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Single Web Shear Element Model for Shear Strength of RC Beams with Stirrups

analysis, the web element has been analyzed, based on the analysis procedure modified from the modified compression field theory finite element formulation. Through the comparison with the test results of ... strength of reinforced concrete beams with stirrups has been developed. To develop the analysis model, a reinforced concrete beam was idealized with top and bottom chords and a single web shear element

Experimental study and finite element analysis on shear lag effect of thin-walled curved box beam under vehicle loads

Shear lag effects of curved box beam under vehicle loads are investigated by using three-dimensional finite element method, where 4 parameters of vehicle loads, load size, vehicle speed, vehicle load ... loads. In this paper, 3D finite element analysis is employed to study the influence of four parameters on shear lag effect under vehicle loads, experiment is performed to verify the validity of the curved

Dispersion Properties of Explicit Finite Element Methods for Wave Propagation Modelling on Tetrahedral Meshes

We analyse the dispersion properties of two types of explicit finite element methods for modelling acoustic and elastic wave propagation on tetrahedral meshes, namely mass-lumped finite element ... dispersion analysis of the mass-lumped finite element and SIPDG methods for tetrahedra is, to the best of our knowledge, still missing, even though most realistic wave problems involve three-dimensional

Experimental and finite element study of ultimate strength of continuous composite concrete slabs with steel decking

common type of failure at the ultimate load stage. Design codes require the experimental evaluation of the ultimate load capacity and longitudinal shear strength of each type of steel decking using full ... , there was a significant drop in total load and also in the ratio of negative–positive moment as can be seen in Figs. 15, 16 and 17, respectively. Finite element analysis General structural modelling

Precursors of instability in a natural slope due to rainfall: a full-scale experiment

A full-scale landslide-triggering experiment was conducted on a natural sandy slope subjected to an artificial rainfall event, which resulted in mobilisation of 130 m3 of soil mass. Novel slope ... unsaturated constant shear triaxial tests (Brand 1981) were performed to replicate the stress path that a soil element experiences during the rise of pore water pressure in a slope, during and/or after a

Strength Analyses of Screws for Femoral Neck Fractures

SBRA Method is a modern and innovative approach applied to mechanical structures in engineering. 2 Limitations Although a complex 3D solution was also performed using the finite element method (i.e. CT ... in elastic foundations is also possible, for example see [ 16, 23, 25, 35 ], i.e. the application of the Central Finite Difference Method or the Finite Element Method in connection with the iterative

Applications of Finite Element Simulation in the Development of Advanced Sheet Metal Forming Processes

production, and short processing time. Modern automotive concepts demand a weight reduction by using high strength materials and excellent crash performance, which requires innovative simulation techniques in ... Finite Element method (FEM) is applied to reduce the lead time. The FEM prediction accuracy depends on the proper selection of a material model, quality of input parameters, actual operating conditions

Analysis of a Nailed Soil Slope Using Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Methods

SLOPE/W (limit equilibrium based) and PLAXIS 2D (finite element based). The analysis is carried out on two slope angles of 45° and 60°, which are reinforced with nails at three different inclinations of 0 ... stability problems in a frictional-cohesive material [26]. Gurocak et al. [27] have applied strength reduction method in rock slope stability analysis using two–dimensional (2D) finite element program

Monitoring and evaluating of slope stability for setting out of critical limit at slope stability radar

, some previous scan data of radar at open cast mines and applied statistical analysis. After that it has carried out accurate result of slope stability monitoring area and remotely scanning region slopes ... generally preferred for the evaluation of rock. Kinematical analysis refers to the motion of bodies without reference to the forces that cause them to move. Equilibrium analyses consider the shear strength

Finite-element analysis of the residual stresses in tempered glass plates with holes or cut-outs

paper demonstrates 3D results of the thermal tempering simulation by the Finite Element Method in order to calculate the residual stresses in the area of the holes or cut-outs of a tempered glass plate. A ... Pourmoghaddam et al. (2016). This work presents a finite-element analysis of the residual stresses and their development during the tempering process in the area of holes and cut-outs based on 3D FE-models

