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Behavioral Economics and Workforce Development: A Review of the Literature from Labor Economics and the Broader Field

training for lower-wage, frontline incumbent workers in ways that benefit both workers and sponsoring firms. Background: While behavioral economics may have deep roots in labor economics, its application in ... aiming to increase participation in employer-sponsored training. Results: Recent studies in the fields of labor economics, psychology, education and recent efforts of applying behavioral economics present

Economics and Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence, 6 Marq. L. Rev. 34 (1921). Available at: - ECONOMICS AND JURISPRUDENCE (Concluded) By JUSTICE W. H. TIMLIN, Late of Wisconsin Supreme Court ... titles the clog of primogeniture and entails. In each case the science of law and that of economics investigating and operating independently was influenced by the prevailing beliefs of the times. Cruise

The Economics of Law-Related Labor v: Judicial Careers, Judicial Selection, and an Agency Cost Model of the Judicial Function

THE ECONOMICS OF LAW-RELATED LABOR V: JUDICIAL CAREERS, JUDICIAL SELECTION, AND AN AGENCY COST MODEL OF THE JUDICIAL FUNCTION* LINz AUDAIN 0 0 @ 1992 Linz Audain TABLE OF CONTENTS - B ... judicial selection into a broader intellectual context, calling the new perspectives the "economics of law-related labor."7 The Article is organized as follows. Part I provides an introduction to the

Ocean Economics

Supply and demand is alive and well on the high seas. Just ask Finn McMichael ’16. He spent the summer putting his economics and math skills to work during an internship at the Northeast Fisheries ... Ocean Economics Recommended Citation - Ocean economics Finn McMichael ’16 combined skills in economics, math and computer science during his summer internship at the Northeast Fisheries Science

What is Ailing the German Economy? A Critical Analysis of German Social Market Economics

causing the chronic problems of low growth and high unemployment that have plagued Germany more recently. In particular, the paper argues that a high-cost and highly inflexible labor market resulting from ... additional works at: Part of the European History Commons, and the International Economics Commons Recommended Citation - 46 INQUIRY Volume 8 2007 This paper offers a

Principles of Labor Market Information

the federal government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. It collects data on employment, unemployment, mass layoffs, job gains and losses, prices and living conditions, compensation


economic analysis is bad because it has the power to change the way we view something. My claim is that gender equality requires us to take the economics of home labor seriously. This argument turns on a ... courts and legislators to the understandings of home labor in the fields of economics and sociology. In those fields, the home was once understood as an unproductive site of either consumption or emotions

Law and Economics: Contemporary Approaches

With a new project entitled Law and Economics: Contemporary Approaches,we hope to liberate casebook examples of economic analysis of law from their current cramped confines. While law and economics ... Legal Scholarship Repository. For more information , please contact 1 Professor of Law and William J. Magavern Fellow, University at Buffalo, State University of New York , USA - Law and Economics

The Economics of Medicare Reform

financing of retirement expenditures suppresses saving and, as a result, reduces the capital stock, current workers have lower wages than they would have had with a funded program. In our book The Economics ... the labor force and lasts through retirement. Contribution rates to the insurance accounts are periodically updated as more information about future health care expenditures is known. By investing in

Injunctions - Labor Disputes - Wisconsin Labor Code

. JOSEPH E. DEAN. INJUNcTioNs-LABOR DISPUTES-WISCONsiN LABOR CoDE.-The plaintiff is a corporation engaged in the retail furniture business. The principal defendant is a labor union. The business agent of ... , and for regulation of hours of labor. The plaintiff refused to deal with the union until it could ascertain the will of its own employees. The employees twice by secret ballot voted against the union's


at entering into a collective bargaining agreement with management. In its most recent attempt at unionization the PGA, in January of 1983, took its case to the Regional Director of the National Labor ... Relations Board (NLRB). Twenty PGA members testified that producers and associate producers are in fact employees within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and thus are entitled to


Mary F. Wyant Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Repository Citation Mary F. Wyant, Labor, 60 Marq. L. Rev. 463 (1977). Available ... recovery against the plaintiff's own insurer. DAVID P. LOWE LABOR I. FAm EMPLOYMENT In Watkins v. Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations,' the supreme court held that the Fair Employment Act2

Ethics and Economics in Lawyers' Fees

Economics in Lawyers' Fees, 8 Marq. L. Rev. 228 (1924). Available at: - By LAURIZ VOLD* I. THE CODE OF ETHICS The American Bar Association Code of ... ) the time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved and the skill requisite properly to conduct the cause; (2) whether the acceptance of employment in the particular case

Law, Economics, and Accomodations in the Internal Labor Market

U. PA. JOURNAL OF BUS[NESS AND EMPLOYMENT LAW [Vol. LAW, ECONOMICS, AND ACCOMMODATIONS IN THE INTERNAL LABOR MARKET Seth D. Haris 0 0 School. I benefited from presenting earlier versions of this ... previously used internal labor market theory to analyze the Supreme Court's interpretation of the ADA in U.S. Airways v. Barnett. See Seth D. Harris, Re-Thinking the Economics of Discrimination: US. Airways v

Economics of Operating An Employee Food Service

The author, who has spent 30 years as an operations executive in the food service industry seeks to acquaint management with some of the basic economics of operating an employee food service. The

The Economics of Desalination

costs. • Construction overhead. Construction overhead costs include labor costs, fringe benefits, field supervision, temporary facilities, construction equipment, small tools, contractor ’s profit and ... miscellaneous expenses. This cost is typically estimated as 15 percent of direct material and labor costs. • Owner’s cost. The owner’s cost includes land acquisition, engineering design, contract administration

Labor Law

Labor Law Mark W. Schneider Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Repository Citation Mark W. Schneider, Labor Law, 59 Marq. L. Rev ... LABOR LAW The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association v. Milwaukee County,' addressed the issue of whether, after a petition for final and binding arbitration has been filed

Equipment Economics

additional works at: Part of the Home Economics Commons Recommended Citation - Article 9 In case you get your wires crossed Miss Madden Presents Equipment Econotnics ... assistant of the Household Equipment Department. In an obscure but much used cor­ ner of Home Economics Hall, research is carried on under the direction of Miss Madden. Equipment research is necessary and

Back to the Future of Labor Law

confronts the arguments against legal intervention in the labor market that adherents of the "law and economics" school have assayed.8 He starts first with an analysis of the dismissal of ostensibly "at will ... at 296-97 passim. 6. Id. at 225. 7. Id. at 226. 8. Id. at 16 passim. 9. Id. at 48 passim. assumptions of neo-classical economics, as Robert Solow recently observed, "The labor market might just be

Pioneering in Home Economics

Home economics women of today, thinking in terms of the dedication of the finest home economics building in the U n i t e d States, go back with me to the formal opening day of the Iowa Agricultural