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Misbehavioral Law and Economics

limitations of the rising reliance on behavioral economics and psychology in legal scholarship and policy. This Article discusses how discerning tastes from circumstances could guide regulation of pressing ... am grateful to participants at the following conferences where the Article was presented: the American Law & Economics Association Annual Meeting, the Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial

Behavioral Economics and Workforce Development: A Review of the Literature from Labor Economics and the Broader Field

training for lower-wage, frontline incumbent workers in ways that benefit both workers and sponsoring firms. Background: While behavioral economics may have deep roots in labor economics, its application in ... aiming to increase participation in employer-sponsored training. Results: Recent studies in the fields of labor economics, psychology, education and recent efforts of applying behavioral economics present

Paradigm of Labor-Antitrust Relations: Defining a Union's Allowable Area of Economic Conflict

Council, 257 U.S. 184, 209 (1921). See also S. & B. WEan, INDUsTRIAL DEMOCRACY, 173-179 (1920). For a more current exposition, see L. REYNOLDS, LABOR ECONOMICS AND LABOR RELATIONS 647-57 (5th ed. 1970 ... ECONOMICS AND LABOR RELATIONS, supra note 5. 14" 381 U.S. at 688-90. 150 Cox, Labor and the Antitrust Laws-A Preliminary Analysis, 104 U. PA. L. REv. 252, 271 (1955). '5' 325 U.S. at 809. See also Adams Dairy

Quantum Economics, Newtonian Economics, and Law

a process of the behavioral replacing the neoclassical. The shift will be more subtle. The question law and economics faces today is about the proper division of labor between neoclassical and ... QUANTUM ECONOMICS, NEWTONIAN ECONOMICS, AND LAW William H.J. Hubbard 0 0 Professor of Law and Ronald H. Coase Teaching Scholar, University of Chicago Law School. I presented an early version of

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... enforcement of wildlife policies. Costs; Benefits; Policies; Economics; Wildlife; Review Introduction Wildlife is a source of both costs and benefits to society. Costs occur from wildlife predation on

Labor Law: Scope of Remedy

by the National Labor Relations Board, concluded that the employer had failed to bargain in good faith, its refusal to grant a check-off being solely "for the purpose of frustrating agreement with the

Urban Economics by Design: Thinking from Down Under

Based on their experience in Australasia, Kobus Mentz and Susannah Goble discuss how, by considering urban economics, urban design, and local governance concurrently, greater efficiency, prosperity ... Note: This article originally appeared in Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit URBAN ECONOMICS BY DESIGN: THINKING FROM DOWN UNDER Kobus Mentz 0 1 0 Urban planner at

Constitutional Economics

selfgovernment in labor unions. The history of the repudiation of Lochnerism therefore becomes a story about the adoption of a view of economic liberty based on mutual association. My first endeavor in this

Entrepreneurship, institutional economics, and economic growth: an ecosystem perspective

University , Birmingham , UK 1 Z. J. Acs George Mason University , Fairfax, VA , USA 2 London School of Economics , London , UK 3 L. Szerb University of Pecs , Pecs , Hungary We analyze conceptually and in an ... increases in measured inputs, labor, and capital. The remainder was unexplained, and he proposed that the large residual, 87% of the change in growth, represented technological change. But, explaining the

Editorial: IZA Journal of Labor Economics

Editor: The editors, Pierre Cahuc and V. Joseph Hotz, are pleased to present the IZA Journal of Labor Economics (IZAJOLE), a new online journal that covers research in all areas of labor economics. Labor ... economics is an ever-expanding field ever expanding into new domains. This Journal provides a venue not only for such traditional labor economic topics as labor supply and demand, discrimination, and earnings

Business economics in a post-truth era

that data matter, and the unbiased integrity of that data matters. We must support and defend the work of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Census Bureau. Business ... Bureau of Labor Statistics). Statistical agencies; Post-truth era; Data matter; NABE professional guidelines; NABE standards - Business economists face several clear challenges at this political and

Economics of Conventional and Hybrid Grazing Dairies Relative to Organic and Organic No-Grain Dairies

The economics of various dairy production systems is a topic of frequent conversation in Extension’s work with Iowa dairy producers and industry professionals. This article attempts to shed further ... to Organic and Organic No-Grain Dairies," Animal Industry Report: AS 664, ASL R3249. Available at: - AS 664 ASL R3249 Economics of Conventional and

Trade-offs and synergies between yield, labor, profit, and risk in Malawian maize-based cropping systems

ecological merit; however, the socio-economic implications of the cereal-legume rotation require a deeper understanding. This study explores the yield, labor, profit, and risk implications of different legume ... households who used the maize-groundnut rotation. Labor dynamics add another complexity to the economics of integrating legumes into maize systems. Ngwira et al. (2012) , Franke et al. (2014) , and

Frontiers of Climate Change Economics

The economics of climate change is an active field of research. The contributions to a Special Issue are put in context of the literature, and it is suggested that second-best issues such as carbon ... St. Petersburg State University , 7/9 Universitetskaya nab., St. Petersburg , Russia 199034 1 Department of Economics, University of Oxford , Manor Road Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ , UK 2

Richard Blundell receives IZA prize in labor economics

- Richard Blundell (left) with IZA Director Klaus Zimmermann at the IZA Prize ceremony This years IZA Prize in Labor Economics was awarded to Richard Blundell (University College London and ... ), Jan Svejnar (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), and IZA Director Klaus F. Zimmermann. The IZA Prize in Labor Economics has been awarded annually since 2002 by the Institute for Study of Labor, an

The Internationalization of Sources of Labor Law

5–8; COOK, supra note 10, at 13–14; Maria Victoria Murillo et al., Latin American Labor Reforms: Evaluating Risk and Security, in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF LATIN AMERICAN ECONOMICS 790, 792–95, 801–02 ... University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF SOURCES OF LABOR LAW JAMES J. BRUDNEY This Article examines in depth an important but underappreciated

Protecting labor rights in preferential trade agreements: The role of trade unions, left governments, and skilled labor

This paper investigates variation in the design of labor provisions in preferential trade agreements (PTAs) by focusing on the power of trade unions, the role of government partisanship, and the ... Reading , Whiteknights Campus, Reading RG6 6AA , UK 2 World Trade Institute, University of Bern , Hallerstrasse 6, 3012 Bern , Switzerland 3 Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School , 8 Mt. Auburn

Some Economics of Labor Law

properly speaking it is just a part of a much larger field. Whether defined broadly or, as I am doing, narrowly, labor law is as natural a field for the application of economics to law as one could imagine ... . It regulates explicit markets that have been a subject of continuous and fruitful economic study since Adam Smith's - day.5 And though in recent years the focus of labor economics has shifted from

Labor market reforms in Europe: towards more flexicure labor markets?

Labor market segmentation refers to a salient divide between secure and insecure jobs and is related to problems in important areas, including macro-economic efficiency, workers’ well-being and ... hiring is discouraged. This could also be an issue for EU level policies. Author details 1 IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Schaumburg-Lippe-Str. 5-9, 53113 Bonn, Germany. 2 University of Southern

Labor management and social and labor relations in the digital economy

Social partnership is the most important type of social and labor relations in the modern economy, which is based on the active participation of trade unions in the enterprises management, payroll ... SHS Web of Conferences and labor Dmitry Desyatko 1 Boris Genkin 1 Viktoriya Rapgof 0 0 Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Faculty of economics and management