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Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation in Life Sciences and Socio-economical and Physical Sciences

, while WG3 and WG4 are thematic umbrellas for data-intensive MS in Life Sciences and for Socio-economical and Physical Sciences. This DSE special issue collects contributions originating from the ... , respectively, have compiled papers presenting general examples of modelling and simulation for big data problems in the context of the two working groups. Within the Action, these and other approaches are of

Professor Da-Wen Sun Elected as a Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences

and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences , 159 c Nowoursynowska, 02-776 Warsaw , Poland - Professor Da-Wen Sun, UCD Professor of Food and Biosystems Engineering from UCD School of ... national budget on science. The academy is composed of national and foreign members, who are appointed for life. All members are elected by the general assembly among candidates with the highest scientific

Comparing the self-perceived quality of life of multimorbid patients and the general population using the EQ-5D-3L

Objectives To assess and compare the self-perceived Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of multimorbid patients and the general population using health utilities (HU) and visual analogue scale ... lower in multimorbid patients than in the general population. We believe that measuring self-reported quality of life is an important aid to understanding the impact of requests for care and, very

Differences in basic digital competences between male and female university students of Social Sciences in Spain

terms of the basic digital competences that a student can employ throughout his/her university life and later in the job market. The reason for focusing the study in the area of Social Sciences is that ... decision-making in situations of uncertainty such as gender differences (Western, 1999) . In addition, Bayesian inference provides a totally general method, since its application does not require a

Policy sciences and democracy: a reexamination

would be easy to establish a policy sciences profession with the kind of commitment and contextual orientation that he advocated. There was the general problem, which he recognized early in his career ... contextual orientation and his proposal for continuous general participation in A Pre-View of Policy Sciences, the idea of a consensual map took the form of an ‘antidote to bureaucratism and oligarchy’: ‘The

Quality of life profile of general Vietnamese population using EQ-5D-5L

Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is a vital benchmark to assess the effects of health interventions and policies. Measuring HRQOL of the general population is essential to establish a reference ... , Herdman M. Assessing the health of the general population in England: how do the three- and five-level versions of EQ-5D compare? Health Qual Life Outcomes . 2015 ; 13 : 171 . 17. Hinz A , Kohlmann T

Why the social sciences are irreducible

It is often claimed that the social sciences cannot be reduced to a lower-level individualistic science. The standard argument for this position (usually labelled explanatory holism) is the Fodorian ... Following Fodor (1974/1994)—who was concerned with “special sciences” in general, social sciences included (although his focus tended to be on psychology)—modern explanatory holists usually claim that the

Professional fulfillment and parenting work-life balance in female physicians in Basic Sciences and medical research: a nationwide cross-sectional survey of all 80 medical schools in Japan

In Japan, the field of Basic Sciences encompasses clinical, academic, and translational research, as well as the teaching of medical sciences, with both an MD and PhD typically required. In this ... Sciences; Research; Parental duties; Japan; Female physicians; Work-life balance Background In Japan, Basic Sciences encompass clinical, academic, and translational research, as well as teaching medical

Academic career intentions in the life sciences: Can research self-efficacy beliefs explain low numbers of aspiring physician and female scientists?

A lack of physician scientists as well as a high female dropout rate from academic medicine and basic life sciences is a concern in many countries. The current study analyzes academic career ... doctoral graduates from medicine and basic life sciences (N = 1109), focusing on research self-efficacy beliefs as explanatory variable of gender and disciplinary differences. To ensure that differences in

Synthetic data for open and reproducible methodological research in social sciences and official statistics

data in a safe environment or with remote access, methodological research suffers from the availability of adequate data sources. In economic and social sciences, an additional drawback results from the ... , we present a synthetic but realistic dataset based on social science data, that fosters evaluating and developing estimators in social sciences. The focus is on supporting comparable and reproducible

Life Under Modern Neoliberal Capitalism

890,000 deaths in America31 per year from lack of access to healthcare, leisure, social connection, and work-life balance. Which does not account for the suicides, reduced general US IQ, inefficiencies of ... bottom 50% of earners were to require emergency care at an ER, they would be immediately impoverished if they had not afforded full coverage medical insurance. The choice between health, work-life balance

Opportunistic screening for atrial fibrillation in a real-life setting in general practice in Denmark—The Atrial Fibrillation Found On Routine Detection (AFFORD) non-interventional study

patients ≥65 years of age entering consecutively into general practice clinics were invited to nurse-assisted opportunistic screening for AF. The General Practice (GP) clinics participating were randomized ... -nine general practice clinics recruited in total 970 patients split into three age groups; 480 patients (65±74 years), 372 (75±84 years), and 118 patients 85 years of age. Co-morbidities increased by age

Biocultural Stewardship as an Idea in Urban Contexts: Language, Academic Disciplinarity, Positionality, Environmental/Sustainability Sciences, and Healing

lenses. Language barriers and exclusion of culture that stem from the Western need for scientific validity, and predominance of this framing within environmental sciences, surface as a main limitation to ... culture in general, and especially in the environmental sciences, represents a fairly exclusive venture that does not include many voices. Those excluded voices are marginalized in their ability to be

Psychosocial correlates of unintentional weight loss in the second half of life in the German general population

UWL. Methods Data were derived from a large, nationally representative study of community-dwelling individuals in the second half of life (40 years and over) in Germany in 2014 (n = 7,933). Data on UWL ... [ 10 ]. Consequently, evidence of psychosocial correlates of UWL, analyzed in the general older population, is sparse. However, this knowledge can be crucial to identify and characterize individuals at

Development of a Formal Lexicon for the Social Sciences

A formal lexicon would be useful in conducting theoretical work in the social sciences. Such a lexicon is described here. The author and his collaborator hope to adapt results from the field of ... which theories of the social sciences can be built. These terms are of two general sorts : The first are called primitives. These are not defined, but their meaning or content is clarified by example, by

Bioinformatic training needs at a health sciences campus

Background Health sciences research is increasingly focusing on big data applications, such as genomic technologies and precision medicine, to address key issues in human health. These approaches ... computing, could be included in future assessments. Addressing these needs could follow the three general approaches taken at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library: (1) Develop workshops on topics

LIVIVO – the Vertical Search Engine for Life Sciences

The explosive growth of literature and data in the life sciences challenges researchers to keep track of current advancements in their disciplines. Novel approaches in the life science like the One ... Innovation, German National Library of Medicine ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences , Gleueler Str. 60, 50931 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany 1 Bernd Müller The explosive growth of

Beyond funding: Acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciences

comparisons. Our analysis shows that technical support is more frequently acknowledged by scholars in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Earth and Space, Professional Fields, and Social Sciences are more ... Humanities Research Council of Canada: Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS 2 EÂcole de bibliotheÂconomie et des sciences de l'information, Universite de MontreÂal Montreal , Quebec , Canada , 2 INGENIO (CSIC-UPV

General Personnel Issues

complying with the FLSA is not an onerous burden as a general rule. Likewise, paying equal pay for men and women to perform the same work without differentiation based upon sex should come as a matter of ... on Section 89. Thus, in this area employers including the church are going to have to venture very cautiously. Once Section 89 becomes effective, a health plan or a group term life insurance plan must

Human Life Federalism Amendment - I. Legal Aspects

of abortion, the "Life Amendment"' would confer upon Congress and the states "the concurrent power to restrict and prohibit abortion."'2 Thus, it would restore to the states the power which they had ... before Roe v. Wade3 to deal with the matter of abortion; in addition, it would confer upon Congress the same power." By conferring concurrent power on both levels of government, the Life Amendment departs