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Introduction to the Special Issue on “The Intersection Between Industrial Organization and Healthcare Economics”

This article introduces the special issue on the intersection between industrial organization and healthcare economics. This intersection has received increasing research interest, growing from 2% of ... increasing research interest, growing from 2% of the industrial-organization literature in 1991 to 6% in 2016. We describe the nine included articles, which cover a range of healthcare markets that include

Agent-based models and industrial organization theory. A price-competition algorithm for agent-based models based on Game Theory

. Conclusions: This algorithm opens the door to the extensive inclusion of pricing in agent‑ based models, but also, it helps to establish a link between the industrial organization literature and the agent ... ‑ based modeling. Agent‑ based models; Algorithmic game theory; Price optimization; Industrial organization Background Prices play an essential role in any market and understanding how they are fixed is

Estimate of Industrial Mineral Grade by Image Analysis and Geostatistics. Application to Glomel Andalusite Deposit (France)

existence of a one meter scale spatial organization. - This first result allows a new sampling on a longer horizontal line with a realistic number of non contiguous samples. This second study gives ... vertical structural organization at the block scale. A vertical variogram study was performed. The experimental variogram did not detect any horizontal structure. 3.2 OPTIMIZATION OF SAMPLING PROGRAM

Analyzing the industrial scalability of backwards compatible intralogistics systems

The (re-)development of industrial production systems has to deal with high flexibility due to customers’ demands as well as constraints such as the dimensions of the manufactory. Therefore ... interaction points of the control software that need to be adapted, the approach is evaluated with an industrial case study and feedback from industrial experts to prove industrial scalability. Model-driven

Medical-Education-Industrial Complex?

, MA , USA 2 Richard Balon “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential ... frequently cited warning about the permanent armament industry in collusion with the military establishment, the so-called military-industrial complex, gaining immense political and economic power. As we have

Introduction to the Special Issue on Industrial Organization

and understanding a number of important phenomena in industrial organization. This framework allows for a parsimonious modeling of market interactions over time, when at least some of the economic ... commonly used in industrial organization. This special issue contains both original articles and reviews of important recent strands of literature dealing with the application of the dynamic games paradigm

Day-ahead industrial load forecasting for electric RTG cranes

, operation and energy markets. ARIMAX and ANN forecasting concepts have been applied widely in different energy applications such as buildings, industrial loads and renewable energy [ 13, 14 ]. It should ... reduce the forecast error. It should be noted that the forecast models presented in the literature for buildings, industrial loads and smart grids have used the seasonality correlation and the exogenous

Characterization of a novel lytic bacteriophage from an industrial

; Industrial fermentation; 1; 3-Propanediol; PDO Introduction As the most abundant biological entity on the planet, bacteriophages play an important ecological role, and have also been exploited for the ... cultures in a matter of minutes, the presence of bacteriophage in a modern industrial fermentation facility can be a serious problem, resulting in reduced product quality, loss in production capacity or

The predictability of financial, accounting‐based, and industrial factors on the success of newly incorporated Spanish firms

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify the impacts and predictability of financial, accountingbased, and industrial factors (as well as corporate venturing) on survival‐based success of ... sustained competitive advantage whereas the industrial organization view highlights the impacts of outside industry structure (Kraaijenbrink, Spender & Groen, 2010) . Chrisman, Bauerschmidt and Hofer (1998

Assessment of the economic impact of South-to-North Water Diversion Project on industrial sectors in Beijing

, social security and social organization are the two main industrial sectors which drive the most direct economical benefits. This paper also forecasts the impact of the South-to-North Water Division ... analysis, this paper analyzes the macroeconomic impact of the increased water supply on the affected areas in the industrial sector. Our empirical results show that the increased water supply has brought

Mass production and industrial applications of graphene materials | National Science Review | Oxford Academic

Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), Institute for Basic Science (IBS) , Ulsan 44919 , Korea Graphene is considered a promising material for industrial application based on the intensive laboratoryscale ... flake material) or hundreds of thousands of square meters (for the film material) for industrial applications. Though the graphene industry is still in its early stages, very significant progress in mass

Industrial Gear Oils: Tribological Performance and Subsurface Changes

extends the lifetime of the systems. To achieve this, friction and wear additives are included in the formulation of industrial lubricants. This class of additives is particularly important in boundary

Experimental rigs for testing components of advanced industrial applications

This paper presents experimental rigs of the Research Centre for the Mechanics of Turbomachinery of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa. Most of them were ... investigations of real machine components and to furnish more realistic results than basic tribological test rigs. Tilting pad journal bearings, as well as gears and complete gearboxes for advanced industrial

Robot learning of industrial assembly task via human demonstrations

Human–robot collaboration in industrial applications is a challenging robotic task. Human working together with the robot at a workplace to complete a task may create unpredicted events for the robot ... the learned task, which will be performed by the robot. The proposed algorithm was tested on a dual-arm industrial robot in an assembly scenario and the results are presented. Shown results demonstrate

Green and Sustainable Separation of Natural Products from Agro-Industrial Waste: Challenges, Potentialities, and Perspectives on Emerging Approaches

, selective, reproducible, and benign analytical approaches. With this in mind, green and sustainable separation of natural products from agro-industrial waste is clearly attractive considering both socio ... Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations [ 3 ], after years of progress, world hunger has increased since 2015. Around 60% of the world’s starving people are from countries

Social Media in Social Organization

As global integration process creates changes and new problem areas around individuals, people try to apply new ways for resilience. One of the methods used in this frame is social organization. Also ... closely tied up with changes in social organization. “Just as the logic of old media corresponded to the logic of industrial mass society, the logic of the new media fits the logic of the post-industrial

Cash flow optimization in industrial enterprise

Optimization of cash flows of the industrial company provides economic entity necessity and sufficiency of financial resources for sustainable activities. Cash optimization techniques are grouped ... general problem of industrial enterprise - providing ever-increasing economic benefits. For this reason there is a need to create a model of cash flaw optimization for industrial enterprises that is able to

Sequence, genome organization, annotation and proteomics of the thermophilic, 47.7-kb Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacteriophage TP-84 and its classification in the new Tp84virus genus

thermophilicity determinants and for practical aspects in industrial microbial processes employing high temperatures. Thermophilic bacteriophages have been isolated from a variety of sources wherever environmental ... ) domain containing Walker box motifs. Lastly, TP84_63 and TP84_66 encode single-stranded DNA-binding (SSB) proteins. 5 / 23 Fig 3. Genome organization of the thermophilic, 47.7-kb bacteriophage TP-84

The Origins of the Iowa Development Commission: Agricultural Transformation and Industrial Development in Mid-Twentieth-Century Iowa

Iowa Development Commission’s first promotional book, Iowa . . . Land of Industrial Opportunity, were passed out to each member of the soon-to-be defunct IIDC. The next time the organization released its

Biominerals and waxes of Calamagrostis epigejos and Phragmites australis leaves from post-industrial habitats

environmental conditions of the plant habitat. The SEM/EDX method was used to examine the surface and cross-sections of the Calamagrostis epigejos and Phragmites australis leaves from post-industrial habitats ... time, wide range of crystal forms is presented for C. epigejos. The leaf samples of P. australis from the post-industrial areas showed an increased amount of mineral forms with the presence of sulfur