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Reflection in Medical Education

This paper offers a medical-education perspective that I will hope complement other disciplinary perspectives in examining the value of reflection for learning in tertiary education. The paper ... patient care above self interest, and undertake to maintain and develop their expertise over the course of a lifelong career. Swanwick and Buckley (2010, p.xv) This paper offers a medical-education

Compassion and Integrity in Medical Education

Ward Ethics: Dilemmas for Medical Students and Doctors in Training. Edited by Thomasine K. Kushner and David C. Thomasma. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Pp. 284. The process of medical ... commentaries, many of the essays are interesting, and the cases themselves can serve nicely as foci for discussion in medical student curricula. We hope that medical education will continue to evolve such that

Improving Health by Investing in Medical Education

Medical education in South Asia is reinventing itself, to create doctors who can meet the needs of the local community. ... Pacific covered Gavin Yamey's accommodation , meals, and airport transfers, but PLoS paid for his flight - Oof medical education is that ne of the common criticisms there is often a mismatch between what

Medical Education and Malpractice: What's the Connection ?

(2001); Joseph K. Campbell & Cindy Johnson, Trend Spotting: Fashions in Medical Education , 318 BRIT. MED. J. 1272, 1274-75 (1999); Rose Hatala & Gordon Guyatt, Evaluating the Teaching of Evidence ... -BasedMedicine , 288 JAMA 1110 (2002); Stephen J. Lurie, Editorial , Raising the Passing Gradefor Studies of Medical Education , 290 JAMA 1210, 1210 (2003); Elizabeth Murray, Challenges in EducationalResearch, 36

Contribution of Medical Education to Rural Health

factors, and systemic factors. Medical education makes significant contribution to rural health by proactively and positively modifying the educational factors. The experience of the Faculty of Medicine at ... recommendations. Geneva, Switzerland; 2010. Thi s editorial is available in Marshall Journal of Medicine: Contribution of medical education to rural health Roger Y. Wong

Some Thoughts on Medical Education

The medical education that be­ cal education. Nearly all are spe­ gan in Otago in the 1860's was cialists and each feels obliged to founded on the Edinburgh tradi­ teach the facts that he thinks medi­ ... anti Christian and humanistic in its approach. The average New Zealand stu­ dent, coming to medical school af­ ter a strictly secular education, is unlikely to have strong religious or moral feelings

Current perspectives on the role of body painting in medical education

Current perspectives on the role of body painting in medical education Gabrielle M Finn Health Professions Education Unit, Hull York Medical School, University of York, York, UK Abstract: Body ... appeal and is often cited as the mechanism through which students effectively learn. Keywords: anatomy, medical education, art, surface anatomy, body painting, medical student Review Curricula

New Audiovisual Methods in Veterinary Medical Education

; dr; iastate; edu/iowastate_veterinarian - N e w Audiovisual Methods tn Vetel"inary Medical Education R. Getty, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D.* In the years 1953-5 4 and 1954 -55, the veterinary students

The Robes of the Medical Royal Colleges and Other Societies: Medical Education ouside the Universities

In his book English University Life in the Middle Ages Alan Cobban remarked on the theoretical nature of medical education in the Middle Ages. Many men who graduated were more interested in teaching

The Medical Resident Working Hours Debate: A Proposal for Private Decentralized Regulation of Graduate Medical Education

The debate over the regulation of resident working hours has been one of the most significant recent controversies in graduate medical education. A diverse array of organizations, including Congress

Graduate Medical Education: The Federal Government's Opportunity to Shape the Nation's Physician Workforce

health care needs. Graduate Medical Education, a prerequisite for entry into the medical profession, directly shapes the size and distribution of the physician workforce and is also funded largely by

Time-variable medical education innovation in context

Time-variable medical education innovation in context Christopher D Stamy,1 Christine C Schwartz,1 Danielle A Phillips,2 Aparna S Ajjarapu,3 Kristi J Ferguson,4,5 Debra A Schwinn6–8 1University of ... of Anesthesia 7 Department of internal Medicine 8 Office of consultation & research in Medical Education, University of iowa carver college of Medicine 9 Department of Pharmacology, University of iowa

I Need a Doctor: A Critique of Medicare Financing of Graduate Medical Education

In its broadest sense, this Article examines the complex relationship between population booms, doctor shortages, and United States government financing of graduate medical education (GME). More

Motivational Influences of Using Peer Evaluation in Problem-Based Learning in Medical Education

environments in medical education, are discussed. ... learning (PBL) has been utilized in medical education for nearly a half-century, in order to provide a more student-centered learning environment compared to the traditional lecture-based curricula (Barrows

The Impact of the Veteran’s Affairs Medical System on an Otolaryngology Residency Training Program

The field of otolaryngology has become the leading specialty in the management of head and neck pathology and trauma. Graduate medical education programs tasked to train military head and neck ... Procedures (KIP), as defined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), following integration of a Veterans Affairs health care population into a military otolaryngology residency

Current Technology in Advancing Medical Education: Perspectives for Learning and Providing Care

, USA 1 Stephanie Peglow Healthcare and medical training have no immunity to universal, rapidly changing technology. In medical education, advances like simulations, virtual patients, and e-learning have ... literature search with PubMed and Google Scholar, as well as a professional medical library search via the EVMS Brickell Medical Science Library System using the following key phrases: medical education

The Role of Argumentation in Hypothetico-Deductive Reasoning During Problem-Based Learning in Medical Education: A Conceptual Framework

One of the important goals of problem-based learning (PBL) in medical education is to enhance medical students’ clinical reasoning—hypothetico-deductive reasoning (HDR) in particular—through small

Introducing an E-learning Solution for Medical Education in Liberia

Background: The Ebola virus epidemic and civil war in Liberia left the country in need of strengthening the health workforce. E-learning in medical education provides relevant learning opportunities ... relevant learning opportunities for students, develops faculty competencies, and assists with the retention of healthcare workers. The Stellenbosch University Rural Medical Education Partnership Initiative

Gaming science innovations to integrate health systems science into medical education and practice

Gaming science innovations to integrate health systems science into medical education and practice Earla J White,1 Joy H Lewis,1 Lise McCoy2 1Department of Public Health, School of Osteopathic ... to health outcomes and HSS is an emerging discipline from the seminal work of the American Medical Association Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium, consisting of nearly onefifth of all