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Food Science Dialog 2015

Analysemethoden begegnet werden, die trennscharf Produkte voneinander unterscheiden ko¨nnen, die nur in wenigen Merkmalen voneinander abweichen. Der ja¨hrlich stattfindende Food Science Dialog in Hamburg wurde von ... Lebensmittelbranche diskutierten aktuelle Themen, unterstu¨tzt und unter aktiver Beteiligung von Hamburger Lebensmittelkontrolleuren, Studierenden der Studienga¨nge Food Science und O¨kotrophologie sowie von Vertretern

Trust in Food and Trust in Science

Education, Communication and Learning, Gothenburg University , P.O. Box 300, Gothenburg , Sweden - Recent and dramatic knowledge depreciation has raised the need for science to take an active role in the ... public debate and widen the reference frames. Publishing appealing narratives introducing a common reference frame may provide positive identification stimuli. The traditional voice of science has

Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

Do you have what it takes to be a life scientist? This book introduces many of the main concepts such as evolution, what defines life, fossils, types of life, DNA, cell reproduction, food webs, and ... reproduction, food webs, and more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

Communicating Science for Everyday Use

these things that are out there? In the food world, it’s just something so big … I can’t solve everything.” Nevertheless, she persists, publishing science-based content online multiple times a week — even ... — education, research and extension — are a braided rope that hoisted the United States to superpower status. Once it could systematically feed itself, innovate scientifically and benefit from exporting food

High Throughput Multispectral Image Processing with Applications in Food Science

Recently, machine vision is gaining attention in food science as well as in food industry concerning food quality assessment and monitoring. Into the framework of implementation of Process Analytical ... Biotechnology of Foods, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, School of Food, Biotechnology and Development, Agricultural University of Athens , Athens , Greece 1 Editor: Gayle E. Woloschak

Diet in pregnancy—more than food

High food quality, together with adequate macro- and micronutrient intake in pregnancy, is crucial for the health status of the mother and child. Recent findings suggest that it could also be

Reading Nonfiction Science Literature with and without Arts Integration Activities

This study explores the integration of the arts into the teaching of science nonfiction texts during literacy instruction. Sixty-one elementary students (15 second graders, 25 third graders, and 21 ... -integration on student content knowledge, engagement level, and attitudes toward learning regarding science nonfiction texts. Throughout the eight-week study, students experienced both the traditional no-arts

Food-borne disease and climate change in the United Kingdom

This review examined the likely impact of climate change upon food-borne disease in the UK using Campylobacter and Salmonella as example organisms. Campylobacter is an important food-borne disease ... the disease incidence is greatest in older adults and young children. There are many pathways through which climate change may affect food but only a few of these have been rigorously examined. This

Rural food security, subsistence agriculture, and seasonality

Many of the world’s food-insecure and undernourished people are smallholder farmers in developing countries. This is especially true in Africa. There is an urgent need to make smallholder agriculture ... sustainable food production: Revisiting mixed crop-livestock systems . Science . 2010 ; 327 : 822 ± 825 . PMID: 20150490 7. Barrett CB . Food systems and the escape from

Assembly of customized food pantries in a food bank by fuzzy optimization

Purpose: The contribution of this research is to propose a new problem of linear-mixed programming model (LMPM) for the allocation-packing of multiple pantries personalized for Food Banks (FB ... Technology, International Science Index 46. International Journal of Biological, Biomolecular, Agricultural, Food and Biotechnological Engineering , 4(10), 750-758.

Food availability and livelihood strategies among rural households across Uganda

Despite continuing economic growth, Uganda faces persistent challenges to achieve food security. The effectiveness of policy and development strategies to help rural households achieve food security ... Wichern 4 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA-Uganda , Kampala , Uganda 5 Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg , Grosse Elbstrasse 133, 22767 Hamburg

Glacier dynamics influenced carbon flows through lake food webs: evidence from a chironomid δ13C-based reconstruction in the Nepalese Himalayas

benthic food web. During warm periods, the glacier retreat induced a rise in in-lake solute concentrations leading to an increasing primary productivity. Complementary investigations are still needed to ... benthic methane-based food webs . Quaternary Science Reviews 137 : 209 - 220 . Belle , S. , et al., 2017a . Chironomid paleo diet as an indicator of past carbon cycle in boreal lakes: Lake Kylma¨nlampi

Weird Science: Frankenstein Foods and States as Laboratories of Democracy

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (the 'National Standard') was signed into law July 29, 2016. This Article analyzes the National Standard and posits that Vermont’s Act 120 was a ... , Food Processing Commons, and the Health Law and Policy Commons 1 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University Follow this and additional works at:

Science, Values, and Power: Toward a Christian-Critical Perspective on Responsible Science

This essay critically examines a questionable presupposition of contemporary science—that science is an instrumental means to human ends and as such is a value-neutral project. According to this ... -intentioned for human benefit, will have its however, would ask whether improvement in food production cashadow side. The reorientation of science will thus require a reaspability to match increases in world

Characterizing the pH-Dependent Release Kinetics of Food-Grade Spray Drying Encapsulated Iron Microcapsules for Food Fortification

Iron deficiency is the primary cause of many widespread nutritional diseases including anemia, pregnancy complications, and infant mortality. Release kinetics of iron premixes to be mixed with food ... , M. ( 2011 ). Response surface optimisation of spray dryer operational parameters for low-phenylalanine skim milk powder . International Journal of Food Science and Technology , 46 ( 9 ), 1830 - 1839

Science Theater as STEAM: A Case Study of "Save It Now

, Evaluation , and Research Commons, Elementary Education and Teaching Commons, Science and Mathematics Education Commons, and the Theatre and Performance Studies Commons Follow this and additional works at

Sorcery and Science: Honoring the Work of Shirley Lindenbaum

Science Foundation, Professor Lindenbaum served on the Advisory Panel in Social and Cultural Anthropology from 1983 to 1985. She was President of the Society for Medical Anthropology ( 1989–1991 ) as ... Mexico as well as a number of other sites in the US. Fieldwork and Research: Sorcery and Science Professor Lindenbaum is best known for her work among the Fore of New Guinea and for her work on AIDS in

Food Insecurity: Rudimentary Education for Local Youth (FIREFLY)

Sustainability Projects Grant. Upon receiving the grant, with the encouragement of Professor Jane Krause and Food Finders Food Bank, the student authors created a project focused on food insecurity education in ... :// Part of the Other Education Commons, Other Food Science Commons, and the Secondary Education Commons Recommended Citation - Rudimentary Education for Local Youth (FIREFLY) Nam-Anh Nguyen

Local setting influences the quantity of household food waste in mid-sized South African towns

The world faces a food security challenge with approximately 868 million people undernourished and about two billion people suffering from the negative health consequences of micronutrient ... Environmental Science, Rhodes University. Grahamstown. Forthcoming 2017 . 40. ThoÈnissen R. Fact Sheet: Food Waste in the Netherlands . Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality . Den Haag . 2010

The effects of interrupting prolonged sitting with intermittent activity on appetite sensations and subsequent food intake in preadolescent children

Background Short-term and long-term exposure to prolonged sitting is associated with excess food intake and weight gain in children. Interrupting prolonged sitting with low-intensity activity has ... . 2007 Dec 1 ; 86 ( 6 ): 1709 ± 16 . PMID: 18065590 24. Geier AB , Rozin P , Doros G . Unit bias: A new heuristic that helps explain the effect of portion size on food intake . Psychological Science . 2006