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Food Science Dialog 2015

Analysemethoden begegnet werden, die trennscharf Produkte voneinander unterscheiden ko¨nnen, die nur in wenigen Merkmalen voneinander abweichen. Der ja¨hrlich stattfindende Food Science Dialog in Hamburg wurde von ... Lebensmittelbranche diskutierten aktuelle Themen, unterstu¨tzt und unter aktiver Beteiligung von Hamburger Lebensmittelkontrolleuren, Studierenden der Studienga¨nge Food Science und O¨kotrophologie sowie von Vertretern

A holistic vision for food security research

is a contribution to the growing body of food security literature that focuses on the use of models and insights into systems science. Articles in this issue examine the complexity of food security ... University , 22219 Jordan Hall Addition, Raleigh, NC 27695 , USA 1 Louie Rivers III Despite recent gains in global agricultural productivity, lack of food security persists in many regions of the world

Trust in Food and Trust in Science

Education, Communication and Learning, Gothenburg University , P.O. Box 300, Gothenburg , Sweden - Recent and dramatic knowledge depreciation has raised the need for science to take an active role in the ... public debate and widen the reference frames. Publishing appealing narratives introducing a common reference frame may provide positive identification stimuli. The traditional voice of science has

Food claims and nutrition facts of commercial infant foods

Composition claim, nutrition claim and health claim are often found on the commercial complementary food packaging. The introduction of complementary foods (CFs) to infants is a turning point in the ... for CFs employed health or nutrition claims to promote the products, but the actual nutritional content of these CFs is not clear. The aim of this study was to compare the food claims of commercial

High Throughput Multispectral Image Processing with Applications in Food Science

Recently, machine vision is gaining attention in food science as well as in food industry concerning food quality assessment and monitoring. Into the framework of implementation of Process Analytical ... Biotechnology of Foods, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, School of Food, Biotechnology and Development, Agricultural University of Athens , Athens , Greece 1 Editor: Gayle E. Woloschak

Physical losses could partially explain modest carotenoid retention in dried food products from biofortified cassava

, Gupta RK . Non-dairy based probiotics: A healthy treat for intestine . Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition . 2016 ; 56 ( 11 ): 1856 ±67. 10408398. 2013 .790780 PMID ... D , Nestel P , Tohme J , et al. Retention of carotenoids in cassava roots submitted to different processing methods . Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture . 2007 ; 87 ( 3 ): 388 ± 93 . 17

Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

Do you have what it takes to be a life scientist? This book introduces many of the main concepts such as evolution, what defines life, fossils, types of life, DNA, cell reproduction, food webs, and ... reproduction, food webs, and more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

Science and technology in high-entropy alloys

all aspects of our lives, including agriculture, housing, transportation, food, machinery, and defense industries. As illustrated in Fig. 1, in the early stage of alloy, one principal element was fused ... in these alloys enhances the formation of random solid-solution phases 1 State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China 2

Niche overlap between a cold-water coral and an associated sponge for isotopically-enriched particulate food sources

suspended food sources to the reef communities. However, the reef framework is also a substrate for other organisms that may compete for the very same suspended food sources. Here, we used the passive ... pertusa is an ecosystem engineer that builds reef structures on the seafloor. The interaction of the reef topography with hydrodynamics is known to enhance the supply of suspended food sources to the reef

International Engagement to Enhance Global Food Security: An Example in the Republic of Kosova

has been to empower Kosovars to transform their agricultural sector so that this newly independent country can reduce its reliance on food imports and develop into a food secure nation. Activities ... and open access by the Animal Science Research Reports at Iowa State University Digital Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in Animal Industry Report by an authorized editor of Iowa State

Patterns of sensitization to inhalant and food allergens among pediatric patients from the Moscow region (Russian Federation)

allergens, cat dander (24%) among indoor allergens, and egg whites (21%) among food allergens. The most common sIgG4 response was developed toward egg whites (80% of patients). Age-related elevation was ... Availability Statement: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Funding: This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (, Grant No. 14-50-00060

How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?

for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands While landscape ecology is distinct from sustainability science, landscape ecologists have expressed their ... ambitions to help society advance sustainability of landscapes. In this context Wu (2013) coined the concept of landscape sustainability science. In August of 2017 we joined the 5th forum of landscape

Policy integration in the EU governance of global food security

The global food price spikes of 2007–8 and 2010 led to increased awareness of the complexity of food (in)security as a policy problem that crosscuts traditional sectoral, spatial and temporal scales ... making links with other terrains, such as biofuels, fisheries, climate change, environmental degradation, science, and agriculture. Juncker (2014-present) did not refer to food security in any speech

Food security in China at 2050: a global CGE exercise

import contradicts its food security policy of achieving a 95% grain self-sufficiency rate. Additionally, Chinese agricultural productivity is lower than the world average, and much lower than high-income ... food security target. Toward this end, the study investigates China's food security status in 2030 and the impact of alternative policies on food security. A global CGE framework (GTAP) has been used to

Communicating Science for Everyday Use

these things that are out there? In the food world, it’s just something so big … I can’t solve everything.” Nevertheless, she persists, publishing science-based content online multiple times a week — even ... — education, research and extension — are a braided rope that hoisted the United States to superpower status. Once it could systematically feed itself, innovate scientifically and benefit from exporting food

Stability lies in flowers: Plant diversification mediating shifts in arthropod food webs

usually absent in monocultures. Manipulating agroecosystems through the insertion of in-field floral resources is a useful technique to reduce the deleterious effects of habitat simplification. Food web ... . 13257 .x 66. Pauly D , Christensen V , Dalsgaard J , Froese R , Torres F. Fishing Down Marine Food Webs . Science . 1998 ; 279 ( 5352 ): 860 ±3. PMID: 9452385

The effect of “NutramilTM Complex,” food for special medical purpose, on breast and prostate carcinoma cells

NutramilTM Complex is a multicomponent food product that meets the requirements of a food for special medical purpose. As a complete, high-energy diet it consists of properly balanced nutrients ... College , KrakoÂw , Poland 1 Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Food Technology, University of Agriculture , Krakow , Poland 2 Editor: Aamir Ahmad, University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer

Food Sources and Preferences of College Students

Young adults, especially college students, in the United States (U.S.) have to make independent decisions on where to buy food and the attributes of the food to buy. For some, the decision is one of ... first undertakings since leaving home and could be foundational relative to their food choices, with its attendant health implications, later in life. We used a data from a survey to ascertain the

Diet in pregnancy—more than food

High food quality, together with adequate macro- and micronutrient intake in pregnancy, is crucial for the health status of the mother and child. Recent findings suggest that it could also be

Food-borne disease and climate change in the United Kingdom

This review examined the likely impact of climate change upon food-borne disease in the UK using Campylobacter and Salmonella as example organisms. Campylobacter is an important food-borne disease ... the disease incidence is greatest in older adults and young children. There are many pathways through which climate change may affect food but only a few of these have been rigorously examined. This