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T cell dynamics and response of the microbiota after gene therapy to treat X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency

BackgroundMutation of the IL2RG gene results in a form of severe combined immune deficiency (SCID-X1), which has been treated successfully with hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy. SCID-X1 gene ... , likely a result of higher healthcare exposure. Conclusions This multi-omic approach enables the characterization of multiple effects of SCID-X1 gene therapy, including T cell repertoire reconstitution

Septic arthritis: immunopathogenesis, experimental models and therapy

specific immune mechanisms to joint destruction. Special emphasis is given to the induction of experimental arthritis by S. aureus in mice. The improvement of therapy by association of antibiotics with down ... pathology requires a prompt therapy, even before the isolation of the infectious agent. Virulence factors related to arthritogenicity A variety of virulence factors are associated with the ability of a

Uveitis following anti-snake venom therapy

immunological complication following therapy with anti-snake venom (ASV) serum has been rarely reported in literature. We reported two patients who developed uveitis and acute renal failure following snakebite ... patients recovered uneventfully with appropriate therapy. Key words: snakebite, uveitis, anti-snake venom, ptosis, ophthalmoplegia.     INTRODUCTION Ocular manifestations resulting from snake

Comparison between NOD/SCID mice and BALB/c mice for patient-derived tumor xenografts model of non-small-cell lung cancer

Comparison between NOD/SCID mice and BALB/c mice for patient-derived tumor xenografts model of non-small-cell lung cancer Jianbin Wu,1,* Juntao Zhang,1,* Mei Jiang,1 Tianhui Zhang,2 Yue Wang,1 Ziyu ... methods: In this study, we built PDX models of human non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in NOD/SCID mice in comparison with BALB/c mice. Results: The result showed that the tumorigenesis rate of NOD/SCID

Laser therapy in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity

infrared diode laser, in terms of the different age groups. Key words: laser therapy, dentine hypersensitivity, dentine pain. RESUMO A hipersensibilidade dentinária cervical é a queixa mais frequente ... laser in the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. Japan J Conservative Dentistry 1990;33:911-918.        [ Links ] 15. Gerschman JA, Ruben J, Gebart-Eaglemont J. Low level laser therapy for dentinal tooth

Gene amplification in Rhynchosciara (1955-1987)

A review is made of the evidence indicating the existence of gene amplification in Rhynchosciara, from the early cytological work to the more recent studies using cloned sequences from the DNA puffs

Different nutritional-state indicators of HIV-positive individuals undergoing antiretroviral therapy

This study aimed at learning about the nutritional profile of HIV-positive individuals undergoing antiretroviral therapy and at comparing the performance of nutritional-state indicators. A ... , antiretroviral therapy, nutritional indicators.     INTRODUCTION The United Nations World Organization estimates that approximately 44 million people are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Antivenom therapy: efficacy of premedication for the prevention of adverse reactions

glucocorticoid as an adjunct to the antivenom therapy could be useful to improve the treatment of local symptoms observed in Bothrops envenomation. Glucocorticoids are classified according to their duration of ... real or the lack of effectivity of pretreatments in antivenom therapy. Table 2 Premedication used in antivenom treatment  Drug Possible adverse reaction Mechanism Involved Clinical trial

Gene Therapy in Biomedicine:Ethical Dilemmas

Christianity Commons GENE THERAPY IN BIOMEDICINE: ETHICAL DILEMMAS KENT THORNBURG AND MILES EDWARDS INTRODUCTION Bing. Yet despite its promise, it carries a host of ethical problems iomedical research is ... most common way that is being attempted is called “gene therapy.” Gene therapy is the delivery of gene products to increase or otherwise alter the manufacture of a protein by cells that are involved in a

Xylella fastidiosa gene expression analysis by DNA microarrays

these bacteria in plants. Key words: Xylella fastidiosa, DNA microarray, gene expression.     Introduction X. fastidiosa (Wells et al., 1987) belongs to the gram-negative group and is ... in a model GMS 418 Arrayer Scanner (Affymetrix Inc.) under different wavelengths - 550 nm (Cy3) and 650 nm (Cy5). The location and identity of each gene on the slide was defined in a text file, created

