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Amplifying Cancer's Signal

for the disease is only 14 percent. Maik Huttemann, Ph.D., assistant professor of molecular medicine and genetics in Wayne State University's School of Medicine, along with research associate Jeffrey ... innumerable other health problems with a genetic footprint.” About Dr. Maik Hüttemann: Dr. Hüttemann received a B.S. and an M.S. in chemistry, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from the

Which Medicine? Medicine-Taking and Changing Sherpa Lives

of this article is to explore the considerable changes in medicine-taking that have occurred over time for the Sherpa inhabitants of the Everest region. I consider a medicine to be something that ... questions about people’s lives and about such topics as education, work, travel, and family to better understand the context of people’s medicine-taking strategies. English, Sherpa, or Nepali was used in

PLoS Medicine

PLoS Biology | PLoS Medicine Barbara Cohen for the Public Library of Science - Omomentum. Authors are pen access is gaining submitting papers in everincreasing ... -forprofit publishers have announced plans to experiment with open-access models for some or all of their journals. Delighted and encouraged, we gear up for the launch of PLoS Medicine this autumnthe next

Legal Medicine

Legal Medicine George G. Lorinczi Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Repository Citation George G. Lorinczi, Legal Medicine, 39 ... Marq. L. Rev. 286 (1956). Available at: - R. B. H. Gradwohl, LEGAL MEDICINE: C. V. Mosby Company, 1954. $20.00. A great deal of literature has

UCF Chemistry Lab Making Strides in Medicine

medicine for other diseases, and this research group aims to add to this market of sensors that are regularly used for medical purposes. In addition to that goal, another goal of the team is to use

Social Medicine in the Twenty-First Century

ThePLoS Medicine editors, and Guest Editors Scott Stonington and Seth Holmes, introduce a special collection of articles examining the social structures that contribute to illness and health. ... . These critics might argue that in this era of stem cell research and the human genome project, of molecular medicine and DNA microarray technology, the notion of social medicine seems irrelevant and

Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine presently includes maternal-fetal specialists. They are: Kimberly K. Leslie, MD (Department Head), Stephen K. Hunter, MD, PhD, (Division Director), Jennifer R

Racial Distinctions in Medicine

) Available at: Follow this and additional works at; http; //via; library; depaul; edu/jhcl - RACIAL DISTINCTIONS IN MEDICINE* CharlesSullivan ** Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing.1 For years ... dependence may be attributable to the brands African Americans tend to smoke (which in turn might be explained by targeted 2A recent study in the NEW ENGLAND JouRNAL OF MEDICINE confirmed disparities in


underlying molecular mechanism may vary in different neurodegenerative diseases, even in different progression stages of the same disease, it is essential to design a suitable and optimum hormetic strategy ... cells, cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy, molecular chaperone, Hsp90 inhibitors. INTRODUCTION Regenerative medicine is an emerging field of treatments based on the concept of producing new

Comprehensive Tropical Medicine Text

from a certain faraway la nd I know notl1ing a bout. While reading throup;h Hunter 's Tropical Medicine 1 asked myself if Lhe text satis fied the three good reason s for finding room for it on my ... :/ Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine and Journal of Oncology Disease nal and Mathematical Methods Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ AIDS and ology

The novel tool of cell reprogramming for applications in molecular medicine

differentiated into every tissue and cell type of the human body. Our ability to reprogram cell types has four main implications for medicine: (1) scientists can now take skin or blood cells from patients and ... , Stanford University School of Medicine , Stanford, CA 94305 , USA Recent discoveries in the field of stem cell biology have enabled scientists to Breprogram^ cells from one type to another. For example, it

Respiratory Medicine: Increasing Demands

G:...prespage.vp Mon Jan Respiratory medicine: Increasing demands Louis-Philippe Boulet President Canadian Thoracic Society REFERENCES 1. Angus DC, Kelley MA, Schmitz RJ, White A, Popovich J Jr ... . These two fields of respiratory medicine have evolved quickly in the past few years, with Canadian researchers and caregivers making a strong contribution. Pulmonary vascular diseases affect a

Medicine Mask

Medicine Mask Iowa State University Copyright c 1960 by the authors. Sketch is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 1960 Preliminaries

Progress in Medicine: Experts Take Stock

In the year-end editorial, the PLOS Medicine editors ask 11 researchers and clinicians about the most relevant challenges, promising research, and important initiatives in their fields as we head ... Paediatrics and Child Health, School of Medicine, Makerere University, College of Health Sciences , Kampala , Uganda , 6 School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney , Sydney , Australia , 7 Department of

In Search of Responsible Medicine

internal medicine. In tum, his five children never knew anything other than economic security and developed no interest in the subject whatsoever. But we did learn my parents' concern for fairness and ... plaques. As we finished and we carefully replaced the section of ribs that had been removed to do the examination, I In Search ojResponsible Medicine thought about how almost all the autopsies showed some

Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology in Gastrointestinal Medicine and Hepatology: Basic Paradigms of Molecular Cell Biology. Part C: Protein Synthesis and Post-Translational Processing in Eukaryotic Cells

G:...wild-c.vp Tue Aug Applications of recombinant DNA technology in gastrointestinal medicine and hepatology: Basic paradigms of molecular cell biology. Part C: Protein synthesis and post ... in gastrointestinal medicine and hepatology: Basic paradigms of molecular cell biology. Part C: Protein synthesis and post-translational processing in eukaryotic cells. Can J Gastroenterol 2000;14( 7

Logo-Psychosomatic Medicine

and many others, scientific medicine grad­ ually became an entity which had connections with the church. However, contacts with the church became more and more tenuous. With the advance of pathology and ... the concepts of Flanders Dunbar in the early 1930's called psychosomatic medicine. Medical practice today is considered to be antiquated unless man is con­ sidered as a psychosomatic en­ tity. However