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Global perspectives and case studies of environmental management and policy

related to environmental management and environmental policy. These articles feature worldwide perspectives and case studies from multiple continents and highlight broader implications for environmental ... communication, resilience analysis, etc.? et al. 2017). This is demonstrated in a case study on a watershed management plan in Honduras. Turki et  al. (2017 ) investigate the environmental management systems

Linking 1D coastal ocean modelling to environmental management: an ensemble approach

The use of a one-dimensional interdisciplinary numerical model of the coastal ocean as a tool contributing to the formulation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) is explored. The focus is on the ... parameterisations is considered to be necessary to advance towards an usable environmental management tool. A conceptual scheme of the work and methodology carried out is given in Fig. 1. Adopting a DPSIR (Drivers

Evaluation of Environmental Management System Implementation in Construction Projects

In this article, implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard in construction plants is evaluated. Standard requirements are examined and implementation elaborated for the ... . Environmental management system; construction projects; ISO 14001 Material and Methods: In the initial stage quality management systems generally reviewed and ISO 14001 (TSE 2015) is selected for implementation

An environmental evaluation of food waste downstream management options: a hybrid LCA approach

be compared under existing and potential decarbonisation scenarios. This paper holistically quantifies the environmental impacts of three food waste downstream management options-incineration ... , 88% of waste management-LCA studies exclude capital goods. Even more concerning is that 26% of these studies claim that capital goods have insignificant environmental impacts (Laurent et al. 2014a, b

The art of co-production of knowledge in environmental sciences and management: lessons from international practice

This review paper addresses the challenging question of “how to” design and implement co-production of knowledge in climate science and other environmental and agricultural sciences. Based on a ... -making. The traditional science production model, called “Mode 1” (Nowotny et al. 2003) , has been critiqued for failing to inform environmental management and decision making in an effective 2 Institute

Environmental drivers of harbour porpoise fine-scale movements

Quantifying intraspecific variation in movement behaviour of marine predators and the underlying environmental drivers is important to inform conservation management of protected species. Here, we ... Positioning System (GPS) and dive recorder units (V-tags). We used multi-model inference and model averaging to evaluate the relative importance of various static and dynamic environmental conditions on the

Exploring the link between environmental pollution and economic growth in EU-28 countries: Is there an environmental Kuznets curve?

This study examines the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis (EKC), considering the primary energy consumption among other country-specific variables, for a panel of the EU-28 countries during the ... . Economic growth and environmental quality: An econometric and a decomposition analysis . Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal . 2007 ; 18 ( 5 ): 568 ± 77 . 20. Moutinho V , Varum C

Big Data Sustainability: An Environmental Management Systems Analogy

, while minimizing the potential negative externalities? This Paper argues that leaders can learn from environmental management practices developed to manage the negative externalities of the industrial

The benefits of systematic mapping to evidence-based environmental management

rates (7 per day in the field of medicine; Bastian et al. 2010) . Systematic review methods first applied to the field of conservation and environmental management in 2006 (Pullin and Stewart 2006 ... adapted for use in environmental management and conservation (Randall and James 2012) they have become increasingly common. There are now 15 SM protocols published in the CEE journal Environmental Evidence

Environmental and human health issues related to pesticides: from usage and environmental fate to impact

Res 21 : 4974 - 4976 Devault DA , Macarie H , Lemoine S ( 2016 ) Crop protection and environmental health: legacy management and new concepts . Environ Sci Pollut Res 23 : 1 - 2 Droma rd CR , Gué né M ... Environmental Science and Pollution Research highlights selected papers presented at the 46th congress of the French Group of Pesticide research (Groupe Français des Pesticides, GFP) that took place between the

The Role of the Courts in Guarding Against Privatization of Important Public Environmental Resources

trust for 198. Id. arts. 26, 42. 199. Id. arts. 62, 42, 21; see also id. art. 69 (containing environmental provisions related to government management and equitable sharing). 200. Advocates Coal. for Dev ... Articlesibrought to you for free and open access by the oJurnals at University of Michgian Law School Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in iMchgian Journal of Environmental & Adminsitrative

Environmental Stewardship: A Conceptual Review and Analytical Framework

There has been increasing attention to and investment in local environmental stewardship in conservation and environmental management policies and programs globally. Yet environmental stewardship has ... outcomes in diverse social-ecological contexts. Next, drawing from a review of the environmental stewardship, management and governance literatures, we unpack the elements of this definition to develop an

Economic and environmental packaging sustainability: A case study

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to analyze the suitability of the packaging strategy of an important Spanish agro-food company, regarding to economic and environmental sustainability.Design ... Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management JIEM 2013-0953 Economic and Environmental Packaging Sustainability: A Case Study Iván González-Boubeta Mar Fernández-Vázquez-Noguerol Pablo

Environmental Quality Management

. 655 (1970). Available at: - noural resources iournal Published four times a year by The University of New Mexico School of Law ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT BLAIR T. BOWER and WALTER 0 ... the purview of urban design, that is, the impact on perceived environmental quality of the juxtaposition of building in space. I RESIDUALS-ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM To provide a basis

Historicizing Environmental Security

) Imperial environmentalism or environmental imperialism? European Forestry, colonial foresters and the agendas of forst management in British India 1800-1900 . In: Grove R (ed) Nature and the orient . Oxford ... ) Environmental security, environmental management, and environmental justice . Pace Environ Law Rev 12 : 614 - 618 Wo¨bse A ( 2011 ) ' The world after all was one': the International Environmental Network of

National Green Tribunal of India—an observation from environmental judgements

addition to the above, the MoEF&CC also engages the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) for EIA studies and monitoring activities for environmental projects of CRZ nature. In the ... zone management authorities. (iv) NGT issues directions to the MoEF&CC and CZMA to carry out inspections to ensure compliance to CRZ/EC conditions and Environmental Regulations. Environmental

Biological, environmental and socioeconomic threats to citrus lime production

difficult; consequently, biopesticides, biological control and cultural practices have become the focus of their management in citrus (Grafton-Cardwell et al. 2006) . Thrips Scirtothrips citri Moulton ... 1969; Manrakhan et al. 2015) . Hymenopteran parasitoids (e.g. Braconidae) are also employed for integrated pest management in citrus orchards to maintain fruit fly populations below economic damage

Transformational Leadership Practices in Curriculum Implementation (Environmental Education) in Secondary Schools in Siaya County, Kenya

, Intellectual stimulation and Individualized consideration in curriculum implementation, Environmental Education (EE). The sample consisted of 183 teachers randomly selected from 30 secondary schools in Siaya ... leadership role of head teachers in the implementation of secondary school Environmental Education in Siaya District , Kenya. 34. Okumbe , J. A. ( 2007 ). Educational management . Theory and Practice Nairobi

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... water quality improvements . Report for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Economic Analysis Division , Washington D.C. Elofsson K , Mensah JT , Kjellander P ( 2017 ) Optimal management of two

Records Management

Manager. Dual certification is a fairly recent phenomenon in the information management profession. It produces a form of schizophrenia: on one side, the little devil sits on your shoulder and says, "When ... Catholic diocesan archives and records management programs are complicated and pressing litigation issues. Of course, that is not what Catholic diocesan officials or bishops to whom I've talked want to hear