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Local adaptation in European populations affected the genetics of psychiatric disorders and behavioral traits

) on populations Consortium Psychiatric Genomics Consortium Genetics of Personality Consortium Social Science Genetic Association Consortium Trait Autism spectrum disorder Abbreviation ASD Bipolar ... ) from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium [ 15–17 ], the Genetics of Personality Consortium [ 18–20 ], and the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium [ 21 ] in a sample of 2455 individuals

Population genomics of Fusarium graminearum reveals signatures of divergent evolution within a major cereal pathogen

al. ( 2011 ) Population genomics and local adaptation in wild isolates of a model microbial eukaryote . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 : 2831 ± 2836 . 45. Branco S , Bi K , Liao HL ... through comparative population genomics . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 : 18634 ± 18639 . 48. Cordero OX , Polz MF ( 2014 ) Explaining microbial genomic diversity in light of

Short-term microbial effects of a large-scale mine-tailing storage facility collapse on the local natural environment

We investigated the impacts of the Mount Polley tailings impoundment failure on chemical, physical, and microbial properties of substrates within the affected watershed, comprised of 70 hectares of ... network in October of 2014, two months following the disturbance, and evaluated riparian and wetland substrates for microbial community composition and function via 16S and full metagenome sequencing. A

Sensitivity to sequencing depth in single-cell cancer genomics

distinct genetic lineages (i.e., clones) through time [ 1 ]. While quantifying this intratumor heterogeneity (ITH) remains a difficult task, as standard methods in cancer genomics generally rely on ... (Additional file 1: Figure S3). Discussion In this study we aimed to characterize the impact of sequencing depth in single-cell cancer genomics studies. Undeniably, here we have used five datasets with

The functional genomics laboratory: functional validation of genetic variants

Currently, one of the main challenges in human molecular genetics is the interpretation of rare genetic variants of unknown clinical significance. A conclusive diagnosis is of importance for the ... described in more detail in a paper on the recommendations by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics and the Association for Molecular Pathology about the standards and guidelines for

Halotolerant microbial consortia able to degrade highly recalcitrant plant biomass substrate

The microbial degradation of plant-derived compounds under salinity stress remains largely underexplored. The pretreatment of lignocellulose material, which is often needed to improve the production ... functional metagenomics-based screening for (hemi)cellulases in two wheat straw-degrading microbial consortia unveils novel thermoalkaliphilic enzymes . BMC Genomics 17 ( 1 ): 86 .

Assessment of Genetics Understanding

to employ an experimental research design to quantify the degree to which situational features impact inferences about participants’ understanding of Mendelian genetics. Two participant samples from ... to some extent (Todd and Romine 2016, p. 1678). With improved understanding of genomics and molecular genetics, the limitations of traditional inheritance-centered approaches to genetics education

Comparative genomics identifies distinct lineages of S. Enteritidis from Queensland, Australia

genomics to determine how these clades fit within the global S. Enteritidis population. Methods Sequencing of bacterial strains Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis strains included in this study were ... ):E236± 64 . Epub 2015/08/04. PMID: 26234259 . 7. Allard MW , Luo Y , Strain E , Pettengill J , Timme R , Wang C , et al. On the Evolutionary History, Population Genetics and Diversity among Isolates of

Human genetics in troubled times and places

The development of human genetics world-wide during the twentieth century, especially across Europe, has occurred against a background of repeated catastrophes, including two world wars and the ... genetics and genomics, both in research and in its applications. There are many political and other groups eager to misrepresent and distort sensitive advances, and it will require both vigilance from people

Genomics of Clostridium taeniosporum, an organism which forms endospores with ribbon-like appendages

molecules of each of the principal component proteins. This organism is interesting for many reasons. First, study of the appendage function might contribute to microbial ecology. Perhaps the appendages ... . 13. Krzywinski M , Schein J , Birol I , Connors J , Gascoyne R , Horsman D , et al. Circos, an information aesthetic for comparative genomics . Genome Res . 2009 ; 19 : 1639 ± 1645 .

