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MEDICAL LAW—UNMEDICATED DEFENDANTS: THE TWO-PRONGED DILEMMA—Commonwealth v. Louraine, 390 Mass. 28, 453 N.E.2d 437 (1983)

. 28, 453 N.E.2d 437 (1983) Robin L. Oaks 0 0 Thi s Note is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Review & Student Publications at Digital Commons @ Western New England University School of ... Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in Western New England Law Review by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ Western New England University School of Law. For more information , please


antipsychotic incorporates them into long term management of complex psychological and medical problems); Zander, Prolixin Decanoate: Big Brother by Injection? 5 J. PSYCHIATRY & LAW 55, 67-69 (1977) (the abuse of


Your Health? An Introduction to the Law, Ethics, and HIPAA Rule on Medical Privacy, 17 GA. ST. U. L. REV. 481,483 (2000) (finding that during a typical hospital stay as many as 400 people may have access

Recent Developments: Louisiana Medical Malpractice Law

. L. Rev. (2014) Available at: , USA I. INTRODUCTION Medical malpractice remains one of the most heavily litigated areas of the law in Louisiana.1 One of the biggest developments seen in the field ... cases.2 This Article discusses the holding of Oliver and also explores recent developments in Louisiana medical malpractice law related to prescription, expert witnesses and summary judgment, damages

California's New Medical Care Law and Program

adopted a new medical care law, re-declaring provision for medical service to public assistance recipients to be "a matter of state-wide concern,""0 and superimposing the new arrangement upon rather than

The Law of Medical Misadventure in Japan

This paper offers a comprehensive overview of Japanese law and practice relating to iatrogenic (medically-caused) injury, with comparisons to other nations ... . Substantive Law of Medical Malpractice 1. Theories of Recovery................. 2. Standard of Care.................... ............... .................. ............... ................ ............. 92 5


the con­ troversial topic of the legality of marijuana use for medical pur­ poses. In OCBC, an eight-Justice Court, with Justice Breyer abstaining,7 uniformly agreed that the common law defense of ne­

Medical Conscience and the Policing of Parenthood

legal liability. Increasingly, physicians are invoking codes of medical ethics alongside more familiar constitutional law claims in support of their claim to insulation from legal liability. This Article ... ] negative libertyright to refuse medical treatment, this does not translate to a positive * Professor of Law, City University of New York. J.D., Columbia, 1993; M.A., Columbia, 1989; B.A., Miami University

The Current State of Termination of Medical Treatment Case Law

A particularly unsettled area of the law in recent years has been the sensitive and emotionally-charged subject of termination of medical treatment.

Basic Medical Laboratory Techniques

instructors in secondary programs, by allied health educators in postsecondary programs, by college and university programs, and by medical facility personnel for inservice education. The format allows

Young's Learning Medical Technology

Harvey R. Austrin, C. V. Mosby Company, 1987, 469 pages. The text provides a complete approach to learning medical terminology for students in nursing, health occupations, and allied health fields at ... secondary and postsecondary levels and is divided into four sections. Section I, consisting of four chapters, introduces the basic foundation of medical language and includes review questions and exercises at

Doctors as Pawns? Law and Medical Ethics at Guantanamo Bay

Doctors as Pawns? Law and Medical Ethics at Guantánamo Bay Jonathan H. Marks 0 0 Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities, and Law at the Pennsylvania State University; Barrister and Founding ... potential prosecution in the United States,74 they would be ill-advised to ignore the possibility of being arrested and tried while visiting another country. LAW AND MEDICAL ETHICS In the face of the

International Business, Law Merchant, and Law School Curricula

reflect the tendencies and needs of today's society. As far as the law school curricula are concerned, this problem becomes prominent in a time when international business is becoming more and more

Medical Repatriation: The Dangerous Intersection of Health Care Law and Immigration

patients has become a practice that is prevalent in hospitals across the United States.15 Medical repatriation is the cross point between health care law and immigration, and it has surfaced as a way for ... , AND DANGEROUS JOURNEYS: A STUDY ON THE PRACTICE OF MEDICAL REPATRIATION at 5 (2012) [hereinafter DISCHARGE, DEPORTATION, AND DANGEROUS JOURNEYS] (noting that the Seton Hall University School of Law

Introduction: Adolescent Medical Decision Making and the Law of the Horse

States has juvenile and family courts, as well as pediatric and adolescent medical departments, there is not a distinct field of "adolescent medical decision-making law" or ethics; there are just many

High Time for Medical Marijuana or Buzz-Kill?: The Controlled Substances Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act May Cause Florida's Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act to Go Up in Smoke

Florida is the latest state to jump into the arena of medical marijuana with the passage of SBI030 on June 16, 2014. The law, named The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014, ... Law and Policy Commons; and the Medical - High HIGH TIME FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA OR BUzz-KILL?: THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT AND THE SHERMAN ANTITRUST ACT MAY CAUSE FLORIDA'S COMPASSIONATE MEDICAL

Annual Survey of Virginia Law: Damages for Medical Malpractice in Virginia

As a general rule, a plaintiff in actions for personal injury and wrongful death in Virginia, regardless ofwhether the cause derives from medical malpractice, may state a claim for any medical ... the Medical Malpractice Cap on recovery. 8 B. The CollateralSource Rule It is a well-accepted principle under Virginia law that benefits received by a plaintiff from sources wholly independent of and

Off-label Use and the Medical Negligence Standard Under Minnesota Law

Minnesota’s medical negligence standard is ripe for review. This article examines the off-label use doctrine and the medical negligence standard under Minnesota law. First, the article examines what the phrase ... Commons , Medical Jurisprudence Commons, and the State and Local Government Law Commons - 5MOYER.DOC INTRODUCTION Medicare1 is about to begin offering prescription drug benefits.2 Providing drug

Religious Beliefs anad Medical Treatment: The Challenge to Patient Consent

which concerns the beginning and ending of life as well as decisions about quality of life. The diversity within the patient population raises the issue of how amenable healthcare law, structured as it is ... Challenge to Patient Consent Religious Beliefs anad Medical Treatment: The 0 Thi s Article is brought to you by the Faculty of Law at - Article 2 Follow this and additional works at: http

Medical Malpractice and Compensation in the UK

In the first part of this paper, Dr Goldberg examines the context in which medical malpractice liability is operating in the UK. The fact that the state-run National Health Service (NHS) is the major ... existing basis of medical liability, with particular emphasis on the problems in establishing negligence and factual causation. Finally, I examine in the context of clinical negligence * Reader in Law