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Medical Law and Morality

. Since you h:'lve chosen as your theme, "The Doctor and Law," We should like, first of all, to discuss with you the source and origin of medical law. SOURCE AND ORIGIN OF MEDICAL LAW I. Without going ... Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.) pamphlet entitled THE MORAL LIMITS OF MEDICAL RESEARCHAND TREATMENT. POSITION OF THE DOCTOR WITH REGARD TO THE LAW AND MORALITY II. The principal point of th s

Informing Consent: Medical Malpractice and the Criminalization of Pregnancy

. Doing so is a breach of these providers’ duties to obtain informed consent from their patients before administering medical tests. Malpractice liability can deter providers from forcing women into the ... /W3ZW-J33G]. 42 Brittish J. Gen . Prac. 340 ( 1992 ) (explaining the concept of paternalism as it occurs in general medical practice) . 95 . See , e.g., N.Y. Pub . Health Law § 2805 - d ( 1 ), ( 3

Misbehavioral Law and Economics

Many legal rules—ranging from common-law contract doctrines to modern consumer protection regulations—are designed to protect individuals from their own mistakes. But scholars have neglected a core ... of Law Reform at University of Michgian Law School Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion innUiversity of Michgian Journal of Law Reform by an authorized editor of University of

Reimbursement for injury-induced medical expenses in Chinese social medical insurance schemes: A systematic analysis of legislative documents

rural resident medical insurance. Text analyses were conducted on all identified legislative documents. As a result, one national law and 1,037 local legislative documents were identified. 1,012 of the ... citizens, the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China states that social medical insurance covers only the cost of medical care for injuries having no legally responsible person/party or

Evaluation of medical ethics doctoral program; a utilization-focused approach

process will led to reach the expected outcomes of education. PhD of medical ethics as a scientific discipline launched since 2009 in IRAN and the documented curriculum of this program proposed some ... of Life, General issues in Medical Ethics, Qualitative Research, Advanced Statics and Methodology, Research ethics, Medical Law and Medical Jurisprudence. The elective courses contains issues as

Factors influencing medical students’ choice of emergency medicine as a career specialty—a descriptive study of Saudi medical students

College of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia Background: Choosing a medical specialty is a poorly understood process. Although studies conducted ... around the world have attempted to identify the factors that affect medical students' choice of specialty, data is scarce on the factors that influence the choice of specialty of Saudi Arabian medical

Medical decision-making in paediatrics: Infancy to adolescence | Paediatrics & Child Health | Oxford Academic

, Osborne PH , Shariff M , eds. Canadian Medical Law: An Introduction for Physicians, Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals . Toronto, Ont. Thomson Reuters , 2013 : 34 . 5. Etchells E , Sharpe G ... . Shariff MJ . The mature minor patient and the refusal of treatment . In: Irvine JC , Osborne PH , Shariff M , eds. Canadian Medical Law: An Introduction for Physicians, Nurses and Other Health Care

Regulation in the Shadows of Private Law

DUKE JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE & INTERNATIONAL LAW REGULATION IN THE SHADOWS OF PRIVATE LAW PAMMELA S. QUINN 0 1 0 Copyright © 2018 Pammela S. Quinn 1 Associate Professor of Law, Drexel University ... Thomas R. Kline School of Law. J.D., Duke University School of Law; A.B. Dartmouth College. I am grateful to Tabatha Abu El-Haj , Julian Arato, Bret Asbury, Amy Boss, Doug Cassell, Sarah Dadush, Erika

Bridging the gap between informatics and medicine upon medical school entry: Implementing a course on the Applicative Use of ICT

, "Applicative Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Medicine," upon medical school entry. The Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, introduced a curriculum reform in 2014 that included ... , Gatica-Lara F , GarcÂõaDuraÂn R , et al. Development and implementation of a biomedical informatics course for medical 23. Law JK , Thome PA , Lindeman B , Jackson DC , Lidor AO . Student use and

Visualizing the Bayesian 2-test case: The effect of tree diagrams on medical decision making

