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Methods for detecting Gemmata spp. bacteremia in the microbiology laboratory

(rRNA) routinely used in microbiology laboratory [ 11 ]. This so-called “universal” bacterial gene does have sequence variations among several bacteria genera, and the “universal” primers thought to ... microbiology to detect Gemmata spp. bacteremia and further assess its epidemiology. Main text Mock‑infected blood samples preparation G. obscuriglobus (DSM 5831T) and G. massiliana (DSM 26013T) purchased from

Editorship for Medical Microbiology and Immunology: the baton has been passed on

, Germany Medical Microbiology and Immunology covers all aspects of the interrelationship between infectious agents and their hosts [1]. Among the major topics covered are microbial and viral pathogenesis ... and the immunological host response to infections. The journal also publishes information from other fields of microbiology, including mycology and parasitology. (

Incidence, microbiology, and outcomes of endophthalmitis after 111,876 pars plana vitrectomies at a single, tertiary eye care hospital

, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School , UNITED STATES 1 Shri Bhagwan Mahavir Vitreoretinal Services , Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, Tamil Nadu , India , 2 L & T Microbiology Research Centre ... ; the charts of all patients who developed endophthalmitis were reviewed. For cross-validation of our data, the endophthalmitis surveillance log of the Department of Microbiology was reviewed. Acute

Dylan under the microscope: microbiology in Subterranean Homesick Blues

know whether this is bacterial or viral, and, therefore, cannot recommend any specific medicine. Whatever it will be, he wants his bad cough to get paid off. For any microbiology student, it is important ... to microbiology and infectious diseases comes in the last two lines of the song: The pump don’t work ’Cause the vandals took the handles. This is a clear link to the police officers (who also may have

Internal quality assurance in diagnostic microbiology: A simple approach for insightful data

Given the importance of microbiology results on patient care, high quality standards are expected. Internal quality assurance (IQA) could mitigate the limitations of internal quality control ... longitudinal insight, including pre- and post-analytical steps. Here, we implemented an IQA program in our clinical microbiology facilities with blind resubmission of routine samples during 22 months. One

Microbiology neutralization of zearalenone using Lactococcus lactis and Bifidobacterium sp.

zearalenone treatment was performed using fluorescence microscopy. Graphical abstract Microbiology neutralization of zearalenone using Lactococcus lactis and Bifidobacterium sp. was confirmed by identification ... using LAB in the control of mold growth and neutralization of ZEA [ 25–27 ]. Due to this fact, development of new microbiology mycotoxins neutralization method is desirable. In this paper, a novel

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Experimental Approaches to Molecular Microbiology and Cell Biology

Delhi The National Academy of Sciences, India , Allahabad 1 Organized by School of Life Sciences Manipal University , Manipal 20 A Refresher Course on 'Experimental approaches to Molecular Microbiology ... . The objective of this Course is intended to impart teaching methodologies and to familiarize with advanced topics in microbiology and cell biology. A variety of teaching methods such as lectures

Bacterial genome sequencing in clinical microbiology: a pathogen-oriented review

In recent years, whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has been perceived as a technology with the potential to revolutionise clinical microbiology. Herein, we reviewed the literature on the use of WGS for ... literature on the use of WGS for the most commonly encountered pathogens in clinical microbiology laboratories: E s c h e r i c h i a c o l i a n d o t h e r E n t e r o b a c t e r i a c e a e

Expanding the ‘Digital Protologue’ Database (DPD) to ‘Current Microbiology’: An Offer to Scientists and Science

indicated by Rosello´-Mora et al. [ 3 ] other journals are encouraged to follow the examples of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Systematic and Applied Microbiology and, recently, Archives of Microbiology [ 4 ... ]. Current Microbiology, another journal that effectively publishes a significant number of novel prokaryotic species, now follows their example. Another main advantage lies in the opportunity for authors and

Expanding the ‘Digital Protologue’ database (DPD) to ‘Archives of Microbiology’: an offer to scientists and science

?-Mora et? al. (2017), other journals are encouraged to follow the examples of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Systematic and Applied Microbiology. Archives of Microbiology, another journal that effectively

BMC Microbiology reviewer acknowledgement 2015

Contributing reviewers The editors of BMC Microbiology would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 15 (2015).

Jilun Li and his profound impact on theoretical and applied agricultural microbiology

microbiology. He sets up examples for students with both precept and practice. Prof. Li’s habit of working on experiments together with his students is his most prominent characteristic (Fig. 2B), and he has

The need for maximal sterile barrier precaution in routine interventional coronary procedures; microbiology analysis

analyzed at our certified hospital microbiology laboratory. Results In none of the cultures was a clinically significant bacterial growth isolated. No signs of infection were reported later by any of the

Evaluation of oral microbiology lab curriculum reform

Background According to the updated concept of oral microbiology, the School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, has carried out oral microbiology teaching reforms during the last 5 years. There was no ... years. There was no lab curriculum before 2009 except for a theory course of oral microbiology. The school has implemented an innovative curriculum with oral medicine characteristics to strengthen

Microbiology Meets Archaeology: Soil Microbial Communities Reveal Different Human Activities at Archaic Monte Iato (Sixth Century BC)

Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic , v.v.i., Vídeňská 1083, 142 20 Prague 4 , Czech Republic 2 Institute of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck , Technikerstrasse 25, 6020 Innsbruck ... and sediments that had been anthropogenically influenced [3, 4]. The use of microbiology as a tool within nonbiological fields provides valuable data to complement and to upgrade knowledge about past

Agreement between gastrointestinal panel testing and standard microbiology methods for detecting pathogens in suspected infectious gastroenteritis: Test evaluation and meta-analysis in the absence of a reference standard

gastroenteritis presenting in hospital or the community. We undertook a systematic review to compare the accuracy of GPP tests with standard microbiology techniques. Review methods Searches in Medline, Embase, Web ... with standard microbiology techniques. - Data Availability Statement: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Funding: This review was commissioned by the NIHR HTA

Personal life and working conditions of trainees and young specialists in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases in Europe: a questionnaire survey

The purpose of this investigation was to assess the balance between the personal and professional lives of trainees and young European specialists in clinical microbiology (CM) and infectious ... BFederico II 1 Department of Medical Microbiology, Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen, University of Antwerp , Edegem , Belgium 2 University Hospital for Infectious Diseases BDr. Fran Mihaljevic 3 University

The life and work of Dr. Fan Qingsheng: a pioneer in antibiotics research, agricultural microbiology, systems agriculture, and agricultural education in China

, 1943). During his three years of study at the UW-Madison, Dr. Fan devoted all his time to research and to learning the diverse aspects of microbiology. At that time, the Department of Agricultural ... his microbiology knowledge and worked at Seagram & Sons, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky on fermentation technologies while searching for an opportunity to return to China. As we will see below, these

Environmental microbiology reveals the Earth secret life

Garrigues 4 Patricia Bonin Environmental microbiology investigates the diversity, dynamics, evolution, functioning, and functions of the microbes in Earth ecosystems. Environmental microbiology is born as ... the meet of microbiology and environmental sciences. At the earliest times, the environmental microbiology was often associated to the applied microbiology, as attested by the existence of the reference

Section Abstracts: Biology with Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts of the Biology with Microbiology and Molecular Biology Section for the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, May 21-23, 2015, James Madison University, Richmond, Virginia