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Undergraduate medical education in general practice/family medicine throughout Europe – a descriptive study

graduating doctors go into primary care. This in turn requires that general practice/family medicine (GP/FM) strongly influences the curricula in medical schools. In the present paper we aim at describing the ... universities without having been exposed to a GP/FM curriculum. The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) will launch efforts to change this situation. General practice/family medicine

Image-Enhanced Endoscopy in Practice

: Because the prevalence of gastric cancer in our practice is low, we spray indigo carmine dye throughout the stomach in selected cases for which gastric cancer is a concern (ie, based on family history) or ... Can J Gastroenterol Image-enhanced endoscopy in practice Sarah McGill Roy Soetikno Tonya Kaltenbach MS - Tearly cancers offers the best hope for the he detection, diagnosis and treatment of

Transforming Integration through General Practice: Learning from a UK Primary Care Improvement Programme

, and deployment of relevant change infrastructures and improvement methodologies. Keywords: general practice ,   primary care ,   transformation ,   commissioning ,   integration   How to

Tradition and Perspectives of Arab Herbal Medicine: A Review

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), including herbal medicine, are popular in the general population worldwide. Parallel to the increasing interest in ‘modern’ CAM therapies and the ... perhaps most famous for his ‘Laws of Medicine’ which contained sections on the formulation of medicines, diagnosis of disorders, general medicine and detailed therapies. It was translated into Latin and

Factors associated with practicing evidence-based medicine: a study of family medicine residents

Factors associated with practicing evidence-based medicine: a study of family medicine residents Justin Paulsen,1 Morhaf Al Achkar2 1School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA ... , and skills of EBM. Materials and methods: This study gathered responses from a cross section of family medicine residents and new interns from 40 different residencies across the USA. The survey was

Reforming Regenerative Medicine Regulation

Regenerative medicine is defined as the branch of medicine that develops methods to regrow, repair, or replace damaged or diseased cells or tissues. It includes a variety of approaches, such as ... viewed organ and tissue transplants as simply part of the practice of medicine.40 Because the FDA does not regulate the practice of medicine, but instead has jurisdiction over the tools used by doctors in

Comprehensive Tropical Medicine Text

from a certain faraway la nd I know notl1ing a bout. While reading throup;h Hunter 's Tropical Medicine 1 asked myself if Lhe text satis fied the three good reason s for finding room for it on my ... overcrowded bookshelf. And the answer was yes. this is a u seful textbook. - The first part of the book discusses 'Clini cal Practice in the Tropics· in 14 chapters. It is well -organized. m ak es effective u

Respiratory Medicine: Increasing Demands

G:...prespage.vp Mon Jan Respiratory medicine: Increasing demands Louis-Philippe Boulet President Canadian Thoracic Society REFERENCES 1. Angus DC, Kelley MA, Schmitz RJ, White A, Popovich J Jr ... part of respiratory care is provided by general practitioners, internists, allergists and pediatricians. However, in regard to the major changes that will occur in our population in the next few years

The Antibiotic Puzzle: Guidelines for the Family Physician

included family physicians and specialists in internal medicine, respirology, urology, infectious diseases, medical microbiology and pharmacoeconomics. ... velop practical, current antibiotic treatment guidelines that would be useful to a family physician in everyday practice. Team leaders (chairs) were identified before the workshop and included Ors

General Medicine and Hospital Medicine: The Janus of Internal Medicine

Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA 1 Division of General Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA - I to important trends in the evolution of academic general n ... this issue of JGIM, Miller and colleagues draw attention internal medicine.1 By examining the membership of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), they provide a snapshot not only of the

Transforming Psychiatry into Data-Driven Medicine with Digital Measurement Tools

could advance the field, both in research and clinical practice. Here we discuss this possibility and propose some key priorities to enable these innovations toward improving clinical outcomes in the ... useful signals over and beyond sporadic measurements obtained at clinic visits. Similar to all of medicine, limitations in recording, storing, and computing have relegated research and practice to periodic

Evaluating the Difference between Virtual and Paper-Based Clinical Cases in Family Medicine Undergraduate Education

level of factual knowledge of family medicine students at the undergraduate level. Methods. This was a case-controlled prospective study. The students were randomly divided into experimental (EG: ) and ... interest and saw a potential usefulness in their studies [13]. The work of a family physician is based on six main competencies that are defined in the European definition of general practice/family medicine

Randomized controlled trial on promoting influenza vaccination in general practice waiting rooms

Background Most of general practitioners (GPs) use advertising in their waiting rooms for patient’s education purposes. Patients vaccinated against seasonal influenza have been gradually lessening ... ), Vrije Universiteit Brussel , Brussels , Belgium 1 Department of General Practice/ Family Medicine, School of Medicine, Lille University , Lille , France 2 Editor: Justin R. Ortiz, University of Washington

A Method for Determining Familial Cancer Risks in Clinical Practice

There is interest in estimating familial cancer risks in clinical practice for counselling and determining patients’ screening requirements. Empiric methods can be used to estimate an individual’s ... DISEASE MARKERS, VOL. A METHOD FOR DETERMINING FAMILIAL CANCER RISKS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE R.S . HOULSTON 0 D. FORD 0 0 Section of Epidemiology. Institute of Cancer Research. Sutton. Surrey. UK

Spiritual Care in General Practice: Rushing in or Fearing to Tread? An Integrative Review of Qualitative Literature

cultures, faiths and beliefs coexist in society. This is no small or simple task, and although GPs (family practitioners) have been encouraged to deliver spiritual care, we suggest this is proving to be ... . The authors suggest critical realism as having potential to facilitate interdisciplinary research and create clearer concepts of spiritual care for GPs. General practice Introduction Qualitative and

Equal rights for general internists?

medicine is a relatively new area within general internal medicine. Due to the relative infancy of the field, there are few senior members to provide mentorship, potentially inhibiting academic promotion and ... Health Sciences , Washington, DC , USA 2 Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Washington, DC , USA - KEY WORDS: hospitalists; internal medicine; academic performance. Dear Editor, We are responding to the

Equal Rights for General Internists?

needs of hospitalists, general internists, and subspecialists will strengthen internal medicine as a valued career path, promote physician wellness and retention, and foster a community of internists

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... the practice setting and socioeconomic deprivation. Materials and methods Data and pre-processing We analysed the number and actual cost of prescription items issued by 55 general practices within the

The Immune System and Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Medicine at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles , Los Angeles California 90095-1763 , USA alternative medicine - complementary medicine - immune system - NK cells Introduction Some may wonder why ... a comparative immunologist would knock on the door of the controversial field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The field is replete with problems associated with beliefs, disbeliefs

Respiratory Medicine at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario: 1968 To 2013

first Chairman of the Department of Medicine. Moran Campbell, already a world figure in respiratory medicine and physiology, arrived at McMaster in September 1968, and he invited Norman Jones to be ... Can Respir J Respiratory medicine at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario: 1968 to 2013 Norman L Jones FRCPC 0 Paul M O'Byrne MB FRCPC FRSC 0 0 Department of Medicine, Michael G DeGroote School