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Nanotechnology and the Future of the Law of Weaponry

Novel applications of nanotechnology for military purposes are expected to have a transformative impact on the way in which wars can be fought in the future battlespace, with the potential to drive ... foundational research on military applications of nanotechnology and legal implications was supported by the Australian Research Council under its Discovery Grant funding scheme (Project ID: DP110102637) and was

Special issue: Nanotechnology in Energy

exotic properties for thermal transport and storage as well as light absorption. The aim of this special issue is to provide a small collection from a large field of nanotechnology related to energy ... during World War II to absorb radio Changying ZHAO et al. Nanotechnology in energy frequency waves for radar applications. Admittance matching equations were used to find good initial structures, followed

Future trends in nanotechnology aiming environmental applications

- Nanotechnology has become increasingly a reality nowadays, and along with it there is a need for discussions related to potential advances, as well as the impacts on the environment and human health that ... nanotechnology has been increasingly applied on agriculture and their impacts are still unknown. In this context, the II Workshop in Environmental Nanotechnology was an interdisciplinary forum of discussions

Nanotechnology: the scope and potential applications in orthopedic surgery

Nanotechnology involves manipulation of matter measuring 1–100 nm in at least one of its dimensions at the molecular level. Engineering and manipulation of matter at the molecular level has several ... and nanotechnology safety still remain unclear. Orthopedics is an attractive area for the application of nanotechnology since the bone, and its constituents such as hydroxyapatite, Haversian systems

Insoles Treated with Bacteria-Killing Nanotechnology Bio-Kil Reduce Bacterial Burden in Diabetic Patients and Healthy Controls

Our study investigated the effectiveness of bacteria-killing nanotechnology Bio-Kil socks on bacterial burden reduction in diabetic patients and healthy individuals. Four strains of S. aureus and ... bacterial count than control socks (). Socks using Bio-Kil nanotechnology efficiently reduce bacterial counts in both diabetic patients and healthy individuals and might exert stronger efficacy in Gram

From basics to clinic: Cancer Nanotechnology

in mind, Cancer Nanotechnology aims to provide a forum so that the most promising emerging themes should be pre-eminent in the minds of researchers working in one—or, indeed, both—of the disciplines of ... cancer research or nanotechnology. Cancer Nanotechnology is published by SpringerOpen, a suite of fully open access journals that is part of the wider Springer Nature group. It enjoys a growing readership

Michael Berger: Nanotechnology—The Future is Tiny

chapters, has put together a series of stories or essays centred round scientists and researchers covering a very wide and broad area of nanotechnology. To my surprise, to my surprise, the format really ... works. Berger starts with a broad scientific nanotechnology paper and develops his essay around this and those involved in the associated work. He successfully includes how nanotechnology is developing

Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for control of microbial biofilms: a review

Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for control of microbial biofilms: a review Matheus Aparecido Dos Santos Ramos,1 Patrícia Bento Da Silva,2 Larissa Spósito,1 Luciani Gaspar De Toledo,1 ... for new compounds that have anti-biofilm activity. In this context, nanotechnology provides secure platforms for targeted delivery of drugs to treat numerous microbial infections that are caused by

Transformation: nanotechnology—challenges in transistor design and future technologies

of possible future technologies. transistor; MOSFET; reliability; nanotechnology 1. Introduction More than 200 years ago the origin of electricity was analyzed for the first time and throughout this ... Nanotechnology naturally plays a major role. Here we give a short overview of the consequences that have resulted from downscaling and recent developments in transistor technology together with their challenges

Dependencies and autonomy in research performance: examining nanoscience and nanotechnology in emerging countries

American countries in the generation of scientific knowledge and their visibility at the global level in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The goal is to determine to what extent countries benefit ... capacity for receiving or transmitting knowledge flows (Chinchilla-Rodr´ıguez et al. 2010) . At present, the scientific field of nanoscience and nanotechnology (NST) has attracted the attention of

