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Management venöser Thromboembolien

Wirksamkeit von Apixaban (Eliquis®) und Warfarin bei der §erapie von VTE wurde in der AMPLIFY-Studie (Apixaban for the Initial Management of PuLmonary EmbolIsm and Deep-Vein §rombosis as FirstLine §erapY

Pediatric Hearing Device Management: Professional Practices for Monitoring Aided Audibility

audibility. Parents have reported experiencing an array of challenges related to daily management of their child’s hearing needs (e.g., child behavior, parent emotions, lack of confidence) that negatively ... opportunities exist to address provider confidence and implementation of monitoring practices. Pediatric Hearing Aid Management: Professional Practices for Monitoring Children’s Aided Hearing The purpose of this

Preface: analytical models for financial modeling and risk management

Cedex 3 , France 2 Financial Engineering Laboratory, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, University Campus , 73100 Chania , Greece Banks, financial ... institutions, and companies have developed financial modeling worldwide, and risk management techniques and processes have been adopted by businesses to implement risk-based policies and practices. Financial

Classification of Russian cities by levels of road traffic safety: specifics of required management decisions

population. Transport: science, equipment, management. 6: 20-22 (2015) 12. The Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 8, 2018 № 1-p “Strategy of road safety in the Russian Federation

University energy management improvement on basis of standards and digital technologies

Nowadays to implement the energy management system it is important to fulfill not only the legal requirements but also to follow the set of recommendations prepared by international and national

Management in production: from unobserved to observed

Are productivity estimates good proxies for unobserved management? And, does management affect production in a neutral and monotonic fashion as assumed by these proxies? We use Bloom and Van Reenen’s ... , fixed effects and inefficiency scores, correlate with observed management practices. We find that the correlations are positive but weak. Also, management explains only a fraction of the proxies

Quality Management in Turkish Public Management: Challenges and Benefits

public administration was proposed under the name of New Public Management. The development of new public management changed the concept of the public service. Accountable, transparent, effective, and ... efficient services have become the basic principles of management. On the other hand, the term “quality” has also gained popularity in public administration. In this sense, Total Quality Management (TQM) was

Supply Chain Management Control of Fish Canning Industry in Morocco

Management control is increasingly adapted to the changes taking place at inter-firm level of business exchanges. By taking the form of an interorganizational control, the latter aims to reduce ... presents an exploratory study of this sector where we try to explain the functioning within the canneries of the Souss Massa region in terms of logistic management, the management control function, the

Economics of wildlife management—an overview

This study makes an explorative overview on two main research topics in economics of wildlife management: determination of population sizes and policy design. The results point out a large and ... two thirds of the included studies have been applied to wildlife in the USA. A majority of the studies on the costs of wildlife management calculate losses from carnivore predation on livestock and

Records Management

Manager. Dual certification is a fairly recent phenomenon in the information management profession. It produces a form of schizophrenia: on one side, the little devil sits on your shoulder and says, "When ... Catholic diocesan archives and records management programs are complicated and pressing litigation issues. Of course, that is not what Catholic diocesan officials or bishops to whom I've talked want to hear

Roughage utilization in heavy pig production. Interactions between genotype, sex and management system. 2 - Meat quality and processing ability

and management system on meat quality and its ability to undergo dry cured processing. Genotypes : Large White X Large White and Cor.sican x Large White. Management : 1) Small pens and ad libitum

Water resource management for sustainable development

, University of Minho , Braga , Portugal Water resource management is the cornerstone for sustainable development. According to the United Nations world water development report, one-fifth of the world's ... need to be monitored with care for strategic management. Population growth and economic development cause significant increase in agricultural and industrial demand for water. Recently, Guerra and

Surgical Management of the Drooling Child

9WL , UK 1 Neil Bateman Purpose of Review Our goal is to present the most up-to-date options in the surgical management of drooling in the paediatric population. While the clinical assessment of the ... drooling child and conservative management options are discussed, this review focuses on the most recent evidence for surgical interventions to treat drooling in children. Recent Findings In terms of

Hereditary renal cell carcinoma syndromes: diagnosis, surveillance and management

screening and management guidelines for some inherited RCC syndromes (e.g. von Hippel–Lindau disease, Birt–Hogg–Dube syndrome, hereditary leiomyomatosis) are well defined for rare cause of inherited RCC (e.g ... therapeutic targets for sporadic RCC. Methods A literature review was performed summarising the current knowledge on hereditary RCC diagnosis, surveillance and management. Results Familial RCC is usually

Management of Frailty: Screening and Interventions

Received January MANAGEMENT OF FRAILTY: SCREENING AND INTERVENTIONS B. FOUGÈRE 0 Frailty Screening 0 . Division of Geriatric Medicine, Tours University Hospital , Tours , France; 2. Inserm UMR1027 ... , provided clinical guidelines for the management of frailty in older adults (90). These specific guidelines are intended for healthcare providers including emergency departments, primary care, oncology

Update on the Therapeutic Management of Hepatic Encephalopathy

mortality [ 27 ]. However, the trial was small and the results should be verified before any clinical conclusions can be made. Flumazenil The role of flumazenil in the therapeutic management of HE is ... not established in the clinical management of HE but deserves further trials. Spherical Carbon (AST-120) This is an orally administered, engineered carbon microsphere that adsorbs ammonia and other

Real-world management of heart failure in the Netherlands

. 2017 ACC/ AHA/HFSA focused update of the 2013 ACCF/AHA guideline for the management of heart failure . Circulation . 2017 ; CIR.0000000000000509. 5. Koudstaal S , Pujades ... /hft050. 11. Brugts JJ , Linssen GCM , Hoes AW , Brunner-La Rocca HP , et al. Real-world heart failure management in 10,910 patients with chronic heart failure in the Netherlands: design and rationale of

Management von Jugendlichen mit Transidentität

Management (GnRH-Analoga zur Pubertätsarretierung ab 12 Jahren und einem mittleren Pubertätsstadium; gegengeschlechtliche Hormontherapie ab 16 Jahren) werden anhand der rezenten medizinischen Literatur ... , etiology and therapeutic management (GnRH analogues for puberty suppression from 12 years of age and midpubertal stage; cross-sex hormone treatment from age 16 years) are discussed in light of the recent

Past management affects success of current joint forestry management institutions in Tajikistan

development organisations have implemented joint forestry management institutions to help restore once-forested mountainous regions, but the success of these institutions has been highly variable. This study ... Helping to self-help? External interventions to stimulate local col- lective action in Joint Forest Management, Maharashtra, India. International Forestry Review Past management affects success of

Guest editorial: special issue on spatial computing in emergency management

editors with the goal of providing a synthesis of the state of the art of research involving spatial computing in emergency management. Emergency management (EM) has for the past two decades been at the ... spatial computing in situations of emergency management. Following an open call for papers disseminated on various platforms, 12 papers were submitted for possible publication. All the submissions were