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Developing selective media for quantification of multispecies biofilms following antibiotic treatment

-dependent quantification of individual bacteria from defined multispecies biofilms is frequently carried out by plating on selective media. However, the influence of the selective agents in these media on ... Nutrient agar 5 μg/mL mupirocin 10 μg/mL colistin sulphate Columbia agar 32/6.4 μg/mL co-trimoxazole 10 / 15 Fig 4. Proof of concept: Quantification of multispecies biofilms. A multispecies biofilm of the

Do younger Sleeping Beauties prefer a technological prince?

In this paper we investigate recent Sleeping Beauties cited in patents (SB-SNPRs). We find that the increasing trend of the relative number of SBs stopped around 1998. Moreover, we find that the time ... . Thus early recognized technological relevance may 'prevent' papers to become an SB. The scientific impact of Sleeping Beauties is generally not necessarily related to the technological importance of the

An oral multispecies biofilm model for high content screening applications

Peri-implantitis caused by multispecies biofilms is a major complication in dental implant treatment. The bacterial infection surrounding dental implants can lead to bone loss and, in turn, to ... native plaques and is therefore well suited as an in vitro model test system. Furthermore, despite its nearly native composition, the multispecies model does not depend on nutrient additives, such as

Differential signal sensitivities can contribute to the stability of multispecies bacterial communities

Bacterial species present in multispecies microbial communities often react to the same chemical signal but at vastly different concentrations. The existence of different response thresholds with ... the human body. [ 1–3 ]. In most cases bacterial cells live in large multispecies communities in which they compete for nutrients and space, but at the same time they also cooperate with each other

Resting-state fMRI in sleeping infants more closely resembles adult sleep than adult wakefulness

universally been obtained during sleep to reduce participant motion artifact, raising the question of whether differences in functional organization between awake adults and sleeping infants that are commonly ... (Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, PA) equipped with standard 12-channel head coils. All imaging was performed while subjects were naturally sleeping. Techniques that enhance the success of this approach

Relationship between Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense genetic diversity and clinical spectrum among sleeping sickness patients in Uganda

, Mugasa C , Edyelu A , Matovu E , Alibu VP. Clinical profiles, disease outcome and co-morbidities among T. b. rhodesiense sleeping sickness patients in Uganda . PLoS ONE . 2015 ; 10 ( 2 ): e0118370 . 4 ... trypanosomiasis; Sleeping sickness; Clinical diversity; Genetic diversity; Multi-locus genotypes; Microsatellite markers Introduction Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) or sleeping sickness is caused by extra

Wellbeing and Society: Towards Quantification of the Co-benefits of Wellbeing

The objectives of this paper are twofold. First, it reviews the empirical evidence showing the existence of linkage between wellbeing and possible co-benefits, investigating in particular the ... estimation of the income compensation approach—where the amount of income needed to substitute for a decrease in subjective wellbeing is used. However, the co-benefits of increased subjective wellbeing have

Using niche-modelling and species-specific cost analyses to determine a multispecies corridor in a fragmented landscape

requirements, demonstrated that this multispecies approach balanced the preferences of all five species and effectively captured areas required by this highly restricted and endangered carnivore. We emphasize ... in their movements. Therefore, a more comprehensive approach that balances the trade-offs that face single and multispecies corridors is to develop models that account for variation across multiple

Very Little Sleeping Beauty

Little Sleeping Beauty is surprisingly not tired. Her birthday party is in the morning and she is much too excited to sleep. Daddy has tried everything to get her to sleep! They read books and sang ... Little Sleeping Beauty Author: Teresa Heapy Illustrator: Sue Heap Reviewer: Cynthia Phillips Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company Publication Year: 2016 ISBN: 9780544282797 Number of

Simulation of aerosol formation due to rapid cooling of multispecies vapors

An extended classical nucleation approach is put forward with which aerosol formation from rapidly cooled, supersaturated multispecies vapor mixtures can be predicted. The basis for this extension ... multispecies treatment of the thermodynamically consistent approach is proposed that can be solved efficiently with a Newton iteration. Quantitative agreement with Becker-Döring theory was established in case

