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Wildlife Underpass Use and Environmental Impact Assessment: A Southern California Case Study

environmental impacts from proposed developments often rely on literature reviews or other indirect measures to establish the importance of wildlife crossings. Literature-based evaluations of wildlife crossings ... cougars in fragmented habitat . Journal of Wildlife Management 59 : 228 - 237 . Beier , P. , K. L. Penrod , C. Luke , W. D. Spencer , and C. Cabañero . 2006 . South Coast Missing Linkages: rstoring

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... two thirds of the included studies have been applied to wildlife in the USA. A majority of the studies on the costs of wildlife management calculate losses from carnivore predation on livestock and

Microplastic in riverine fish is connected to species traits

a risk associated with microplastic contamination, but there is little research on microplastic ecology within freshwater ecosystems. Microplastic uptake by fish is likely affected by environmental ... factors which drive microplastic patterns in freshwater food webs will be critical for management policies. Microplastic in fish digestive tracts was different among species and feeding groups Plastic and

Measuring Brief (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

CORDELIA LEAR, Plaintiff-Appellee-Cross Appellant, v. UNITED STATES FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, Defendant-Appellant-Cross Appellee, and BRITTAIN COUNTY, NEW UNION, Defendant-Appellant. ON APPEAL FROM ... THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEW UNION Brief of UNITED STATES FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, Defendant-Appellant-Cross Appellee * This brief has been reprinted in its original

Managing an invasive corallimorph at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, Line Islands, Central Pacific

benthos, including corals and coralline algae, potentially placing coral ecosystems in the atoll at risk. This prompted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the lead management agency of the atoll, to remove ... Boothbay, ME 04544 , USA 1 G. S. Aeby Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology , 46-007 Lilipuna Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744 , USA 2 T. M. Work (&) US Geological Survey, National Wildlife Health Center, Honolulu Field

Breaking Through Disciplinary Barriers: Human–Wildlife Interactions and Multispecies Ethnography

becoming more evident. To tackle this problem, we dissect the meaning of what the biological sciences term studies in “human–wildlife conflict” or more recently “human–wildlife interactions” and compare it ... understanding human–wildlife interactions and ecological relationships are grounded in the disciplines of behavioral ecology and conservation biology, originally the domain of ecologists and zoologists

Functional feeding traits as predictors of invasive success of alien freshwater fish species using a food-fish model

Invasions of Ponto-Caspian fish species into north-western European river basins accelerated since the opening of the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal in 1992. Since 2002, at least five Ponto-Caspian alien ... morphometrics and prey characteristics . Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries . 2001 ; 10 ( 4 ): 393 ± 437 . https:// Sibbing2000 . 30. Link JS . A General Model of Selectivity

Confronting species aesthetics with ecological functions in coral reef fish

of fish biology (the GASPAR database): size, mobility, time period of activity, type of grouping, position in the water column, and diet (see Methods ‘Functional space computation’, Supplementary Fig ... publicized in the media13, such as clownfish, as well as many colourful species popular among aquarists14. However, beautiful species are not the sole components of coral reefs fish communities, and a lack of

Linkages among forest, water, and wildlife: a case study from Kalapani community forest in Lamahi bottleneck area in Terai Arc Landscape.

Forest and water are important entities for sustaining life on earth. In a terrestrial ecosystem, linkages between the entities creates a mosaic benefiting the wildlife by creating the suitable ... such as community based forest restoration along wildlife corridors. Nepal’s Forest Act 1993 provisioned for transfering the protection, management and use rights of forest products from the government

Wildlife Issues Are Local – So Why Isn’t ESA Implementation?

overview of the history of state and federal wildlife management in the United States. A. Initial State Primacy As successors to the Crown, the States maintained jurisdiction over fish and game within ... management. H.R. 37 charged the federal government with establishing and overseeing a national endangered species program with some cooperation with state fish and wildlife agencies.54 By contrast, S. 1983

Wildlife-vehicle collisions in Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve, Canary Islands