Urban Evolutionary Ecology and the Potential Benefits of Implementing Genomics

within urban ecology. Though many challenges exist with implementing genomics into urban ecology, such studies provide an exceptional opportunity to advance our understanding of eco-evolutionary processes ... studies not directly related to the genetics or genomics of terrestrial or amphibious species were excluded, as well as those in which populations were not explicitly sampled within the limits of a

Genetics and immunity in the era of single-cell genomics

Recent developments in the field of single-cell genomics (SCG) are changing our understanding of how functional phenotypes of cell populations emerge from the behaviour of individual cells. Some of ... methodological developments in the field of single-cell genomics (SCG) have unveiled new biological insights that were previously masked due to measurement approaches that used bulk samples of cells ( 1,2 ). By

Genomics and prevalence of bacterial and archaeal isolates from biogas-producing microbiomes

To elucidate biogas microbial communities and processes, the application of high-throughput DNA analysis approaches is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, generated data can only partialy ... Potsdam , Germany 8 German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), partner site Hannover-Braunscheig , Inhoffenstraße 7, 38124 Brunswick , Germany 9 Institute of Molecular Genetics, Russian Academy of Science

Synaptic dysfunction in complex psychiatric disorders: from genetics to mechanisms

. Here, we focus on recent genetic and mechanistic studies that provide novel insights into synaptic dysfunction in complex psychiatric disorders. Genetics of synaptic dysfunction in psychiatric disorders ... Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. Biological insights from 108 schizophrenia-associated genetic loci . Nature . 2014 ; 511 : 421 - 7 . 2. Sekar A , Bialas AR , de Rivera H , Davis A , Hammond TR , Kamitaki N

MYO9A deficiency in motor neurons is associated with reduced neuromuscular agrin secretion | Human Molecular Genetics | Oxford Academic

Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS4) region at chromosome 15q22-q23 . Genomics, 59 , 150 - 160 . 24. Boda , E. , Pini , A. , Hoxha , E. , Parolisi , R. and Tempia , F. ( 2009 ) Selection of reference genes for

Post genomics era for orchid research

, Dendrobium officinale, and Apostaceae shengen. Here, we review the current progress and the direction of orchid research in the post genomics era. These include the orchid genome evolution, genome mapping ... (especially receptor‑ like kinase and terpene synthase), secondary metabolomics, and genome editing. Comparative genomics; Genome editing; Genome evolution; GWAS; Orchidaceae; Phalaenopsis; Post genomics era

Neuroimaging genomics in psychiatry—a translational approach

Neuroimaging genomics is a relatively new field focused on integrating genomic and imaging data in order to investigate the mechanisms underlying brain phenotypes and neuropsychiatric disorders ... predetermined protocols and criteria for study inclusion [ 37 ]. There is often a need to account for multiple testing in imaging genomics beyond that which is done in genetics alone. This is an important

Genetics and genomics of dilated cardiomyopathy and systolic heart failure

American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics report that provides comprehensive guidelines on variant interpretation [24]. Genetic variants affecting systolic heart failure In this section, we review ... al. Standards and guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants: a joint consensus recommendation of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics and the Association for Molecular

Haiku: New paradigm for the reverse genetics of emerging RNA viruses

Reverse genetics is key technology for producing wild-type and genetically modified viruses. The ISA (Infectious Subgenomic Amplicons) method is a recent versatile and user-friendly reverse genetics

Correction to: Transethnic insight into the genetics of glycaemic traits: fine-mapping results from the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) consortium

, Minneapolis, MN , USA 3 Division of Public Health Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , 1100 Fairview Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109-1024 , USA 4 Stephanie A. Bien 5 Human Genetics Center, University of ... Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Department of Genetics, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA Department of Statistics, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA