its strengths and limitations, as well as to design

Evaluating Pre-Service Teacher Workforce: Environmental Health Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior

Abstract Research has shown that personal health behaviors and actions established early in life are often carried through adulthood. Thus, working with children to increase environmental health ... the environmental health literacy of future adults, potentially improving the health of the Nation. Given the amount of time children spend in school, this setting could be an ideal place to address

Towards Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Sector: Benchmarking of Environmental, Health, and Safety Efforts

evaluate the maturity of environmental, health and safety (EHS) efforts and progress toward sustainability in the oil and gas sector. Ten major oil companies have been analyzed based on public information


. One gets a sense that the "no look" courts are simply unwilling to grapple with the technical issues often presented in health and environmental rulemaking appeals.9o After one reads a good sample of

Pediatric Environmental Health Hazards and the Role of Government in Adopting Standards to Protect Children

provides an overview of the current pediatric environmental health initiatives being developed at the national level and illustrates how numerous research endeavors, conferences, newly formed federal offices

Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and sensor web technologies for public and environmental health surveillance and crisis management: trends, OGC standards and application examples

roles these domains can play in environmental and public health surveillance and crisis/disaster informatics. We provide an in-depth review of the key issues and trends in these areas, the challenges ... (December 2009). Particularly, it has been shown that the vision of citizens as sensors for environmental monitoring and public health is technically and methodologically feasible. LSM (Linked Sensor

Searching for the Nano-needle in a Green Haystack: Researching the Environmental, Health, and Safety Ramifications of Nanotechnology

This Article will attempt to serve as a primer by demystifying the process of how to efficiently locate resources discussing the environmental health and safety (EHS) impacts of nanotechnology in the ... , 30 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 397 (2013) Available at: 2 Pace University School of Law Part of the Environmental Law Commons; Health Law and Policy Commons; and the Legal Writing and Research Commons


health or to prevent an adverse environmental effect” (Clean Air Act, §112(f)). “To assure chemical substances and mixtures do not present an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment

Lessons In Environmental Law

depend on them. Established in 2008 by Noah Hall, assistant professor of law in WSU’s Law School, the center represents the public’s interest in legal cases concerning environmental health and ... .” Schroeck said the students’ work has helped grow the center’s reputation as an advocate for environmental sustainability and a watchdog for public health. “For the first time, Michigan has a public interest

Distributing the Costs of Environmental, Health, and Safety Protection: The Feasibility Principle, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Regulatory Reform

This Article offers a normative theory justifying the feasibility principle animating many environmental statutes. The feasibility principle avoids widespread plant shutdowns while maximizing the ... consideration of economic cost . . . .”); Thomas O. McGarity, Media-Quality, Technology, and Cost-Beneªt Balancing Strategies for Health and Environmental Regulation, 46 Law & Contemp. Probs. 159, 164 (1983

Environmental Risks and Children’s Health in a Mayan Community from Southeast of Mexico

different environmental risks. Mexico demonstrates the necessity for creating a national environmental health program. In southeastern Mexico, Tixméhuac, is a Mayan community with a high marginalization ... childhood morbidities are acute and chronic diseases. Objective: The aim of the study was to recognize environmental risks for children’s health in Tixméhauc, Yucatan State. Methods: A total of one hundred

Genetics and Environmental Law: Redefining Public Health

University of Minnesota Law Library staff. Research for this Article was supported in part by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Human Genome Research

Health Aspects of Housing and Town Planning

concerned with environmental health. It then examines how dwelling hygiene and safety can be ensured by accounting for biological, chemical, engineering and physical parameters that are relevant to human ... health and the urban environment organized by the Centre for Human Ecology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva from 10-18 April 1986. Journalof Sociology & Social Welfare Tuberculosis

When Environmental Regulations Kill: The Role of Health/Health Analysis

generally referred to as "health/health analysis" or "risk/risk analysis." Health/health analysis is controversial and important because it implies a role for cost considerations in environmental policy at a

Long-Range Planning in Environmental and Health Regulatory Agencies

Program, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The original version of this article was commissioned by the Task Force

The Collapse of Place: Derelict Land, Deprivation, and Health Inequality in Glasgow, Scotland

for these health, deprivation, and environmental variables. The Index is used to select and prioritize communities for resource allocation and planning efforts, and is transferrable to other locations ... natural areas. This research is part of a larger project comparing Glasgow and New York City regarding the relationship between environmental health justice and aspects of the built environment

American Environmentalism and the City: An Ecosystem Services Perspective

services framework, the organizations’ urban-based initiatives were analyzed to determine what types of ecosystem services they emphasized and what the implications are for cities and environmental health ... and environmental health. Results from historical, content, and interview analyses reveal the potential of the ecosystem services framework to unite the interests and efforts of multiple stakeholders