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Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... , Rowlands G . Social deprivation and statin prescribing: a cross-sectional analysis using data from the new UK general practitioner `Quality and Outcomes Framework' . J Public Health 2007 ; 29 ( 1 ): 40 ± 47

Individualised patient profile: clinical utility of Flammer syndrome phenotype and general lessons for predictive, preventive and personalised medicine

This case report introduces a female patient, who since her teenager age evidently suffers from Flammer syndrome (FS) as the clearly defined sub-optimal health condition. Further, the patient has ... strongly reduced and she even starts slightly stuttering. During adulthood, her patient records remained quite thin by the treating general practitioner, who considers her health condition Bunremarkable

General Medicine and Hospital Medicine: The Janus of Internal Medicine

Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA 1 Division of General Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA - I to important trends in the evolution of academic general n ... this issue of JGIM, Miller and colleagues draw attention internal medicine.1 By examining the membership of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), they provide a snapshot not only of the

Attitudes towards bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Results from a cross-sectional general population survey

higher average survival rates of 7.9% in England and 9% across Europe. The purpose of this paper is to explore the barriers, facilitators and public attitudes to administering bystander cardiopulmonary ... caution (due to variation in the way data is presented) there is a clear public health policy agenda to improve survival after OHCA in Scotland. The experience of other national OHCA survival programmes

Opinions of general practitioners about psychotherapy and their relationships with mental health professionals in the management of major depression: A qualitative survey

explore general practitioners' (GP) opinions about psychotherapy, their relationships with mental health professionals, their perceptions of their role and that of psychiatrists in treating depression, and ... and on their strong differentiation of their management practices from those of psychiatrists, Ministère charge de la sante (Directorate General of Health, Ministry of Health). Competing interests

Attitudes to mental illness among mental health professionals in Singapore and comparisons with the general population

Background Similar to the general public, mental health professionals sometimes also have negative attitudes towards individuals with mental illness; which could ultimately affect the quality of care ... mental illness among mental health professionals in Singapore. Although the professionals had significantly more positive attitudes to mental illness than the general public in Singapore, their attitudes

One Health and Antibiotic Resistance in Agroecosystems

Agriculture reflects One Health principals, with the job of the farmer being to sustainably balance human, animal, and soil health. It is imperative to include an agricultural perspective when ... acknowledging that public health, animal health, and agroecosystem professionals use similar terms, but define them differently. Language shapes our thoughts, influences how we understand cause and effect, and

Oncologic emergencies in a cancer center emergency department and in general emergency departments countywide and nationwide

or general hospital; (2) compared characteristics and diagnoses between CPs and NCPs who were hospitalized via the ED in a cancer center or general hospital; and (3) investigated important factors ... Republic of China ¤c Current address: Department of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center , Houston , Texas, United States of America ¤d Current address: Department of Colorectal Surgery

Effect of health literacy on the quality of life of older patients with long-term conditions: a large cohort study in UK general practice

Purpose The levels of health literacy in patients with long-term conditions (LTCs) are critical for better disease management and quality of life (QoL). However, the impact of health literacy on QoL ... . , NielsenBohlman , L. T., & Rudd , R. R. ( 2005 ). The prevalence of limited health literacy . Journal of General Internal Medicine , 20 ( 2 ), 175 - 184 . 16. Edwards , M. , Wood , F. , Davies , M. , & Edwards , A

Proportionality in Public Health Regulation: The Case of Dietary Supplements

The idea that the degree of infringement public health interventions have on individual rights should be proportional to the degree of expected benefits has emerged as an influential principle in ... principle, and that one must still carefully consider whether a proposed public health intervention is a justified infringement on rights. The principle has usefulness as general guideline, but not as a hard

10 best resources on power in health policy and systems in low- and middle-income countries | Health Policy and Planning | Oxford Academic

: framing the questions . PLoS Medicine 8 : e1001073 . Sheikh K , Porter JD . 2011 . Disempowered doctors? A relational view of public health policy implementation in urban India . Health Policy and Planning ... 5 Subramania Raju Rajasulochana 4 Kerry Scott 3 0 Averting Maternal Death and Disability, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University , 722 West 168th St. New York, NY 10032 , USA 1 College

Historia De La Universidad Pública Latinoamericana: Una Visión General

This text describes on a synthetic way the history that characterizes the development of public Latin America´s universities. Through an intense literature review three core aspects are identified ... growth of private institutions and the politicization within the processes, considered as an essential part of the public universities in the continent. The analysis states that even if they are not

Rio’s Mountainous Region (“Região Serrana”) 2011 Landslides: Impact on Public Mental Health System

disaster registered in Brazilian recent history. Few studies addressed the impacts of this disaster on public health, and we found none addressing the impact on mental health. This study reviewed the ... after the disaster, exporting data from the Brazilian open access public health database. The primary outcome was defined as Mental Health Care Demand, and for that we calculated the number of mental

Reasons for encounter and health problems managed by general practitioners in the rural areas of Beijing, China: A cross-sectional study

Objective The purpose of this study was to describe the patients’ reasons for encounter (RFE) and health problems managed by general practitioners (GPs) in the rural areas of Beijing to provide ... . State Council . Guiding Opinions of the State Council on the Establishment of General Practice Medicine [in Chinese] . 2011 . 4. National Health and

Strategic purchasing and health system efficiency: A comparison of two financing schemes in Thailand

Strategic purchasing is an essential health financing function. This paper compares the strategic purchasing practices of Thailand’s two tax-financed health insurance schemes, the Universal Coverage ... interests exist. Abbreviations: CGD, Comptroller General Department, Ministry of Finance; CSMBS, Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme; DFID, UK Department for International Development; DHS, District health

Meno’s paradox and medicine

will help doctors identify and articulate these difficulties when they arise in other areas of medicine. In Chang’s discussion of temperature, the problem of nomic measurement manifests when researchers ... Meno’s challenge to medicine, especially if the group of patients that have a disease are taken to be the thing that researchers want to investigate. Meno’s challenge will raise its head whenever doctors

Anterior cruciate ligament injury: Identifying information sources and risk factor awareness among the general population

Introduction Raising awareness on a disorder is important for its prevention and for promoting public health. However, for sports injuries like the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury no studies ... ]. We evaluated the validity of this questionnaire and scored points in the colloquium, which consisted of sports medicine physicians, physical therapists and public health personnel. If the sum of the

Islam, mental health and law: a general overview

mental health services and corresponding legislation found in the different countries of the Islamic world. ... the end of religious fanaticism came from ecclesiastical circles. Conclusions In our study, we tried to give a general overview of the interconnection between Islamic faith, mental health, and law

Towards precision medicine; a new biomedical cosmology

Precision Medicine has become a common label for data-intensive and patient-driven biomedical research. Its intended future is reflected in endeavours such as the Precision Medicine Initiative in the ... suspicious concerning the technological backdrop of these numbers. In summary, precision medicine is the general idea that the more health data we gather, the more we can quantify, the more we can control. In

Alcohol use disorder and associated factors among human immunodeficiency virus infected patients attending antiretroviral therapy clinic at Bishoftu General Hospital, Oromiya region, Ethiopia

degree of health problems, social and economic burden in societies. However, the prevalence and associated factors of alcohol use disorder among this group of people has not been studied very well ... Institutional Research Review Board of University of Gondar at 1 Bishoftu General Hospital , Bishoftu, Oromia region, Ethiopia , 2 Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, College of Medicine and Health