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Core principles of evolutionary medicine: A Delphi study | Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health | Oxford Academic

identified 32 more individuals based on their active participation in the EvMed community through publications and participation in the International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health ... (MCAT) was recently changed to include evolution. However, despite these changes and continued advances in evolutionary applications to health and medicine [ 8 ], evolutionary biology remains absent

Affordability of essential medicine prices in Malaysia’s private health sector

Affordability of essential medicine prices in Malaysia's private health sector Nur Sufiza Ahmad,1 Farida Islahudin2 1Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Petaling Jaya ... was treated confidentially. This study was reviewed and approved by the Medical Research and Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (ID No: NMRR-12-1415-12698). selection of medicine The

Equal rights for general internists?

Health Sciences , Washington, DC , USA 2 Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Washington, DC , USA - KEY WORDS: hospitalists; internal medicine; academic performance. Dear Editor, We are responding to the ... medicine is a relatively new area within general internal medicine. Due to the relative infancy of the field, there are few senior members to provide mentorship, potentially inhibiting academic promotion and

The views of the general public on prioritising vaccination programmes against childhood diseases: A qualitative study

). Conclusion Evidence from this qualitative study suggests that some members of the UK general public have more nuanced views than the health-maximisation approach when considering how childhood vaccines should ... preferences into their decision making. Unanswered questions and future research Our findings suggest that some members of the UK general public have more nuanced views than those allowed by the health

Health Matrix

accepted for inclusion in Health Matrix: The J ournal of Law-Medicine by an authorized administrator of Case Western Reserve University School of Law Scholarly Commons Follow this and additional works at ... : Part of the Health Law and Policy Commons Recommended Citation - 2018 Volume 28 2018 Health Matrix is grateful to the Law-Medicine Center at Case

The effectiveness of public health advertisements to promote health: a randomized-controlled trial on 794,000 participants

As public health advertisements move online, it becomes possible to run inexpensive randomized-controlled trials (RCTs) thereof. Here we report the results of an online RCT to improve food choices ... ways to measure and improve the effectiveness of online public health interventions. Finally, we show that corporations that use these sophisticated tools to promote unhealthy products can potentially be

The new landscape of medication adherence improvement: where population health science meets precision medicine

The new landscape of medication adherence improvement: where population health science meets precision medicine Leah L Zullig,1,2 Dan V Blalock,1,3 Samantha Dougherty,4 Rochelle Henderson,5 Carolyn C ... medications, nonadherence remains a significant, yet entirely preventable public health burden. Over decades, there have been numerous research studies evaluating health interventions and policy efforts aimed

The 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Reconciling Goals of Patents and Public Health Initiatives

law and discusses the initiatives that public health organizations are undertaking in order to ensure the health of the general public during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic. Part I.B.2 explains the ... inventor with financial rewards by guaranteeing an exclusive patent,235 and the public health goal of making the vaccine widely accessible to the general population.236 Specifically, segments of the

 The Roots and Branches of the Medical-Legal Partnership Approach to Health: From Collegiality to Civil Rights to Health Equity

and population illness and to health inequalities. Given current forces at work - the medical care and public health systems ... health systems' focus on social determinants of health, the increased use of value-based medical care payment reforms, and the emerging movement to train the next generation of health care and public

Investigating the genetic architecture of general and specific psychopathology in adolescence

psychotic experiences, negative dimension, depression and anxiety, but, when modelling a general psychopathology factor based on these measures, specific effects above this persisted only for the negative ... negative dimension. Similar factor relationships were observed for the neuroticism PRS, with a (weak) specific effect only for anxiety once modelling general psychopathology. Psychopathology during

Hepatitis B and the Infected Health Care Worker: Public Safety at What Cost?

Public safety and the right of the health care worker to practise without prejudice based on underlying illness may be at odds for those affected by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Nevertheless, HBV ... & Hepatology, McGill University Health Centre Quebec H3A 1A1. Telephone 514-843-1616, fax 514-843-1421, e-mail m Bhat, p Ghali, m deschenes, p w ong. Hepatitis B and the infected health care worker: public

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

, however, are of little value unless Linda programs execute efficiently. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Linda programs are efficient making Linda an effective general purpose tool for ... interaction of processes). In Linda, coordination takes place through six oper­ ations that manipulate an associative, virtual shared memory. This coordination mechanism is both simple and general making it

Long-term health complications following snake envenoming

, University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka Background: Snakebite is an important public health problem in tropical regions of the world. Although devastating effects of envenoming such as kidney failure, tissue ... screening for such snakebite-related long-term health sequelae be established at least in regions where snakebite is a public health problem, and snakebite victims should be followed up by multidisciplinary

Pet genomics medicine runs wild

dogs and cats to benefit human health might be lost. Ultimately, people will become more distrustful of science and medicine. Global spending on pets has grown by 14% over the past 5 years (see ‘Animal ... beginning to offer tests for cats. But the science is lagging. Most of these tests are based on small, underpowered studies. Neither their accuracy nor their ability to predict health outcomes has been

General Medicine and Hospital Medicine: The Janus of Internal Medicine

Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA 1 Division of General Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA - I to important trends in the evolution of academic general n ... this issue of JGIM, Miller and colleagues draw attention internal medicine.1 By examining the membership of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), they provide a snapshot not only of the

Difference of Sagittal Alignment between Adolescents with Symptomatic Lumbar Isthmic Spondylolisthesis and the General Population

This case-control study aimed to investigate differences in the sagittal spinal parameters between the symptomatic spondylolisthesis patients and the general population. Twenty-nine adolescent ... . Sagittal spine alignment was associated with Health-related quality of life (HRQoL)10, especially in elderly individuals11,12. Based on 492 consecutive Caucasian patients, aged on average 51.9 ± 16.8 years

Theme: General Pediatrics

before the health examination, was also collected. Environmental PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2 and CO, plasma norepinephrine and heart rate of the e-waste recycling area were significantly higher than for the non ... -e-waste recycling area. PM2.5, PM10, SO2 and NO2 data, over the 30-day and the 4-month average of pollution before the health examination, showed a positive association with plasma norepinephrine

Dietary fatty acids and human health

epidemic of obesity in most highly developed countries has led to an understandable public health emphasis on low fat, low energy diets and has provided a major stimulus for development of low fat products ... concentrated on potentially adverse effects of saturated and trans unsaturated fatty acids on circulating cholesterol concentrations and these remain important aspects of public health nutrition which will be

Scratching the Surface of Psychiatric Services Distribution and Public Health: an Indiana Assessment

Mental illness is a leading cause of disability with many public health implications. Previous studies have demonstrated a national shortage of psychiatrists, particularly in rural areas. An analysis ... infant mortality rate would be key indicators of more general public/behavioral health in Indiana. This analysis also leads to further evaluation of social factors as indicators of public and behavioral

Considering transgender and gender nonconforming people in health communication campaigns

immunodeficiency virus (HIV) burden, poorer mental health outcomes, and barriers to health care. Public health professionals in the United States have called for TGNC health inequities to be addressed and health ... culturally competent health materials. Finally, we make a case for considering gender diversity in general, and TGNC people in particular, in health messaging. Health inequities and professional calls to