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Sharing delay information in service systems: a literature survey

Service providers routinely share information about upcoming waiting times with their customers, through delay announcements. The need to effectively manage the provision of these announcements has ... ; Service systems 1 Introduction Most service providers routinely share various levels of information with their customers. This information may be about the quality of the service provided, the service

Advances in Databases and Information Systems

, the reduction of energy has become a new non-functional requirement integrated in the processes of design and the exploitation of database and information systems (Roukh et al. 2017) . The Claremont ... deployed to design such systems share simultaneously physical resources and data between applications. Cloud computing largely contributed in augmenting sharing capabilities of these systems thanks to their

Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

The rapid development of autonomous systems and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) create new opportunities for maritime activities. Existing autonomous systems are becoming more ... Information Security and Communication Technology, NTNU , Trondheim , Norway 1 Center for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (NTNU-AMOS), Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Norwegian University of

Practices and applications in ambient and intelligent information systems

consume energy in a sharing manner by leveraging information provided by energy provider as well as consumers? How to securely perform purchasing using data from both banking systems and personal accounts ... ambient and intelligent information systems. All the papers invited for this special issue have undergone two rounds of rigorous review process. Based on the reviewers’ feedback, 7 papers were selected for

Current applications of antibody microarrays

presented to reflect the quality and future uses of the generated data. In this review, we provide a summary of the recent applications of antibody microarray techniques in basic biology and clinical studies ... Tong University , Shanghai 200240 , China 3 Affinity Proteomics, SciLifeLab, KTH ‐ Royal Institute of Technology , 171 65 Solna , Sweden 4 Key Laboratory of Systems Biomedicine, (Ministry of Education

Information systems for smart services

Digital interactions among businesses and consumers through powerful information systems and omnipresent connected devices establish today’s networked society. In this light, Service Science ... information technology allow for designing novel information systems that enable entirely new configurations of service systems. In turn, Service Science also leaves its mark on the design, adoption, and use of

The Relationship between Information Systems (IS) Assets, Organizational Capabilities, and IS-enabled Absorptive Capacity in U.S. State Information Technology Departments

Despite the recognition that information is a strategic asset for any state government, we lack research on the deployment and use of information systems in the U.S. state government context ... This material is brought to you by the AIS Journals at AIS Electronic Library (AISeL). It has been accepted for inclusion in Communications of the Association for Information Systems by an authorized

Students’ ideas about technological systems interacting with human needs

, and participation in society. It is important to understand how technological systems work in order to orient oneself in modern society and to make well-informed decisions about what is good or bad use ... students’ experience and knowledge of how material, energy and information are transformed in technological systems. The results indicate that students tend to focus primarily on describing single components

Advanced algorithms and applications based on IoT for the smart devices

, manage, and utilize huge amounts of information. In the process, vulnerable security systems face two risks: public safety threats and privacy violations. Also, one of the technical challenges for ... information about IoT devices to prevent cyber-attacks using the information of vulnerable devices connected to the Internet (Huh and Seo 2016) . The proposed technology in this paper provides public

Modeling convection-diffusion-reaction systems for microfluidic molecular communications with surface-based receivers in Internet of Bio-Nano Things

, e.g., finite element analysis (FEA). However, analytical models are key for the information and communication technology (ICT), as they enable an optimisation framework to develop advanced communication ... even more nonlinear and complex. Convection-diffusion-reaction systems are especially prominent in microfluidic sensing and chromatography applications, such as affinity chromatography [ 8

Cyber-Physical Systems: A Literature Review

systems) with the virtual world of information processing. Applications of CPS have the tremendous potential of improving convenience, comfort, and safety in our daily life. This paper provides a brief ... mobile cyber-physical systems include applications to detect traffic accidents, measure traffic, and monitor cardiac patients (Cyberphysical system, 2017) . Applications Common applications of CPS

Introduction of Recent Advanced Hybrid Information Processing

, China 3 College of Information and Communication Engineering, Harbin Engineering University , Harbin , China - Editorial: Because of the variety of applications in information time, information ... researchers to publish their gifted theoretical and technological studies of advanced method in hybrid information processing, and their novel engineering applications within this domain. The main focus of this

Defining Information Security

This article proposes a new definition of information security, the ‘Appropriate Access’ definition. Apart from providing the basic criteria for a definition—correct demarcation and meaning ... ’, ‘information security’ and variations thereof, will be used as synonymous with ‘the security of information (systems)’. • Integrity: ‘‘property of accuracy and completeness’’. • Availability: ‘‘property of being

Information Quality, Information Systems Support Capability and Performance of Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya

The economic uncertainty and technology change requires service organizations to accelerate the replacement of information systems and add new capabilities that improve customer service and enhance ... global networks in the 1990s playfully and dramatically changed the capabilities of information systems in business. Internet-based and web-enabled enterprise and global electronic business and commerce

Risk evaluation in peer review of grant applications

and 73% viewed innovation as an essential component of scientific excellence. Similarly, while only 27% of respondent applicants reported receiving comments on the riskiness of their grant applications ... reviewers indicated that the risks associated with innovative research impacted the scores they assigned to the grant applications. These results indicate a potential source of bias in how innovation and risk

Array signal processing and systems

Array Signal Processing and Systems. Sensor arrays play an important role in spatio-temporal signal processing with applications spanning across multiple fields such as electromagnetic, acoustics ... , ultrasonic and seismic processing systems. This plethora of possible applications has sparked a large number of new theoretical developments and array processing systems in the last few years. In the field of

Future trends in nanotechnology aiming environmental applications

technology can cause (Purohit et al. 2017) . Nanomaterials applications and also implications on the environment have been studied by several groups around the world, and particularly in Brazil, where ... issue was to compile discussions regarding the aspects related to the environmental applications of Nanotechnology presented during the II Workshop in Environmental Nanotechnology, as well as the methods

Additive manufactured metallic implants for orthopaedic applications

implants; reports the current status in orthopaedic surgical applications and comments on the challenges of AM implants in orthopaedic practice. ... manufacturing has gained popularity in medical sectors, and new applications are evolving rapidly in various orthopaedic procedures [17]. Traditionally, metallic orthopaedic implants are produced by subtractive

Estimation of the Continuous Ranked Probability Score with Limited Information and Applications to Ensemble Weather Forecasts

be problematic when using the CRPS to compare parametric forecasts, whose CRPS may be computed exactly, and forecasts whose CRPS is estimated based on the limited information about F contained in the ... right theoretical value. This bias stems from the limited information about F contained in an ensemble with finite size M . Several solutions have been proposed to remove this bias. Ferro (2014

Possible applications for gestures while driving

. Driving; Human-machine-interface; Gesture control; Gaze aversion 1 Motivation As technical possibilities expand, the number of driver assistance systems and entertainment/comfort functionality intended to ... improve driving safety and positively influence the driving experience rises with them. But this growing functionality, especially that offered by vehicular infotainment systems, also increases the number