Insular wildlife is more prone to extinction than their mainland relatives. Thus, a basic understanding of non-natural mortality sources is the first step in the development of conservation ... particular the road network on the wildlife of other islands and habitats are needed to establish proper management strategies. Supporting information S1 Table. Number of carcasses (roadkills) found on

Endemic fish species structuring oceanic intertidal reef assemblages

some aspects of intertidal fish ecology. We tested what are the main differences and drivers in fish assemblages structure between tidepools in three oceanic and three continental shelf (coastal) sites ... Scholar26. Willis, T. Visual census methods underestimate density and diversity of cryptic reef fishes. Journal of Fish Biology 59, 1408–1411 (2001). Article Google Scholar27. Cox, T. E., Baumgartner, E

Structural connectivity at a national scale: Wildlife corridors in Tanzania

) where are other remaining potential wildlife corridors located, and (iv) which protected areas with lower forms of protection (e.g., Forest Reserves and Wildlife Management Areas) may act as stepping ... Research Fellowship, African Studies Committee Graduate Research Fellowship, and Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology's Walter and Elizabeth Howard Wildlife Management Award and Selma Herr

Ecto- and endo-parasitic monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) on cultured freshwater exotic fish species in the state of Morelos, South-Central Mexico

An extensive parasitological study of 365 freshwater exotic fish specimens belonging to 13 species of seven families (Cichlidae, Cyprinidae, Osphronemidae, Pangasidae, Poeciliidae, Characidae, and ... . (Loricariidae). The paramount importance of the establishment of these monogeneans due to the importation/exportation of non-native ornamental and other exotic host fish species cultured for food in Mexico is

Modulators of mercury risk to wildlife and humans in the context of rapid global change

individual-level drivers, influence human Hg exposure. Finally, we address how the adverse health effects of Hg in humans and wildlife are modulated by a range of extrinsic and intrinsic drivers within the ... suggests that it may have a potentially significant impact on Hg bioaccumulation and biomagnification through food webs. Fish and wildlife exposure to MeHg inherently differs among waterbody and habitat

Fate and consequence of nutrients at an abandoned feedlot, Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota, USA

, the former Crookston Cattle Company feedlot (47°43.6’ N, 96°19.2’ W), lies within the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge near Crookston, northwestern Minnesota, USA ... Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Plains & Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PPP-LCC, administered through the Red Lake Watershed District) and the North

The challenge and opportunity of behaviour change methods and frameworks to reduce demand for illegal wildlife

Biodiversity conservation is contingent upon managing human behaviour and, at times, changing behaviour. This is particularly relevant to the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products, both ... , Cooney R , Roe D , Dublin HT , Allan JR , Challender DWS , Skinner D ( 2017 ) Developing a theory of change for a community-based response to illegal wildlife trade . Conservation Biology 31 ( 1 ): 5 - 12

Unlocking the “Virtual Cage” of Wildlife Surveillance

The electronic surveillance of wildlife has grown more extensive than ever. For instance, thousands of wolves wear collars transmitting signals to wildlife biologists. Some collars inject wolves with ... are nearly 40 collared wolves” in North Carolina). 55. See Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management 2015 Annual Report 2 (Mar. 18, 2016),

Spatiotemporal epidemiology of rabies at an interface between domestic dogs and wildlife in South Africa

We characterized the spatiotemporal epidemiology of rabies from January 2009 through March 2014 across the interface between a wildlife reserve and communal livestock farming area in South Africa ... wildlife interactions with dogs were reported and documented immediately by reserve management and distributed to the State Veterinarian. Opportunistic sampling for rabies during routine disease

Citizen Science and Wildlife Conservation: Lessons from 34 Years of the Maine Loon Count

Since the early 1980s—long before the term citizen science was widely adopted— Maine Audubon has engaged thousands of dedicated volunteers in myriad wildlife surveys and studies, from bat colony ... extinction of several endangered and threatened species. Additional partners include MDIFW, Maine Department of Transportation, and US Fish and Wildlife Service. The long-term goal is to identify areas with