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Economic valuation of hydrogeological information when managing groundwater drawdown

false detection (type I error), P(D|Fc). Similarly, Dc can either result in P(Dc|Fc) or the type II error P(Dc|F). If Ɵc is chosen as the intersection point of the two functions, as illustrated in Fig ... . 4, the sum of the type I and type II errors is minimized. With this choice, OVL =  P(Dc|F) +  P(D|Fc) (Fig. 5). Open image in new window Fig. 5 Choice of critical parameter value (Ɵc) based on OVL

Managing selection of wind power generation technologies

The article presents the principled model for managing the selection of wind power generation technologies enabling business organizations to transform rationally their fossil fuel-based business ... Business: Theory and Practice MANAGING SELECTION OF WIND POWER GENERATION TECHNOLOGIES Andrius TAMOŠIŪNAS 0 1 0 JEL Classification: M11 , M13, M21, M29 1 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

The Problem of the Non-Exchanging Shareholder

. Rev. 1092, 1104 (1947) (emphasis added). But see Note, The Lost Shareholder, 62 Harv. L. Rev. 295 (1948). "The general rule has been stated to be that [the non-exchanging shareholder] does not, merely

Sharing with Caution: Managing Parking Spaces in Vehicular Networks

By exchanging events in a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), drivers can receive interesting information while driving. For example, they can be informed of available parking spaces in their vicinity

A flexible format for exchanging pulsar data

We describe a data format currently in use amongst European institutions for exchanging and archiving pulsar data. The format is designed to be as flexible as possible with regard to present and ... data has hampered previous collaborative research e orts. In this paper, we describe a flexible format that we have developed for exchanging data between EPN pulsar groups. The format has some generic

Managing clinical trials

Managing clinical trials, of whatever size and complexity, requires efficient trial management. Trials fail because tried and tested systems handed down through apprenticeships have not been ... phases in the life of a trial and put greater emphasis on ‘conduct’ (the process of actually doing trials) [3]. In addition, the MRC acknowledged that the failure of some trials can be due to practical

Exchanging Books in Western Europe: A Brief History of International Interlibrary Loan

. witnessed an astronomical increase in the international exchange of library materials, consistent with rapid advances in technology, population, and an increased emphasis on the importance and accessibility

Managing International Hospitality

dollars. Strategic alliances in the hospitality industry are a type of joint venture which is aimed at a specific geographic region. These are typified, for instance, by the arrangements Radisson used to

A Framework for Managing Training Programs to Enhance Organizational Operation Performance

As training is a powerful means and plays an important role in improving organizational performance and competitiveness, training management deserves more emphasis. Managing training means to plan ... performance and competitiveness. Therefore, the objective of this study is to propose a framework for managing training to enhance organizational operation performance. Extensive discussions with subject

Managing Cyberthreat

Managing Cyberthreat ... to Brian Shields, a former 10-year Nortel veteran who led an internal investigation.”40 The Wall Street Journal observes that “Nortel’s breach offers a rare level of detail about a type of

Managing Conflicts of Interest in Health Care Innovation

, grants, or charitable donations.' Indtustry-provider interactions aim to promote public health through sharing and exchanging information between health care professionals, who have clinical experience and ... incompatible. IL Current Efforts in Cont icts of Interest Managing In March and April of 2008, Congress responded to the growing mindfulness, if not wariness of industry interaction with health care

Risky business: corporate risk regulation when managing allegations of crime

reactive – means of managing organisational insecurities ([19]: 244–245). However, the concept of ‘risk’ is not static. ‘Risk’ is commonly defined as the likelihood of an incident that is perceived as a ... ]: 58). The former set of risks can be conceptualised as primary risks (risks that the auditors are explicitly charged with managing), whilst the latter can be conceptualised as secondary risks (risks

OGER++: hybrid multi-type entity recognition

entity types are targeted assigned a type. In the closely related task of concept recognition (CR, often also referred to as entity linking, normalisation, or grounding), entities are additionally ... identifiers of the wrong entity type (this often happens with abbreviations). Since OGER can produce multiple annotations for the same text span, the list of annotations might contain both correct and wrong

Issues for Managing Tourism Information

at economic, social and cultural aspects. More aggregated data with an emphasis on expenditure and different measures of these expenditures. County interest focused on forecasting the future and

Managing Arctic Fish Stocks

negotiate an agreement for managing migratory and transboundary fish stocks.1 The resolution passed the Senate on October 4, 2007 and is currently pending in the House.2 The resolution is an attempt to meet

Managing Agricultural Pollution

increased, so too has the threat to agriculture itself, through the continuing conversion of farmland to other uses. 7 The purpose of this article is to suggest means of managing agricultural pollution ... of agricultural pollution, the Article will review four approaches to managing that pollution: ( 1 ) judicial resolution of conflicts based on principles of common law nuisance; ( 2 ) technology

Managing challenges of multicultural Information Systems project teams in South Africa

Information Systems (IS) project teams in South Africa need to be led by individuals whose skills include managing cultural diversity. A three phase Delphi study was used to collect and rank the ... Systems: Managing Challenges of Multicultural Information Systems Project Teams in South Africa Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2015, ISSN

Managing Space to Manage Growth

Growth management began in the 1960s to provide new techniques for managing rapid and uncontrolled growth through urban sprawl. Though there is no consensus on a definition of sprawl, commentators usually ... difficult to define what growth management does. The conventional understanding is that growth management influences the rate, amount, type, location and quality of growth. One topology lists four types of

U.S. Trade Policy: Increased Emphasis on Worker Rights

U.S. TRADE POLICY: INCREASED EMPHASIS ON WORKER RIGHTS Marisa Anne Pagnattaro 0 0 Professor of Legal Studies, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia; J.D. 1987, New York Law School; Ph.D ... will expect our trading partners to meet their obligations on labor.”44 This emphasis on labor represents a significant and important shift in trade policy. It is against this backdrop that this