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Recent progress in semantic image segmentation

Semantic image segmentation, which becomes one of the key applications in image processing and computer vision domain, has been used in multiple domains such as medical area and intelligent ... Papandreou et al. (2015) , Xia et al. (2013) , Zhu et al. (2014) , Xu et al. (2015) . 5 Conclusion Semantic image segmentation is a key application in image processing and computer vision domain

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Embedded Computer Vision

paper “Image Processing Units on Ultra-low-cost Embedded Hardware: Algorithmic Optimizations for Real-time Performance, (” the authors Suraj Nair (TUM CREATE ... ) discuss the growing popularity of low cost single board computers (SBC) and how they can be used to build real-time computer vision (CV) applications. One of the key challenges presented and addressed in

Towards Portable Large-Scale Image Processing with High-Performance Computing

High-throughput, large-scale medical image computing demands tight integration of high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for data storage, job distribution, and image processing. The ... architecture of virtual machines . Computer 38 : 32 - 38 , 2005 45. Baoa S , Weitendorfa FD , Plassarda AJ , Huob Y , Gokhalea A , Landmana BA : Theoretical and empirical comparison of big data image processing

Lattice Electron Microscopy and Image Processing of Ion-Implanted and Laser-Annealed GaAs Structures

, clusters), as a consequence of the LPPLA treatment, is relevant. In our opinion, a technique suitable to gain this information could be the lattice image digital processing. In this paper we reported the ... , grain boundaries, interfaces etc.. As a consequence, the physical situation is particularly suitable for the image processing to improve the S/N ratio. 2. Experimental Single crystal semi-insulating (100

Design and implementation of wireless multimedia sensor network node based on FPGA and binocular vision

image data, and the short distance wireless communication and detection ability is formed through Zigbee protocol. When the test distance is not more than 60 m, the measured data fluctuate around the ... using FPGA. Stereo matching algorithm is one of the hot topics in computer vision. Use two cameras or one with different positions to shoot binocular image by moving and rotating; then, calculate the

Identification of double-yolked duck egg using computer vision

DY duck egg identification were developed by using computer vision technology. Transmittance images of DY and single-yolked (SY) duck eggs were acquired by a CCD camera to identify them according to ... the background and the egg itself in the R channel image (Fig 3C). Thus, this channel provided better outline information of egg region. Fig 1. Self-made computer vision system. 3 / 15 Fig 2. Typical

Journal of real-time image processing: fourth issue of volume 14

Computer Vision and Image Communication , Bremen , Germany 2 & Matthias F. Carlsohn - This issue is the final issue of the fourteenth volume. As noted in the previous editorial, the remainder of 2018 will ... four guest editor teams to highlight the hot and modern topics in realtime image processing. These calls for papers can be viewed at this link: image?processing/journal

Image Processing of Motion for Security Applications

The aim of the article is a design, execution and examination of the computer vision systems, which processes digital video, reduces noise to a minimal level, and identifies a moving object together ... Computer Vision System Toolbox (Mathworks 2017) for image processing. It is a powerful tool for implementing motion detection in a video or for detecting specific objects in the image (Hargas 2010) (Hargas

Image denoising with morphology- and size-adaptive block-matching transform domain filtering

BM3D is a state-of-the-art image denoising method. Its denoised results in the regions with strong edges can often be better than in the regions with smooth or weak edges, due to more accurate block ... University of Pennsylvanian (UPenn) and a faculty member in the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Shen’s research interests include medical image analysis, computer vision, and pattern recognition. He has

Concrete surface crack detection with the improved pre-extraction and the second percolation processing methods

grids and weight-based, redefined pixel value to obtain the candidate dark pixel image while preserving the cracks. 2) introduce the second percolation processing to generate a high-accuracy crack ... ]. But configuration requirements need to be designed seriously for different situations. For nondestructive evaluation of surface degradations, computer-based digital image-processing approaches seem more

VISION: a video and image dataset for source identification

WhatsApp are considered), from 35 portable devices of 11 major brands. VISION can be exploited as benchmark for the exhaustive evaluation of several image and video forensic tools. ... currently available datasets for image and video forensics and their current limitations; in Section 3, a complete description of the VISION dataset is provided for both native and social media contents; in

Journal of Real-Time Image Processing: second issue of volume 14

Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, USA Symposium on Defense and Commercial Sensing. The real-time image and video processing papers to be presented at the conference can be seen at this website: http ... address different aspects of real-time image and video processing. The first paper by Silveira et al. is entitled ‘‘Reference frame context-adaptive variable-length coder: a real-time hardware-friendly

Sea-skyline-based image stabilization of a buoy-mounted catadioptric omnidirectional vision system

omnidirectional vision system used in marine buoys that meets these requirements. We present a framework for image stabilization, which is achieved by omnidirectional sea-skyline detection in a marine environment ... for a real-time ship target detection application. Image processing; Pattern recognition; Image transforms; Machine vision 1 Introduction Marine environment visual surveillance systems play an

Vision system in quality control automation

, image processing, and decision making, using sensors, actuators and microcontroller. The proposed in-line quality control of surface roughness with vision system has been successfully developed. The ... Present work describes the design, development and implementation of automating the vision based system for surface roughness measurement by incorporating the image processing technique in quality control

A New Test Method of Circuit Breaker Spring Telescopic Characteristics Based Image Processing

This paper applied computer vision technology to the fatigue condition monitoring of springs, and a new telescopic characteristics test method is proposed for circuit breaker operating mechanism

The Application of Image Processing to Solve Occlusion Issue in Object Tracking

Object tracking is a computer vision field that involves identifying and tracking either a single or multiple objects in an environment. This is extremely useful to help observe the movements of the ... ) is a process that commonly uses an image processing system to track objects in a busy environment [1]. Development of multiple object tracking has begun since 1988 [ 2 ]. Since then, many different

Volumetric image interpretation in radiology: scroll behavior and cognitive processes

current radiology practice increasingly uses volumetric images, the majority of studies on medical image interpretation is conducted on 2D images. The current study aimed to gain deeper insight into the ... abnormalities (e.g., top-down processing). As touched upon before, scroll movements constitute an essential human–computer interactivity in volumetric image interpretation because they change the visual

Realizing 5G vision through Cloud RAN: technologies, challenges, and trends

Achieving the fifth-generation (5G) vision will introduce new technology innovations and substantial changes in delivering cutting-edge applications and services in current mobile and cellular ... Goudos 3 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , GR-54124 Thessaloniki , Greece 4 Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , GR-54124

From Computer Metaphor to Computational Modeling: The Evolution of Computationalism

In this paper, I argue that computationalism is a progressive research tradition. Its metaphysical assumptions are that nervous systems are computational, and that information processing is necessary ... . Computationalism is not only here to stay, it becomes stronger every year. Computationalism; Computational theory of mind; Computational neuroscience; Computer metaphor; Information processing; Computational

Poster abstract: predicting heating energy demand by computer vision

a single family house is—for the first time—determined from a standard photograph directly by means of computer vision and machine learning. ... our approach is that the visual appearance of buildings (e.g. particular types of windows, roofs, and doors) correlates—to a certain degree—with their HED. To this end, we propose a computer vision