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Integrated pathology and radiology learning for a musculoskeletal system module: an example of interdisciplinary integrated form

Integrated pathology and radiology learning for a musculoskeletal system module: an example of interdisciplinary integrated form Ihab Shafek Atta,1 Fahd Nasser AlQahtani2 1Pathology Department ... interdisciplinary-based integration. The interpretation of these results with others is being difficult as there are no previous studies that have been done to support this current study. From psychological aspect

Collaborative teaching and interdisciplinary learning in graduate environmental studies

Many graduate programs in environmental studies attempt to foster specialized knowledge and technical skills alongside interdisciplinary collaboration and integration. We discuss strategies for ... -year tradition of collaborative team-teaching at the graduate level. Collaborative teaching; Interdisciplinary learning; Graduate education; Environmental studies; Evergreen State College Introduction

Introduction: Origin and Evolution of Language—An Interdisciplinary Perspective

prevalence of empirical over theoretical studies (Fitch 2017; Wacewicz and Zywiczynski 2017) . Paradoxical though it may seem, the big issue today is opposite to that raised by the edicts: it is finding the ... comparative studies, as some examples (see Tallerman and Gibson 2012) . Some disciplines employ sophisticated analysis techniques resulting in empirical evidence inconceivable until a few years ago. The

Smart Urban Transit Systems: From Integrated Framework to Interdisciplinary Perspective

Urban transit system is an important part of city transportation, which is an interdisciplinary industry, including traffic engineering, operation research, and computer science. To provide smart ... studies ordered by time is presented in Table 1 and Fig. 3. From the beginning of Table 1, budget and passenger demand are main constraints for network design model. Transit planning aims to find a balance

Practical Consequences Resulting from the Analysis of a 21-Multigene Array in the Interdisciplinary Conference of a Breast Cancer Center

into three risk groups defined for clinical validation: low risk (RS <18), intermediate risk (RS 18-30), and high risk (RS≥31). The prognostic significance has been shown by a number of studies [11–13 ... center of the Leopoldina Hospital GmbH and discussed in the weekly interdisciplinary tumour conference. The basis for decision-making for further treatment planning was the S3 guideline valid during this

Link prediction for interdisciplinary collaboration via co-authorship network

link prediction methodology, with the specific aim of identifying potential interdisciplinary collaboration in a university-wide collaboration network. ... ; Interdisciplinary collaboration; Bipartite network; Link prediction 1 Introduction Interdisciplinarity has come to be celebrated in recent years with many arguments made in support of interdisciplinary research

How to Enhance Interdisciplinary Competence—Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning versus Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Interdisciplinary competence is important in academia for both employability and sustainable development. However, to date, there are no specific interdisciplinary education models and, naturally, no ... , geography, and mechanical engineering. opment of interdisciplinary competence in iPBL. Conse- All students were in their fifth semester of studies or higher, quently, we propose the hypothesis that iPBL is

Speech and Language Intervention for Schizophrenia: An Interdisciplinary Survey Study

studies have shown that individuals with schizophrenia can benefit from speech-language therapy. The purpose of this study was to examine schizophrenia from a communication sciences perspective. An ... also experience negative stigma as a result of expressive and receptive language difficulties. Although the treatment of schizophrenia has traditionally remained in the realm of psychiatry, some studies

Interdisciplinary Studies and Comparative Literature in China and the West

In his article "Interdisciplinary Studies and Comparative Literature in China and the West" Aaron Lee Moore addresses the arguments on the part of Chinese and Western scholars against and for the ... , have been resisted in Chinese scholarship as it once was in the U.S. and other Western countries. Moore discusses the major Chinese arguments for and against interdisciplinary studies in general and

Mind, rationality, and cognition: An interdisciplinary debate

an interdisciplinary debate and dialogue about the nature of mind, perception, and rationality. Scholars from a range of disciplines-cognitive science, applied and experimental psychology, behavioral ... ) . Overall, our hope is that this debate will contribute to an interdisciplinary awareness and discussion about the nature of perception, as it relates to rationality, mind, judgment cognition, and beyond

Walk the Future like a Landscape: Theorizing an Interdisciplinary Approach

dependent upon perspective, context, and connection. Employing the giant and the ant offers opportunity to engage examples from landscape studies, space studies, and cultural studies in order to illustrate ... interdisciplinary connection of the landscape metaphor and library becomes clear. Landscape studies seek to see the intersection of past and present in order to prepare for and engage in future action. The area

Interdisciplinary Data Analysis

considered as interdisciplinary, ranging from Statistics and Computing to Engineering. In the first paper, we turn our - attention to classification models applied to a different computational domain. The

Teaching Subjectively: Interdisciplinary Insights

disclosing and not disclosing certain subjective aspects of self. These risks were also identified by Sucharov in political science and Kuzmarov in law and legal studies. In social work education whether a ... be based on gender and other forms of bias. For example, studies have shown that “attractive” females are often perceived as less credible authoritarians, and as a result they have a harder time

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Medical Tourism

CORE Scholar. For more information , please contact 1 Part of the Business Commons, International and Area Studies Commons, and the Medicine and Health Sciences Commons 2 Wright State University Follow

Understanding the interdisciplinary discipline: An introduction to sport management

Int J Exerc Sci Understanding the Interdisciplinary Discipline: An Introduction to Sport Management CALVIN NITE 1 NATALIE BERNARD 0 0 Department of Higher Education, University of North Texas ... interdisciplinary nature of sport management ( 9 ), this seems like a fitting home for sport management research. Finally, exercise science and sport management often pursue similar ends in regards to enhancing the

Stratified prevention: opportunities and limitations. Report on the 1st interdisciplinary cardiovascular workshop in Augsburg

prevention furthermore requires the evidence-based development of a new taxonomy of cardiovascular diseases that reflects disease mechanisms. Such interdisciplinary research needs broad support from society ... made when it comes to describing disease mechanisms and developing and validating targeted therapies of these mechanisms in controlled clinical studies. This is one of the reasons why life expectancy

Interdisciplinary Summer Institute Offering STEAM Activities for At-Risk Middle School Students

interest in scientific inquiry by participating in interdisciplinary, arts based activities and 2. to motivate students to pursue post-secondary education. We provided a bus to bring students to the Iona

Graduate Student Perspectives of Interdisciplinary and Disciplinary Programming for Teaching Development

Interdisciplinary (i.e., university-wide programming) and disciplinary (i.e., programming open to participants from one college or department) teaching development programs for graduate students have ... interdisciplinary studies: Essays on transformations in American undergraduate programs . Jefferson, NC: McFarland. Sandholtz , J. H. ( 2000 ). Interdisciplinary team teaching as a form of professional development

Middle Level Preservice Teachers Experience a Natural History Arts-Integrated Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit

Curricular demands and best practices for middle school require interdisciplinary units. Arts integration can provide motivation and a new pathway to learning. This unit focused on inquiry into the ... social studies) were integrated with art to unite the content under the Upper Midwest natural history theme. Middle Level Interdisciplinary Natural History Unit Weber & Rule Page 16

Functionality and Outcome in Older Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis (FOOPAS): an interdisciplinary study concept for a prospective trial

Functionality and Outcome in Older Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis (FOOPAS): an interdisciplinary study concept for a prospective trial Ferdinand Vogt,1 Susanne Wicklein,2 Markus Gosch,2 Jürgen ... can replace a surgical or on1 interventional procedure. 072 Studies on aortic valve replacement in elderly patients ..46 showed excellent results, especially with regard to higher .759 mortality. These