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Improving public health amidst crises: Introduction

since the last third of the nineteenth century, that turned medicine and public health into a political issue 2. The epidemiological transition, the diminishing size of the families and the increasing ... improving education and income in order to enhance nutritional standards or the introduction of general principles to rationalize healthcare and public health national schemes, such as those issued between

Impact of leishmaniasis on public health

the most important reservoir hosts and sources of infection to the vectors Lutzomyia longipalpis. Leishmaniasis is difficult to control, causing epidemic outbreaks, thus being an important public health ... , thus being an important public health problem. Due to lesions caused by the mucocutaneous type and the severity of those caused by the visceral type in humans, visceral leishmaniasis is one of the main

Canine trypanosomiasis: etiology of infection and implications for public health

etiological, epidemiological and public health aspects of canine trypanosomiasis, and the most important peculiarities of this zoonosis in dogs. ... this zoonosis, and consequently for public health. Similar to what occurs in humans, this species can develop chronic pathological alterations, including congestive cardiac insufficiency, but due to the

Public health aspects of snakebite care in West Africa: perspectives from Nigeria

, Kano, Nigeria ABSTRACT Snakebite envenoming is a major public health problem among rural communities of the Nigerian savanna. The saw-scaled or carpet viper (Echis ocellatus) and, to a lesser ... -and-spoke; Nigeria; Snakebite Introduction Snakebite envenoming comprises a major public health problem among communities of the savanna region of West Africa, notably in Benin, Burkina-Faso

Scorpion sting: a public health problem in El Kelaa des Sraghna (Morocco)

significantly affected by these accidents (Table 3).   CONCLUSIONS Scorpion stings are very frequent in the province of El Kelaa des Sraghna, constituting a true public health problem with a lethality rate ... the Ministry of Health, were retained for the study. 2 - Criteria of exclusion: All scorpion-stung patients, who reported to a medical structure other than that of the Ministry for Health (private

Ballast water: a review of the impact on the world public health

, just a few studies about the subject have been performed. An exploratory study by the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária - ANVISA) found in ballast ... the country. Treatment of the human infections caused by BW exists but none is completely safe and efficient. Key Words: public health, ballast water, Vibrio cholerae.     INTRODUCTION Ships

Current challenges for confronting the public health problem of snakebite envenoming in Central America

Microbiologia , Universidad de Costa Rica , San Jose , Costa Rica ABSTRACT Snakebite envenoming is a serious public health problem in Central America, where approximately 5,500 cases occur every year ... health Review Introduction Snakebite envenoming constitutes a serious public health problem in Central America [1-5]. It has been estimated that around 5,500 snakebite cases reach health

Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA): molecular background, virulence, and relevance for public health

(SCCmec) type IV. CA-MRSA emergence has caused great impact on the worldwide medical community since the presence of this pathogen in patients without risk factors represents a high risk to public health. ... clinical practice and for public health. Educational resources that are available on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inform people how to prevent and control MRSA skin and soft tissue

General characterization of venom from the Moroccan snakes Macrovipera mauritanica and Cerastes cerastes

Ophidian envenomation accidents constitute a serious public health problem in many countries around the globe. Over 5 million such accident cases occur each year causing more than 100,000 deaths. In ... common cause of injury and death in several regions of the world where they are considered an important public health problem. Their epidemiology is known only in a fragmentary way such that the number of

Environmental Veterinary Medicine: General Aspects

efficiently, the emotional and psychological improvement of others through the enjoyment of companion animals, and improvement of the public health by control of diseases of man which may result from contact

Representações sociais do suicídio pela comunidade de dormentes - PE

relation to public health. ... survey was done on the cases of suicide in Dormentes for the period 2006-2008, together with the civil police, the notary's office and the Secretary of Health. The results showed the occurrence of 13 cases

Serological profile of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in apparently healthy dogs of the city of Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil

spreading. A total of 780 blood samples from dogs were collected, during the yearly anti-rabies campaign, carried out by the Department of Veterinary Hygiene and Public Health, School of Veterinary Medicine

The impact of multimedia on teaching tropical medicine

fourth-year medical students at Botucatu School of Medicine of UNESP, using printed matter, video, and CD-ROM. The students were submitted to a specific test, which was repeated approximately one week ... Department of Tropical Diseases and Imaging Diagnosis at Botucatu School of Medicine of UNESP is offered annually to fourth-year medical students. It consists of lectures, seminars, directed study, and

Medicine and Public Health: Crossing Legal Boundaries

fields of medicine and public health is blurring, with important and perhaps ominous implications for the legal rights and duties of individuals, especially patients and physicians. This article concludes

Impact of short basic emergency medicine training in introducing emergency medicine as a specialty in Sub-Saharan Africa: experience from Tanzania

BackgroundEmergency medicine (EM) is a new specialty in Tanzania. Little is known about how to introduce EM to health care providers (HCPs) in hospitals without EM. We determined the impact of a 2 ... Scholar 4. Dubal Y, Sangei I, Yusuf S. Personal communication; 2015.Google Scholar 5. Anderson P. The globalization of emergency medicine and its importance for public health. Bull World Health Organ

Representações sociais da depressão e do suicídio elaboradas por estudantes de psicologia

The following study deals with depression and suicide, two serious public health problems, under a psychosocial approach. Its aim is the assimilation of the social representations concerning these ... -three students of both sexes, registered in all periods of the Psychology course of a public university participated in the research. The tools used were Beck’s depression inventory (BDI), Beck’s suicidal

Community and Public Health Nutrition

Contreras, Alejandra Jauregui, Jorge Vargas, Juan Rivera, Anabel Velasco, Lizbeth Tolentino, and Simon Barquera National Institute of Public Health of Mexico Objective: The aim of this study was to compare ... interpreting data in vitD supplementation studies and may, in fact, affect future public health policy concerning the current uniformity in recommended vitD dosage among children. TABLE OR19-02-1 View

Arthropod venom Hyaluronidases: biochemical properties and potential applications in medicine and biotechnology

phalangeal periarthritis, a serious public health problem among the Brazilian tappers (rubber plantation workers). It is a disease associated with joint immobilization, loss of the cartilage and bone structure


This paper is part of a research project which tries to determine the socio cultural impact of public policies and the modernization process in the health care of the aimara ethnic group in Chile ... health and how it impacts their cosmic vision. Our hypothesis is that the aimara women do not appropriate these public policies on reproductive health as proper because they do not respond to their

Utilization of obstetric analgesia in labor pain management and associated factors among obstetric caregivers in public health facilities of Kembata Tembaro Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Utilization of obstetric analgesia in labor pain management and associated factors among obstetric caregivers in public health facilities of Kembata Tembaro Zone, Southern Ethiopia Teketel Ermias ... –334. 9. Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia. Standard Treatment Guidelines For General Hospital: Good Prescribing & Dispensing Practices for Better Health