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Jan Tinbergen, from Mathematics to Poverty and Environment

econometrics and macroeconomic modelling, but the fact that he moved from theoretical physics to economics was already a sign that his main interest was the society and mankind. He loved mathematics, but he ... change, is even more imminent. Poverty has been alleviated in parts of the world, but it still exists and the inequality is increasing. In general, Jan Tinbergen’s answer to these questions is

Facilitating the use of video with teachers of mathematics: learning from staying with the detail

BackgroundThis article is focused on the role of the facilitator in the professional development of mathematics teachers. It is a feature of several frameworks for using video that teachers are ... comment’s content. The meta-focus of the facilitator seems to allow enabling contraints to be placed on discussion while letting conversation follow the interests of participants. KeywordsVideo Mathematics

The Language of Mathematics: A Quantitative Course for a General Audience

. Singer Departme nt of Mathematics Haverford College Haverford, Pennsylvania 1904/ The purpose of this article is to convince anyone with the inclination to design a mathematics course for a general audie

Some remarks on wave solutions in general relativity theory

This paper reviews the concept of pp-waves and plane waves in classical general relativity theory. The first four sections give discussions of some algebraic constructions and symmetry concepts which ... and their Killing, homothetic, conformal and wave surface symmetries. Some unusual geometrical features of these solutions (compared with standard positive definite geometry) are described. Mathematics

Understanding arithmetic concepts: The role of domain-specific and domain-general skills

, however, has received less attention, despite its importance for the development of mathematics proficiency. Consequently, we know little about the quantitative and domain-general skills associated with ... tasks [3±5]; and domain-general skills, including working memory, executive function and visuospatial skills [6±8]. These studies have shown that overall mathematics achievement relies on a combination

Philosophy of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Philosophy of Mathematics Education

subject 'p hilosophy of mathematics education , which in fact can be regarded as an impetus from mathematic s education to the further development of philosophy of mathematics and philosophy in general. 1 ... situation of teaching in general. Finally, one more important implication of the social-cultural approach to mathematics education is the imp ortance of conception both to mathematics teaching and learning

Humanistic Mathematics As Mathematics for All

mathematics as a basic component in general education. Ironically, their reason had to do with the relevance of mathematics to human life. As Geoffery Howson says, “Indeed, mathematics held little appeal for ... useful and that mathematics aids thinking in general, certainly make mathematics a worthy subject, but are they truly arguments showing that mathematics should be taught to everyone? They are, of course

Personal Reflections on Mathematics and Mathematics Education

sch ool; at th e Ph .D. level, ma thematical rese arch and personal in te rchan ge with the thesis advisor and other Ph .D. st ud en ts enlightened the can d idate as to how mathematics was rea lly done

Reorganizing School Mathematics for Quantitative Literacy

This paper offers an alternative curriculum for high school mathematics. It proposes replacing the Algebra-Geometry-Algebra rush to calculus model with one which focuses on improving student problem ... appropriate general education courses and programs to enhance QL. While the work of the members is focused on college-level issues, it is natural that they would have a conversation about school mathematics

Writing Mathematics

fractions. Some students said, but there was no pressure or expectation to learn Cinderella at our mothers' knees, and at the time, Cinderella was interesting to us. Fractions (or mathematics in general) is ... Elementary Education and Teaching Commons, Mathematics Commons, and the - Article 5 E.G. Bernard Marc Garneau CJ . 135 Overlea Blvd. Don Mills , Onlario M3C IB3 All young children, excep t the most

A Social View of Mathematics: Iimplications for Mathematics Education

additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/hmnj - A Social View of Mathematics Implications for Mathematics Education Stephen Lerman South B;mk Polytechnic, London In recent literatureone ... , and the signifi­ our culturally restricted view 01 mathematical con­ cance of the social context for mathematics educa­ cepts. I suggest that the consequences of a social Han, perhaps the last school

Aesthetics in a Mathematics for Liberal Arts Project

We present and assess a project and its rubric developed and assigned in Mathematics for Liberal Arts, a general education course for non-science and non-business majors, to incorporate different ... developed and assigned in Mathematics for Liberal Arts, a general education course for non-science and nonbusiness majors, to incorporate di erent skills including aesthetic design, written and oral

On Mathematics and Culture: Insights from an International School

We explore the factors that influence the relationship between mathematics and culture in the international school context. First, we share some thoughts about international schools in general and ... these in the context of an international school. First, we share some thoughts about international schools in general (§1) and the international mathematics curriculum implemented at the middle grades

Mathematics and Philosophy*

"mathe­ matica l logic,w that sometimes have the word Wmathematical W i n their names. I have in mind mathematics in general and philosophy in general. Here are a few examples of questions that could be ... works at: Part of the Mathematics Commons, and the Philosophy Commons Recommended Citation D. Bushaw It is the first premise of this discussion that mathematics is

Wabi-Sabi Mathematics

Mathematics and aesthetics have a long history in common. In this relation however, the aesthetic dimension of mathematics largely refers to concepts such as purity, absoluteness, symmetry, and so on ... . Observing (of ) wabi-sabi mathematics Wabi-sabi is about private, intuitive, relative, personal experiences, as opposed to universal, general or prototypical ones. Readers acquainted with my work in

Mathematics and Ethics

., John yon Neumann ancl Norbert Wiener, Cambridge, M.I.T. Press, 1980 2 [6) Graham , Loren R., Belween Science 3 [5] Freiman , G.A. 4 (8) Koblitz, N, "Matternatcs as Propaqanda," in MathematiCs Tomorrow ... , 111-120, Lynn Arthur Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Ethics and Political Philosophy Commons, Logic and Foundations of Mathematics Commons, and

Perchance to Dream: Art, Mathematics, and Shakespeare

, the ubiquity of general programming languages, and the maturation of digital visualization. In this article, we eschew the traditional disciplinary boundaries to view and analyze Shakespeare’s works in ... additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/jhm - Cover Page Footnote Thi s article is dedicated to the Salisbury University Mathematics and Computer Science Department, for inspiring

From general to specialty hospitals: operationalising focus in healthcare operations

through empirical examination, using a three-step methodology to analyse case study data from a unique transformation project where general hospitals were turned into new types of focused specialty ... more focused factories with fewer demands placed on them, where simplicity and repetition would lead to competitive advantage. Current general hospitals resemble those complex factory colossi in many

On Rooks, Marriages, and Matchings or Steinhaus via Hall

konkursowe, 1958) (Steinhaus in One Hundred Problems in Elementary Mathematics. Popular Lectures in Mathematics, Pergamon Press, Oxford and PWN, Warszawa, 1963)—known internationally, yet long and complex, so ... ). KeywordsHall’s ‘marriage’ theorem Transversals Matchings Bipartite graphs  Mathematics Subject Classification05 05D 05D15  1 Rooks: The Problem Although Hugo Steinhaus (1887–1972) was one of the biggest

From My Dance Is Mathematics: Poems From a Mathematics Teacher

Part of the Mathematics Commons, and the Poetry Commons Recommended Citation - JoAnne Growney Bloomsburg University GEOMETRY CLASS Yesterday, some visitors interrupted geometry class -angry voices