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Medical Law and Morality

. Since you h:'lve chosen as your theme, "The Doctor and Law," We should like, first of all, to discuss with you the source and origin of medical law. SOURCE AND ORIGIN OF MEDICAL LAW I. Without going ... Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.) pamphlet entitled THE MORAL LIMITS OF MEDICAL RESEARCHAND TREATMENT. POSITION OF THE DOCTOR WITH REGARD TO THE LAW AND MORALITY II. The principal point of th s

Employee Medical Reimbursement Plans in the Age of ERISA

THE EMPLOYEE MEDICAL reimbursement plan presents a new dimension in the spectrum of available corporate fringe benefits. Its attractiveness lies in the relative ease by which the plan may be adopted ... , it was good practice for a medical reimbursement plan to be written to avoid the possibility of a successful challenge by the Internal Revenue Service. What was good practice under pre-ERISA law is now

 The Roots and Branches of the Medical-Legal Partnership Approach to Health: From Collegiality to Civil Rights to Health Equity

This Article traces the roots of the medical-legal partnership (MLP) approach to health as a way of promoting the use of law to remedy societal and institutional pathologies that lead to individual ... , National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership; Director, Hirsh Health Law and Policy Program, The George Washington University. Ellen Lawton, J.D. is Lead Research Scientist and Co-Principal Investigator

A Treatise on International Development Law

(and what makes prosecutions and civil law suits affordable) in most professional fields is the existence of professional standards and measures of “health”. Medical malpractice or failures in ... , Legislation Commons, Public Law and Legal The ory Commons, and the Social Welfare Law Commons Follow this and additional works at; http; //via; library; depaul; edu/jsj - A TREATISE ON INTERNATIONAL

Medical issues in flight and updating the emergency medical kit

Medical issues in flight and updating the emergency medical kit Mohamud A Verjee,1 Robert Crone,2 Grigory Ostrovskiy3 1Primary Care Clerkship, Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine, 2Clinical and ... Samaritan” law provided legal protection to all volunteer medical assistance on the ground before 1988. After that, the Aviation Medical Assistant Act, passed by the US Congress, extended further reassurance

Design of Electronic Medical Record User Interfaces: A Matrix-Based Method for Improving Usability

This study examines a new approach of using the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) modeling technique to improve the design of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) user interfaces. The usability of an EMR ... Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center , Pittsburgh, PA , USA 2 Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, The George Washington University , Washington DC , USA This study

Space Weapons and the Law

involving the use of weapons, will nevertheless be methods of warfare. Article III of the Outer Space Treaty makes it clear that international law, including weapons law, applies in outer space. Accordingly ... .............................................................................................. 180 II. Definitions................................................................................................. 182 III. Three Fundamental Principles of Weapons Law

Selecting Candidates for Liver Transplantation: A Medical Ethics Perspective on the Microallocation of a Scarce and Rationed Resource

. Massachusetts Task Force on Organ Transplantation. Report of the Massachusetts Task Force on Organ Transplantation. Law Med Health 1985 ; 13 : 8 - 26 . 27. Gillon R. Philosophical Medical Ethics . New York: John ... Can J Gastroenterol Selecting candidates for liver transplantation: A medical ethics perspective on the microallocation of a scarce and rationed resource Eric M Yoshida FRCPC 0 0 Department of

The Reach of the Law: Sin, Crime and Poor Taste

The past decade has been a period of intensive reevaluation of the law. The criminal law, in particular, has been subjected to an especially intensive criticism. These attacks fall largely into two ... medical evidence against both smoking and obesity is overwhelming. Although both are major public health problems, to forbid such conduct by law would be both ludicrous and horrifying in terms of civil

The Porous Court-Agency Border in Patent Law

Patent Office review into an administrative law context. Section III describes the particular powers being reallocated and discusses the importance of these powers to a well-functioning system for ... Engineering; Fellow, Duke Law Center for Innovation Policy. The author was formerly an expert advisor at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The arguments in this writing are the author's and should

Rule of Law Capacity Building in Iraq

of law (ROL). It focuses on the period from the summer of 200 8 to the summer of 2009 , and the perspective is that of a military lawyer seconded to the US Embassy in Iraq. Although dated, the events ... operations.3 In a typical post-conflict situation a State’s ability to keep the peace by enforcing the law has been compromised. Police, courts and detention capacity may be limited or not exist at all. The

The "Fog of Law": The Law of Armed Conflict in Operation Iraqi Freedom

descriptor for how ambiguity in wartime can thwart the best military plans.1 While the “fog of law”2 is less documented, its effects may be just as profound. The “fog of law” is the ambiguity caused in wartime ... coupled with poor and inadequate planning, its effect can be near catastrophic. This article briefly explores the “fog of law” in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) from before the war until the dissolution of

What a medical school chair wants from the dean

What a medical school chair wants from the dean Robert Hromas,1 Robert Leverence,1 Lazarus K Mramba,2 J Larry Jameson,3 Caryn Lerman,3 Thomas L Schwenk,4 Ellen M Zimmermann,2 Michael L Good51The ... the evolution of the role of the medical school dean from a clinician educator to a health care system executive. In addition, other dynamic requirements also have likely led to changes in their

Conflicts of interest of editors of medical journals

Background Almost all medical journals now require authors to publicly disclose conflicts of interests (COI). The same standard and scrutiny is rarely employed for the editors of the journals ... :// PMID: 18298027 . 4. Steinbrook R , Lo B . Medical journals and conflicts of interest . J Law Med Ethics . 2012 ; 40 ( 3 ): 488 ± 99 . 1748 - 720X

Misbehavioral Law and Economics

Many legal rules—ranging from common-law contract doctrines to modern consumer protection regulations—are designed to protect individuals from their own mistakes. But scholars have neglected a core ... of Law Reform at University of Michgian Law School Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion innUiversity of Michgian Journal of Law Reform by an authorized editor of University of

Nanotechnology and the Future of the Law of Weaponry

changes to the law of weaponry. This article considers the potential of military applications of nanotechnology to bring changes to the existing principles and rules of weapons law. It specifically focuses ... .............................................................................................. 487 III. Weapons Law Paradox ............................................................................ 498 * Senior Lecturer in Law, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. The

Informing Consent: Medical Malpractice and the Criminalization of Pregnancy

. Doing so is a breach of these providers’ duties to obtain informed consent from their patients before administering medical tests. Malpractice liability can deter providers from forcing women into the ... /W3ZW-J33G]. 42 Brittish J. Gen . Prac. 340 ( 1992 ) (explaining the concept of paternalism as it occurs in general medical practice) . 95 . See , e.g., N.Y. Pub . Health Law § 2805 - d ( 1 ), ( 3

When Rights Don't Talk: Abortion Law and the Politics of Compromise

clearly distinguishes between social grounds and medical grounds for abortion and restricts the former to pregnancies that have not exceeded twenty-four weeks. For an overview of current abortion law in the ... LAW, GENDER AND FEMINISM (Daphne Barak Erez et al. eds., 2007). tion Committees to expand married women's legal access to pregnancy termination, previously focused on the medical ground, were diverted

Law as Instrumentality

Our conceptions of law affect how we objectify the law and ultimately how we study it. Despite a century’s worth of theoretical progress in American law—from legal realism to critical legal studies

Reimbursement for injury-induced medical expenses in Chinese social medical insurance schemes: A systematic analysis of legislative documents

rural resident medical insurance. Text analyses were conducted on all identified legislative documents. As a result, one national law and 1,037 local legislative documents were identified. 1,012 of the ... citizens, the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China states that social medical insurance covers only the cost of medical care for injuries having no legally responsible person/party or