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Dissent and the Future of the Church

Sidney Callahan has held visiting chairs of interdisciplinary studies and moral theology at Georgetown University and St. John's University. This talk was presented at Sacred Heart University on

Interdisciplinary Campus, Interdisciplinary World: Reshaping Higher Education for the 21st century

In recent years, interdisciplinary fields have increased in academia. Some, such as biomedical science and genomics, are pairings of disciplines that, through their combined knowledge, have created ... urban studies and gender studies, combine politics, social science and history to create fields that educate the public and inform policymakers. In her book, Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures

How to Enhance Interdisciplinary Competence—Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning versus Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Interdisciplinary competence is important in academia for both employability and sustainable development. However, to date, there are no specific interdisciplinary education models and, naturally, no ... , geography, and mechanical engineering. opment of interdisciplinary competence in iPBL. Conse- All students were in their fifth semester of studies or higher, quently, we propose the hypothesis that iPBL is


deans of the law school. He then shifted his focus to the future, urging continued devotion to interdisciplinary studies, but within the confines of justice and fairness. ... and social science studies." I hate to be a spoilsport but, just as Ernst Freund did earlier, I should like to suggest a demurrer. There is no doubt in my mind that we should be interdisciplinary

Research/Therapy: A Review of Adele Clarke’s Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory after the Postmodern Turn

of family therapy. The potential of a research book to inform a clinical practice is an exciting development in advancing interdisciplinary studies and its related applications in the world.

Critical Genocide Studies

Over the last two decades, the interdisciplinary field of genocide studies has dramatically expanded and matured. No longer in the shadow of Holocaust studies, it is now the primary subject of

Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work

Background Interdisciplinary team work is increasingly prevalent, supported by policies and practices that bring care closer to the patient and challenge traditional professional boundaries. To date ... . Similarly, there is a lack of data identifying the processes of interdisciplinary team work and linking these with outcomes. Studies tend to focus on processes or outcomes, but rarely both; or explore

E-Interviews. A Review of Janet Salmons’ Qualitative Online Interviews (2nd ed.)

This book was written by an experienced teacher, who’s PhD in interdisciplinary studies shows. Salmons provides an easy to read guide to online interviewing. Her text presents complex issues in ... . She shares her own experience as an online researcher in two exemplar studies. One exploring instructional practices in collaborative e-learning and the other exploring the use of technology by women e

Croce, Gentile and Gramsci on Translation [English]

of a specific discipline, or, more correctly, that it became the subject of a broad field of interdisciplinary studies, from linguistics to semantics, from literary criticism to comparative literature ... of philosophy, of science, of technology, and of everything expressed through prose. Translating is further necessary for pedagogical reasons for anyone who studies the humanities and has not had the

Interdisciplinary Research and Environmental Law

, 469 (1897). Holmes remains one of the most revered jurists in United States history. 5. See generally BRIAN Z. TAMANAHA, FAILING LAW SCHOOLS 57 (2012) (“Interdisciplinary and empirical studies of law ... interdisciplinary research have emphasized for decades, is the potential for interdisciplinary work to produce better studies.147 While environmental law contains no shortage of unanswered questions about legal

Embedding Academic Literacy Skills: Towards a Best Practice Model

embedded academic literacy skills programme facilitated by an interdisciplinary studies unit at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand. The programme is embedded in a core paper entitled ... , cultural studies and pragmatic pedagogies. This range of pedagogical approaches is influenced by a number of factors within tertiary institutions; for example, university policies, individual politics and

Facilitating an Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Religion

of scholarly studies related to the social, cultural, and political history of Africa and the Diaspora. In his classic study, African Religions and Philosophy (1969), John S. Mbiti declared that ... Danielle Brune Sigler make special note of the class-related biases reflected in the “church-cult/sect” dichotomy found in many scholarly studies of mainline Christian denominations and their marginalized

Book Review: Feminist Practices, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women in Architecture

Review of Feminist Practices, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women in Architecture. Edited by Lori Brown ... expressly forbidden. ©2013 Journal of International Women’s Studies. Reviewed by Magotsi Motanya1 In Feminist Practices, interdisciplinary approaches to women in architecture’ edited by Lori Brown, the

The Medical Essay as an Invitation for Interdisciplinary Exploration

Sciences and a registered nurse. He has interests in the medical humanities, interdisciplinary studies, and has served as a collaborative pianist with vocalists in the college's Division of Performing and ... what follows, I show how several disciplines, including philosophy, literary studies, history, cultural studies, and medical practice, might explore “Imelda” in ways that cross disciplinary boundaries

Exploring patient satisfaction with interdisciplinary care of complex feeding problems

to identify opportunities for improvement, a pilot patient satisfaction survey was developed in an interdisciplinary feeding team clinic. Patients and families were surveyed following clinic encounters ... no existing standardized patient experience surveys available to assess satisfaction specifically with use of an interdisciplinary team approach to the assessment and management of pediatric feeding

Developing an Interdisciplinary Area of Economics and Human-Computer Interaction

and has benefited greatly from its interdisciplinary nature (Benbasat and Weber, 1996; Grover et al., 2008; Keen, 1980; Rabin, 1998; Robey, 1996) . As an important component of IS research, human ... cultural contexts (Zhang et al., 2002) . Being highly interdisciplinary in nature, IS/HCI (hereafter HCI) research has benefited greatly from other relatively “mature” disciplines such as psychology

Review of "Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach"

Interdisciplinary Approach. Michael Freeman. 224 pp. Cambridge, Polity Press, 2011; $24.95 pbk., ISBN 978-0-7456-3966-6 Human rights seem to be a difficult concept to grasp. From a legal point of view, the concept ... definition to the extent to facilitate the conditions for achieving an interdisciplinary approach. It is necessary to arrive at a consensus to transcend the human rights law paradigms, which focus exclusively