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Networking architectures and protocols for smart city systems

resources, and reduce operational costs. This model includes various heterogeneous technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cloud Computing ... coupling of communication, computing and physical vehicle dynamics In: Proceedings of the 1st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, 159–167.. ACM.Google Scholar Copyright information

Information Systems Service Quality Measurement: The Evolution of The SERVQUAL Instrument

Due to the increasing service component of information technology, service quality measurement has become increasingly important as IS practitioners attempt to increase service quality to customers ... convenience and ease of contacting a service provider. Courtesy involves appearance, politeness, respect, consideration and friendliness of the service provider. Communication is the information, including cost

Managing Interaction, Location, and Communication in Mobile Information Systems

Mobile Information Systems Managing interaction, location, and communication in mobile information systems - New paradigms like pervasive and mobile computing clearly show a trend of using ... computing and communication power to overcome the physical limitations posed by state-of-the-art information systems. Technologies like wireless networks, ambient intelligence, mobile agents, miniaturized

Rhetoric, Communication, and Information

the communication arts into information control systems through polytechtonic rhetorics. This essay calls for critique where communication is at issue for a control society. ... . Communication appears to become regarded most fundamentally as structures or processes of information, and only incidentally as a feature of human interaction. Thus, communicative practices become shifted from

Quality function deployment in management information systems

solving by various functional areas of a company to develop information technology tools by improving communication, product development, and measurements of end products. ... the entire work force. Osterle, Brenner and Hilbers (1991), discussing quality management, pointed out that most CEOs require and demand that information systems support the major business function in

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Components, Dimensions, and its Correlates

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been identified as one of the crucial factors that affect teaching effectiveness and student learning worldwide. UNESCO, many international ... emphasis on and approach toward technology, including specifically information and communication technologies (ICT) within the educational systems of developed and developing countries. Kreijnsa, van Acker

Developing Information and Communication Technologies for Education in Haiti

This research aims to aid in developing educational technologies for students and teachers in Haiti. The goal of the research project is to increase computer familiarity and literacy. To achieve this

Impact of Health Information Systems on Organizational Health Communication and Behavior

communication changes in consumers, patients, providers, and organizations are being noticed at individual, community, and organizational levels due to innovations in electronic health information systems, such

Computational Interpersonal Communication: Communication Studies and Spoken Dialogue Systems

can supply the information necessary to respond to and resolve many of the open problems in SDS engineering, and 2) that the development of SDS applications can provide the discipline of communication

Information control and security policy in health care information systems

The reliance on information systems forces the health care organizations to consider two security management issues: information control and security policy. The objective of this article is to

Novel Directory Service and Message Delivery Mechanism Enabling Scalable Mobile Agent Communication

purpose, first of all, scalable location-transparent agent communication issue should be addressed in mobile agent systems despite agent mobility. Although there were proposed several directory service and ... Mobile Information Systems Novel directory service and message delivery mechanism enabling scalable mobile agent communication Jinho Ahn 0 0 Department of Computer Science, Kyonggi University

Health care information systems management: Structure and infrastructure

The practice of medicine is inextricably entwined with the management of health care information system (HCIS). Major problems with HCIS are that it has not evolved from the needs of end users, and ... service pro­ cess. Information resource management enables a manager to plan for, allocate, and monitor the use of HCIS resources in the organization. The resources include clinical information systems

Towards a framework for communication media implementation: Information richness and critical mass as complementary theories

and research of communication media implementation within the framework of two theories, critical mass and information richness. Examples of using electronic mail, video conferencing, and group decision ... tion systems, one is eliminating non-verbal communication attributes such as status, body lan­ guage, and spoken anomalies. From an information richness perspective, GDSS is an interesting case. It is a

Automating Hospitality Information: Network Technology and Systems Management

The local area network (LAN) interconnecting computer systems and soft- ware can make a significant contribution to the hospitality industry. The author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ... directly with dictation equipment, telephone call messaging, and electronic banking and mail, with a video travel service and with photocopiers. Other communication systems being automated in increasing

Catholic Relief Services: Information and Communication Technology in Monitoring and Evaluation

In February 2015, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Vietnam initiated a new project to support the reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors of accidents involving landmines and explosive remnants ... targeted provinces and beyond. Information and Communication Technology, Application Development, and Deployment To ensure increased efficiency and effectiveness of project monitoring and evaluation

Application of geographical information systems

Natural resources and environmental management of military lands is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. As military missions change and new equipment is fielded out training lands become ... , easy-to-use tool that brings geographic information to desktops. ArcView gives the power to visualize, explore, query, and analyze data spatially. ArcView is made by Environmental Systems Research

Information Technology Enabled Persuasion: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Communication Channel, Strategy and Affect

With advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), organizations of various forms now deploy an increasing number of ICT-enabled persuasive systems in several domains. Traditional ... and communication technologies, organizations now deploy an increasing number of ICT-enabled persuasive systems in several domains such as healthcare, marketing, and politics. The persuasive strategy

Selecting POS Systems for Table Service Restaurants

A point-of-sale system can enhance decision making, operational control, guest service, and revenues. However, not all POS systems offer the same features and potential for profit improvement. The ... liquor sales. In the near future, POS systems will provide information on table turnover and utilization. This can be used to evaluate station sizes, dining room table mix, service style, server and

Hospitality Information Systems: Intuitive, Object-Oriented, and Wireless Technology

Automated information system design and implementation is one of the fastest changing aspects of the hospitality industry. During the past several years nothing has increased the professionalism or ... effective in a variety of hospitality industry applications, such as food service order entry, hotel guest information systems, and multi-unit information analysk4 Bar Code Scanners Speed Transactions Bar

Factorial management of global information systems

The growth of worldwide competition and expansion of business markets especially in Eastern Europe and the third world have triggered several formidable problems for the global information systems ... global information systems (GIS) manager. Numerous multinational corporations have failed to meet their objectives beyond their national borders. This study identifies the major recurrent prob­ lems and