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Comparison among cognitive diagnostic models for the TIMSS 2007 fourth grade mathematics assessment

representative CDMs to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 assessment data across seven countries. The following two major findings emerged. First, in accordance with former ... tests in general. Our results therefore present the possibility that if a mathematics test was not originally built for diagnostic purposes but fitted by CDMs, main effects models might better explain its

The uses and abuses of mathematics in early modern philosophy: introduction

epistemic standards. Those who take mathematics as the epistemic ideal for inquiry in general do not always take it as such for metaphysical reasons, but rather for its effectiveness throughout various ... philosophy through medicine to moral philosophy. These tendencies manifested in various forms of taking mathematics as the epistemic ideal to be adopted in any given field. So, mathematizing zeal was

Why more physics can help achieving better mathematics

mathematics and numerics. Besides, we also wish to draw attention to the less common nonlocal models: In many cases, the equation with higher-order terms can be transformed into a nonlocal equation, or it is at ... function ϕ. The solution to the resulting integral equation in an appropriate solution space we call weak solution. Note that the weak solution in general has a lower regularity than both classical and

Proof, Proving and Mathematics Curriculum

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a US based teachers association, strongly encourages teachers to make proof and reasoning an integral part of student mathematics. However, the ... . Polya (1960) writes that in mathematics as in the physical sciences we may use observation and induction to discover general laws. But there is a difference. In the physical sciences, there is no higher

Examining the Two Categorical Datas by Jmetrik, Bilog-Mg and Irtpro with Application of Mathematics Exam

The aim of this study was to examination of two-category rated mathematics course final exam based on Item Response Theory data analyzed with the help of 2-Parameter Logistic Model and determination ... different programs. This study involves a comparative interpretation of some descriptive statistics and analysis. Therefore, research has characterized as relational model which is one of the general survey

The Rights of the Learner: A Framework for Promoting Equity through Formative Assessment in Mathematics Education

An elementary mathematics teacher once argued that she and her students held four Rights of the Learner in the classroom: (1) the right to be confused; (2) the right to claim a mistake; (3) the right ... Submit a response to this article Submit online at The Rights of the Learner Assessment in Mathematics Education 0 0 Crystal A. Kalinec-Craig (University of Texas

Inferentialism in mathematics education: introduction to a special issue

, relevant to mathematics education research, is that the meaning of concepts is understood in terms of their role in reasoning practices. In line with the anti-representationalist literature in mathematics ... inferential nature of mathematics. What inferentialism is not Inferentialism is not a learning theory or a pedagogical approach. Inferentialism is also silent on psychological issues. Yet we think the

Perchance to Dream: Art, Mathematics, and Shakespeare

, the ubiquity of general programming languages, and the maturation of digital visualization. In this article, we eschew the traditional disciplinary boundaries to view and analyze Shakespeare’s works in ... additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/jhm - Cover Page Footnote Thi s article is dedicated to the Salisbury University Mathematics and Computer Science Department, for inspiring

Preparing facilitators to use and adapt mathematics professional development materials productively

; Mathematics education; Facilitator training Background Facilitating professional development Professional development (PD) for mathematics teachers is central to efforts to improve classroom instruction and ... them more or less effective with respect to their learning goals. Important research has been conducted on what leaders of mathematics PD need to know and do to be effective facilitators (Elliott et al

Tilting Theory: A Gift of Representation Theory to Mathematics

Tilting Theory: Theory to Representation Mathematics 0 Department of Mathematics University of Milano Via Saldini 50 20133 Milano Italy - Representation Mathematics GABRIELLA D’ESTE Dedicated to ... the memory of Sheila Brenner and Michael C. R. Butler II Integral Quadratic Forms, Claus Michael Ringel remarks n the introduction to his book Tame Algebras and that ‘‘some general ideas, which have

Preface to the special issue celebrating 50 years of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics

cover of the Journal has always featured the same distinctive “three-quarter circle” design, 25 years ago the words “Applied Mathematics”, “Engineering Mathematics” and “Industrial Mathematics” were added

Paradidactic infrastructure for sharing and documenting mathematics teacher knowledge: a case study of “practice research” in Japan

, led many to consider that Japanese mathematics teaching is highly creative and effective, with lesson study as a main explanatory factor. As a result, substantial efforts have been deployed in many ... infrastructure, the paradidactic infrastructure available for primary and secondary level mathematics teachers in Japan (we abbreviate this JPI, for short). Our general research questions are then: RQ1 RQ2 What

Digital curriculum resources in mathematics education: foundations for change

related to the design, and the use (by teachers and students) of digital curricula and e-textbooks in mathematics education. The results of our review show the following. Firstly, whilst there are some ... curriculum resources 1 Introduction In this special issue we examine issues related to e-textbooks and other types of DCR in mathematics education: their analysis and design; their interaction with and use

Transition from School to University Mathematics: Manifestations of Unresolved Commognitive Conflict in First Year Students’ Examination Scripts

-long module on Sets, Numbers, Proofs and Probability in a UK mathematics department. Our analysis of the scripts relies on a preliminary analysis of the tasks and the lecturers’ (also exam setters ... discourse. Our analysis suggests that, despite lecturers' attempts to assist students towards a smooth transition to the different discourses of university mathematics, students' errors at the final

How Preservice Teachers Make Meaning of Mathematics Methods Texts

Mathematics methods texts are important resources for supporting preservice teachers’ learning. Methods instructors routinely assign readings from texts. Yet, anecdotally and also based on reading ... and outside of mathematics. General Literacy Strategies A search for “literacy strategies” literature unveiled numerous manuscripts with authors suggesting countless strategies for making meaning of

Encouraging Student Engagement in Lecture-based Mathematics Courses

This workshop will focus on promoting student engagement through small changes within the traditional lecture-based model of an undergraduate mathematics class. The workshop focuses specifically on ... feedback from their instructor, they are more likely to have a favourable view of mathematics in general, and to see themselves as creators rather than just calculators. APPENDIX A1 Syllabus Design

Some Thoughts on the Epicurean Critique of Mathematics

In this paper, we give a comprehensive summary of the discussion on the Epicurean critique of mathematics and in particular of Euclid's geometry. We examine the methodological critique of the ... important conclusions, one general and one speci c: (1) Mathematics does not in principle depend on sensory experience. (2) Incommensurability gives support to the idea of in nite divisibility of line

Discrete and Continuous: A Fundamental Dichotomy in Mathematics

The distinction between the discrete and the continuous lies at the heart of mathematics. Discrete mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, combinatorics, graph theory, cryptography, logic) has a set of ... from more complicated initial positions, but the mathematics shows that general motions are superpositions (that is, linear combinations) of the two normal modes. (Animations are easily available, see

Convergent and divergent thinking in task modification: a case of Korean prospective mathematics teachers’ exploration

This study investigated how 38 secondary mathematics prospective teachers modified textbook tasks for convergent and divergent thinking while learning to teach mathematics during university ... is debate about definitions of creativity in mathematics (Mann 2006; Liljedahl and Sriraman 2006; Sriraman et al. 2011) , in general, creativity can be viewed as the confluence of divergent thinking

Scholarships at Risk: The Mathematics of Merit Stipulations in Financial Aid Awards

equipping prospective students to assess their own economic prospects. This Article will frame the problem of merit stipulations in law school financial aid as one of applied mathematics. Schools often do ... problem as one of mathematics or probability. In his interview by David Segal of the New York Times, Dean Harold J. Krent of the Chicago-Kent College of Law lamented, “The real issue is that students don’t