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How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?

for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands While landscape ecology is distinct from sustainability science, landscape ecologists have expressed their ... raised there. We emphasize challenges that have been identified in sustainability science that we consider particularly relevant for landscape sustainability. Then we describe how landscape ecology could

The impact of European landscape transitions on the provision of landscape services: an explorative study using six cases of rural land change

ContextThe reasons for recent landscape change in the European countryside are complex and poorly substantiated. Identification of drivers of landscape transition and assessment of the effects on the ... -Ramos I, Padoa-Schioppa E, Porter J, Van Eetvelde V, Pinto-Correia T (2013) How landscape ecology can promote the development of sustainable landscapes in Europe: the role of the European Association for

Herbivory in a Spatially Heterogeneous Environment- Pikas Ochotona princeps and High Alpine Vegetation

Landscape ecology has been very influential in developing tools for describing both structure (e.g. the distribution and sizes of patches) and function (i.e. the flow among patches) of heterogeneous ... OF ECOLOGICAL BOTANY TARJA OKSANEN +DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY UMEa UNIVERSITY + SWEDEN NANCY HUNTLY+ DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY+ POCATELLO Landscape ecology has been

Thirty years of Landscape Ecology (1987–2017): retrospects and prospects

tribute to the 30th anniversary of the journal, Landscape Ecology, the flagship journal of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) which was founded in 1982. Landscape Ecology was ... Asia A major milestone in the history of landscape ecology - A scientific study is not completed before its results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal (Day and Gastel 2006) . Before 1987

Avian Studies in Montane Meadows: Songbird Abundance and Nesting Success

landscape ecology as a discipline has been instrumental in helping scientists understand spatial patterns of species distribution (Noss, 1983; Urban et al., 1987; Turner, 1989). Once these relationships are ... and a rigorous understanding of species-habitat relationships (e.g., Noss, 1983; Davis et al., 1990; Scott et al., 1990; Scott et al., 1993) . The emergence of landscape ecology as a discipline has

Evolutionary ecology of insect egg coloration: a review

imperative to understand their evolutionary ecology. Adaptive functions provided by egg coloration such as crypsis, aposematism and photoprotection against ultraviolet radiation potentially have huge fitness ... also on a same host plant (e.g., for eggs of species composing the Müllerian mimicry ring found on milkweed plants). Future studies on the evolutionary ecology of insect egg coloration should make sure

Urban Principles for Ecological Landscape Design and Maintenance: Scientific Fundamentals

Urban ecology is a rapidly developing scientific discipline with great relevance to sustainable city design and management. Though several frameworks have been proposed in the last 10 years, urban ... principle points to ecological functions that can be translated into ecosystem services. Application of these principles to ecological landscape design and maintenance is discussed. Urban ecology; concepts

Evidence and Opportunities for Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Planning across Multiple-Use Landscapes

Enhancing natural resource management has been a focus of landscape ecology since its inception, but numerous authors argue that landscape ecology has not yet been effective in achieving the ... landscapes. We developed nine questions reflecting the application of fundamental research topics in landscape ecology to the landscape planning process and reviewed two recent landscape-scale plans in western

Ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

During June, 2010 six wildlife students from Laramie, WY traveled to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for a 10 day course on the Ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The course

How do Aesthetics Affect our Ecology?

influence of beauty on ecological research by outlining: 1) how aesthetics affect the practice of ecology, and 2) how aesthetics affect the implementation of ecological research on the landscape. The ... the landscape. the ecology of places that, for a variety of reasons, have escaped human ingress. Due to the major huEcological Training and Enhanced Aesthetic man influence on most landscapes, the

A trait-based approach to ocean ecology

Trait-based ecology merges evolutionary with classical population and community ecology and is a rapidly developing branch of ecology. It describes ecosystems as consisting of individuals rather than ... ecology based on empirical trade-offs (Westoby and Wright, 2006). Despite an early focus on trade-offs as being fundamental in structuring ecosystems (Tilman, 1990) the approach has mainly been empirical

Ecology of Urban Bees: A Review of Current Knowledge and Directions for Future Study

Urban bee ecology is an emerging field that holds promise for advancing knowledge of bee community dynamics and promoting bee conservation. Published studies of bee communities in urban and suburban ... abundance of cavity-nesters in urban habitats, and scarcity of floral specialists. Future directions for studying urban bee ecology include incorporation of landscape-scale assessments, conducting

Prospectus for Information Ecology

Information Ecology (hereafter IE) is a field of inquiry being developed, in part, by members of the Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia (Appendix A). The following prospectus ... concepts of the environment; spatial organization of ecological information, e.g. architecture and landscape design C. Themes throughout 1. Biocultural ecology; species comparisons and cross-cultural

Choosing Your Baseline Carefully: Integrating Historical and Political Ecology in the Evaluation of Environmental Intervention Projects

Environmental intervention projects aim to re-engineer the cultural landscape. Entering at a particular moment in time, such projects commonly produce a "baseline ... way in which a landscape changes (Winterhalder 1994). Yet, despite recognition of the value of this historical approach to ecological analysis, the use of historical ecology in the evaluation of

Landscape, Paysage, Landschaft, Táj: The Cultural Background of Landscape Perceptions in England, France, Germany, and Hungary

This research explores the historic cultural backgrounds of landscape perceptions in England, France, Germany, and Hungary, which use the words landscape, paysage, Landschaft, and táj, respectively ... Drexler, Department of Landscape Ecology, are useful to explain the processes by which tTheecshenische Universität München, more recent perceptions have evolved. ACk No WLEDgm ENts I am grateful to the

Special Topics in Ecology: Ecology of Greater Yellowstone

Special Topics in Ecology: Ecology of Greater Yellowstone is a sophomore level college course emphasizing basic ecological principles with specific application to the ecosystems found in Grand Teton ... multiple areas including: Physical ecology Basic geology Geology of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Evolution and Natural Selection Systematics Field identification Journaling We spend each day, while in

Postfire Plant Establishment: The Effects of Environment, Prefire Vegetation, Fire Severity, and Landscape Position

of early succession can provide insights into the mosaic of vegetation types that will emerge on a landscape. Observations in the Rocky Mountains and elsewhere indicate that postfire vegetation ... Sensing 56: 605613. Davis, F. W., and S. Goetz. 1990. Modeling vegetation pattern using digital terrain data. Landscape Ecology 4: 69-80. Despain, D. G. 1973. Vegetation in the Big Hom Mountains, Wyoming


The aim of this study is to develop a conceptual framework that can assist in selecting and filtering a set of sustainable landscape development indicators for North Cyprus. Such indicators can ... landscape ecology. Landscape ecology focuses on landscape structures, functions and changes. Landscape functions provide ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling and flood control. Understanding this

Local and landscape factors affect sunflower pollination in a Mediterranean agroecosystem

ecosystem service provisioning in cropped fields, this study aims at re-examining the pollination status of sunflower while disentangling the effects of local and landscape variables on sunflower seed set and ... landscape effects on wild bee pollinators in agroecosystems . Ecology Letters . 2013 ; 16 ( 5 ): 584 ± 599 . PMID: 23489285 18. Garibaldi LA , Steffan-Dewenter I , Kremen C

Models of upland species’ distributions are improved by accounting for geodiversity

allowed for explicit links between the geophysical landscape and species’ ecology. It is encouraging that relatively simple and easily produced geodiversity data have the potential to improve SDMs. Our ... biodiversity models at the landscape scale by quantifying abiotic variability more effectively than commonly used measures of spatial heterogeneity. However, few studies consider whether these variables can