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A trait-based approach to ocean ecology

Trait-based ecology merges evolutionary with classical population and community ecology and is a rapidly developing branch of ecology. It describes ecosystems as consisting of individuals rather than ... .  2013 . The biogeography of marine plankton traits . Ecology Letters  , 16 : 522 – 534 . Google Scholar Crossref Search ADS PubMed   Baumgartner M. F. , Tarrant A. M. 2017

Evolutionary Ecology of Freshwater Turtles

Ecology of Freshwater Turtles Nicole Valenzuela, assistant professor Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Introduction This long-term study explores the evolution of life history

Analysis of temporal diversification of African Cyprinidae (Teleostei, Cypriniformes)

Recent evidence that freshwater fishes diversify faster than marine fishes signifies that the evolutionary history of biodiversity in freshwater system is of particular interest. Here, the ... radiation of Lake Tana's (Ethiopia) Labeobarbus species flock (Pisces, Cyprinidae) . Marine and Freshwater Research 59 : 391 - 407 . Ebinger CJ , Deino AL , Drake RE , Tesha AL

Evolutionary ecology of insect egg coloration: a review

imperative to understand their evolutionary ecology. Adaptive functions provided by egg coloration such as crypsis, aposematism and photoprotection against ultraviolet radiation potentially have huge fitness ... also on a same host plant (e.g., for eggs of species composing the Müllerian mimicry ring found on milkweed plants). Future studies on the evolutionary ecology of insect egg coloration should make sure

An introduction to the Japanese groundwater animals with reference to their ecology and hygienic significance

, Bogidiella, Microcerberus, Pseudovermis (Opisthobranchia), and Nerillidae, etc. have been collected from freshwater and marine environments. 3) None of the troglobites is known to be directly detrimental to ... Metropolitan Japan 160. AN INTRODUCTION JAPANESE GROUNDWATER TO THE ANIMALS CRUSTACEA INSECTA PISCES • Families. gent:ra and subgenera endemic to Japan. be the marine derivatives, Echiurida, and Parasellidae

Predation in a Natural Community of Marine Mollusks: Using Morphology to Determine Predator-Prey Ecology

and additional works at: Part of the Behavior and Ethology Commons, Biology Commons, Other Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Commons, and the Terrestrial and

The establishment of a marine focused biorefinery for bioethanol production using seawater and a novel marine yeast strain

Current technologies for bioethanol production rely on the use of freshwater for preparing the fermentation media and use yeasts of a terrestrial origin. Life cycle assessment has suggested that ... freshwater for bioethanol production without compromising production efficiency. Results also revealed that marine yeast is a potential candidate for use in the bioethanol industry especially when using

Distribution of ostracods in the groundwater of the North Western Coast of Euboea (Greece)

Freshwater fauna from 20 wells located 15-200 m from the seashore as well as marine interstitial fauna from the coastal zone around the village Aghios Georghios (Cape Likhada) have been investigated ... found by Schafer. A report on a new freshwater ostracod of marine origin found in Greece has been presented elsewhere (Danielopol, 1979) . The strategy of my sampling program was different from that of

Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae

”. Why are there so many different forms in the plankton? Why are larval forms so very different from adults? These questions persist despite the fact that development in marine invertebrates has been ... tantalizing questions remain concerning origins and ecologies of larvae. This book brings together a wide-ranging collection of chapters on marine invertebrate larvae which overall suggest that there are likely

The influence of macroinvertebrate abundance on the assessment of freshwater quality in The Netherlands

, Leese F , Lencioni V , Paz-Vinas I , Monaghan MT ( 2014 ) Integrating molecular tools into freshwater ecology: developments and opportunities . Freshwater Biology 59 : 1559 - 1576 . ... Quality monitoring of freshwater ecosystems is prescribed under the European Union Water Framework Directive of 2000 (EU WFD; Directive 2000/60/EC) and focuses on monitoring of biological quality elements

Freshwater bryozoans of Lithuania (Bryozoa)

Nine species of freshwater bryozoans were recorded in Lithuania in a survey of 18 various types of freshwater bodies. Eight species were assigned to the Class Phylactolaemata and families ... freshwater ecosystems, South Korea . Journal of Ecology and environment 38 (3) : 375 - 381 . 2015 .039 Jullien J ( 1885 ) Monographie des Bryozoaires d'eau douce . Bulletin de

Special Topics in Ecology: Ecology of Greater Yellowstone

Special Topics in Ecology: Ecology of Greater Yellowstone is a sophomore level college course emphasizing basic ecological principles with specific application to the ecosystems found in Grand Teton ... multiple areas including: Physical ecology Basic geology Geology of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Evolution and Natural Selection Systematics Field identification Journaling We spend each day, while in

First record of Parastenocarididae (Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from subterranean freshwater of insular Greece and description of two new species

living exclusively in estuarine interstitial habitats, which are all characterised by peculiar morphology and ecology, that are as well considered and interpreted. ... endopodite. Third segment with two geniculate, an apical and a subapical spines. Endopodite HRST RECORD OF PARASlENOCARIDIDAE FROM SUBTERRANEAN FRESHWATER two-segmented, second segment with a long and

Microplastic in riverine fish is connected to species traits

Microplastic is a contaminant of concern worldwide. Rivers are implicated as major pathways of microplastic transport to marine and lake ecosystems, and microplastic ingestion by freshwater biota is ... freshwater biota is a risk associated with microplastic contamination, but there is little research on microplastic ecology within freshwater ecosystems. Microplastic uptake by fish is likely affected by

A meta-barcoding census of freshwater planktonic protists in Appalachia – Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia, USA

The purpose of our study was to survey the freshwater planktonic protists within an inland natural preserve in the Ridge and Valley physiographic province of the Appalachian Region using ... /science.1153213 Fenchel T ( 1968 ) The ecology of marine microbenthos II. The food of marine benthic ciliates . Ophelia 5 : 73 - 121 . 00785326. 1968 .10409626 Finlay BJ , Maberly

Sustaining Healthy Freshwater Ecosystems

lie in applying ecosystem concepts to management of mountain environments, freshwater ecosystems, and human-dominated regions such as the Colorado Front Range. Mailing address: Natural Resource Ecology ... University Press , USA - Ffreshwater ecosystems provide many unctionally intact and biologically complex economically valuable commodities and services to society. The services supplied by freshwater

Unsustainable Marine Fisheries

ultimately failed enterprise. Practical restoration ecology for the oceans should take place alongside the extraction of marine resources for human consumption.45 Reconciling these apparently dissonant goals ... of Juvenile (0-year) Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua, 180 MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES 247 (1999). 32 Sea Around Us Project, available at (devoting efforts to documenting and mitigating