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Preparing facilitators to use and adapt mathematics professional development materials productively

; Mathematics education; Facilitator training Background Facilitating professional development Professional development (PD) for mathematics teachers is central to efforts to improve classroom instruction and ... them more or less effective with respect to their learning goals. Important research has been conducted on what leaders of mathematics PD need to know and do to be effective facilitators (Elliott et al

Preface to the special issue celebrating 50 years of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics

cover of the Journal has always featured the same distinctive “three-quarter circle” design, 25 years ago the words “Applied Mathematics”, “Engineering Mathematics” and “Industrial Mathematics” were added

Transition from School to University Mathematics: Manifestations of Unresolved Commognitive Conflict in First Year Students’ Examination Scripts

-long module on Sets, Numbers, Proofs and Probability in a UK mathematics department. Our analysis of the scripts relies on a preliminary analysis of the tasks and the lecturers’ (also exam setters ... discourse. Our analysis suggests that, despite lecturers' attempts to assist students towards a smooth transition to the different discourses of university mathematics, students' errors at the final

Perchance to Dream: Art, Mathematics, and Shakespeare

, the ubiquity of general programming languages, and the maturation of digital visualization. In this article, we eschew the traditional disciplinary boundaries to view and analyze Shakespeare’s works in ... additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/jhm - Cover Page Footnote Thi s article is dedicated to the Salisbury University Mathematics and Computer Science Department, for inspiring

Tilting Theory: A Gift of Representation Theory to Mathematics

Tilting Theory: Theory to Representation Mathematics 0 Department of Mathematics University of Milano Via Saldini 50 20133 Milano Italy - Representation Mathematics GABRIELLA D’ESTE Dedicated to ... the memory of Sheila Brenner and Michael C. R. Butler II Integral Quadratic Forms, Claus Michael Ringel remarks n the introduction to his book Tame Algebras and that ‘‘some general ideas, which have

Digital curriculum resources in mathematics education: foundations for change

related to the design, and the use (by teachers and students) of digital curricula and e-textbooks in mathematics education. The results of our review show the following. Firstly, whilst there are some ... curriculum resources 1 Introduction In this special issue we examine issues related to e-textbooks and other types of DCR in mathematics education: their analysis and design; their interaction with and use

Polytechnic engineering mathematics: assessing its relevance to the productivity of industries in Uganda

Background The main objective of the study was to examine the relevance of engineering mathematics to the emerging industries. The level of abstraction, the standard of rigor, and the depth of ... mathematics relevant to the engineering technical work in the industries with regard to relevance to the industries in Uganda in general. Further analysis showed that the source of the statistical significance

Perceptions on the Role of a Pre-service Primary Teacher Education Program to Prepare Beginning Teachers to Teach Mathematics in Far North Queensland

This paper employs a collaborative auto-ethnographic method to reflect on perceptions and design of a pre-service primary teacher mathematics education program in a regional university and the role

Convergent and divergent thinking in task modification: a case of Korean prospective mathematics teachers’ exploration

This study investigated how 38 secondary mathematics prospective teachers modified textbook tasks for convergent and divergent thinking while learning to teach mathematics during university ... is debate about definitions of creativity in mathematics (Mann 2006; Liljedahl and Sriraman 2006; Sriraman et al. 2011) , in general, creativity can be viewed as the confluence of divergent thinking

Discrete and Continuous: A Fundamental Dichotomy in Mathematics

The distinction between the discrete and the continuous lies at the heart of mathematics. Discrete mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, combinatorics, graph theory, cryptography, logic) has a set of ... from more complicated initial positions, but the mathematics shows that general motions are superpositions (that is, linear combinations) of the two normal modes. (Animations are easily available, see

Is Formal Language Proficiency in the Home Language Required to Profit from a Bilingual Teaching Intervention in Mathematics? A Mixed Methods Study on Fostering Multilingual Students’ Conceptual Understanding

of German/Turkish bilingual students (n = 128) in Grade 7 in German schools without prior formal mathematics education in Turkish. In a randomized control trial, the bilingual intervention was compared ... , Literature, Media, Institute of German Philology, University of Hamburg , Von-Melle-Park 6, 20146 Hamburg , Germany 1 Institute for Mathematics Education Freiburg, University of Education Freiburg , 79117

Understanding and enhancing teachers’ knowledge for teaching mathematics

Mathematics Teacher Education (JMTE). It has been a privilege to serve the international community in mathematics education and contribute to the discipline of mathematics teacher education in this role. It is ... research focus on mathematics teacher education also positions her to continue to develop and lead the journal in meaningful ways. Research in mathematics teacher education has grown significantly over the

Chinese Primary School Mathematics Teachers’ Assessment Profiles: Findings from a Large-Scale Questionnaire Survey

This study investigated Chinese primary school mathematics teachers’ views on assessment in an effort to determine their assessment profiles. A large-scale questionnaire survey with 1101 teachers ... , & Dhamija, 2015; in China: Brown, Kennedy, Fok, Chan, & Yu, 2009; Chen & Brown, 2016) revealed that teachers in general, mathematics teachers included, tend to embrace the idea of using assessment to improve

Developing a Multi-Dimensional Early Elementary Mathematics Screener and Diagnostic Tool: The Primary Mathematics Assessment

There is a critical need to identify primary level students experiencing difficulties in mathematics to provide immediate and targeted instruction that remediates their deficits. However, most early ... incomplete information for teachers to design intervention efforts. We propose a mathematics assessment that screens and provides diagnostic information in six domains? that are important to building a strong

Mathematics in Computer Science: After 10 Years

sound changes of representation. They look at examples of representational transformations in discrete mathematics, and show how they have used tools from Isabelles Transfer package to automate the use of ... these transformations in proofs. They give an overview of a general theory of transformations that they consider appropriate for thinking about the matter, and they explain how it relates to the Transfer

Your move: The effect of chess on mathematics test scores

We analyse the effect of substituting a weekly mathematics lesson in primary school grades 1–3 with a lesson in mathematics based on chess instruction. We use data from the City of Aarhus in Denmark ... and supportive factors influencing the transfer of abilities from chess to academic performance, in general, and to mathematics in particular. In the following section, we will explore the available

An introduction to inferentialism in mathematics education

the challenges and issues that have arisen in mathematics education. Key to inferentialism is the privileging of the inferential over the representational in an account of meaning; and of direct concern ... reasons is significant, not only for Brandom but also for Vygotsky, with implications for how knowledge is understood in mathematics classrooms. The paper explains the technical terms in Brandom's account

Uncovering GEMS of Mathematics

Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences (GEMS) is an outreach program offered by the six mathematics departments of the Claremont Colleges for eighth, ninth, and tenth graders. In this paper, we ... Exploring Mathematical Sciences (GEMS) is an outreach program o ered by the six mathematics departments of the Claremont Colleges1 for eighth, ninth, and tenth graders. Some basic information about our

Some Comments on Multiple Discovery in Mathematics

of simultaneous discovery in mathematics. We are interested to know whether this phenomenon, and its close cousin repeated discovery, give rise to meaningful questions regarding causes, trends ... planarity, the Reidemiester moves in knot theory, and the NP-completeness of satis ability are all discoveries of twentieth-century mathematics which occurred twice, more or less simultaneously, on di erent