Developmental finite element analysis of cichlid pharyngeal jaws: Quantifying the generation of a key innovation

finite element models, which can be used to assess the effects of biomechanical forces present in a system at multiple points of its ontogeny. Changes in muscle vector orientations, bite forces, force on ... a method known as finite element analysis (FEA) to overcome the problems involved with complex shapes. FEA is a technique to simulate how the physical components of a system will behave under various

Bondline shear strength and wood failure of European and tropical hardwood glulams

were phenol-resorcinol and melamine-urea. When combining all species in one sample, a rather strong linear relationship of bond and wood shear strength was observed. The ratio of bond vs. wood shear ... ,w_avg + 0.335 N mm2 , R2 = 0.72 (10) is obtained. The slope of 0.914 conforms exactly to the results (Eq. 2) obtained for the linear regression of bond vs. wood shear strength (sample means) of the

Investigating the mechanical response of paediatric bone under bending and torsion using finite element analysis

loads. The aim of this study is therefore to investigate the response of paediatric femora under two types of loading conditions, bending and torsion, using a CT-based finite element approach, and to ... . Paediatric long bone; Finite element analysis; Femur strength; Injury tolerance 1 Introduction Bone fractures are common childhood injuries which have been estimated to account for 25% of all paediatric

Comparison between results of solution of Burgers’ equation and Laplace’s equation by Galerkin and least-square finite element methods

In this research, two equations are considered as examples of hyperbolic and elliptic equations. In addition, two finite element methods are applied for solving of these equations. The purpose of ... least-square finite element method and discrete time by forward difference.). For Laplace's equation, Galerkin and least square methods can show water table correctly in earth dam. Earth dam; Elliptical

Multiplicative Hyperelastic-Based Plasticity for Finite Elastoplastic Deformation/Sliding: A Comprehensive Review

description of the finite deformation and rotation in this article. Further, it is extended to describe the general loading behavior including the monotonic, the cyclic and the non-proportional loading ... applicable up to the finite deformation/rotation. 2. It is applicable up to the negative pressure range which depends on the preconsolidation pressure. 3. The shear modulus increases depending on the pressure

Shear strength behavior and parameters of microbial gellan gum-treated soils: from sand to clay

. 1a). The vane shear strength (sv) increased with a reduction in the initial water content and an increase in the clay content (Fig. 1b). Gellan gum treatment increased the shear strength significantly ... also the friction angle of clay-containing soils. Shear strength; Biopolymer; Vane shear test - List of symbols w The soil water content (%) to the mass of soil mb The mass of biopolymer (gellan gum

Are CT-Based Finite Element Model Predictions of Femoral Bone Strengthening Clinically Useful?

and proximal femoral strength: a finite element analysis study . Bone . 2011 ; 48 : 1239 - 45 . 8. Keyak JH , Sigurdsson S , Karlsdottir GS , Oskarsdottir D , Sigmarsdottir A , Kornak J , et al. Effect ... . 11. Falcinelli C , Schileo E , Balistreri L , Baruffaldi F , Bordini B , Viceconti M , et al. Multiple loading conditions analysis can improve the association between finite element bone strength

Microstructure of shear-induced thixoformed Al-4.5Cu-1.5Mg alloy via RAP and SSTT processes

produced by the RAP process in the section of 4 mm in diameter at 620 ° C after applying shear. Its corresponding compressive strength was -877.44 MPa. The maximum average globule size was 136 μm, and it was ... of 10 mm in diameter at 630 °C before applying shear. Its corresponding compressive strength was -769.18 MPa. The finest and most spherical globules, as well as the highest compressive strength were

Turbulent Drag Reduction Using Anisotropic Permeable Substrates

The behaviour of turbulent flow over anisotropic permeable substrates is studied using linear stability analysis and direct numerical simulations (DNS). The flow within the permeable substrate is ... stability analysis performed by [ 1 ] and obtain new estimates for drag reduction based on the analysis for highly connected permeable substrates. Subsequently, we present the results from several DNSs in

Finite element simulation of pole vaulting

. Employing advanced, load-adjusted composites has resulted in a steady increase of the world record height. This study provides a framework for finite element simulations of pole vaulting with focus on the ... failed attempts. Pole vaulting method; Finite element - Institute of Polymer Composites, Hamburg University of Technology, Denickestr. 15, 21073 Hamburg, Germany 1 Introduction Pole vaulting is an