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Multimodal photoacoustic imaging: systems, applications, and agents

fundamental principles and system configurations of PA microscopy and preclinical/clinical applications of the systems. PA microscopy has become a premier tool in biomedical research, providing structural ... exceptional for imaging molecular information and metabolic activities of diseases, but the image resolution is poor compared to that of CT and MR. Thus, multimodal information, such as ones provided by PET-MRI

Sharing delay information in service systems: a literature survey

Service providers routinely share information about upcoming waiting times with their customers, through delay announcements. The need to effectively manage the provision of these announcements has ... ; Service systems 1 Introduction Most service providers routinely share various levels of information with their customers. This information may be about the quality of the service provided, the service

Recovering user-interactions of Rich Internet Applications through replaying of HTTP traces

“traditional” Web applications. However, these solutions cannot handle modern “Rich Internet Applications” (RIAS). Our solution is implemented in the context of RIAs in a tool called D-ForenRIA. Our tool is made ... efficiently reconstruct user-sessions in practice. User-interactions reconstruction; Rich Internet Applications; Traffic replay; HTTP traces 1 Introduction Over the last decade the increasing use of new Web

Luminescence in organized media and supramolecular interactions:physicochemical aspects and applications

improved solubility or complexing efficiency. Analytical applications aiming at the determination of fluorescent drugs followed and revealed that not only was their luminescence maintained, but that it was ... applications always benefit from an improved sensitivity as a result of this enhancement. Extensions of the scope of the technique such as the induced emission of non emitting chromophores (retinoids) as well as

Advances in Databases and Information Systems

, the reduction of energy has become a new non-functional requirement integrated in the processes of design and the exploitation of database and information systems (Roukh et al. 2017) . The Claremont ... deployed to design such systems share simultaneously physical resources and data between applications. Cloud computing largely contributed in augmenting sharing capabilities of these systems thanks to their

Practices and applications in ambient and intelligent information systems

consume energy in a sharing manner by leveraging information provided by energy provider as well as consumers? How to securely perform purchasing using data from both banking systems and personal accounts ... ambient and intelligent information systems. All the papers invited for this special issue have undergone two rounds of rigorous review process. Based on the reviewers’ feedback, 7 papers were selected for

On Applications of Space–Time Modelling with Open-Source 14C Age Calibration

In archaeology, the meta-analysis of scientific dating information plays an ever-increasing role. A common thread among many recent studies contributing to this has been the development of bespoke ... evidence of the Black Death, is presented later in the paper. GIS Analysis Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide tools to study the spatial distribution of data and can be used to visualise and

Color sensors and their applications based on real-time color image segmentation for cyber physical systems

Color information plays an important role in the color image segmentation and real-time color sensor, which affects the result of video image segmentation and correct real-time temperature value. In ... systems such as robots, and intelligent navigation. At present, the information physics system is still a relatively new research field. With the continuous development of computer technology, network

Providers’ assessment of a novel interactive health information technology in a pediatric intensive care unit

To explore perceptions of critical care providers about a novel collaborative inpatient health information technology (HIT) in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) setting. ... mandatory but nevertheless important. Many of these are user-centered HIT systems, such as tethered personal health records, patient portals, in-room monitors or displays, and smartphone applications.9–11

Information systems for smart services

Digital interactions among businesses and consumers through powerful information systems and omnipresent connected devices establish today’s networked society. In this light, Service Science ... information technology allow for designing novel information systems that enable entirely new configurations of service systems. In turn, Service Science also leaves its mark on the design, adoption, and use of

A selective study of Information technologies to improve operations efficiency in construction

Today, information technologies (IT) are used in almost every production industry. While the aspects of IT are well studied and discussed in relevant monographs, articles, web sources, etc., this ... comprise the following two major parts: external unit (antenna and receiver/transmitter) and internal unit (to convert information in a format suitable for telephones, computers etc.). Internet speed for

Collaborative design of software applications: the role of users

active, being the main character in several steps of the most commonly used approaches for the development and release of applications and tools. We are witnessing at a wide diffusion of many initiatives ... applications, there are different HCI design methodologies involving users that can be applied, such as user-centered design and participatory design. The User-centered design approach was defined more than 30

Clone tag detection in distributed RFID systems

prone to basic cloning and counterfeiting security attacks. A successful cloning of the RFID tags in many commercial applications can lead to many serious problems such as financial losses, brand damage ... part of the Internet of Things (IoT). EPCglobal is made up of Electronic Product Code (EPC), EPC Information Services (EPCIS), and EPC Discovery Services (EPCDS) amongst others. Each physical product in

Current applications of antibody microarrays

presented to reflect the quality and future uses of the generated data. In this review, we provide a summary of the recent applications of antibody microarray techniques in basic biology and clinical studies ... Tong University , Shanghai 200240 , China 3 Affinity Proteomics, SciLifeLab, KTH ‐ Royal Institute of Technology , 171 65 Solna , Sweden 4 Key Laboratory of Systems Biomedicine, (Ministry of Education

Characteristics of variable speed limit systems

The control algorithm used for deciding on the speed limit in variable speed limit systems is crucial for the performance of the systems. The algorithm is designed to fulfil the purpose of the ... emissions, see e.g. (Gao, K: Multi-objective traffic management for livability, Improve Near-motorway Livability in the Netherlands. MS. Thesis, unpublished) [ 57 ]. The first applications of VSL systems

Fredholm Equation in Smooth Banach Spaces and Its Applications

. This great result has a number of applications in the theory of integral equations. Theorem 1.1 (The Fredholm Alternative) Let X be a Banach space. If A ∈ K(X ), λ ∈ K and λ = 0, then for every yo in X ... particular, we will prove that the assumption of compactness of A B is not needed (in some circumstances). The second part of this work (i.e., Sects. 3, 4, 5) is devoted to applications of Theorems 2.4 and 2.5

Foundations and applications of artificial Intelligence for zero-day and multi-step attack detection

machine learning. Statistical approaches include rule-based and outlier-detection-based solutions. Machine learning includes the detection of behavioural anomalies and event sequence tracking. Applications ... now often integrated in commercial products: expert systems, alert correlation, data mining, and behavioural IDS. Post event investigation involves providing experts with suitable security information

Fintech and Secured Transactions Systems of the Future

identifying information and status of the EWR.71 The systems for electronic chattel paper under the U.C.C., electronic transferable records under the MLETR, and EWRs under the new Mexican system, explicitly ... -oriented internet of assets and internet of persons contemplated here for registries could be utilized for and incorporated in many other systems and for many other purposes where the identification of

Smart Urban Transit Systems: From Integrated Framework to Interdisciplinary Perspective

conclusion highlighted the future scope of the smart urban transit in passenger demand management, travel information service, facility and service optimization and shared mobility, in order to make it more ... . In: 2011 international conference on internet computing & information services (ICICIS) 159. Jomnonkwao S , Sangphong O , Khampirat B , Siridhara S , Ratanavaraha V ( 2016 ) Public transport promotion

Fusion algorithms and high-performance applications for vehicular cloud computing

storage systems based on the real-time demands of large data applications. According to their experiments, E2FS can outperform HDFS while ensuring the performance of large data applications. Munoz and ... will be useful for further business analysis and decision making by generating and deducing the documentation on legacy systems. They use transaction logs as input and focus on maximizing the information