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The etiology, evaluation, and management of plantar fibromatosis

The etiology, evaluation, and management of plantar fibromatosis Joseph R Young, Sarah Sternbach, Max Willinger, Ian D Hutchinson, Andrew J Rosenbaum Albany Medical College Division of Orthopaedic ... . Given the benign nature of this condition, treatment has historically involved symptomatic management. A multitude of conservative treatment strategies supported by varying levels of evidence have been

Service Management Concepts: Implications for Hospitality Management

In - Service Management Concepts: Implications for Hospitality Management – a study by K. Michael Haywood, Associate Professor, School of Hotel and Food Administration, University of Guelph, Ontario ... management, and service management as it applies to the hospitality industry. This is done to make an apparent comparison, as many people would assume the two are one in the same. They are not, and the

Mobile Maintenance Management

maintenance strategies. The potential of using ubiquitous computing in industrial maintenance practice is then examined, followed by an original vision for the adoption of mobile maintenance management ... /ATHENA Research & Innovation Centre in Information Communication & Knowledge , Greece Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Management Information

Cruise Brand Management

industry experiences with the acquisition and management of multiple brands under a single corporate structure, together with the rationale and advantages, this article is an updated and expanded version of ... :// - Thi s article is available in Hospitality Review: Cruise brand management Brands have always been

Entrepreneurship as Expectations Management

century, it is debatable whether the dominant explanation for wealth generation in strategic management, namely the resource-based perspective (Wernerfelt 1984; Barney 1991) , is capable of capturing the ... expectations is also of fundamental importance to entrepreneurs. If we believe that expectations can be molded, manipulated, and manufactured, then the formal study of expectations management may provide fertile

Computer Supported Strategic Management

This paper presents an overview of the essential components of effective strategic management and a detailed description of the methodology for leading an organization through the strategic

Growth Management and Sustainable Transport: Do Growth Management Policies Promote Transit Use?

transit. In this paper, we hypothesize that statelevel growth management policies should increase transit use in two ways: first, by limiting core abandonment while accommodating potential increases in ... the United States, 16 with growth-management policies and 79 without. We found that the first set showed a statistically significant improvement in the percentage transit users. The empirical analysis

Stormwater Management System Drawdown

Management District: Civil Engineer Thi s project concerns the computations required to determine the drawdown for the retention/detention of ponds. Drawdown refers to the volume of water in a pond that

Moving From Single-Species Management To Ecosystem Management In Regional Fisheries Management Organizations

ILSA JournalofInternational& ComparativeLaw MOVING FROM SINGLE-SPECIES MANAGEMENT TO ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT IN REGIONAL FISHERIES MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONS HowardS. Schiffinan 0 0 Howard S. Schiffnan ... Century those organizations tasked with ocean governance, principally regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs), must satisfy a variety of stakeholders and constituents that range well beyond the

Instructional Management: Assessment of Competencies of Secondary Health Occupations Teachers

competency is instructional management which entails obtaining instructional resources; projecting resource needs; managing budgeting and reporting responsibilities; developing and maintaining a filing system ... Occupations Education Spring, 1991, Volume 6, Nuniber 1 IIV3TRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT: OF COMPETENCIES OF SECONDARY HEALTH OCCUPATIONS TEACHERS J. Carol Southernl Norma J. Walters James Noel Wilmoth which

Effects of a COPD self-management support intervention: a randomized controlled trial

Effects of a COPD self-management support intervention: a randomized controlled trial Heidi B Bringsvor,1,2 Eva Langeland,3 Bjørg Frøysland Oftedal,2 Knut Skaug,1 Jörg Assmus,4 Signe Berit Bentsen5 ... the effects of the COPD-specific health promoting self-management intervention “Better living with COPD” on different self-management-related domains, self-efficacy, and sense of coherence (SOC

Co-Management vs Co-Option: Reconciling Scientific Management with Local Needs, Values, and Expertise

management are the legacy of a particular culture's mindset and concerns. Originally a preoccupation of a small cadre o.fWestern practitioners, resource management has become internationalized, a near

Physical Security and Stockpile Management

Physical security and stockpile management is quickly becoming one of the most pressing threat-reduction issues the United States and other countries must address. Aging stockpiles of conventional ... , governments must maintain high standards of security and management for state-controlled stockpiles of man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), other small arms/light weapons and related ammunition

Quality Management in Demining Organisations

In this article, the International Standards Organization 9001:2000 Quality Management System is compared to what leading actors in quality management and business management deem to be current best ... - Geneva Diar y: Report from the GICHD The GICHD provides operational assistance to mine-action programmes and operators, creates and disseminates knowledge, works to improve quality management and standards

Groundwater Management Areas: An Example of the Management Doctrine

GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT AREAS: AN EXAMPLE OF THE MANAGEMENT DOCTRINE Jean A. Bowman Associate Hydrologist Groundwater Section Illinois State Water Survey Introduction Laws governing groundwater ... establishing groundwater management programs. Some of the goals of these management programs have been to minimize competition, protect groundwater resources, help ensure wise development of groundwater

The Business of Diversity Management

Management - t he Business of d iversity Management Jakari Griffith Sidentify with Martin Luther King Jr’s remarks cholars who study organizational diversity often on equality, largely because they were a ... strongly tied to the trends and preferences of a more diverse marketplace. i n this respect, diversity management holds that having diverse personnel in business is essential to tapping into growing markets

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Report

District Commissions (P.D.C.'s) involved in Virginia's Coastal Zone Management Plan has revealed that, while first-year efforts among the P.D.C.'s in developing the plan have varied in intensity, all P.D.C ... jurisdictions. Though this problem is one that goes back to the federal Coastal Zone Management Act itself, it appears that the State Planning Commission must take the initiative in making the definition, so that