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How to Enhance Interdisciplinary Competence—Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning versus Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Interdisciplinary competence is important in academia for both employability and sustainable development. However, to date, there are no specific interdisciplinary education models and, naturally, no ... , geography, and mechanical engineering. opment of interdisciplinary competence in iPBL. Conse- All students were in their fifth semester of studies or higher, quently, we propose the hypothesis that iPBL is

Stratified prevention: opportunities and limitations. Report on the 1st interdisciplinary cardiovascular workshop in Augsburg

prevention furthermore requires the evidence-based development of a new taxonomy of cardiovascular diseases that reflects disease mechanisms. Such interdisciplinary research needs broad support from society ... made when it comes to describing disease mechanisms and developing and validating targeted therapies of these mechanisms in controlled clinical studies. This is one of the reasons why life expectancy

Interdisciplinary Summer Institute Offering STEAM Activities for At-Risk Middle School Students

interest in scientific inquiry by participating in interdisciplinary, arts based activities and 2. to motivate students to pursue post-secondary education. We provided a bus to bring students to the Iona

Graduate Student Perspectives of Interdisciplinary and Disciplinary Programming for Teaching Development

Interdisciplinary (i.e., university-wide programming) and disciplinary (i.e., programming open to participants from one college or department) teaching development programs for graduate students have ... interdisciplinary studies: Essays on transformations in American undergraduate programs . Jefferson, NC: McFarland. Sandholtz , J. H. ( 2000 ). Interdisciplinary team teaching as a form of professional development

Middle Level Preservice Teachers Experience a Natural History Arts-Integrated Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit

Curricular demands and best practices for middle school require interdisciplinary units. Arts integration can provide motivation and a new pathway to learning. This unit focused on inquiry into the ... social studies) were integrated with art to unite the content under the Upper Midwest natural history theme. Middle Level Interdisciplinary Natural History Unit Weber & Rule Page 16

Walk the Future like a Landscape: Theorizing an Interdisciplinary Approach

dependent upon perspective, context, and connection. Employing the giant and the ant offers opportunity to engage examples from landscape studies, space studies, and cultural studies in order to illustrate ... interdisciplinary connection of the landscape metaphor and library becomes clear. Landscape studies seek to see the intersection of past and present in order to prepare for and engage in future action. The area

Mind, rationality, and cognition: An interdisciplinary debate

an interdisciplinary debate and dialogue about the nature of mind, perception, and rationality. Scholars from a range of disciplines-cognitive science, applied and experimental psychology, behavioral ... ) . Overall, our hope is that this debate will contribute to an interdisciplinary awareness and discussion about the nature of perception, as it relates to rationality, mind, judgment cognition, and beyond

Review of Lynn, Kimberly and Erin Kathleen Rowe, eds. The Early Modern Hispanic World: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Approaches J. B. Owens 0 1 0 This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. It has been accepted for inclusion in Bulletin for Spanish ... and Portuguese Historical Studies by an authorized editor of Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. For more information , please contact 1 Idaho State University , USA - Somehow

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Medical Tourism

CORE Scholar. For more information , please contact 1 Part of the Business Commons, International and Area Studies Commons, and the Medicine and Health Sciences Commons 2 Wright State University Follow

Beyond the “Haves and Have Nots”: Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Inform Federal Data Collection Efforts with Indigenous Populations

findings support the need for interdisciplinary studies and methodological nuances to understand how available quantitative data can be improved to capture national economic trends and their effects on

Interdisciplinary Ethics Learning in Higher Education: Students’ Perceptions

and to evaluate SLP students’ perceptions of interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Participants were second-year graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts degree in SLP (N = 24) enrolled in an ... long-term studies have found that health professions students start their educational programs with positive attitudes towards interdisciplinary learning and that their attitudes become more negative

Changes in First-Year Students’ Use of Research Resources: Impacts of an Interdisciplinary Seminar Program on Research and Literacy Learning Outcomes

resources students consulted before and after taking an interdisciplinary graded for-credit First-Year Seminar at a midsize comprehensive public university in Canada. We analyzed 2,576 anonymous ... fellowship to offer a seminar. An advisory committee assesses all seminar proposals to ensure every course meets the program’s goals of being interdisciplinary, relevant, and intriguing. There is tremendous

PANDORA, a new facility for interdisciplinary in-plasma physics

performing interdisciplinary research in the fields of Nuclear Astrophysics, Astrophysics, Plasma Physics and Applications in Material Science and Archaeometry: the plasmas become the environment for measuring ... studies will give important contributions for addressing several astrophysical issues in both stellar and primordial nucleosynthesis environment (e.g., determination of solar neutrino flux and 7Li

Multi-level computational methods for interdisciplinary research in the HathiTrust Digital Library

formulation, and argument extraction for interdisciplinary research. Our test domain is the history and philosophy of scientific work on animal mind and cognition. The methods can be generalized to other ... granularity of the documents in our models as we go from modeling books in collections, to pages in books, to sentences in pages. Previous studies indicate a general consensus that human judgments about what

Interdisciplinary and participatory approaches: the key to effective groundwater management

equitable groundwater management. This essay provides a discussion of the status of and vision for participatory and interdisciplinary approaches to groundwater evaluation and management as well as a ... conceptual framework and relevant research questions that will facilitate such approaches. Groundwater management; Participatory approaches; Interdisciplinary research; Socio-economic aspects - S. Foster is

Interdisciplinary Studies and Comparative Literature in China and the West

In his article "Interdisciplinary Studies and Comparative Literature in China and the West" Aaron Lee Moore addresses the arguments on the part of Chinese and Western scholars against and for the ... , have been resisted in Chinese scholarship as it once was in the U.S. and other Western countries. Moore discusses the major Chinese arguments for and against interdisciplinary studies in general and

Georgia Rho Chapter: Third Annual Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference

interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference. The half-day event will include a poster session for undergraduate students to present research, keynote address and roundtable discussions. Students and their

Needs and concerns of transgender individuals regarding interdisciplinary transgender healthcare: A non-clinical online survey

This study investigates the needs and concerns transgender (short: trans) individuals have concerning trans healthcare (THC) in interdisciplinary THC centres. Trans individuals’ gender does not ... individuals regarding interdisciplinary transition related healthcare. To our knowledge, there are no existent studies addressing this question in the context of THC in Germany or elsewhere. We collected data

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Librarian Involvement in Grant Projects

became involved in the university’s novel funding program, MCubed, which supported innovative interdisciplinary research on campus, primarily by funding student assistants to work on research projects ... innovative interdisciplinary research on campus. The University Library participated in the program, providing an opportunity for the authors of this paper to propose projects, find interdisciplinary

Double-edged sword of interdisciplinary knowledge flow from hard sciences to humanities and social sciences: Evidence from China

that research policy should be adjusted to encourage HSS researchers to adequately integrate STAM knowledge when conducting interdisciplinary research, as over-cited STAM knowledge may jeopardize the ... reviewers [ 29 ]. With the appearance and development of interdisciplinary research fields, the interaction between HSS and HS was gradually emphasized [30±33]. Many studies attempted to explore how HS