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How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?

for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands While landscape ecology is distinct from sustainability science, landscape ecologists have expressed their ... raised there. We emphasize challenges that have been identified in sustainability science that we consider particularly relevant for landscape sustainability. Then we describe how landscape ecology could

Thirty years of Landscape Ecology (1987–2017): retrospects and prospects

tribute to the 30th anniversary of the journal, Landscape Ecology, the flagship journal of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) which was founded in 1982. Landscape Ecology was ... Asia A major milestone in the history of landscape ecology - A scientific study is not completed before its results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal (Day and Gastel 2006) . Before 1987

Evidence and Opportunities for Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Planning across Multiple-Use Landscapes

Enhancing natural resource management has been a focus of landscape ecology since its inception, but numerous authors argue that landscape ecology has not yet been effective in achieving the ... landscapes. We developed nine questions reflecting the application of fundamental research topics in landscape ecology to the landscape planning process and reviewed two recent landscape-scale plans in western

Urban Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology: Patterns, Processes and Planning

communities support services on which humans depend. Landscape ecology provides important frameworks for understanding and conserving urban biodiversity both within cities and considering whole cities in their ... altered temporal dynamics compared to non-urban areas indicate a need to apply hierarchical multi-scalar landscape ecology models to urban environments. Transferring results from landscape-scale urban

Recent Progress on Spatial and Thematic Resolution in Landscape Ecology

In this review we examine the past 5 years of landscape ecology research examining the effects of both spatial and thematic resolution on ecological analysis. While spatial resolution has been a ... phenomena interact with the environment. A key aim of multi-scale analysis in landscape ecology is to characterise the scale-dependency of ecological processes, however, the interdisciplinary nature of

Landscape Complexity Effects on Fisheries: Insights from Marine Landscape Ecology

. However, modern advances in geospatial technologies and the emerging field of marine landscape ecology now provide landscape approaches and theory that can be applied in the management of marine fisheries ... commercially important species. Here, I review recent advancements in geospatial technologies and marine landscape ecology and their application to one experimental marine landscape study, and three studies

Least-Cost Modelling and Landscape Ecology: Concepts, Applications, and Opportunities

. This review aims to describe the concepts of least-cost modelling, demonstrate current applications of least-cost modelling in landscape ecology, and to suggest future opportunities by linking the

Sex, size and isotopes: cryptic trophic ecology of an apex predator, the white shark Carcharodon carcharias

Demographic differences in resource use are key components of population and species ecology across the animal kingdom. White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) are migratory, apex predators, which have ... range. Understanding their ecology is key to ensuring that management strategies are effective. Here, we carry out the first stable isotope analyses of free-swimming white sharks in South Africa. Biopsies

Carnivore hotspots in Peninsular Malaysia and their landscape attributes

conservation concern and built regression models to identify environmental and anthropogenic landscape factors associated with Getis-Ord Gi* z scores. Our analyses identified two carnivore hotspots that were ... healthy prey base to maintain viable populations. Large carnivores need substantial areas that support the prey they subsist on and some level of functional landscape connectivity for persistence. Loss of

A Holistic Landscape Description Reveals That Landscape Configuration Changes More over Time than Composition: Implications for Landscape Ecology Studies

landscape composition and configuration may limit space-for-time substitution in landscape ecology. Land-cover conversion changes not just the surface areas given over to particular types of land cover, but ... . Significance The fact that landscape composition and configuration do not vary equally in space and time calls into question the use of space-for-time substitution in landscape ecology studies. The instability

Urban Evolutionary Ecology and the Potential Benefits of Implementing Genomics

Urban habitats are quickly becoming exceptional models to address adaptation under rapid environmental change, given the expansive temporal and spatial scales with which anthropogenic landscape ... which anthropogenic landscape conversion occurs. Urban ecologists in the last 10-15 years have done an extraordinary job of highlighting phenotypic patterns that correspond with urban living, as well as

Dynamic surface water distributions influence wetland connectivity within a highly modified interior landscape

ContextAnimal movements are inherently linked to landscape structure. Understanding this relationship for highly-mobile species requires documenting their responses to spatiotemporal variability of ... to Movement ecology; Landscape structure; Water distribution; Wetland connectivity; Landsat; Radio telemetry; Calidris alpina; Limnodromus scolopaceus - other regions, and associations between

Pharmacogenetic landscape of Metabolic Syndrome components drug response in Tunisia and comparison with worldwide populations

analysis describing the genetic landscape of these pharmacogenes shows a cluster of the Tunisian population with the North African populations (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt . . .), Tuscan and CEU were ... . Landscape of warfarin and clopidogrel pharmacogenetic variants in Qatari population from whole exome datasets . Pharmacogenomics . 2016 . Epub 2016/10/22. https:// -0130 PMID

Landscape configuration affects herbivore–parasitoid communities in oilseed rape

composition and the potential interaction networks of herbivore and parasitoid communities in oilseed rape fields are affected by agricultural landscape characteristics. Insect communities of 26 winter oilseed

Coupled natural and human systems: a landscape ecology perspective

CNHS and landscape ecologyCoupled human and environmental systems, or coupled natural and human systems (CNHS), provide an integrated scientific framework for understanding the processes and complex ... Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology organized ''Complexity in Human-Nature Interactions across Landscapes'' in 2009 in Snowbird, Utah, USA (Marina et al. 2011). A primary driving

Landscape Metrics: Past Progress and Future Directions

Purpose of the Review This paper reviews progress in the field of landscape ecology related to the development of landscape metrics (i.e., spatial pattern indices). We first review the major ... formative historical developments that contributed to the coalescence of landscape metrics as a sub-field of landscape ecology and then examine recent literature highlighting several shortcomings related to

Development of a landscape integrity model framework to support regional conservation planning

Land managers increasingly rely upon landscape assessments to understand the status of natural resources and identify conservation priorities. Many of these landscape planning efforts rely on ... . Landscape Ecology . 2013 ; 28 : 1859 ± 1874 . 12. Belote RT , Dietz MS , McKinley PS , Carlson AA , Carroll C , Jenkins CN , et al. Mapping conservation strategies under a changing climate . BioScience . 2017

Network governance in the heritage ecology

This article examines an AHRC ‘Co-Design and Co-Production’ project focussed on the decision-making processes within the ‘heritage ecology’. The project involved three UK universities and a range of ... define identity and belonging in civil society. Network governance theory is used to characterise the operational capabilities and the decision-making environment in the heritage ecology. The article

Ecology and hydrology of early rice farming: geoarchaeological and palaeo-ecological evidence from the Late Holocene paddy field site at Maoshan, the Lower Yangtze

The well-preserved Maoshan paddy fields (4700–4300 bp) were built on an intermediate landscape between the foothills and alluvial plain of the Lower Yangtze River. Despite several interdisciplinary ... should be reassessed in light of these new dates. Vegetation dynamics and ecology of the early rice farming The landscape around the site of Maoshan consist of several niches that had distinctive