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Nanotechnology and the Future of the Law of Weaponry

changes to the law of weaponry. This article considers the potential of military applications of nanotechnology to bring changes to the existing principles and rules of weapons law. It specifically focuses ... foundational research on military applications of nanotechnology and legal implications was supported by the Australian Research Council under its Discovery Grant funding scheme (Project ID: DP110102637) and was

Nanotechnology: Getting it Right the First Time

. Hundreds of large and small nanotechnology companies are developing a wide variety of materials for use in electronics, medical diagnostic tools and therapies, construction materials, personal care products ... another article by the same authors, “Getting It Right the First Time: Developing Nanotechnology While Protecting Workers, Public Health and the Environment,” Ann. NY Acad. Sciences (forthcoming 2006). This


Nanotechnology has been widely used in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, molecular biology, food and food packaging. This technology is based on the manipulation of the material ... Eurasian Journal of FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Eurasian Journal of FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Application of Nanotechnology in Food Packaging Merve Gozde COSKUN1, Omer Utku COPUR1, Perihan YOLCI

Regulatory Concerns and Health/Hazard Risks Associated with Nanotechnology

This paper on nanotechnology discusses not only the regulatory concerns but also health risk and hazard assessment. The next section examines present and potentially future regulatory issues. The ... environmental and toxic tort attorneys are either directly or indirectly involved with nanotechnology issues. Although nanotechnology is a relatively new technology, nanomaterials are being manufactured and have

Regulating Weaponized Nanotechnology: How the International Criminal Court Offers a Way Forward

technology, and scientists promise further advances.4 Against this promising background, it is easy to overlook the dangers that nanotechnology presents. Nanoparticles interact unpredictably and ... potential ability to infiltrate technological systems, and its possible ability to self-replicate in the future, nanotechnology could contribute to devastating new weapons.7 These weapons could contribute to

The Emergence of Nanotechnology: Establishing the New 21st Century Workforce

Nanotechnology is an emerging as an important consideration for the workforce, our daily lives, and education. This paper discusses the definition of nanotechnology, it’s emergence within today’s ... Online Journal of Workforce Education and Development THE EMERGENCE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY: ESTABLISHING THE NEW 21ST CENTURY WORKFORCE Walt Trybula 0 1 Texas State University-San Marcos 0 1 Dominick E

The Rhetoric of (Interdisciplinary) Science: Visuals and the Construction of Facts in Nanotechnology

illustrations. In this article, I examine the relationship between visuals and text in nanotechnology to show how images and data displays contribute to the argument in experimental work to create knowledge in ... argument and the creation of knowledge in nanotechnology? From the articles under analysis, I offer some tentative observations about nanotechnology as an interdisciplinary field that is still developing

Searching for the Nano-needle in a Green Haystack: Researching the Environmental, Health, and Safety Ramifications of Nanotechnology

This Article will attempt to serve as a primer by demystifying the process of how to efficiently locate resources discussing the environmental health and safety (EHS) impacts of nanotechnology in the ... of both tremendous beneficence and unimaginable destruction. The benefits of nanotechnology have increased exponentially over the last decade as groundbreaking research has led to revolutions in

Emerging Technologies and LOAC Signaling

As States seek to weaponize new technologies such as robotics, cyber tools and nanotechnology, the current law of armed conflict (LOAC) that guides the employment of existing weapons will signal ... will dramatically change the character of the modern battlefield. The emergence of cyber operations, the military application of nanotechnology, innovations in and increased accessibility of virology

Small Wonders

How chemistry and nanotechnology are remediating environmental toxins and influencing future scientists. ... than 35 years fusing his expertise in nanotechnology and chemistry into materials that help maintain a cleaner and safer environment. His research has positioned him as an international leader in energy

Tracense Develops New Explosive Detector

Scientists at Tracense, a technology company in Tel Aviv, Israel, created a new nanotechnology explosive detector. ... University and its Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, helped develop the nanosensing technology.3 Capable of detecting specific smells, the detector is built with a system of receptors that detect

Nanotechnology: the scope and potential applications in orthopedic surgery

Nanotechnology involves manipulation of matter measuring 1–100 nm in at least one of its dimensions at the molecular level. Engineering and manipulation of matter at the molecular level has several ... and nanotechnology safety still remain unclear. Orthopedics is an attractive area for the application of nanotechnology since the bone, and its constituents such as hydroxyapatite, Haversian systems

No Laws in Nanoland: How to Reverse the Trend? The French Example

This paper will first present an introduction to nanotechnology and its potential environmental, health, and safety (EHS) issues. It will then briefly review the current United States’ situation with ... sales in 2009.1 Nanotechnology is currently used in a wide variety of applications such as, but not limited to, environmental protection, consumer products, electronics, and medical devices; according to

Insoles Treated with Bacteria-Killing Nanotechnology Bio-Kil Reduce Bacterial Burden in Diabetic Patients and Healthy Controls

Our study investigated the effectiveness of bacteria-killing nanotechnology Bio-Kil socks on bacterial burden reduction in diabetic patients and healthy individuals. Four strains of S. aureus and ... bacterial count than control socks (). Socks using Bio-Kil nanotechnology efficiently reduce bacterial counts in both diabetic patients and healthy individuals and might exert stronger efficacy in Gram

Big Things in Small Packages: Evaluating the City of Berkeley’s Nanotechnology Ordinance Effectiveness as a Model of Targeted Transparency

The purpose of this article is threefold. First, a practical ideal model of a nanotechnology disclosure policy is developed based on relevant literature. Second, the City of Berkeley’s Engineered ... nanotechnology pose an environmental health threat, and have been linked to lung cancer. Despite the real risk of harm, no federal agency has adopted nanotechnology regulations to protect human health and the

The Regulation of Nanomedicine: Will the Existing Regulatory Scheme of the FDA Suffice?

Nanotechnology is the science and technology of manipulating molecules and atoms at the molecular level to create devices with new molecular properties, organizations and functions.1 Devices such as ... (2003). 5 Joel Rothstein Wolfson, Social and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology: Lessons from Biotechnology and Other High Technologies, 22 BIOTECHNOLOGY L. REP. 376, 389 (2003). 6 Miller, supra note 4, at

Future trends in nanotechnology aiming environmental applications

- Nanotechnology has become increasingly a reality nowadays, and along with it there is a need for discussions related to potential advances, as well as the impacts on the environment and human health that ... nanotechnology has been increasingly applied on agriculture and their impacts are still unknown. In this context, the II Workshop in Environmental Nanotechnology was an interdisciplinary forum of discussions

Special issue: Nanotechnology in Energy

exotic properties for thermal transport and storage as well as light absorption. The aim of this special issue is to provide a small collection from a large field of nanotechnology related to energy ... applications. Nano/microscale heat and mass transfer plays an important role in emerging energy systems and thermal management. When the characteristic geometries become sufficiently small, thermal transport


My design for a sculptural installation for the University of Minnesota’s new Physics and Nanotechnology Building is inspired by a view of the human body through the lens of quantum physics. The ... The STEAM Journal Spannungsfeld Julian Voss-Andreae Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/steam - Commons The German title of the

It’s RAINing : Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology to Promote Student Success

Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology (RAIN) is a community of educators that aims to bring advanced technologies into K-12 and college classrooms via remote access. RAIN's mission is to ... University , Northridge, Northridge, CA 91330 2 Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge Network, Pennsylvania State University , State College, PA 16801 3 Seattle's Hub for Industry-driven