Nanotechnology: from In Vivo Imaging System to Controlled Drug Delivery

Science and technology have always been the vitals of human’s struggle, utilized exclusively for the development of novel tools and products, ranging from micro- to nanosize. Nanotechnology has ... . Nanotechnology has gained significant attention due to its extensive applications in biomedicine, particularly related to bio imaging and drug delivery. Various nanodevices and nanomaterials have been developed

Removal of chromium from industrial effluents using nanotechnology: a review

; Remediation; Nanotechnology; Industrial effluents Introduction Chromium has widespread applications in various industrial processes such as electroplating, printing, dyeing, tanning and metallurgy. However ... . Remediation using nanotechnology Out of the many adsorption processes discussed above for the remediation of Cr(VI), nanomaterials possess certain properties which make them an ideal adsorbent. These include a

Prompting Deliberation about Nanotechnology: Information, Instruction, and Discussion Effects on Individual Engagement and Knowledge

deliberative public engagement (information, instructions, and discussion) and measured impacts on cognitive-affective engagement and knowledge about nanotechnology. We also examined the direct and moderating ... conducted our studies in the context of engaging college science students in deliberations about potential ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) associated with nanotechnology. While the college

Harnessing supramolecular peptide nanotechnology in biomedical applications

Harnessing supramolecular peptide nanotechnology in biomedical applications Kiat Hwa Chan,1 Wei Hao Lee,2 Shuangmu Zhuo,3 Ming Ni3 1Division of Science, Yale-NUS College, Singapore; 2Department of ... , possess great promise in a wide range of biomedical applications and what more can be expected. peptides; self-assembly; nanotechnology - open access to scientific and medical research Introduction

Overview of an internationally integrated nanotechnology governance

metrology nanotechnology / nano-scale properties / manufactured nanomaterials / nanometrology 1 Introduction Nanoscience and nanotechnologies (NTs) have huge potential to improve competitiveness and ... nanometrology and legal metrology and what form of LM framework is required. 2 Features of nanotechnology The specific features of NT are related to: – unique properties of the nano-scale materials; – its

Overview of an internationally integrated nanotechnology governance

socio-economic aspects. It considers whether a LM framework needs to be developed for NT and the associated benefits and risks. Key words: legal metrology nanotechnology / nano-scale properties ... products over time (since 2007) in each major category and in the Health and Fitness subcategory [35]. 2 Features of nanotechnology NT is one of the four convergent technologies, the other three being

The new era of nanotechnology, an alternative to change cancer treatment

The new era of nanotechnology, an alternative to change cancer treatment Ancuta Jurj,1 Cornelia Braicu,1 Laura-Ancuta Pop,1 Ciprian Tomuleasa,1,2 Claudia Diana Gherman,3,4 Ioana Berindan-Neagoe1,5,6 ... nanotechnology; gold nanoparticles; liposomes; dendrimers; microRNA; RNA - deda ropF open access to scientific and medical research Introduction Malignant cells are resistant to the anticancer action of

Nanotechnology and nanocarrier-based approaches on treatment of degenerative diseases

bioavailability, drug resistance, and incapability to cross the blood–brain barrier (BBB). Hence, it has to be overcome with conventional treatment system; in this connection, nanotechnology has gained a great deal ... diseases. Degenerative diseases; Nanotechnology; Nanocarrier; Biocompatibility; Drug delivery; Drug resistance; Drug development; Bioavailability; Blood- brain barrier Introduction Globally in the recent

Application of nanotechnology to cancer radiotherapy

nanotechnology can improve cancer radiotherapy in aspects of treatment delivery and monitoring as well as diagnosis. ... , Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Carolina Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, Carolina Institute of Nanomedicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , Chapel Hill, NC 27599 , USA

Hierarchical Structured Polymeric Materials in Nanotechnology

hierarchical structures and engineered properties have been applied to energy and health care related field under the promotion of nanotechnology development. Providing or creating ideal advanced materials in ... applications. Although the issue could not include all progress in the related fields, it strives to provide comprehensive and timely information for polymers-based nanotechnology with diverse applications. We