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Nonlinear effects in life sciences

This topical issue collects contributions of recent achievements and scientific progress related to the connection between nonlinear dynamics and life sciences. The individual papers focus on ...  KapitaniakSajad Jafari Editorial First Online: 19 October 2018 66 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Nonlinear Effects in Life Sciences Abstract This topical issue collects

Gettysburg Social Sciences Review Fall 2018

Health Get ysburg Social Sciences Review Fall 2018 Gettysburg Social Sciences Review 0 0 Part of the American Politics Commons, Community-Based Research Commons , Community Psychology Commons ... Sexuality Studies Commons, Health Policy Commons, Income Distribution Commons, Other Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons, and the Race and Ethnicity Commons - Article 1 Follow this and additional works

Implementing Cloud Computing In Small & Mid-Market Life-Sciences

detailed discussion of the rationale in opting for cloud implementation by the emerging life-sciences companies; a comprehensive literature review of cloud implementation; the processes involved during the ... . Interpretations from this research indicate that small life-sciences companies found cloud computing very attractive in general. There were some relatively minor drawbacks, which could be mitigated with adequate

Reflexões acerca das diferentes visões de alunos do ensino médio sobre a origem da diversidade biológica

Considering the great controversy on the theme "the origin of biological diversity" as well as its importance and scope to the life sciences, we wanted to assess and discuss the form in which

Dental caries and quality of life of preschool children: discriminant validity of the ECOHIS

– UFVJM, School of Biological and Health Sciences, Dentistry Department, Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil. (c)Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora – UFJF, Department of Basic Sciences, Governador ... performed for studies published up to December 2015 involving the use of the ECOHIS for the evaluation of the impact of dental caries on oral health–related quality of life (OHRQoL) among preschool children

Life Grasps Life’: Wilhelm Dilthey’s Minor Jurisprudence

to the Human Sciences. But instead of focusing on the hermeneutical method which is the usual way in which Dilthey is introduced into the jurisprudential tradition, I will discuss his more general ... this life-philosophical element as vitalism through Dilthey’s 1883 treatise Introduction to the Human Sciences (Dilthey 1991).1 So instead of focusing on the interpretive hermeneutical method which is

Race in the Life Sciences: An Empirical Assessment, 1950-2000

the life sciences after World War II. We find that biological theories of race transformed yet persisted in the dominant academic discourse up through modern times—a finding that contradicts the central

Sharing design definitions across product life cycles

The research reported in this paper explored the feasibility of embedding multiple design structures into design definitions with a view of sharing design definitions across product life cycles. Two ... al. 2013). Current approaches to managing and integrating engineering information, such as that present in separate BoMs, involve using product life cycle management tools that process product-related

Adversidade na infância, características psicológicas e problemas de saúde física: comparação entre obesos e não obesos

: This study tries to characterize the life experiences and problems of physical and mental health in a group of obese, and compare them with non-obese subjects. METHOD: Eighty-one obese and one hundred ... -obese, have more general psychopathology. Moreover obese use less coping strategies while in the dimensions of personality there is no difference between groups. The general psychopathology, coping

Influence of trait anxiety, child maltreatment, and adulthood life events on depressive symptoms

Influence of trait anxiety, child maltreatment, and adulthood life events on depressive symptoms Yoshihiro Uchida,1–3 Toshinao Takahashi,1,3 Shigemasa Katayama,1,3 Jiro Masuya,1,2 Masahiko Ichiki,1 ... anxiety, life events Introduction Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common psychiatric disorder, with a lifetime prevalence of 5%–17% of the general population.1 The most recent Global Burden of

Some remarks on wave solutions in general relativity theory

This paper reviews the concept of pp-waves and plane waves in classical general relativity theory. The first four sections give discussions of some algebraic constructions and symmetry concepts which ... )Google Scholar 4. Bel, L.: Radiation states and the problem of energy in general relativity. Gen. Relat. Gravit. 32, 2047–2078 (2000)MathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar 5. Brinkmann, H.W.: Einstein spaces

Introduction to Voices of Life, Illness and Disabilities in Life Writing and Medical Narratives

Life writing is a narrative and discourse on the self from social, psychological and biographical perspectives. This special issue includes eleven essays addressing recurrent themes in life writing ... question a traditional sense of self but also provoke further debates on human values and facets of identity formation. In the field of psychological sciences, life writing also serves as ?scriptotherapy

Life-history traits of Farlowella hahni (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) in streams of the Ivinhema River Basin, Upper Paraná Basin

, 2004 ). While little is known about their ecology ( Wootton, 1992 ; Winemiller et al., 2008 ), Life-history traits and adjustment to environmental conditions have received more attention in the last few ... years ( Baumgartner et al., 2008 ; Reynalte-Tataje et al., 2012 ; Silva et al., 2017 ). Studies about the life-history of Loricariidae have focused on larger species, such as Hypostomus ( Duarte and

Expanding Frontiers in Chemical Sciences

Download to read the full article text Copyright information © Indian Academy of Sciences 2018

Burnout and work satisfaction in general practitioners practicing in rural areas: results from the HaMEdSi study

, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands; 3Department of Health Services Research and General Practice, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany; 4University of Giessen ... , Department of Medicine, Siegen, Germany; 6FOM University of Applied Sciences, Siegen, Germany *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: An increasing number of general practitioners (GPs

Assessing capability in economic evaluation: a life course approach?

it is important to measure and how it is valued may differ according to life stage. In general, this problem is not well acknowledged in economic decision making in health, with its attempt to compress ... these different stages of life with no, or almost no, change in what is being measured and how it is being valued. Instead, quality of life is generally measured using so-called generic health status

The Natural Role of Mathematics in the Sciences: How Maharishi's Vedic Science Answers the Question of the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Sciences

Mathematicians and scientists have for a long time tried to understand why mathematics, a subjective creation of the human intellect, is so effective in the sciences, which study the objective ... Kovner, Abba. Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness. Edited and with an introduction by Carolyn Forché. New York: W. W. Norton The N atural Role of Mathematics in the Sciences

From general to specialty hospitals: operationalising focus in healthcare operations

through empirical examination, using a three-step methodology to analyse case study data from a unique transformation project where general hospitals were turned into new types of focused specialty ... more focused factories with fewer demands placed on them, where simplicity and repetition would lead to competitive advantage. Current general hospitals resemble those complex factory colossi in many

Japanese Life

applied sciences, and benefit both parties concerned. ... e Iowa Homemaker Japanese Life Ruth Dean 0 Iowa State College 0 0 Thi s Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Publications at Iowa State University Digital Repository


situating the development of sociology within broader historical contexts: first, within the history of the academic profession, in general; and, secondly, within wider systems of professions and power ... . Indeed, sociology was a kind of catch-all term for the social sciences in general, a consequence of the Comtean ambition to be the queen of the sciences (Chriss 2006; Lybeck 2013). But, the broader