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Food Science Dialog 2015

Analysemethoden begegnet werden, die trennscharf Produkte voneinander unterscheiden ko¨nnen, die nur in wenigen Merkmalen voneinander abweichen. Der ja¨hrlich stattfindende Food Science Dialog in Hamburg wurde von ... Lebensmittelbranche diskutierten aktuelle Themen, unterstu¨tzt und unter aktiver Beteiligung von Hamburger Lebensmittelkontrolleuren, Studierenden der Studienga¨nge Food Science und O¨kotrophologie sowie von Vertretern

Food Sharing across Borders

Evolutionary models consider hunting and food sharing to be milestones that paved the way from primate to human societies. Because fossil evidence is scarce, hominoid primates serve as referential ... -04103 Leipzig , Germany 1 Centre for Research and Conservation, Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp , Koningin Astridplein 20-26, B-2018 Antwerp , Belgium 2 Faculty of Science, School of Natural Sciences

Food fraud and the perceived integrity of European food imports into China

Background/Aims Persistent incidents of food fraud in China have resulted in low levels of consumer trust in the authenticity and safety of food that is domestically produced. We examined the ... . Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture . 2010 ; 90 ( 8 ): 1368 ± 73 . PMID: 20474057 10. Food Standards Agency. Reporting food fraud no date . Available from: http

Factors influencing animal-source food consumption in Timor-Leste

animal-source food (ASF) is low, and there are few reports of the utilisation of non-domesticated species. This mixed-methods study was conducted in three villages from mid-2015 to mid-2017. Two hundred ... -source food; Undernutrition; Livestock; Timor-Leste - Received: 16 April 2018 / Accepted: 25 April 2018 # Springer Science+Business Media B.V., part of Springer Nature and International Society for Plant

Application of GC/MS/MS to food product analysis (in French).

, 1996 ; pp 49 - 88 . 23. Huston , C. K. In Techniques for Analysing Food Aroma , Marsili R., Ed.; Marcel Dekker Inc, New-York, 1997 ; pp 209 - 235 . 24. Fay , L. B. ; Blank , I. ; Cerny, C. In Flavour ... Science: Recent Developments; Taylor AJ. Mottram D.S. Eds; The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 1996 ; pp 271 - 276 . 25. Cazaussus , A. ; Pes , R. ; Sellier, N. ; Tabet , J. C. Chromatographia 1988

Seven myths of organic agriculture and food research

Organic agriculture and food research (OAFR) is well established and there is an ongoing and vibrant discussion about the future research needs of organic farming. However, reviews of the research ... be central for the future development of OAFR. Organic agriculture and food research; Research methodology; Organic 3; 0 Introduction Today, organic agriculture and food research (OAFR) is well

Trust in Food and Trust in Science

Education, Communication and Learning, Gothenburg University , P.O. Box 300, Gothenburg , Sweden - Recent and dramatic knowledge depreciation has raised the need for science to take an active role in the ... public debate and widen the reference frames. Publishing appealing narratives introducing a common reference frame may provide positive identification stimuli. The traditional voice of science has

High Throughput Multispectral Image Processing with Applications in Food Science

Recently, machine vision is gaining attention in food science as well as in food industry concerning food quality assessment and monitoring. Into the framework of implementation of Process Analytical ... Biotechnology of Foods, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, School of Food, Biotechnology and Development, Agricultural University of Athens , Athens , Greece 1 Editor: Gayle E. Woloschak

A citizen science based survey method for estimating the density of urban carnivores

social organisation, the method was additionally applied to suburban badgers to derive relative badger group density (BGD) for one city (Brighton, 2.41 km-2). We demonstrate that citizen science approaches ... colonisation has occurred, population growth will be determined by resources available e.g. food, rest and den sites [ 22 ] and by mortality and emigration. Foxes use a wide variety of features for den and

A holistic vision for food security research

is a contribution to the growing body of food security literature that focuses on the use of models and insights into systems science. Articles in this issue examine the complexity of food security ... University , 22219 Jordan Hall Addition, Raleigh, NC 27695 , USA 1 Louie Rivers III Despite recent gains in global agricultural productivity, lack of food security persists in many regions of the world

Climate Change: From Science to Practice

Purpose of Review Climate change poses a significant threat to human health. Understanding how climate science can be translated into public health practice is an essential first step in enabling robust ... water, nutritious food, and shelter, with rapid changes having serious consequences for their health and wellbeing. Indeed, climate change threatens the last 50 years of gains made in public health [ 3

Consumer-friendly food allergen detection: moving towards smartphone-based immunoassays

. Smartphone-based analysis is centered around citizen science, putting analysis into the hands of the consumer. Food allergies represent a significant worldwide health concern and consumers should be able to ... -care diagnostics (PoC) and a citizen science approach [ 10 ]. Pointof-care diagnostics allow instant on-site testing for food allergens by individuals, whilst citizen science centers around consumer

Correction to: Mental models of food security in rural Mali

Science and Policy Program, Michigan State University , 480 Wilson Road, 151 Natural Resources Building, East Lansing, MI 48824 , USA 6 Department of Geography, Environmental Science and Policy Program

Sustainable food security in India—Domestic production and macronutrient availability

we have mapped—for the first time—the Indian food system from crop production to household-level availability across three key macronutrients categories of ‘calories’, ‘digestible protein’ and ‘fat ... ; 108 : 2 ± 4 . 38. Evans A. Rising Food Prices: Drivers and Implications for Development . London: 2008 . 39. Swinnen J , Squicciarini P. Mixed Messages on Prices and Food Security . Science ( 80 -) 2012

Science in the Learning Gardens (SciLG): a study of students’ motivation, achievement, and science identity in low-income middle schools

opportunities for students to engage in practices of science and engineering. Instructional units incorporate issues such as the impacts of climate change on local food systems. Contextualizing large, complex ... their connections to the placebased flora and fauna, studied science with special focus on the NGSS curriculum for the day, learned to compost, created art, and shared cultural stories about food and

Introduction: systematicity, the nature of science?

Cambridge , Cambridge , UK 1 CELLS-Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences, and Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Science (Institute of Philosophy), Leibniz Universität Hannover , Hannover , Germany ... -Huene's book Systematicity: The Nature of Science (2013) and the approach it introduces. Hoyningen-Huene's book marks the first attempt in many years to provide a comprehensive philosophical account of

Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

Do you have what it takes to be a life scientist? This book introduces many of the main concepts such as evolution, what defines life, fossils, types of life, DNA, cell reproduction, food webs, and ... reproduction, food webs, and more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

Solutions for food security in Africa through sustainable soil fertility management of ecosystems under climate change

, biotechnological advances, legume pest interactions and food security issues, climatic constraints, forest and range ecology, policy and capacity building, and new and orphan crops. However, the majority of papers

Food claims and nutrition facts of commercial infant foods

Composition claim, nutrition claim and health claim are often found on the commercial complementary food packaging. The introduction of complementary foods (CFs) to infants is a turning point in the ... for CFs employed health or nutrition claims to promote the products, but the actual nutritional content of these CFs is not clear. The aim of this study was to compare the food claims of commercial

Pretreatment of different food rest materials for bioconversion into fungal lipid-rich biomass

Food rest materials have the potential to be used as media components in various types of fermentations. Oleaginous filamentous fungi can utilize those components and generate a high-value lipid-rich ... , which could be further used for animal and human use. One of the main limitations in this process is the pretreatment of food rest materials, needed to provide homogenization, sterilization and