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Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

The rapid development of autonomous systems and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) create new opportunities for maritime activities. Existing autonomous systems are becoming more ... Information Security and Communication Technology, NTNU , Trondheim , Norway 1 Center for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (NTNU-AMOS), Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Norwegian University of

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... a world-wide communication network, providing data to and receiving data from other devices and information systems. A list of key features, though not constitutive or exhaustive, has been attributed

Rethinking flood risk communication

used by those at risk, what information users desire and how best this should be presented. We explore these questions through a multi-method participatory experiment, working together with a competency ... /10.1146/annurev.pu. 14 .050193.001151 Fisher H ( 2015 ) Public dialogues on flood risk communication . Environment Agency , Bristol Flood Information Service Flood Information Service ( 2017 ) https://flood

Analysis of Barriers to the Deployment of Health Information Systems: a Stakeholder Perspective

Computer Science at Brunel University London, UK, where he also received his PhD in Information Systems and an MSc in Data Communication Systems. Previous to his appointment at Brunel he has worked in ... all stakeholders whereas others not, suggesting that some barriers may be more relevant than others. Healthcare; Information systems; Telemedicine; Chronic diseases; Barriers; Stakeholder theory 1

Resilience analysis of service-oriented collaboration process management systems

processes is required from a competitiveness perspective. The main objective of this work is to propose an evaluation model for measuring a resilience of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) collaborative ... processes management; Resilience; Resilience of SOA collaborative process systems; Service-oriented systems; Cloud-based SOA collaborative business process management 1 Introduction Collaborative business

Perceived Quality of In-Service Communication and Counseling Among Adolescents Undergoing Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

Experience with providers shapes the quality of adolescent health services, including voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). This study examined the perceived quality of in-service communication ... communication and counseling during adolescent VMMC services. Methods. A postprocedure quantitative survey measuring overall satisfaction, comfort, perceived quality of in-service communication and counseling

Information systems for smart services

Digital interactions among businesses and consumers through powerful information systems and omnipresent connected devices establish today’s networked society. In this light, Service Science ... information technology allow for designing novel information systems that enable entirely new configurations of service systems. In turn, Service Science also leaves its mark on the design, adoption, and use of

Volcano alert level systems: managing the challenges of effective volcanic crisis communication

Over the last four decades, volcano observatories have adopted a number of different communication strategies for the dissemination of information on changes in volcanic behaviour and potential ... role is structured around volcano early warning systems, constituting a range of communication techniques developed by volcanologists and policy makers to provide information to populations at risk from

An Efficient Stream Data Processing Model for Multiuser Cryptographic Service

model (DPP) according to the characteristics of cryptographic operations and realized cryptographic operations of cross-data streams with different service requirements in a multiuser environment. By ... businesses of all kinds of business systems bring huge challenges to data analysis, processing, and storage of business systems. Meanwhile, the urgent need for the security service capabilities of business

Dynamic Service Selection in Workflows Using Performance Data

An approach to dynamic workflow management and optimisation using near-realtime performance data is presented. Strategies are discussed for choosing an optimal service (based on user-specified ... that the information used in the service discovery and optimization processes at binding will be out-of-date when execution takes place. For example a service may no longer be available, or the service

Considering transgender and gender nonconforming people in health communication campaigns

communication is an important component of this effort. This article begins with an overview of the research evidence about the extent of TGNC disparities and contextualizes them socio-politically. Then, we ... included in health communication campaigns can TGNC people attain the best possible health. Additional information Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims

Entanglement Availability Differentiation Service for the Quantum Internet

entanglement availability between the users is a necessity, an entanglement availability service is essential. Here we define the entanglement availability differentiation (EAD) service for the quantum Internet ... , Section 4 concludes the results. Supplemental information is included in the Appendix. System Model The proposed EAD service allows differentiation in the amount of entanglement shared between the users

B-space: dynamic management and assurance of open systems of systems

Connected cars, freely configurable operating rooms, or autonomous harvesting fleets: dynamically emerging open systems of systems will shape a new generation of systems opening up a vast potential ... -systems, and smart ecosystem level, our primary research focus is on assurances, and on safety assurance in particular. Therefore, we start by outlining important background information with respect to

Intelligent data attacks against power systems using incomplete network information: a review

With the integration of information technologies, power system operations are increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks. It has even been revealed that an attacker can inject false data into real-time ... subspace information of power systems measurements and exploits normal meter measurements as sources of malicious data. It is shown that the framing attack is able to misguide the operator to remove critical

Behavior Reconstruction Models for Large-scale Network Service Systems

In large-scale network service systems, the phenomenon of instantaneous gathering of a large number of users can cause system abnormality, whenever the load imposed by the user behaviors does not ... . This paper proposes a behavior reconstruction model for large-scale network service systems integrated with Petri net reconstruction methodology, for the purpose of achieving load balancing in the system

Overlapping Communication and Computation with OpenMP and MPI

coarse grain OpenMP parallelism can also be used to facilitate overlapping MPI communication and computation for stencil-based grid programs such as a program performing Gauss-Seidel iteration with red ... Science Foundation’s National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI) program. More information on NPACI is available at Advances M ultimedia Fuzzy Systems

Ultrahigh-speed violet laser diode based free-space optical communication beyond 25 Gbit/s

modulation discrete multi-tone (64-QAM DMT) data stream for optical wireless communication through 0.5–10 m in free space, the point-to-point VLD-based FSO link allows delivering the 64-QAM DMT data at an ... ., Videv, S. & Hass, H. Light fidelity (Li-Fi): towards all-optical networking. Proc. SPIE 9007, 900702 (2014). Google Scholar2. Lin, W.-Y. et al. 10m/500Mbps WDM visible light communication systems. Opt

Patient-pharmacist communication during a post-discharge pharmacist home visit

-related problems. Gaining insight into the communication during these home visits could be valuable for optimizing and consequently improving patient safety at readmission to primary care. Objective To ... home visit and most studies investigating patient-pharmacist communication focused primarily on one-way pharmacist information provision, e.g. the extent to which pharmacists counsel patients, and their

A Computing Model of Selective Attention for Service Robot Based on Spatial Data Fusion

transfer visual attention selection mechanism to the scene analysis of service robots. This will greatly improve the robot’s efficiency in perception and processing information. We proposed a computing model ... capture human motion information as the user moves in everyday life scenes. In the meantime, intelligent space can offer some service to users by its actuators. It is important to fuse the data from

Information Technology Enabled Persuasion: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Communication Channel, Strategy and Affect

With advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), organizations of various forms now deploy an increasing number of ICT-enabled persuasive systems in several domains. Traditional ... Medical Internet Research (JMIR), Telemedicine & e-Health Journal, European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Frontiers, Computer Communication, IEEE IT Professional, ACM CCR