Low-level laser therapy decreases local effects induced by myotoxins isolated from Bothrops jararacussu snake venom

: BthTX-II is an active enzyme Asp-49 PLA2, while BthTX-I is a Lys-49 PLA2 devoid of enzymatic activity. In this study, the effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), 685 nm laser at a dose of 4.2 J/cm2 on ... species venom. Key words: Bothrops jararacussu, myotoxins, inflammation, myonecrosis, low-level laser therapy.     INTRODUCTION Venom phospholipases A2 (PLA2, EC catalyze the hydrolysis

Evaluation of prognostic value of cell adhesion molecules in chronic hepatitis C therapy

adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) in patients under interferon alpha therapy whether responsive or non-responsive to therapy. Thirty chronic hepatitis C patients ... combined therapy of interferon-α with ribavirin, whether responsive or non-responsive, were included in the study as well as ten healthy controls. Serum VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 levels were calculated using

Hepatitis C therapy: now more than a coin toss to achieve the cure

interferon-α started to be used in the 1980s, to almost 50% using pegylated-interferon plus ribavirin, the most up-to-date therapy used in recent years. Nevertheless, the success rate was no better than that ... direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy. Both molecules, in the phase 3 studies, had pegylated-interferon plus ribavirin as backbone, adding the new drug to the standard therapy. For naÏve patients

In silico prediction of gene expression patterns in Citrus flavedo

development suggests that most of them are developmentally regulated. Some expressed gene products, including a putative germin-like protein highly expressed in flavedo, are shown to be promising candidates for ... shown to be promising candidates for further characterization. In addition to promoter seeking, this kind of analysis can lead to gene discovery, tissue-specific and tissue-enriched expression pattern

Immune reconstitution in HIV-1 infected patients treated for two years with highly active antiretroviral therapy

The aim of this paper was to evaluate the immune reconstitution of HIV-1 patients subjected to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for two years or more according to CD45RA and CD45RO cell ... , CD45RO.     INTRODUCTION The introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) was a major milestone in the attempt to recuperate HIV-1 infected individuals' immune systems. Despite

Heterologous expression of an insecticidal gene from the armed spider (Phoneutria nigriventer)

human health emphasize the necessity to develop alternative methods for insect-pest control. In the present study, a gene coding for the insecticidal peptide TX4(6-1) of the Brazilian armed spider ... I. During this procedure, a GGG codon for glycine (G) was introduced in the TX4(6-1) sequence coding for the GlyTX4 active peptide (Figure 1) and fused with maltose binding protein (MBP) gene. The M15

Kappa-casein gene study with molecular markers in female buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

, since it has been associated with differences in milk yield, composition and processing. The objective of this study was to observe the existence of polymorphism in the kappa-casein gene in female ... , were used. for genomic DNA extraction was done from blood samples. The PCR-RFLP and SSCP techniques demonstrated that the studied animals were monomorphic for the kappa-casein gene. Only allele B was

Occurrence of pneumocystis pneumonia in hiv-infected patients and the interference of the highly active antiretroviral therapy

the highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has changed the characteristics of such epidemic by reducing its related diseases and, as a result, AIDS-related mortality. With the purpose to estimate ... routine. As regards antiretroviral therapy, the patients were divided into two groups: - Non-use of HAART: 171 patients who had never been given antiretroviral drugs or who used therapy with one or two

Lack of association among TNF-α gene expression, -308 polymorphism (G > A) and virulence markers of Helicobacter pylori

pylori infection can induce a gastric mucosal inflammatory response that may be influenced by -308 (G > A) polymorphisms and gene expression of theTNF-α gene. Methods One hundred and thirty-four ... method (2-ΔΔCT). Results The analysis revealed an increase in TNF-α gene expression in patients with gastritis; on the other hand, no statistical differences were observed in patients with gastric

Pulmonary Therapy: Looking Back on 2018 and Forward to 2019

:// Looking ahead to 2019, we hope to see reports of many interesting and important developments in the field of pulmonary therapy ... beyond LAMA/LABA/ICS inhaler therapy for patients with more severe disease are eagerly awaited, and many registered studies are already underway or await activation of recruitment. Likewise in asthma, we