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Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Science: Rasch Measurement to Support QR Assessment

The ability of middle and high school students to reason quantitatively within the context of environmental science was investigated. A quantitative reasoning (QR) learning progression, with ... teaching science in grades K-8 .Washington, D.C: National Academies Press. Engelhard , G. 2013 . Invariant measurement: Using Rasch Models in the social, behavioral, and health sciences . New York: Routlege

The Health Science Career Path Model and the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education

Libraries , USA Recommended Citation Nancy Langley Raynor Journal of Health Occupations Education Spring 2000, Volume 14, Number 1 THE HEALTH SCIENCE CAREER PATH MODEL and THE NATIONAL CONSORTIUM ON ... HEALTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Nancy Langley Raynor In today’s global economy, more education is required by the health care industry than ever before. In future decades, even more demand will

Synergies in critical reflective practice and science: Science as reflection and reflection as science

defined science as “an intellectual activity carried out by humans to understand the structure and functions of the world in which they live” (Gottlieb 1997). While science and critical reflective practice ... the worst one discipline might actively shun ideas from another, to both their detriment. Education academics may reject science, falsely equating it with obsessive measurement and calculation, thus

Parts of the Whole: Error Estimation for Science Students

It is important for science students to understand not only how to estimate error sizes in measurement data, but also to see how these errors contribute to errors in conclusions they may make about ... biology students can take as an alternative to second-semester calculus (see Rheinlander and Wallace 2011, in this journal). Error Estimation for Science Students

Recent Advances in Instrumentation for Clinical Medicine

relatively recent outgrowths of medical instrumentation research. Several of the devices which are discussed already are in use in clinical medicine and surgery. One device (plasma scalpel) is still in the

Science Competencies in Health Occupations Education

and health occupations and to analyze the science competencies taught in health occupations courses in secondary schools. A teacher panel and technical advisory panel assisted with the study. A survey ... . Each of six modules developed for use by health occupations teachers included both health occupations and matching science competencies. Modules were developed for anatomy, immunity, metrics, nutrition

Instrumentation of a Self-Correcting Data Acquisition System for Ultrafast Lasers

Optical phenomenon in semiconductors and other light-sensitive materials typically happen at very short time durations, and require instruments capable of measuring time resolutions on the order of ... : Part of the Engineering Physics Commons, and the Optics Commons Acknowledgements I would like to thank Dr. Eric Landahl for providing me with the opportunity to

On Divided Lines: Instrumentation for Bass Parts in Corelli-era Sonatas

There has been considerable debate in recent years about the appropriate treatment of bass lines in Corelli Op. 5 and other duo and ensemble sonatas of the era. This article examines the relationship ... that seventeenthIn chapters 3 and 4 of History, Imagination and the Performance of Music (Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK, and Rochester, NY, USA, 2003), I discuss bass line instrumentation in seventeenth

Quakers and Science- Myths, Realities and the Science- Religion Dialogue

:// Part of the Christianity Commons QUAKERS AND SCIENCE—MYTHS, REALITIES AND THE SCIENCERELIGION DIALOGUE PAUL ANDERSON Amodern era. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the authorgreat ... . Science has often been pitted against religion, and vice versa, but these conflicts are more often than not overblown.1 Where scientific discovery is self-evident, religion tends to go along; and, where

Equal Consideration and Systematic Measurement Error in Hydroelectric Relicensing

Natural Resources Journal Error in Hydroelectric Relicensing Equal Consideration and Systematic Measurement Brett D. Crow 0 Recommended Citation 0 0 Brett D.Crow, Equal Consideration and Systematic ... hydroelectric power generation can be more clearly understood, explained, and reconciled to some degree by the following analysis. Third, the small set of familiar data values reveals systematic measurement

Metaphors and social science

The social sciences have a considerable history of attempts to apply models and theories from the physical sciences. All such attempts have failed, primarily because social scientists have commonly ... social sciences, and DDNS can play an important role in monitoring those attempts. " Chaos; Metaphors; Social science A. THE BAD NEWS Since their inception well over a century ago, the social sciences

Science is not my thing”: Exploring deaf non-science majors’ science identities

Students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing are underrepresented in science majors, yet we know little about why. Students from other underrepresented groups in science—women and people of color—tend ... people of color-tend to highly value altruistic or communal career goals, while perceiving science as uncommunal. Research suggests that holding stereotypical conceptions about scientists and perceptions

Science, Ethics, and Moral Status

cultures in a way that science is not, or that ethics is not, as science is, objective, or that ethics is somehow intrinsically emotional. These beliefs lead to the conclusion that rational and productive ... we ought to do, what we ought to be, the right and the wrong). Science, taken very generally, is concerned with what is (what the world is like, the true and the false). There is more to science than a

Critical Race Science and Critical Race Philosophy of Science

Over several decades, feminist philosophy of science has revealed the ways in which much of science has proceeded from “mainstream” assumptions that privilege men and other hierarchically ... , see Matthew Snipp, Racial Measurement in the American Census: Past Practices and Implications for the Future, 29 ANN. REV. SOC. 563 (2003) (discussing consequences for social science of changing census

Quakers and Science: An Overview

Quaker Religious Thou ght by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ George Fox University - QUAKERS AND SCIENCE: AN OVERVIEW GEOFFREY CANTOR Iing the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ... , Arthur Raistrick n his analysis of Quaker contributions to science and industry durclaimed that “Friends have secured something like forty times their due proportion of Fellows of the Royal Society during

Tilings in Art and Science

:// Recommended Citation James E. Hall Westminster College The titl e "Filings in Art and Science" is a contr action For example, the di agram bel ow [Fig. 1] abstracts and of one that is longer ... ! architecture, science, philately, Islamic art , and oth er areas . Eighty pairs of the se forme d the central visual So the list stands at thirteen, but the question is still vehicle for the Westminster

Analogic Thinking in Science and Math

thinking. The science wars wage on in the background, and I do find plenty of evidence of rifts between the “two cultures” that C. P. Snow described a half century ago. Nonetheless, there are on our campus

Beyond DNA: Epigenetics and Proteomics in Forensic Science

The use of genetic evidence in criminal cases is well established and has improved the public opinion and credibility of forensic science. However, several shortcomings associated with current

Increasing the Accessibility of Science for All Students

This paper evaluates the accessibility of selected field and laboratory high school science activities, and provides suggestions for increasing accessibility for students with disabilities. We ... , Soil particle distribution, Ice phenology, GPS measurement, Soil particle density and Soil pH. Five (5) University of Southern Maine students with disabilities majoring in science or technology were

Interviewing the Investigator: Strategies for Addressing Instrumentation and Researcher Bias Concerns in Qualitative Research

Instrumentation rigor and bias management are major challenges for qualitative researchers employing interviewing as a data generation method in their studies. A usual procedure for testing the