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Nudging the Public's Health: The Political Psychology of Public Health Law Intervention

epidemiology can inform public health law creation but not on how public opinion or political psychology can be used to influence either communication or persuasion with respect to the same public health law ... , generally speaking, one’s political psychology, if conservative, causes a drop in support for any public health intervention and a drop in expected compliance with the intervention’s policy and law changes

When Harry and Sally Met Dick and Jane: Going Out With Other Couples May Be Good For Relationships

Sciences, specializes in social and health psychology. His recent research suggests that spending quality time with other couples may be an important way to improve long-term dating relationships. ... University of Richmond, a Ph.D. in social and personality psychology from University of Texas at Austin and did a postdoctoral fellowship in health psychology at UCLA. He joined Wayne State University in 2009

Physicians’ professional performance: an occupational health psychology perspective

IntroductionPhysician work engagement is considered to benefit physicians’ professional performance in clinical teaching practice. Following an occupational health psychology perspective, this PhD ... to benefit professional performance in patient care and residency training. This PhD report presents an occupational health psychology perspective on physician well-being and professional performance

Insights on the Process of Using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis in a Sport Coaching Research Project

and the meanings they attach to these experiences (Smith, 2011). IPA has been used predominantly in health psychology, with rising interest within the field of sport psychology and coaching. This ... ., 2013) . Smith (2004) , a pioneer in IPA research in health psychology, noted that four key characteristics of IPA research stem from the three positions noted above. Firstly, IPA is idiographic

Online Learning in Nutrition and Dietetics: Student Performance and Attitudes

. Methods: Nutrition and Dietetics students completed an online health psychology/sociology module and their performance compared to students who completed a traditional lecture based course. Student ... drawn although the benefits of the approach taken were apparent. We report here on the development of an on-line health psychology and health sociology module and the performance of students on the module

The Psychology of Continence

reason modern psychology still has to rediscover some very basic aspects of human psychic structure, which were well known to the giants of classical philosophy and theology, such as Aristotle, St. Thomas ... unsophisticated understanding of Freud's teaching on sexuality, a human organism needs to regularly engage in sexual activity in order to maintain physical health, not to mention psychological comfort. The

Introduction to Psychology of Persuasion Symposium

. Rev. 281 (2016). Available at: - Number 2 SPECIAL SECTION: PSYCHOLOGY Article 1 Follow this and additional works at: Part ... of the Law Commons Recommended Citation VOLUME 16 2016 NUMBER 2 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION SYMPOSIUM Professor Kenneth D. Chestek * In February, 2014, the University of Nevada Las

Animal Images in College Psychology Textbooks

presentation of animals and animal research in popular introductory college psychology textbooks. The introductory textbook is a good source for discovering the underlying and implicit attitudes about animals ... , since it plays a major and persuasive role in socializing students in scientific psychology. Psychology textbooks unquestionably shape the attitudes of their readers, providing them with a conceptual

The Psychology and Law of Hazing Consent

works at: Part of the Law Commons, and the Psychology Commons Repository Citation Gregory S. Parks and Tiffany F. Southerland, Th e Psychology and Law of Hazing ... Consent, 97 Marq. L. Rev. 1 (2013). Available at: - Article 3 Volume 97 Fall 2013 Number 1 THE PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW OF HAZING CONSENT GREGORY S

The Psychology of Religion

seems to have occurred simultaneously with the chanting of the Matras and the heartfelt offering up of the cocoanuts and the betel-leaves in India. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION. To the Editor of The Open

Metaphysics, Psychology and Philosophy.

METAPHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY; PROFESSOR DEWEY'S VIEWS BY VICTOR S. YARROS - FROM time immemorial, philosophy has bceii a compound of which metaphysics, psycholog^y. logic, ethics a'l i ... psychology and its own logic. Be this as it may. however. Professor Dewev's views on questions not strictlv philosophical by his own definitions and delimitations are both arresting and important: they have

The Psychology of Fear.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR. BY ARTHUR J. WESTERMAYR. FROM the beginning of human thought, fear has been regarded with contempt. To fear, to be afraid, is considered the earmark of cowardice, and as

The Psychology of Music.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MUSIC. BY CHARLES KASSEL. - AS poetry and prose are the language of thought so music is the - language of feeling. It is sound grown eloquent. Painting sculpture—nay, even the ... whole being is soothed and calmed. "Music is the most emotional of all arts," says Theodule Ribot in that highly thoughtful and suggestive work The Psychology of the Emotions (Scribners', 1900, page 103

Educational Psychology In Action

Psychology students apply knowledge at the Franklin Opportunity School, reports Victoria McKibben ... one hour credit in psychology. Since most of the workers are new at their job, the Psychology Department has prepared a pamphlet of complete information about how to teach the slow­ learning students

The Psychology of Clothing

turn eager ears. This time it is science telling us that "something new" has been found about our modes of dress. At the very beginning one finds that the psychology of clothing is closely linked with

Social Psychology, Information Processing, and Plea Bargaining

the "basic assumption ... that both the Psychology research in the last three decades has devoted a good deal of attention to an examination of how individuals process information. One of the most ... heuristics that interfere with accurate information processing are certainly one threat to a rational economic model of plea bargaining. But modern psychology has recognized that cognitive biases and

The Psychology of Aggregation: Promise and Potential Pitfalls

My goal is to look at aggregation from the perspective of the psychology of the litigant. Doing so is based on the premise that one goal of the courts is to manage conflicts in ways that enhance the ... case in this area, but he also managed a variety of other similar cases. And, I will draw on the area in which I can make the most useful contribution by focusing on the psychology of aggregation. I