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Mathematics in (bio)chemical kinetics 2017

Reac Kinet Mech Cat Ga´ bor Lente 0 0 Department of General and Physical Chemistry, University of Pe ́cs , Pe ́cs , Hungary The first ten papers in this issue are based on scientific research ... presented at the International Conference on Mathematics in (bio)Chemical Kinetics and Engineering (MaCKiE) 2017, which was held between May 25 and 27, 2017 in Budapest. This was the seventh event of the

The use of educational platforms as teaching resource in mathematics

Dropping out from the school system at High School level has been a problem for several years; high levels of mathematics’ failing have been a recurring situation. This paper discusses how academic ... Journal of Technology and Science Education JOTSE 2013-6374 THE USE OF EDUCATIONAL PLATFORMS AS TEACHING RESOURCE IN MATHEMATICS Marcela Gómez-Zermeño Héctor Franco-Gutiérrez - Mathematics

What Kind of Content Knowledge do Secondary Mathematics Teachers Need?

The discrepancy between school and academic mathematics as well as the resulting problems for secondary mathematics teachers’ content knowledge (CK) have been well known since Felix Klein pointed out ... mathematical knowledge: The mathematics teacher requires a general knowledge of mathematics in order to be able to communicate with other mathematicians and also to establish his credentials; but he also

Women’s Representation in Mathematics Subfields: Evidence from the

physics lags behind other subfields of mathematics in participation of women.’’ Our grants coordinator asked for a citation; to our surprise, we found that only very general statistics for the participation ... ]) to gain a general picture of the participation of women in different subfields of mathematics. The AMS data for the academic year 2012–2013 are summarized in Table 2. We see immediately that women are

A general double-proximal gradient algorithm for d.c. programming

Analysis in General Vector Spaces . World Scientific, Singapore ( 2002 ) 21. Bauschke , H.H. , Combettes , P.L. : Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces . CMS Books in Mathematics ... -Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna , Austria 1 Department of Mathematics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology , Lindstedtsvägen 25, 100 44 Stockholm , Sweden 2 S. Banert: Research supported by FWF (Austrian

China’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research environment: A snapshot

others offering vocational or technical education [ 1, 2 ]. China has also observed a remarkable increase in the number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates over the ... -answer questions, we used general linear models with a binomial distribution in which time of response was the independent variable and the dichotomous response for each answer choice (in which 0 indicated

Language as resource: a key notion for understanding the complexity of mathematics learning

The thinking of language as resource in mathematics education research has been more metaphorical than conceptual so far. This article provides grounds and reasons for the theorization of language as ... meaning in the immediacy of situations embedded in cultures of school mathematics and the official language of instruction. In the midst of social and personal relationships and diverse experiences in/of

Students’ and lecturers’ views on mathematics resources

, Dublin City University , Dublin 9 , Ireland 1 The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications There is a general agreement that many ... students struggle with the transition from secondary to higher education, particularly in the context of mathematics modules. Lecturers often suggest or supply supplemental resources to give students the

The Fundamental Problem of General Proof Theory

I see the question what it is that makes an inference valid and thereby gives a proof its epistemic power as the most fundamental problem of general proof theory. It has been surprisingly neglected ... of general proof theory, a problem that the foundation of that discipline should try to tackle. It has been surprisingly neglected in logic and philosophy of mathematics. Proofs have certainly since

SKOPE-IT (Shareable Knowledge Objects as Portable Intelligent Tutors): overlaying natural language tutoring on an adaptive learning system for mathematics

related general mathematics tasks. At least with the level of dosage provided in this study (approximately 1 h of dialogs), students’ approach to mathematics on the BSDT did not lead to systematically ... but not conclusive support, the second hypothesis (dialogs will transfer to general mathematics competency) was not supported by this study, and the third hypothesis (student beliefs about math concepts

A general framework for shiftable position-based dual-image reversible data hiding

position number as the parameter to make a trade-off between capacity and distortion, and we further integrate a general framework to select the optimal parameter adaptively. The rest of this paper is ... example of how to embed the message bits is shown in Fig. 2, where message bits {00}2 and {101}2 are embedded into the cover pixels 45 and 90, respectively. A more general framework is demonstrated in

Generalised Spin Structures in General Relativity

Generalised spin structures describe spinor fields that are coupled to both general relativity and gauge theory. We classify those generalised spin structures for which the corresponding fields admit ... are coupled to general relativity (GR) as well as gauge theory. In the absence of gauge fields, space–time transformations of spinors coupled to GR can be understood by considering pairs (g, ψ) of a

Using mobile technologies for mathematics: effects on student attitudes and achievement

The ubiquity of mobile devices together with its potential to bridge classroom learning to real-world has added a new angle to contextualising mathematics learning. This study investigated the ... by student interviews and end activity evaluations. Students' attitude to mathematics, as assessed by a mathematics attitude inventory, found no significant change for both groups except for the

Critical \( \mathcal{N} \) = (1, 1) general massive supergravity

, Kandilli, 34684, Istanbul , Turkey 2 Bebek , 34342, Istanbul , Turkey 3 Feza Gursey Center for Physics and Mathematics 4 Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna 5 Department of Mathematics, Bogazici ... University 6 At generic values , linearized In this paper we study the supermultiplet structure of N = (1; 1) General Massive Supergravity at non-critical and critical points of its parameter space. To do

Comparison among cognitive diagnostic models for the TIMSS 2007 fourth grade mathematics assessment

representative CDMs to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 assessment data across seven countries. The following two major findings emerged. First, in accordance with former ... tests in general. Our results therefore present the possibility that if a mathematics test was not originally built for diagnostic purposes but fitted by CDMs, main effects models might better explain its

A study of the correlation between STEM career knowledge, mathematics self-efficacy, career interests, and career activities on the likelihood of pursuing a STEM career among middle school students

BackgroundA sample of 1448 students in grades 7 and 9 was drawn from public schools in Atlantic Canada to explore students’ knowledge of science and mathematics requirements for science, technology ... explored were their mathematics self-efficacy (MSE), their future career interests, their preferences for particular career activities, and their likelihood to pursue a STEM career. Results: Analysis

Proof, Proving and Mathematics Curriculum

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a US based teachers association, strongly encourages teachers to make proof and reasoning an integral part of student mathematics. However, the ... . Polya (1960) writes that in mathematics as in the physical sciences we may use observation and induction to discover general laws. But there is a difference. In the physical sciences, there is no higher

Quantum vacuum energy in general relativity

field theory and general relativity. Therefore, we identify the zero-point energy of a quantum system with the total energy density of an empty Friedmann universe. In order to do that, we consider the ... . D 9 , 373 - 444 ( 2000 ) 5. S. Weinberg , The cosmological constant problem . Rev. Mod. Phys . 61 ( 1 ), 1 - 23 ( 1989 ) 6. R.M. Wald , General Relativity (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago

Why more physics can help achieving better mathematics

mathematics and numerics. Besides, we also wish to draw attention to the less common nonlocal models: In many cases, the equation with higher-order terms can be transformed into a nonlocal equation, or it is at ... function ϕ. The solution to the resulting integral equation in an appropriate solution space we call weak solution. Note that the weak solution in general has a lower regularity than both classical and

The uses and abuses of mathematics in early modern philosophy: introduction

epistemic standards. Those who take mathematics as the epistemic ideal for inquiry in general do not always take it as such for metaphysical reasons, but rather for its effectiveness throughout various ... philosophy through medicine to moral philosophy. These tendencies manifested in various forms of taking mathematics as the epistemic ideal to be adopted in any given field. So, mathematizing zeal was