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Late-life depression: issues for the general practitioner

Late-life depression: issues for the general practitioner Axel Van Damme,1 Tom Declercq,2 Lieve Lemey,3 Hannelore Tandt,4 Mirko Petrovic5 1Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University ... Psychiatry, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende Av , Brugge , Belgium 1 Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, Ghent University , Ghent , Belgium 2 Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent

Introduction of a web portal for an Individual Health Management and observational health data sciences

Introduction of a web portal for an Individual Health Management and observational health data sciences Dieter Melchart,1,2 Axel Eustachi,1 Stephan Gronwald,3 Erich Wühr,3 Kristina Wifling,1 Beatrice ... factors of human beings.19 The FLZ presents a questionnaire for assessing general and healthrelated quality of life. It combines three features: economy, Figure 1 Welcome page. Notes: orange 1 = check

Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona

progress of science and technology. Several years earlier, in 1717, and as a consequence of the Catalonia's stance against k ing Philip V at the beginning of the 18 - tH e r oYal ac adeMY oF scieNces a Nd ... arts o F Barcel oNa b p. 27: Façade of the r oyal academy of sciences and arts at the r ambles, Barcelona . FiG. 1: overview of Barcelona with the Fabra observatory Tcal role of the University of

Exacerbating Inequalities? Health Policy and the Behavioural Sciences

“macro, big picture, framing contexts of life” [ 45 ]. Nudge, for them, is the current fad within the general trend towards a managerial and reductionist approach to public health, which ultimately ... effectiveness of potential behavioural science interventions in the public health arena in general. Behavioural Law and Policy: Problems of Translation Translating behavioural sciences research into law and

The BioStudies database—one stop shop for all data supporting a life sciences study

collaborative projects. The growth in multiomics experiments and other multi-faceted approaches to life sciences research mean that studies result in a diversity of data outputs in multiple locations. BioStudies ... coherently in the longer term. BACKGROUND Research in the life sciences is supported by a variety of specialized and structured resources that house an increasingly large volume of biological research data

Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation in Life Sciences and Socio-economical and Physical Sciences

, while WG3 and WG4 are thematic umbrellas for data-intensive MS in Life Sciences and for Socio-economical and Physical Sciences. This DSE special issue collects contributions originating from the ... , respectively, have compiled papers presenting general examples of modelling and simulation for big data problems in the context of the two working groups. Within the Action, these and other approaches are of

Bringing Darwin into the social sciences and the humanities: cultural evolution and its philosophical implications

Social Sciences, which is the result of a collaborative project between scholars and scientists from the universities of Lille and Ghent. Furthermore, we explain how they add to the discussions about the ... the life and the social sciences and the humanities (e.g., Slingerland and Collard 2012; Wilson 1998) . These projects have discarded all normative ambitions—although their critics have continued to

Meaning in life: resilience beyond reserve

) estimates in predicting perceived mental health and cognitive status has not been specifically addressed.MethodsWe obtained data from 1081 adults responding to questionnaires on the three meaning in life (MiL ... meaning in life (MiL) dimensions: purpose in life (PiL), sense of coherence (SoC), and engagement with life (EwL). A questionnaire on CR variables was also administered. The outcome measures were self

Equal rights for general internists?

Health Sciences , Washington, DC , USA 2 Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Washington, DC , USA - KEY WORDS: hospitalists; internal medicine; academic performance. Dear Editor, We are responding to the ... recent commentary from The Editors Desk by Carol Bates on BEqual Rights for General Internists?^1. In the editorial, Dr. Bates advocates for equity in dedicated time for academic pursuits between

Theme: General Pediatrics

in patient electronic diaries and independently assessed by the investigator, along with patient-reported quality of life, at the beginning and end of the study. Diarrhea and headache were the only ... and quality of life. One dose of oral ondansetron reduced duration of rotavirus clinical symptoms with a median of two days. Furthermore, ondansetron reduced diarrhea episodes, most pronounced in

The views of the general public on prioritising vaccination programmes against childhood diseases: A qualitative study

Background Decisions regarding which vaccines are funded in the United Kingdom (UK) are increasingly informed by cost-effectiveness analyses. Such analyses use Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) as ... Obstetricians and Gynaecologists , London , United Kingdom , 5 Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol , Bristol , United Kingdom 1 Institute of Applied Health Research

Sex differences in life history, behavior, and physiology along a slow-fast continuum: a meta-analysis

The pace-of-life syndrome (POLS) hypothesis predicts that behavior and physiology covary with life history. Evidence for such covariation is contradictory, possibly because systematic sources of ... developmental or adult life-history traits. The lack of differentiation between sexes in the POLS literature, so far, may have been caused by a general focus on females in the classical life-history literature

The art and science of selecting graduate students in the biomedical sciences: Performance in doctoral study of the foundational sciences

recruitment of students in the life sciences and to share our strategy to support similar goals at other institutions. ... . Improving graduate education to support a branching career pipeline: recommendations based on a survey of doctoral students in the basic biomedical sciences . CBE Life Sci Educ . 2011 ; 10 : 239 ± 49 . https

Physics in daily life: seeing under water

in the treatment, there are interesting results that indicate that the singularity problem of classical general relativity would be resolved due to the fundamental discreteness predicted by LQG ... . Another important open issue in LQG is the semiclassical limit: how to recover from the fundamental polymer-like excitations of LQG the smooth physics of general relativity and the standard model at low

Life Grasps Life’: Wilhelm Dilthey’s Minor Jurisprudence

to the Human Sciences. But instead of focusing on the hermeneutical method which is the usual way in which Dilthey is introduced into the jurisprudential tradition, I will discuss his more general ... this life-philosophical element as vitalism through Dilthey’s 1883 treatise Introduction to the Human Sciences (Dilthey 1991).1 So instead of focusing on the interpretive hermeneutical method which is

Out of Order: Function and Malfunction in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Seminars in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences that took place at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI) in Klosterneuburg, Austria, on September 5–9, 2016 (a more detailed ... muscle which doesn't serve its purpose; that there's not a line wasted; that every detail of it fits one idea, the idea of a man and the life of a man. - Ayn Rand’s main protagonist in The Fountainhead

Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is China's biggest laboratory for basic sciences. IHEP aims to understand the universe at the most fundamental level ... spallation neutron source with a wide range of applications in research areas like materials science, life sciences, physics, the chemical industry, new energy and so INTERVIEW NSR: What is the importance of

Witnessing the advance of science and technology in life sciences in the new era

technology in China and serving as a bridge connecting Chinese scientists with their counterparts in the international scientific community. Science China Life Sciences (SCLS), including the Chinese and ... English versions, is one of journals in the Science China Series. SCLS is committed to reporting significant findings from both basic and applied research in life sciences. The past decade has seen dramatic

Policy sciences and democracy: a reexamination

would be easy to establish a policy sciences profession with the kind of commitment and contextual orientation that he advocated. There was the general problem, which he recognized early in his career ... contextual orientation and his proposal for continuous general participation in A Pre-View of Policy Sciences, the idea of a consensual map took the form of an ‘antidote to bureaucratism and oligarchy’: ‘The

Influence of early-life parental severe life events on the risk of type 1 diabetes in children: the DiPiS study

AimsStress and severe life events (SLEs) modify autoimmune disease susceptibility. Here, we aimed to establish if SLEs reported by parents during the first 2 years of life influence the risk of ... the general population [ 9, 11 ]. One distinct psychological stressor is a severe life event (SLE) such as a bereavement, serious family illness, family conflict, and socio-economic problems [ 12