In medicine, diagnoses based on medical test results are probabilistic by nature. Unfortunately, cognitive illusions regarding the statistical meaning of test results are well documented among ... based on one binary test result (ªpositiveº vs. ªnegativeº). However, in reality, often more than one medical test is conducted to derive a diagnosis. In two studies, we examined a total of 388 medical

Effects of competitive learning tools on medical students: A case study

Objective Competitive learning techniques are being successfully used in courses of different disciplines. However, there is still a significant gap in analyzing their effects in medical students ... tool on the academic achievement and satisfaction of medical students. The authors collected data from a Human Immunology course in medical students (n = 285) and conducted a nonrandomized (quasi

The Orthanc Ecosystem for Medical Imaging

This paper reviews the components of Orthanc, a free and open-source, highly versatile ecosystem for medical imaging. At the core of the Orthanc ecosystem, the Orthanc server is a lightweight vendor ... developers and research engineers can easily develop external software or Web portals dealing with medical images, with minimal knowledge of the DICOM standard, thanks to the advanced programming interface of

Hello World Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

There is recent popularity in applying machine learning to medical imaging, notably deep learning, which has achieved state-of-the-art performance in image analysis and processing. The rapid adoption ... Radiology, Sidney Kimmel Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital , Philadelphia, PA 19107 , USA 3 Paras Lakhani 4 Department of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College , New York, NY

Antenatal non-medical risk assessment and care pathways to improve pregnancy outcomes: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Social deprivation negatively affects health outcomes but receives little attention in obstetric risk selection. We investigated whether a combination of (1) risk assessment focused on non-medical ... , Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre , PO Box 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam , The Netherlands 4 Division of Neonatology, Department of Paediatrics, Erasmus MC - Sophia Children's Hospital , PO Box 2040, 3000 CA

Insurance Law

Appeals recently evaluated and affirmed this law in the context of a medical payments claim in Auzenne v. Great Lakes Reinsurance, PLC.238 Great Lakes Reinsurance, PLC (Great Lakes) insured Snowflake Donuts ... J. Price Collins, et al., Insurance Law Insurance Law J. Price Collins Wilson Elser Blake H. Crawford Wilson Elser John C. Scot Wilson Elser Follow this and additional works at: http

Partnership Law

Partnership Law Haynes Boone Haynes Boone Haynes Boone Haynes Boone Haynes Boone Follow this and additional works at: Part of the State and Local Government Law ... Commons Recommended Citation Jeff Dorrill, et al., Partnership Law, 3 SMU Ann. Tex. Surv. 321 (2017) - Jeff Dorrill* Matthew Schindel** Troy Christensen

Self-reported cheating among medical students: An alarming finding in a cross-sectional study from Saudi Arabia

Academic misconduct/dishonesty has become widespread behavior among many university students across the globe, and medical education is not an exception. Until recently, few efforts have been made to ... , Jazan University , Jazan , Saudi Arabia , 3 Department of Family & Community Medicine, College of Medicine, King Saud University , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia 1 Department of Medical Education, College of

The research of query expansion based on medical terms reweighting in medical information retrieval

In recent years, information retrieval technology is widely used in the medical industry. How to effectively retrieve electronic medical record has become a hot issue in the field of information ... Development and Application of Shandong Province , Yantai , China 3 Ludong University , Yantai , China 4 Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University , Yantai , China In recent years, information

Medical Savings Accounts - Overlooked Opportunity?

been accepted for inclusion in Agricultural Law Digest by an authorized editor of Iowa State University Digital Repository. For more information , please contact , USA 1 Part of the Agricultural and ... Resource Economics Commons, Agricultural Economics Commons, Agriculture Law Commons, and the Public Economics Commons 2 Iowa State University , USA Follow this and additional works at; http; //lib; dr

The Future of Nuclear Security: A Medical Physicist’s Perspective

medical sector, which faces many of the same challenges as the nuclear industry: controlling access to dangerous material, creating a strong security culture, cooperating with the wider world and engaging ... Studies Commons, Engineering Education Commons, International Relations Commons, National Security Law Commons, Nuclear Commons, Nuclear Engineering Commons, Other Medical Sciences Commons, and the Training