You Snooze, You Lose, and Your Client Gets a Retrial: United States v. Ragin and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in Sleeping Lawyer Cases

attorneys for Ragin’s two co-defendants, as well as Pamela Vernon, a juror in the trial.101 First, Adolf testified that he saw Mackey sleeping at trial on one occasion.102 In particular, Adolf recalled that

Assessing Tn5 and Sleeping Beauty for transpositional transgenesis by cytoplasmic injection into bovine and ovine zygotes

human factor IX driven by the beta-lactoglobulin promoter. The Tn5 approach did not result in transgenic lambs. In contrast, the Sleeping Beauty injection resulted in 2 lambs (29%) carrying the transgene ... . Recently, DNA transposons allowed improved transgenesis efficiencies in mice and pigs. In this work, Tn5 and Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon systems were evaluated for transgenesis by simple cytoplasmic

Sleeping mode of multi-controller in green software-defined networking

multiple controllers to realize logically centralized control layer. Our previous research has proposed multi-controller load balancing approach called HybridFlow. In this paper, taking advantage of ... . In this paper, based on previously proposed multicontroller load balancing approach called HybridFlow, we propose an M-N policy multiple-controller sleeping mode by switching off redundant controllers

FEVER: An approach to analyze feature-oriented changes and artefact co-evolution in highly configurable systems

artefacts (variability model, mapping, and implementation) is required to avoid compilation errors, invalid products, or dead code. Recent studies focusing on co-evolution of artefacts detailed feature ... . Through this paper, we make the following key contributions: (1) a model of featureoriented co-evolving artefacts, (2) an approach to automatically extract instances of the model from commits, (3) a dataset


but not growing to start employing additional personnel. This paper focuses on analyzing firms with high profits but no employment growth, which we henceforth refer to as “sleeping gazelles”. The

Sleeping Beauties: Mummies and the Fairy-Tale Genre at the Fin de Siècle

perfectly-preserved female mummies that populate much of fin-de-siècle mummy fiction emulate the figure of Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, preserved in glass coffins or museum display cases. Concurrently, it ... reproduction, re-distribution, re-selling, loan or sub-licensing, systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden. ©2017 Journal of International Women’s Studies. Sleeping

Sleeping beauties cited in patents: Is there also a dormitory of inventions?

-citations relations occur only in a small minority of the Sleeping Beauties that are cited in patents, but other types of inventor–author links occur more frequently. We develop an approach in different steps ... and for the most recent period. Finally, we make an extensive assessment of the cited and citing relations of the Sleeping Beauty. We find that tunable co-citation analysis is a powerful tool to

Hybrid co-simulation: it’s about time

protocols to leverage the strengths from different environments. A fairly recent attempt in this direction is the functional mock-up interface (FMI) standard that includes support for co-simulation. Although ... ]. Although the approach presented in this paper is general and could potentially be applicable to many different hybrid co-simulation environments, we have chosen to illustrate the Fig. 1 A zero-delay feedback

Predicting herbivore faecal nitrogen using a multispecies near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy calibration

small. To overcome this limitation we tested a single NIRS equation (i.e., multispecies calibration) to predict FN in herbivores. Firstly, we used five herbivore species with highly contrasting digestive ... . The multispecies calibration equation could be applied to predict the FN in other species of herbivores, thus avoiding the need to produce new and specific monospecies calibrations. This approach is

Learning-based synchronous approach from forwarding nodes to reduce the delay for Industrial Internet of Things

transmission delay is one of the pivotal performance because dilatory communication will cause heavy losses to industrial applications. In this paper, a learning-based synchronous (LS) approach from forwarding ... partial synchronization approach to reduce synchronization costs while effectively reducing delay. In LS approach, instead of synchronizing the nodes in the entire network, only sender nodes and part of the