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Fast, axis-agnostic, dynamically summarized storage and retrieval for mass spectrometry data

. Existing MS storage and retrieval methods have been developed to overcome the limitations of retention time-based data formats, but do not provide certain features such as dynamic summarization and storage

Advances in metabolome information retrieval: turning chemistry into biology. Part II: biological information recovery

data analysis issues and biological information retrieval tools along with translational challenges. This Part starts with introducing the main data preprocessing strategies of the different metabolomics ... to give the state of the art of metabolomics data handling strategies along with their inherent advantages and limits regarding data analysis issues. Furthermore, biological information retrieval tools

Lie construction affects information storage under high memory load condition

information and turning the truth into lies, the present study examined the relationship between the information storage and processing in the lie construction. To achieve that goal, a deception task based on

Dendritic Hold and Read: A Gated Mechanism for Short Term Information Storage and Retrieval

is referred to here as dendritic hold and read (DHR). Because the read-out of the input is not dependent on repetition of the input and information flows in a single-pass manner, DHR can potentially ... depolarization. Read-out of the information is in the form of all-or-none local regenerative spikes. DHR represents a new form of information storage and retrieval. We propose that DHR constitutes an elementary

Video retrieval in laparoscopic video recordings with dynamic content descriptors

with surgical actions. This manual surgical quality assessment (SQA) process, however, is very cumbersome and time-consuming when carried out without any support from content-based video retrieval. In ... Vienna , Waehringer Guertel 18-20, 1097 Wien , Austria 2 Institute of Information Technology, Alpen-Adria-Universita ̈t Klagenfurt , Universitaetsstrasse 65-67, 9020 Klagenfurt , Austria In the domain of

Advances in metabolome information retrieval: turning chemistry into biology. Part I: analytical chemistry of the metabolome

function of biology and bridging the gap between biological information and its context. Systems biology can be defined as a global and systemic analysis of complex system interconnections and their ... modeling. High-throughput omics technologies allowed the recovery of a holistic and comprehensive biological information, but the development of computational capabilities have allowed sophisticated systems

The storage and recall of memories in the hippocampo-cortical system

subsequent retrieval of information to the neocortex, giving a quantitative account of the large number of hippocampo-neocortical and neocortical-neocortical backprojections. Tests of the theory including ... providing the cue for recall in CA3 but not for learning. The CA1 recodes information from CA3 to set up associatively learned backprojections to the neocortex to allow the subsequent retrieval of information

Enhanced storage capacity with errors in scale-free Hopfield neural networks: An analytical study

networks and obtain a different pattern of associative memory retrieval from that obtained on the fully connected network: the storage capacity becomes tremendously enhanced but with some error in the memory ... neural network model with associative memory retrieval. The analytical solution of the model in mean field limit revealed that memories can be retrieved without any error up to a finite storage capacity of

On the concept of relevance in legal information retrieval

The concept of ‘relevance’ is crucial to legal information retrieval, but because of its intuitive understanding it goes undefined too easily and unexplored too often. We discuss a conceptual

Cost-optimized redundant data storage in the cloud

historical data access information and predefined quality of service requirements to select a cost-efficient storage solution. Furthermore, we present a heuristic optimization approach for the global ... a data object does not change over a period of time [16], our optimization approach uses this information to predict future data access. As mentioned in Sect. 2.3, several storage providers define a

A framework for the quality-based selection and retrieval of open data - a use case from the maritime domain

identification of potential sources, sources assessment and selection, and finally data retrieval process. For each step, a specific approach is described, how it may be conducted in practice. The proposed ... maritime surveillance. Therefore, the general and often interconnected concepts being in the scope of the review are data quality, information retrieval, and quality assessment (for the method itself) along

VaProS: a database-integration approach for protein/genome information retrieval

stress on the interconnection between the functional information of genome sequences and protein 3D structures, such as structural effect of the gene mutation. In this manuscript, we present the notion of ... clarified that some of the proteins in LSDs do not have structural information yet. In other Table 2 Lysosomal storage diseases FUCA1 FUCO_HUMAN 2ZXA 39% MAN2B1 MA2B1_HUMAN 1O7D 83% MANBA MANBA_HUMAN 2VR4 31

Using the cloud for records storage: issues of trust

) professionals need to understand and assess? This article discusses findings from an international research project that explored issues of trust in the context of the economics of cloud storage services. The ... indirectly related to archives’ use of the cloud. This article further explores issues of trust for information professionals and their organisations when considering the cloud for records storage and the

A low cost and fast controller architecture for multimedia data storage and retrieval to flash-based storage device

Real-time multimedia data access plays an important role in electronic systems; as time goes by, with decrease in data processing speed and increase in communication time, storage time, and retrieval ... algorithms, data storage and retrieval, error handling and corresponding error correction code (ECC) algorithms, defect handling and diagnostics, power management, and clock control [1]. However, to interface

Targeting the Three Stages of Retrieval from Secondary Memory in a Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Working Memory Training Study

Working memory (WM) is the ability to temporarily store and retrieve a limited amount of information during complex cognitive activities, especially in the face of distraction. The dual-component ... . Working memory (WM) is a multifaceted cognitive ability that allows for the temporary storage and retrieval of a limited amount of goal-relevant information during complex cognitive activities, especially

Low storage space for compressive sensing: semi-tensor product approach

amounts of storage space to implement a random matrix in CS applications. To effectively reduce the storage space of the random measurement matrix for CS, we propose a random sampling approach for the CS ... Information Science and Technology, Zhejiang Shuren University , Hangzhou 310015 , China Random measurement matrices play a critical role in successful recovery with the compressive sensing (CS) framework

A generic framework for ontology-based information retrieval and image retrieval in web data

In the internet era, search engines play a vital role in information retrieval from web pages. Search engines arrange the retrieved results using various ranking algorithms. Additionally, retrieval ... relationships in the domain. A semantic RDF alignment based information retrieval system is found in [12]. Due to the growth of multimedia technologies, hardware improvements and low-cost storage devices, the

Document retrieval on repetitive string collections

document retrieval operations on them. Document retrieval problems are routinely solved by search engines on large natural language collections, but the techniques are less developed on generic string ... information retrieval. Those limitations, on the other hand, hamper the use of the inverted index in other kinds of string collections where partitioning the text into words and limiting queries to word

Construction cost estimation of spherical storage tanks: artificial neural networks and hybrid regression—GA algorithms

proposed LMNN model can be effective to reduce uncertainty and complexity in the early stages of the construction project. Cost estimation; Manufacturing project; Spherical storage tanks; Neural networks ... to make better estimations compared with the case without its use. De Soto and Adey (2015 ) investigated the CBR reasoning retrieval process to estimate resources in construction projects. Cavalieri

SiNC: Saliency-injected neural codes for representation and efficient retrieval of medical radiographs

Medical image collections contain a wealth of information which can assist radiologists and medical experts in diagnosis and disease detection for making well-informed decisions. However, this ... availability of such information, researchers are constantly trying to develop efficient medical image retrieval systems. They have developed frameworks to represent medical images using low-level features, bag