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An Industrial Organization Approach to Copyright Law

study in industrial organization that until very recently has received no sustained attention in copyright scholarship, 12 and limited attention in law-and-economics scholarship more 12. A recent article ... . See supranotes 8-10 and accompanying text. 20. In the patent context, one industrial organization economist has recognized that decreased production might be a social benefit. See Michael Waterson, The

Introduction to the Special Issue on “The Intersection Between Industrial Organization and Healthcare Economics”

This article introduces the special issue on the intersection between industrial organization and healthcare economics. This intersection has received increasing research interest, growing from 2% of ... increasing research interest, growing from 2% of the industrial-organization literature in 1991 to 6% in 2016. We describe the nine included articles, which cover a range of healthcare markets that include

Choosing the Partnership: English Business Organization Law During the Industrial Revolution

For most of the period associated with the Industrial Revolution in Britain, English law restricted access to incorporation and the Bubble Act explicitly outlawed the formation of unincorporated ... closely associated with the Industrial Revolution were overwhelmingly partnerships. These two facts have led some scholars to posit that the antiquated business organization law was a constraint on the

Agent-based models and industrial organization theory. A price-competition algorithm for agent-based models based on Game Theory

competition.ConclusionsThis algorithm opens the door to the extensive inclusion of pricing in agent-based models, but also, it helps to establish a link between the industrial organization literature and the agent-based ... . Conclusions: This algorithm opens the door to the extensive inclusion of pricing in agent‑ based models, but also, it helps to establish a link between the industrial organization literature and the agent

Interpreting Social Organization at Industrial Sites: An Example from the Ohio Trap Rock Mine

Historical archaeologists have frequently tried to interpret aspects of the social organization of production from artifacts at industrial sites. These studies have encompassed a variety of issues

LRR Focus: Calumet Project for Industrial Jobs

[Excerpt] Born out of the loss of 40,000 jobs in the deindustrialization of northwest Indiana in the early '80s, the Calumet Project for Industrial Jobs in a non-profit membership organization ... : LRR FOCUS: Calumet Project for Industrial Jobs Born out of the loss of 40,000 jobs in the deindustrialization of northwest Indiana in the early

Industrial Psychotherapy

brother but I can't blow your house down and rescue you from the industrial strength tower of babel. The reason I tried is I need your help like always, I lost the manual for my artificial heart and you

Volume of an Industrial Autoclave

We were able to determine the volume of an industrial autoclave sterilization tank using a technique learned in calculus. By measuring the dimensions of the tank and roughly estimating the equation ... seek to find the volume of an industrial autoclave pictured below (Fig 1). MOTIVATION Finding volumes of irregular solids is a natural engineering problem. Further, engineers are frequently tasked to

Applying Qualitative Methods in Organizations: A Note for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

Early approach to research in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology was oriented towards quantitative techniques as a result of influences from the social sciences. As the focus of I/O ... Qualitative Report , 10(3), 621-638. Retrieved from Benjamin Osayawe Ehigie Organizations - Article 10 A Q N ote for Industrial/ Organizational Psychologists Creative Commons License This work is licensed

The Messages of Mute Machines: Human-Machine Communication with Industrial Technologies

without the exchange of information between human and machine, and these industrial “rituals” between human and machine produce a particular reality for the worker and the organization. I argue that to ... : Rethinking the Concept of Technology in Organizations,” Organization Science 3, no. 3 (1992): 398–427. 2 Noble, Forces of Production: A Social History of Industrial Automation; John Diebold, “Goals to Match

Identifying the Factors Distinguishing Timber Sales on Industrial and Non-Industrial Private Forest Lands in Arkansas

private control, some are owned by industries (about 10%) while a much larger portion (about 59%) is owned by individuals. This study investigates the differences between timber sales offered by industrial ... contributions to the state's economy. In 2002, these forests produced 21 million cubic meters of industrial roundwood (U.S. Forest Service, 2004) . In addition to these tangible economic benefits, Arkansas

Organization of American States

The Organization of American States was established in 1948 with the signing of the Charter of the OAS in Bogotá, Colombia. The OAS was created to help the member states attain “an order of peace and ... goals and resolve disagreements.1 The OAS serves a multitude of purposes, but the organization focuses on four main categories: democracy, human rights, security and development.1 The OAS’s continued

The Post Industrial Patent System

Agreement, the intellectual property component of the World Trade Organization treaty, such efforts are unlikely to succeed. Given the TRIPS Agreement mandate that patent rights be enjoyable without ... discrimination as to the field of technology, even the recent amendment concerning medical methods appears suspect.17 This Article finds a more favorable solution in the standard of industrial application. Long a

International Industrial Design Law Developments

, J.D. 1960 (honors). 1. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs, Nov. 6, 1925, with supplemental texts (1986 ... , Media and Entertainment Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 1993 Developments William International Industrial Design Law t

Economic Organization and Competition Policy

Yale Journal on Regulation by an authorized administrator of Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository. For more information , please contact - Article 6 Economic Organization and Competition ... and organization of firms may inadvertentlystifle efficient innovation and so harm consumers ratherthan benefit them. The first three parts of this Article survey the landscape of modern business and

International Governmental Organization Knowledge Management for Multilateral Trade Lawmaking

Union was founded in 1865, the World Meteorological Organization in 1873, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in 1875, the International Union for the Protections of Industrial Property in ... for making and implementing collective choice."', Drawing an analogy to industrial organization explanations for the existence of firms in the commercial marketplace, Keohane asserted that