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GOATOOLS: A Python library for Gene Ontology analyses

Python-based library, makes it more efficient to stay current with the latest ontologies and annotations, perform gene ontology enrichment analyses to determine over- and under-represented terms, and ... Integrated Discovery)5 and the R library, GOstats6. We demonstrate that GOATOOLS yields similar or better GOEA results and provides more flexibility via the Python API to group, sort, summarize, and visualize

Design and Analysis of Radix-8/4/2 64b/32b Integer Divider Using COMPASS Cell Library

adjustment is also realized in the converter module of the divider. The entire design is written in Verilog HDL (hardware description language) employing COMPASS 0.6 μm 1P3M cell library (V3.0), and then ... divider. The entire design is written in Verilog HDL (hardware description language) employing COMPASS 0.6 1P3M cell library (V3.0), and then synthesized by SYNOPSYS. The simulation results indicate

A standard stellar library for evolutionary synthesis - II. The M dwarf extension

A standard library of theoretical stellar spectra intended for multiple synthetic photometry applications including spectral evolutionary synthesis is presented. The grid includes M dwarf model ... complementing the rst library version established in Paper I (Lejeune et al. 1997). It covers wide ranges of fundamental parameters: Te : 50 000 K 2000 K, log g: 5.5 −1:02, and [M=H]: +1:0 −5:0. A correction

Library Science Education at Southern Miss: A History of Survival and Growth

Mississippi has a place in the history of library science. Although libraries appeared in the state as early as 1818 (Halsell, 1975), training for librarians was not available until 1926 at the State ... Southern Mississippi. Southern Miss awarded its first master’s degree in library science exactly fifty years ago, in 1965. Today the University still offers librarian education programs through its School

Georgia Library Spotlight - Villa Rica Public Library

works at: Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 6 Villa Rica Public Library The grand opening of Villa Rica's new $3 ... million public library took place on Saturday, February 11, 2017. Approximately 2,000 community members poured into the new facility that day, checking out all the modern features of the library. The 16,370

Constructing a DNA barcode reference library for southern herbs in China: A resource for authentication of southern Chinese medicine

authentic herbs are possibly substituted with adulterants that would threaten the health of the public or even cause death. Here, we provided the first local reference DNA barcode library based on the second ... experts. Genomic DNA was extracted, and the PCR reaction proceeded according to standard procedures. After Sanger sequencing, sequence assembling and annotation, a reliable ITS2 barcode library with 1276

A Library Publishing Manifesto

different scale and in an altogether different manner. Publishers are not currently serving the communications needs of the faculty, library, and university; they are serving their own needs — for survival ... illustrates why there needs to be library publishing. In my view, there are five things about publishing that need to change. 1. Requiring the surrender of intellectual property. There is no need for

The weakest link – workflows in open access agreements: the experience of the Vienna University Library and recommendations for future negotiations

, Academic Librarian, Consortia Management Vienna University Library, AT Profiles: iD About Rita Academic Librarian X close Guido Blechl, Head, Open Access Office Vienna University ... Library, AT Profiles: iD About Guido Head of the Open Access Office X close Brigitte Kromp, Head, Consortia Management Vienna University Library, AT Profiles: iD

Introduction: new trends in the metaphysics of science

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology), University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, CNRS, and held at the Sorbonne library, December 16–18, 2015, as part of the research project “Metaphysics of ... , 13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris , France At the beginning of the twentieth century, philosophy of science defined itself mainly in opposition to metaphysics (Mach 1883; Duhem 1906; Carnap 1931), which was

Is Science Education Relevant?

Jentsch, Holger Kantz (eds.) Springer 2005. Relevant? Science education in Europe at all levels is facing significant challenges. Firstly; it is often argued that all citizens must be sci­ entifically ... literate in order to participate competently in a mod­ ern knowledge-based societywhere science and technology have major impact on everybody’s fife. On a dailybasis, we all face de­ bates in media and in

Harnessing citizen science through mobile phone technology to screen for immunohistochemical biomarkers in bladder cancer

. Mobile gaming technology was combined with crowdsourcing to bring citizen science to a wider user-base than other projects such as Cancer Research UK’s Cell Slider and Trailblazer. We observed moderate to ... , S. et al. Predicting protein structures with a multiplayer online game. Nature 466, 756–760 (2010). ArticlePubMedPubMed Central Google Scholar6. Kawrykow, A. et al. Phylo: a citizen science approach

Editorial: Relaunching Cultural Science

Cultural Science Journal is delighted to announce our successful migration to the Ubiquity Press platform. We are now ready to publish submissions received during 2018, which will comprise Volume 10 ... 10 of the journal. We begin with several papers on the theme of ‘open knowledge’ and will add new papers on all topics as they are accepted. Each volume of the relaunched Cultural Science Journal will

News - Digital Library of Georgia

Library and Information Science Commons - Digital Library of Georgia New Website Devoted to Georgia Historic Newspapers Available from the Digital Library of Georgia. The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG ... :// Since 2007, the Digital Library of Georgia has been providing access to the state’s historic newspapers through multiple, online city and regional newspaper archives. The DLG’s newest website

Indoor air quality investigation of a university library based on field measurement and questionnaire survey

This article presents field studies and questionnaire survey on the indoor air quality (IAQ) in library rooms in University of Science and Technology Beijing in April 2016, with no heating, to find ... ′20′, N-116°25′29′E) during the sampling campaign for 5 weekdays. Nine rooms of the library in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) were selected which were donated as 1EE, 1EW, 1CL

Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. ... A protest in Brussels ahead of the European Union’s vote to ban neonicotinoid pesticides in April 2018.Credit: Isopix/REX/ShutterstockMegan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a

Georgia Library Spotlight - Senoia Branch Library, Coweta Public Library System

free and open access by 1 Pictured from left to right: Ms. Jayne , Ms. Linda Sue, Ms. Polly and Ms. Rachel Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Library

Changing Library Operations: Multiyear Analysis of Library Operations

Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Tthe changes in library operations at his is a small case study analysis of Western Oregon University (WOU) over the past six to eight ... . Drawing on my experience as a library selector and systems administrator, as well as graduate work in computer science, this essay outlines rationale and specific works in support of including computing

Library Roles with Textbook Affordability

Librar y Roles with Textbook Afor dability Charles Lyons 0 1 0 University at Buf alo 1 Head, Access Services George Mason University Libraries , Fairfax, VA 22030 , USA Part of the Library and ... Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 7 Follow this and additional works at: CHARLESTON CONFERENCE iSSuE v OLuME 26, NuMBER 5 TM NOvEMBER 2014 ISSN: 1043

Georgia Library Spotlight - Roddenbery Memorial Library

additional works at: Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 5 Roddenbery Memorial Library Zin zin zin! Music surrounds us ... even when we’re not listening. March was Music Month at Roddenbery Memorial Library (RML) in Cairo, Georgia. In the Children’s Room, there were stories about music, composers, and performers. If you had

Georgia Library Spotlight - Ogeechee Technical College Library

additional works at: Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 4 Ogeechee Technical College Library Ogeechee Technical College ... resources, and personal/public health. The total enrollment for academic year (AY) 16 was 2,872 and the college employs 160 full-time and numerous part-time employees. The library offers its students a warm