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Networking architectures and protocols for smart city systems

resources, and reduce operational costs. This model includes various heterogeneous technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cloud Computing ... ) Internet of things for smart cities. IEEE Internet Things J 1(1):22–32.CrossRefGoogle Scholar 3. Gurgen L, Gunalp O, Benazzouz Y, Gallissot M (2013) Self-aware cyber-physical systems and applications in

Critical Appraisal of Web-Based Passenger Information Systems

their anytime-anywhere availability and their suitability for the multimodal applications and multilingual interface. Internet-based Passenger Information Systems (PIS), therefore, have become common in ... their suitability for multimodal applications and multilingual interface. Web-based Passenger Information Systems (PIS) are userfriendly, easily accessible, and timely and have proved to be advantageous

Application of geographical information systems

powerful tool for military trainers, environmentalists, and natural resource planners. This paper will discuss the applications of GIS in military training and environmental/ natural resources management. It ... , easy-to-use tool that brings geographic information to desktops. ArcView gives the power to visualize, explore, query, and analyze data spatially. ArcView is made by Environmental Systems Research

Seleclting Middleware for N-tier applications

This paper describes middleware for n-tier architecture, describes how this middleware is meeting the unique demands of Internet applications and e-commerce, and suggests selection guidelines to ... sends out the information only to appropriate recipients. The publish/subscribe-messaging pattern is becoming widely used for informational internet applications, such as stock or news tick­ ers. o


, regardless of how conflicts between freedom and control are temporarily solved. Perceiving both the computer and the Internet as complex systems, the authors look at how modular design of these systems freed ... technological systems. In two subparts we will show how modularity shapes the basic devices of the Information Society: the computer and the Internet. Both are perceived as complex systems which build on

Hospitality Information Systems: Intuitive, Object-Oriented, and Wireless Technology

Automated information system design and implementation is one of the fastest changing aspects of the hospitality industry. During the past several years nothing has increased the professionalism or ... effective in a variety of hospitality industry applications, such as food service order entry, hotel guest information systems, and multi-unit information analysk4 Bar Code Scanners Speed Transactions Bar

An Empirically Derived Taxonomy of Information Systems Integration

Information systems integration (ISI) represents the degree of cooperation in information system practices between business functions within a firm and between a firm and its trading partners ... . Ragu-Nathan Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Management Information Systems Commons Recommended Citation - An Empirically Derived Taxonomy of

Electronic Service Quality: Public Transport Information on the Internet

of three of the suggested quality dimensions (efficiency, system availability, and fulfillment) for overall satisfaction when using information-based websites. A survey was conducted with respondents ... . - believed that the extra cost invested in providing additional information via the Internet will eventually generate more journeys and more passengers. Research into e-commerce and technology adoption

Factorial management of global information systems

The growth of worldwide competition and expansion of business markets especially in Eastern Europe and the third world have triggered several formidable problems for the global information systems ... global information systems (GIS) manager. Numerous multinational corporations have failed to meet their objectives beyond their national borders. This study identifies the major recurrent prob­ lems and

Understanding SME Intention to Use the Internet for Managing Supplier Information

cognitions and intention to use the Internet for supplier information management. We also explore the influence of behavioral norms and two broader strategic perspectives, market and learning orientation, on ... Internet applications in three Italian clusters. European Urban & Regional Studies 12(3): 247–268. Bharadwaj,A. 2000. A resource-based perspective on information technology capability and firm

Information control and security policy in health care information systems

The reliance on information systems forces the health care organizations to consider two security management issues: information control and security policy. The objective of this article is to

Measuring the impact of information systems

For the last 35 years, the business strategy of corporate America has been to equate information services (IS) spending with business growth, increased re\'enue, and overall business success. This ... results (Strassman, 1990) . Clearly, corporations can­ not randomly substitute information workers and IS systems for unskilled workers and manual processes and assume that productivity and profits will

Maintaining computer-based information systems using text-based intelligent systems techniques

In order to incorporate up-to-date quantitative and qualitative information, Computer- Based Information Systems (CBIS) must be able to extract data from unstructured, textual formats such as ... information they need easily.Simple systems operating on automatically indexed text bases are therefore most appropriate for applications with the following characteristics: 1. It is difficult to predict the

Quality function deployment in management information systems

solving by various functional areas of a company to develop information technology tools by improving communication, product development, and measurements of end products. ... , designing, and production of information systems. For example, say, a software company wants to develop a multi-platform browser for the Internet. The software production process begins with system planning

Impact of Health Information Systems on Organizational Health Communication and Behavior

technologies such as computer software, the Internet, email, mobile telephones, information systems, and handheld computers. Previously, computer use was predominantly available in high-level government agencies ... communication changes in consumers, patients, providers, and organizations are being noticed at individual, community, and organizational levels due to innovations in electronic health information systems, such

Towards a specific architecture for international information systems: An exploratory study

Despite their acknowledged importance, international information technology applications - defined as supporting a business activity across a number of diverse environments - are still largely ... framework which guides the organization in satisfying business and man­ agement information systems needs." This alsoencompasses functional applications in thesense of Weill's (1992) "enabling foundation [for

Limited Information and Quick Decisions: Consumer Privacy Calculus for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications (also known as “apps”) have rapidly grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. Because they are available through devices that are “always on” and often with the user, users often ... comparison study . Journal of Management Information Systems , 24 ( 4 ), 13 - 45 . Kim , D. , & Benbasat , I. ( 2003 ). Trust-related arguments in Internet stores: A framework for evaluation . Journal of

Requirements for Interoperability in Healthcare Information Systems

Interoperability is a requirement for the successful deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR improves the quality of healthcare by enabling access to all relevant information at the ... duplication of tests. EHR is a distributed system that results from the cooperation of several heterogeneous information systems. It is made of components, which are themselves systems or subsystems with

U.S. Geological Survey Water Information on the Internet

Survey (USGS) are finding that their distributed network of workstations and minicomputers is an excellent vehicle for providing water information to their customers. Several major applications already are ... other Internet applications. Daily Flow Values Daily flow values for all USGS stations through W ater Year 1993 are available on the Web. Users can select a station by name or number from a scrolling