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Practices and applications in ambient and intelligent information systems

consume energy in a sharing manner by leveraging information provided by energy provider as well as consumers? How to securely perform purchasing using data from both banking systems and personal accounts ... ambient and intelligent information systems. All the papers invited for this special issue have undergone two rounds of rigorous review process. Based on the reviewers’ feedback, 7 papers were selected for

Defining Information Security

This article proposes a new definition of information security, the ‘Appropriate Access’ definition. Apart from providing the basic criteria for a definition—correct demarcation and meaning ... ’, ‘information security’ and variations thereof, will be used as synonymous with ‘the security of information (systems)’. • Integrity: ‘‘property of accuracy and completeness’’. • Availability: ‘‘property of being

Between Personal and Common: the Design of Hybrid Information Spaces

information. We studied efforts to develop such information spaces by following the design of two Personal Health Record applications and focusing particularly on design tensions that relate to their hybrid ... 23 BN-0373 Oslo , Norway (Phone: ( 1 Department of Information Systems, University of Agder , Gimlemoen 254630 Kristiansand S , Norway (Phone: ( This paper addresses the design of hybrid information

Estimation of the Continuous Ranked Probability Score with Limited Information and Applications to Ensemble Weather Forecasts

be problematic when using the CRPS to compare parametric forecasts, whose CRPS may be computed exactly, and forecasts whose CRPS is estimated based on the limited information about F contained in the ... right theoretical value. This bias stems from the limited information about F contained in an ensemble with finite size M . Several solutions have been proposed to remove this bias. Ferro (2014

Information Quality, Information Systems Support Capability and Performance of Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya

The economic uncertainty and technology change requires service organizations to accelerate the replacement of information systems and add new capabilities that improve customer service and enhance ... global networks in the 1990s playfully and dramatically changed the capabilities of information systems in business. Internet-based and web-enabled enterprise and global electronic business and commerce

Information Technology Audit in Georgia

necessary to make the information technology audit of IT systems operating reliability and functionality in order to obtain reasonable assurance. IT governance and information systems audit is imperative for ... organization is to effectively manage information and communication technology (ICT). IT audit is the process of gathering and evaluating evidence based on which one can evaluate the performance of IT systems

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... . ( 2015a ). Innovations with smart service systems: analytics, big data, cognitive assistance, and the internet of everything . Communications of the Association for Information Systems , 37 , 35 . Demirkan

Alternative genres in information systems research

and illustrate the generative capacity and the significant role of genres in the production of knowledge. Furthermore, we wish to encourage Information Systems (IS) scholars to leverage a wider array of ... . Information Systems Research 21 ( 4 ), 810 - 821 . SOUSANIS N ( 2015 ) Unflattening. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. SWALES JM ( 2004 ) Research Genres: Explorations and Applications . Cambridge

Analysis of security in cyber-physical systems

beware of the grave consequences of a cyber-attack on a CPS. Since many national critical infrastructures are applications of CPS, ensuring security and safety of such systems is of great importance. In ... traditional information technology (IT) systems, three security objectives are confidentiality, integrity and availability, where confidentiality is in the first place. While in CPSs, availability ranks the

Physics-based modeling approaches of resistive switching devices for memory and in-memory computing applications

The semiconductor industry is currently challenged by the emergence of Internet of Things, Big data, and deep-learning techniques to enable object recognition and inference in portable computers ... simulations, device simulation, and compact models for exploring RRAM applications in memory and computing. Figure 1 schematically shows the different modeling approaches for RRAM. Table 1 summarizes the main

Applications of Marketing Information System in Banking Sector: A Study on VakıfBank

examine concept of Marketing Information System by literature review and to reveal issues of banking sector applications on information gathering and using. Semi-structured interviewing which is one of the ... information about customers and competitors for building banking applications based on this information is undeniable. Marketing Information Systems in Banking Industry: the VakıfBank Case As customer

Interactive Reputation Systems

Early reputation systems use simple computation metrics that can easily be manipulated by malicious actors. Advanced computation models that mitigate their weaknesses, however, are non-transparent to ... systems increase both the users' detection ability (robustness) and understanding of malicious behavior while avoiding trade-offs in usability. Trust; reputation systems; Information security; Visual

Editorial Message: Special Issue on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications

, Taichung , Taiwan provide interesting and timely innovative results covering adaptive predictive PID control using fuzzy wavelet neural networks for nonlinear discrete-time time-delay systems, fuzzy control ... . These nine papers bring a rich collection of fuzzy theory and its applications to illustrate the main technical achievements of the 2016 IJFS special issue in iFUZZY 2016. Finally, I would like to

Human-centred design in global health: A scoping review of applications and contexts

identified pertinent literature as well as gaps in information on the use of HCD for public health research, design, implementation and evaluation. A variety of contexts were identified in which design has ... originated in the fields of ergonomics, computer science and artificial intelligence, and can be seen in the international standard ISO 9241±210 which describes `approach to systems design and development that

Regulatory Rules for Security Requirements of Financial Information Systems: Attempt to Formalize

As a result of the economic growth and increasing technology usage, financial systems are becoming pervasive and automate customer processes and data. These systems, like other systems that are ... to law. Software requirement engineering Information systems; security Saudi stock exchange Formalization Readability 1 Introduction In general, better utilization of technology can improve the

Reordering Transaction Execution to Boost High-Frequency Trading Applications

, however, suffers from limited concurrency confronted with HFT workloads. Its variants that enable more parallel execution by leveraging fine-grained contention information also take little effect. To solve ... management of data, SIGMOD'16 , pp 1643 - 1658 37. Weikum G , Vossen G ( 2001 ) Transactional information systems: theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery . Elsevier, Amsterdam

Semantic hierarchies for extracting, modeling, and connecting compliance requirements in information security control standards

Companies and government organizations are increasingly compelled, if not required by law, to ensure that their information systems will comply with various federal and industry regulatory standards ... that, if exploited, could result in information disclosure, loss of money, or, at worst, loss of life. To mitigate these risks and ensure that their information systems meet regulatory standards

A modular parallelization framework for power flow transfer analysis of large-scale power systems

configurations The proposed framework is implemented via the Java programming language. The case studies are analysed on two different systems. Table 2 has detailed information on the attributes of the test ... , December 2007 , 6 pp [5] Atputharajah A , Saha T ( 2009 ) Power system blackouts-literature review . In: Proceedings of the fourth international conference on industrial and information systems (ICIIS2009

Embedded multi-core computing and applications

. Similarity, these papers cover a broad spectrum of scientific areas, and they presented that more and more scientific applications will be considered to apply multi-core systems. ... hardware and software architectures, another important issue is a suitable parallel algorithm which can efficiently perform on these architectures. Nowadays, many successful applications through the parallel