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Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... a world-wide communication network, providing data to and receiving data from other devices and information systems. A list of key features, though not constitutive or exhaustive, has been attributed

Information systems for smart services

Digital interactions among businesses and consumers through powerful information systems and omnipresent connected devices establish today’s networked society. In this light, Service Science ... information technology allow for designing novel information systems that enable entirely new configurations of service systems. In turn, Service Science also leaves its mark on the design, adoption, and use of

Sailing: Cognition, action, communication

been gained over the past few decades, feeding into theories of spatial cognition and frameworks for spatial information science. In this paper, we explore sailing as a more specialized domain that has ... ]. Similar issues are also relevant for geographic information systems [ 24 ]; the implications for extended domains such as sailing have yet to be explored. Here, expertise will play an important role

Multi-objective robust resource allocation for secure communication in full-duplex MIMO systems

In this paper, we study robust resource allocation for the multi-user full-duplex (FD) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems. Particularly, we aim at minimizing uplink (UL ... and downlink (DL) transmit power simultaneously while guaranteeing the quality of service (QoS) requirements regarding secure UL and DL communication, under the consideration of the imperfect channel

Color Theory in Technical Communication

Technical communicators tend to overlook or avoid using color in their work. However, color theory is a powerful tool that can greatly affect how information is presented in print or on the web. By ... properly, can aid users to view, decipher, understand, and experience many types of information systems in a meaningful manner, leading to effective usability (Puhalla 2008). White says, “Color must be used

Generation of fault-tolerant state-based communication schedules for real-time systems

State-based schedules use a time division multiple access (TDMA) mechanism that supports executing conditional semantics and making on-the-fly decisions at runtime in each communication cycle. Until ... update the buffer table. At the beginning of a communication cycle, all variables reset to their initial value or φ. Upon receiving a message, if the variable’s current history information contains φ in

Non-technical communication factors at the Vessel Traffic Services

-technical information processing and communication factors that play a role in decision-making and ultimately in safety. During protocol operations at the VTS, these factors influenced how VTSOs judged the ... processes information, as well as how they can communicate with each other. The further development of technological systems, work protocols and training programmes can benefit from taking the soft aspects of

Complex spaces: global innovation networks & territorial innovation systems in information & communication technologies

telephony ‘creative destruction’). The second perspective is that of Territorial Innovation Systems. This addresses the innovative core of ‘creative destruction’ events which, in turn, explains economic ... & Dalum, 2007) . The key lay in the Nordic communication standard eventually being adopted by the EU, giving European cellular service providers the advantage of a uniform GSM standard before anywhere else

A hybrid MAC protocol for optimal channel allocation in large-scale wireless powered communication networks

This paper proposes a large-scale wireless powered communication network (WPCN), which consists of a hybrid access point (H-AP) and numerous nodes. The H-AP broadcasts energy to all nodes, and the ... , Simultaneous information and power transfer for broadband wireless systems . IEEE Trans. Signal Process . 61 , 5972 - 5986 ( 2013 ) 11. H Ju , R Zhang, Throughput maximization in wireless powered communication

AI, Kitsch, and Communication

. But then we have to adjust our communication modes in laypeople settings. Little need to defend AI a priori, it seems. But much need to explain it, and—at least according to my own experience— much more ... mine relevant or pertinent information. In fact, we often face poor scale-up behaviour from algorithms that have been designed based on models of computation that are no longer realistic for big data

NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians

(such as Open Access Week), online learning objects (such as LibGuides or course management systems), and instruction in areas of scholarly communication literacy for both faculty and students commonly ... Communication Librarians were developed out of research and discussion conducted by the NASIG Scholarly Communication Core Competencies Task Force. Scholarly communication is defined by ACRL as “the system

Information Quality, Information Systems Support Capability and Performance of Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya

The economic uncertainty and technology change requires service organizations to accelerate the replacement of information systems and add new capabilities that improve customer service and enhance ... that service organization and especially hoteliers need to improve the information systems support systems and enhance the quality of information because they are significant factors affecting the

A hierarchical detection method in external communication for self-driving vehicles based on TDMA

new intrusion detection system to protect the communication system of self-driving cars; utilising a combination of hierarchical models based on clusters and log parameters. This security system is ... infrastructures by using clustering mode in the 13 / 19 Fig 7. Type parameters of detection. external communication systems a virtual gateway of control. It is built on control data and sensitive information that

Communication-efficient randomized consensus

. Further, communication is via asynchronous message passing: there is no known upper bound on the time to send a message from one processor to another, and all messages and coin flips are seen by the ... understood. In this model, communication is via full-information, asynchronous message passing: there is no known upper bound on the time to send a message from one processor to another, and all messages are

Environment for integration of distributed heterogeneous computing systems

main contribution of this work. In order to provide interoperability with legacy systems, the IEEE 1516 standard (denoted HLA - High Level Architecture) is used. As proof of concept, Virtual Bus was used ... information. It often generated a certain rework and some communication problems during the previous experiments. Thus, this work aims at synchronizing communication of heterogeneous systems. Another key issue

A cognitive control approach to interference mitigation in communications-based train control (CBTC) co-existing with passenger information systems (PISs)

rail vehicles. In addition to CBTC systems, passenger information systems (PISs) are adopted in urban rail transit systems to improve quality of service (QoS) offered to customers. The interference ... communication of CBTC systems to decrease effects of interference and increase the channel quality. The information gap of the CBTC system can be defined according to performance of train-ground wireless

Marketing Academic Libraries: Marketing in Communication With Our Users

difficult and doesn’t always go as you would like. Many customers are understanding, but others are less so. In the early days, prior to any of the kinds of systems we’ve been talking about, we would send ... services to the network level. He was formerly Head of Information Technology at North Carolina State University Libraries. Pace is a Past President of the Library and Information Technology Association

Between Personal and Common: the Design of Hybrid Information Spaces

This paper addresses the design of hybrid information spaces supporting patients and healthcare providers to have information in common and also, patients to manage privately personal health ... ; Miria Grisot; and Margunn Aanestad ( 2016 ). Enabling Electronic Interactions between Patients and Healthcare Providers: a service design perspective . Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems , vol

Opportunities, challenges and systems requirements for developing post-abortion family planning services: Perceptions of service stakeholders in China

to explore service providers’ perceptions of the current situation regarding family planning and abortion service needs, provision, utilization, and the feasibility and acceptability of high quality ... "Opportunities, Challenges and Systems Requirements for Developing Post-Abortion Family Planning Services: Perceptions of Service Stakeholders in China" are available on request to International stakeholders show

Optimized IoT service placement in the fog

show, through experiments, that the service execution can achieve a reduction of network communication delays when the genetic algorithm is used, and a better utilization of fog resources when the exact ... paradigms , chap. 4 , Morgan Kaufmann 11. De S , Barnaghi P , Bauer M , Meissner S ( 2011 ) Service modelling for the internet of things . In: Federated conference on computer science and information systems